White Helmets allied with al-Qaeda on Damascus water terrorism


Peace prize nominated “humanitarian” White Helmets stand with al_Qaeda, hold citizens hostage in Damascus without water

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Written by Brandon Turbeville; Originally appeared at TheDailySheeple

[ Editor’s Note:  I love the White Helmets as they are a slam dunk example of industrialized Fake News, and where we see the age old scam of the perpetrators presenting themselves as the victims, borrowed from the Israeli Lobby, or maybe even a closer connection.

British Intelligence took the lead here, with their paper thin veil of using an ex-Brit military contractor as the front man, but there was more. The White Helmet “teams” were trained in Turkey via a very formal process, and an open one.

What we had here was a heavily funded jihadi training program weaved into a very public “relief” project with a long list of contributors. Our own Ian Greenlaugh dug into the shorts of the White Helmets and their backers as recently as December 22, 2016.

This Western and NATO terror support effort provided for a steady supply of relief trucks flowing over the Turkish border into Syria carrying the needed weapons and ammunition for the anti-Assad jihadi forces. Neither Russia or Iran really complained much about this, which gave some cover for Western media to pretend they did not see what was going on.

This was nothing more than Turkey and NATO’s not so secret war on an UN member state and elected government, one where I watched it winning in 2014 after many election reforms, including where the two opposition parties has “eyes on” all the 5000 ballot station boxed through the vote counting process, and yes… a paper ballot.

Their undoing was plastering themselves all over social media

Mass media has gone quiet on Aleppo now, hoping the world public will forget the tidewater high mark of the MSM Fake News glory days, as it is all down hill from here. There have been just a handful of retrospective stories that “maybe” some bad source material seeped into their coverage of the Syria AirForce and Army slaughtering their own people there.

But just the opposite story has emerged. Jan Oberg, the long time Swedish peace activist was in Aleppo on December 10th and 11th on his own one man photo journalist tour which I will begin running an introduction and link series to his work on VT. He saw no Western reporters or UN people involved in distributing aid. Those even from East Aleppo were getting theirs from the Syrian army and the Russians.

We now have forensic proof of the scam, thanks to the White Helmets, of Western and NATO countries actively involved in aiding and abetting terrorism. But what can we do when all of our institutions who should be doing something are just ignoring it? If “they” get away scot free, how could they ever be pressured to stop doing it? I don’t see any way. If you do let me know in the commentsJim W. Dean ]


The “man in the middle” James Le Mesurier, British Intel agent

– First published …  January  10 ,  2017

Phony as a three dollar bill

Only a short time after the terrorist support group known as the White Helmets, thoroughly exposed and discredited by the alternative media, were nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize, the true nature of the organization is on display yet again. This time, the water crisis in Damascus represents the fake humanitarian organization’s time to shine.

Shortly after the liberation of Aleppo, al-Qaeda fighters in the Barada Valley outside Damascus dumped diesel fuel into the water supply to the city on December 22. Obviously, this made the water supply impossible to consume and, on December 23, the Syrian military launched a campaign to retake the area and to restore the city’s water supply.

According to the Moon of Alabama website, photos were even posted online showing the water treatment plant rigged with explosives but those photos were, according to MOA, removed from the Internet.

Despite hostilities, the Syrian government is ready to send teams to restore water to Damascus, the lack of which only punishes civilians and holds a vast number of people hostage under the possibility of thirst. Terrorists, however, are denying access to the site and, instead, are offering to allow teams access the facilities on the condition that the Syrian military and Hezbollah end their military siege of the city. In effect, the terrorists are holding the people of Damascus hostage for military gain.

That terrorists would hold civilians hostage is not surprising. However, the White Helmets, who typically attempt to stay behind the scenes (although they have been exposed for doing much more than mere behind-the-scenes activity), have openly released a statement of solidarity with al-Qaeda in Barada and Damascus.

Tweets released by “civil groups” and “activists” demanding an end to Syrian military operations around Damascus in exchange for drinking water to civilians bears a number of signatures from organizations, one of them being the White Helmets.


Notice the signatures and emblems at the bottom of the statement, where one can see the White Helmets emblem attached to it.


In other words, the White Helmets have signed on to a document produced by terrorists and standing in solidarity with them, holding Syrian civilians as hostages, and, apparently, suggesting that they have control or at least some sway over the situation.

As Moon Of Alabama wrote,

The organizations who make an offer to lift the water blockade of Damascus obviously think they have the power to do so. They then must also be held responsible for keeping the blockade up. They must also have intimate relations with the al-Qaeda fighters who currently occupy the damaged water facilities.

The U.S. and UK government created and paid White Helmets are “impartially”, “neutrally” and “for all Syrians” blocking the water supply to 5 million Syrians in Damascus. U.S. military and CIA officers run the “operations rooms” in Jordan and Turkey that direct the insurgency.

This increases suspicion that the blockade is part of an organized response by the enemies of Syria to the recent liberation of east-Aleppo. As noted yesterday:This shut down is part of a wider, seemingly coordinated strategy to deprive all government held areas of utility supplies. Two days ago the Islamic State shut down a major water intake for Aleppo from the Euphrates. High voltage electricity masts of lines feeding Damascus have been destroyed and repair teams, unlike before, denied access. Gas supplies to parts of Damascus are also cut.

Even after 14 days of water crisis in Damascus the “western” media are not reporting about the al-Qaeda blockade of water for 5 million Syrians. We can be sure that not a word will be written by them about this illegal hostages taking of millions of civilians in Damascus by their favorite propaganda organization White Helmets.

The White Helmets are nothing more than a terrorist support group, a fact known to many within the alternative media for quite some time. However, this recent stunt should remove all doubt as to where the fake humanitarian organization’s loyalties lie. If there was any doubt before, I suggest reading my previous articles on the group as well as Vanessa Beeley’s excellent work on the same topic.


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