Trump and the Red Menace, Is Russia the Target?

Little did we know that a bunch of Neo-Stalins would take us over, American ones
Little did we know that a bunch of Neo-Stalins would take us over, American ones

…by  Gordon Duff, Senior Editor and Ian Greenhalgh, Managing Editor


Today’s talk is not in any way intended for the general public. They are being allowed to see it and the most vocal are going to continue demonstrating why the world may well be better off without America, why America has become dangerous and unreliable, militarily, financially, why America is now quite the “criminal state” that Jeff Gates accused Israel of being so many years ago.

The Cold War did not stop with the fall of the Berlin Wall

All here will be proven reliable intelligence and historical narrative we are more than capable of defending. Some will be exclusive material based on partially declassified intelligence.

To begin with, whatever is wrong with the US, without Vladimir Putin, Russia would have long been taken over by the same gang that Trump is dragging into Washington with him. Let’s do some short background here, in a limited way.

Back in 1990, the CIA began a takedown of Russia through its currency and banking system. The Lee Wanta story is part of it. I have some personal familiarity with the banking aspects as I was part of the delegation that met with commercial banking representatives at that time and helped bring them on a tour of the US. I can quote word for word from the meetings if need be. That is a warning.

The CIA had set up a penetration of Russia through Poland and Gdansk, taking over the port with the trade union there and then using that to smuggle commercial goods, Marlboro cigarettes, into Russia in partnership with the KGB.

Thus, when Soviet bankers came to the US, their security detail fed them to the CIA who was working with organized crime, a group of congressional officials tied to banking and the New York area bankers, New York and Cyprus, who would build a home for the Russian mafia and select oligarchs.

I met with two US senators, a CIA chief, Russian banking officials and the heads of crime families in Astoria, Cyprus, Toronto and Detroit, along with GOP finance officials. The subject was looting the Soviet Union and using the cash to revitalize the American economy. 

I only saw a few hundred million dollars move, Wanta says he handled trillions, but all of it went into the Bush family, Washington officials, more Democrats than Republicans, and began a massive banking/money laundering empire that stretched from New York to London to Cyprus and Israel.

Lee Wanta

The end result, other than to frame the times we live in, was to build a domestic crime empire that overwhelmed the FBI and to set up a capability, taking the Iran Contra and BCCI deeds of the Reagan years to a new level.

At that time, key US officials got their beaks wet through looting nearly $1T from thrifts, in what was called the Savings and Loan Scandal. A few went to prison, 5 Senators were burned, and lessons were learned.

What Washington really learned is that the same formula would work, over and over, across the planet, by manipulating events in order to quash the public investigations that nearly jailed President Reagan and threatened to take down half of congress, putting them behind bars where, quite frankly, they all belong. We will touch on this methodology again, from time to time.

Congress began passing laws insulating themselves from lawsuits, prosecution for crimes and any campaign finance issues culminating with the Supreme Court 5/4 decision called Citizens United. All was made possible when organized crime gained a 5/4 rock solid majority in the court, bringing about a constitutional crisis that endures to this day.

Thus, the only investigations congress was to engage in would be as punishment for those who step out of line, never to examine, for instance, how trillions disappeared from the DOD budget prior to 9/11, or why the F35 doesn’t fly very well or why the littoral combat ships are multi-billion dollar junk heaps.

It can get worse, drugs in Afghanistan, billions in missing weapons in Iraq, in fact almost 40% of America’s trillion dollar defense budget vaporizes each year. Ah, but we do know all about those missing emails, don’t we?

Jumping ahead, we are going to be talking about Trump and the “dossier” and how there is no methodology for dealing with a president elect who may or may not be controlled by a foreign government. Call this an odd coincidence, but there is an almost identical dossier on John McCain, put together by Army Intelligence Colonel Earl Holliman, accusing McCain of being controlled by Russia, blackmailed by videos taken by Russians while McCain was a POW in Vietnam.

Since we brought it up, the Trump materials which Russia Today is humiliating themselves in their attempts to discredit, are high quality intelligence with multiple interlocking confirmed sources that coincide with a very well known history of Trump’s working with Russian cash, strong admissions here from 2008, and his connections with Russian oligarchs.

Past this, the highly detailed and extremely well documented Slate article, tying him to the Alpha Group, and demonstrating how Trump stayed in constant direct daily contact with Russia through the entire campaign, well this is only a small part of the story.

The real concerns could and should be not just that Trump is “influenced” or as has been proven, far more than that. What the confirmation hearings and the wild denials of the dossier are telling us, denials coordinated and backed by by Russia, and nothing could be as stupid as this, is that Trump is alone, reaching out to what is out there, the lowest rungs of DC’s sewer, and that his capabilities are at an end.

This is what is going around DC now, and why some are reading how Trump is being “reined in.”

First I begin with Russia. We are going to be going into more detail here but suffice it to say, if Russia is running Trump, we haven’t defined which “Russia” we mean. Trump is solidly connected to Russian oligarchs, some capable business leaders, many gangsters, but nearly all more part of Zionist organizations, more Israeli than Russian.

Please note that we are going to mention “Zionist” from time to time and even mention international banking cabals and the Rothschild family. If I upset some people, they can just perhaps wait a bit for an apology or more likely, be thankful we aren’t having this discussion in person, if you get my meaning.

Suffice it to say we are going to dish out enough historical context here to dismay a few, using hard scholarship in the face of smears and intimidation, the real controlling factors in giving us the narrative that has led us to the sad state we are in today, where a transition of power subsequent to an election is impossible while maintaining a republican form of government. The original name really shouldn’t be used anymore, perhaps American Empire simply because “kleptocracy” is too hard to spell.

Today’s conspiracy theories are engineered to obscure and dilute the historical context that would allow people to correctly identify their enemy, the guiding hand behind the evil schemes. Wikileaks, Facebook, Google, Wikipedia, “Fake News”, they all exist to obscure and dilute real knowledge.


Revolution and Counter-Revolution as tools to achieve hegemony


The Protocols

What most people in the world, even Russians, consider the Russian Revolution was, in reality, a counter-revolution at the hands of Bolshevik Zionists and the Rothschild bankers – that same ‘imaginary conspiracy’ outlined in the Protocols of The Learned Elders of Zion.

Why do you think anyone who mentions the Protocols is slammed silent, almost as though they were Holocaust deniers, oh yes, we may well have just touched another one.

Now we go into an aside, you know, the American Articles of Confederation and that Revolutionary government, set up by the real founding fathers was knocked off in similar fashion when Rothschild agent Alexander Hamilton and fledgling American organised crime cobbled together the monstrous Constitution that finally crashed and burned the American public only a few short weeks ago.

Historian Charles A. Beard outlines this process in his Economic Interpretation of The Constitution published by Colombia University Press in 1935.

We might mention myriad other occasions when this Zionist ploy has been successfully carried out – the Glorious Restoration of 1688 that destroyed the British Royal line, placed a Dutch army officer on the throne and enslaved Britain under a “financial cabal” hegemony that continues to the current day.

We had the Congress of Vienna in 1822 that reordered Europe or in more recent times, the very many CIA-sponsored coups from Chile to Iran, the NATO destruction of Serbia in the 90s and most recently, the Maidan coup in Ukraine that installed a Neo-Nazi anti-Russian regime in Kiev.

Great humanitarian or virulent anti-Semite?

How many are aware that Poland was overthrown and replaced with a military dictatorship not unlike the one that attacked Germany in September 1939? Oh, that version of history, the Ford/Rockefeller rewrite. Did Egypt invade Israel in 1967? Former ITV correspondent and VT staffer, Alan Hart was there.

We should also remember the occasions when they have failed such as in Germany in 1919 when the Communist revolution lead by Rosa Luxemburg, Karl Liebknecht and their Bolshevik gang was defeated by the Freikorps or the similar events in Hungary the same year where the Royalist forces of Admiral Horthy, with Romanian assistance were able to defeat the Communist takeover of Bela Kun and his murderous ‘Lenin’s Boys’.

Now that we have outlined the methodology, let us go on and see how they did it to the Russian people in 1917.

A group of Lenin Boys in their trademark leathers, they subjected Hungary to a murderous 133 days of ‘Red Terror’

The Russian Revolution of 1917 is an event that is grossly misunderstood by most people, not just outside Russia, but inside Russia too. The Revolution took place in February 1917, when the Russian army finally broke after suffering millions of casualties and joined forces with the workers who were starving due to the privations of three years of war.

The Tsar resigned, a provisional government under Kerensky was formed that was largely both socialist and liberal, at this time the Bolsheviks were a tiny, powerless group, one of many. Kerensky’s government was never popular and crippled by infighting, but worst of all, for the Russian people, it refused to end the war with Germany and Austro-Hungary.

The Russian Army could finally take no more, and after one last offensive ordered by Kerensky, ended the same way almost all the others had – with no gains and immense numbers of dead Russians, the army broke, shot many of its officers and started to head back home, leaving the trenches abandoned.

Which brings us to October 1917 and the situation on the streets of the Russian cities is akin to a powder keg as mutinous soldiery, striking workers and political agitators of all colours mingled and grumbled. On one key point however, they were all in agreement – the war must come to an end.

The unprecedented scale of the slaughter of WW1 brought the Russian Empire to revolution

Now the conspiracy is set in motion, not in Russia, but thousands of miles away in New York and Berlin. The part that everyone knows is that Max Warburg (father of Paul Warburg, creator of the Rothschild owned Federal Reserve Banking system in the US), the head of the Kaiser’s intelligence services and also the head of Kuhn, Loeb & Company, the largest German bank, hatched the devious scheme to pluck Lenin from his Swiss exile and transport him via sealed train to St Petersburg, tasked with becoming the frontman for the Bolshevik coup d’état.

However, the crucial part that most are largely unaware of is that another Zionist agent, a far more dangerous one, had already been dispatched from the US to Russia to be the real leader and organiser of the new order to be imposed on post-revolution Russia.

I am referring of course, to the Marxist revolutionary Lev Bronstein, better known as Leon Trotsky. The history books all record that Trotsky returned to St Petersburg and during the summer of 1917 organised and planned the Bolshevik coup that seized power in November of that year. Stalin summarised Trotsky’s role in a November 1918 article for Pravda:

“All practical work in connection with the organization of the uprising was done under the immediate direction of Comrade Trotsky, the President of the Petrograd Soviet. It can be stated with certainty that the Party is indebted primarily and principally to Comrade Trotsky for the rapid going over of the garrison to the side of the Soviet and the efficient manner in which the work of the Military Revolutionary Committee was organized.”

What is not included in the mainstream histories is that Trotsky did not arrive in Russia alone, he brought with him a large amount of gold, financing for the revolution provided by Wall St under the guidance of Paul Warburg, son of Max.

Along with Trotsky and the Wall St. finance were 100 Jewish emigrees who, like Trotsky, had emigrated from the Russian Empire after the failed 1905 revolution and were now returning to carry out a new coup aimed at seizing control of the Russian Empire.

The Bolshevik Revolution is one of the most mythologised moments in recent history, most of the ‘facts’ about it are mere fabrications; rather than being a popular uprising of the people, as seen in the films of Eisenstein, it was a simple coup d’état launched by a group of Talmudic Bolsheviks who were as cunning and murderous as they were scant in number.

When one thinks of the ‘October Revolution’ the images that spring to mind are most often those of the workers, peasants and soldiers of the Red Guard storming the gates of the Winter Palace, seizing the seat of government at the point of the bayonet after a hard fought battle.

It may be stunning filmmaking but pure propaganda with no basis in reality. This is little more than the precursor of the historical narrative that Hollywood has long since hijacked.

In reality, the Winter Palace had been securely defended by 2000 loyal troops – loyal guardsmen, young officers, cadets and a women’s battalion. However, by the time of the Bolshevik coup, most of those defenders had left, driven out by the desperation of starvation having received no food or supplies for days. The Reds took the Palace with barely a shot fired, all that was left defending the place were the remnants of the women’s battalion.

The same story applies throughout St Petersburg – it fell to the Bolshevik coup almost without a fight. Trotsky then had to defend the city from loyal cossacks that tried to overturn the coup, in this he succeeded. Now, while Lenin made the stirring speeches, the evil mind of Trotsky carried out the Zionist scheme to totally destroy the Russian Empire and replace it with a police state enslaved under a Marxist totalitarian regime.

First a peace treaty was signed with Germany, taking Russian out of the Great War and fulfilling Lenin’s prime task given to him by Max Warburg. Then a terrible 5 year civil war was fought where Trotsky led the Bolshevik Red Army in a murderous campaign against loyalist Whites, ‘Black’ anarchists and nascent nationalist movements in Poland and Ukraine.

By 1922, hundreds of thousands of combatants had become casualties and the Russian nation was exhausted. Drought, famine and disease added millions of deaths to the untold millions of Cossacks, tsarists and others declared ‘enemies of the people’ who were slaughtered at the hands of Trotsky’s murderers. The Bolshevik takeover of Russia was one of the most bloody and massive genocides in history, perhaps only rivalled by the campaigns of Genghis Khan.


Stalin and the overthrow of the Old Bolsheviks


Putin and the Oligarchs


It is alleged that Mikhail Fridman, the Russian-Israeli oligarch who founded the Alfa Group, has been financing Putin since the mid-90s when Putin was deputy mayor of St Petersburg. What ever else Trump or those with him have been doing with Russia, for some reason, as the White Hat Hackers discovered, Trump and Fridman have been in continual covert communications during the entire political process, and Trump has lied about it now, and will continue doing so even when caught.

Fridman also has very close ties to Benjamin Netanyahu, Trump’s real moral mentor.

Also see:

Is a Russian Israeli Oligarch Running a Covert Cyber Channel Between Trump and Russia?

Was a Trump Server Communicating with Russia?

Mikhail Fridman “is closely tied into the Muscovite Solntsevo (Solntsevskaya) Organization, one of Russia’s largest and most powerful organized crime associations, via funding from Alfa.” Fridman, the real “Teflon Don” moves like a ghost, from Russia to his home in the Mayfair district of London.

Fridman is the founder of Russia’s Alfa Group, and the “other end of the phone” for the Trump “hotline” of encrypted chatter discovered by the White Hat hacker/volunteers:

A 2007 Stratfor report that was leaked through Wikileaks reads: “Alfa Group is now involved in transporting drugs from Southeast Asia through Russia into Europe, laundering money of Colombian drug cartels, and bribing organs of justice in Russia…”

“The Russian Alfa Group, ran by a number of Zionist oligarchs, has deep ties to Israel and the Mossad, the CFR and Russia’s notorious Solntsevskaya mafia.” “Fridman is believed to be at least partially responsible for many of the assassinations that plague Russian society, particularly regarding journalists.”

Fridman was about the only one of Putin’s inner circle that was not included in the sanctions over Ukraine, thus preserving his wealth

But perhaps more significantly, the Mother Jones website reported Monday that Trump himself was cultivated as an asset by Russia. A former senior intelligence officer claimed that he contacted the FBI in early July to warn them of the influence Putin had over Trump.

In his first memo, reviewed by Mother Jones, the agent wrote that the “Russian regime has been cultivating, supporting and assisting TRUMP for at least 5 years. Aim, endorsed by PUTIN, has been to encourage splits and divisions in western alliance.” The memo also claimed that Trump “and his inner circle have accepted a regular flow of intelligence from the Kremlin, including on his Democratic and other political rivals.”

The memo stated that Trump had been “compromised” by Russian intelligence on his visits to Moscow, making him susceptible to blackmail.

In August, the FBI reportedly asked the agent for all his information and sources. The agent told Mother Jones that “it’s quite clear there was or is a pretty substantial inquiry going on.”

how the hell did we miss this….
31st October
we missed it because the Comey affair happened at the same time
clearly, the Comey letter release was timed to distract everyone from the revelation about Trump and Russia

In June, the former Western intelligence officer—who spent almost two decades on Russian intelligence matters and who now works with a US firm that gathers information on Russia for corporate clients—was assigned the task of researching Trump’s dealings in Russia and elsewhere, according to the former spy and his associates in this American firm. This was for an opposition research project originally financed by a Republican client critical of the celebrity mogul. (Before the former spy was retained, the project’s financing switched to a client allied with Democrats.)

“It started off as a fairly general inquiry,” says the former spook, who asks not to be identified. But when he dug into Trump, he notes, he came across troubling information indicating connections between Trump and the Russian government. According to his sources, he says, “there was an established exchange of information between the Trump campaign and the Kremlin of mutual benefit.”

Mother Jones has reviewed that report and other memos this former spy wrote. The first memo, based on the former intelligence officer’s conversations with Russian sources, noted, “Russian regime has been cultivating, supporting and assisting TRUMP for at least 5 years. Aim, endorsed by PUTIN, has been to encourage splits and divisions in western alliance.”

It maintained that Trump “and his inner circle have accepted a regular flow of intelligence from the Kremlin, including on his Democratic and other political rivals.” It claimed that Russian intelligence had “compromised” Trump during his visits to Moscow and could “blackmail him.” It also reported that Russian intelligence had compiled a dossier on Hillary Clinton based on “bugged conversations she had on various visits to Russia and intercepted phone calls.”

His oligarch peers from the 1990s have been incarcerated, exiled or had their assets seized, but Mikhail Fridman lives a charmed life, retaining much of his wealth without falling foul of the Kremlin. Now the Alfa Group founder has moved to London and is seemingly defying an edict to repatriate Russian wealth by splurging billions on foreign assets.

The key to Fridman keeping on side of the Kremlin has been his suave partner Petr Aven, who joined Alfa in 1991 after serving as Russia’s foreign minister. Aven regularly meets with Putin at the President’s Novo-Ogarevo residence and was even conferred with a state award for corporate citizenship personally by Putin in May last year. Berezovsky, who was once known as the Godfather of Kremlin, admitted that it was Aven who introduced him to Putin.

A former Alfa executive tells the IntelliNews that Fridman and his partners were allowed to keep the $14bn proceeds of their sale of TNK-BP offshore. “Abramovich was allowed to keep his proceeds from the sale of SibAl and Sibneft, and Fridman/Alfa were allowed to too,” said the former Alfa executive. “This is probably driven by their personal relations with Putin.”


Putin has clearly learned from the mistakes of Stalin and Hitler as he has not repeated them. Hitler made drastic economic, political and social reforms that ultimately, lead to his destruction. No leader of a nation who dares to abolish usury, who places the creation of currency in the hands of the government rather than a Rothschild bank, who removes from all positions of power the agents of the Rothschilds and their Zionist movement is allowed to remain in power, the bankers always see to it that they are destroyed and through their control of media and academia, thoroughly demonised as the most evil men in history.

Mayer Amschel Rothschild, scion of the Rothschild clan once stated ‘Permit me to issue and control the money of a nation, and I care not who makes its laws.’ Hitler tried to break this Rothschild Zionist control via usurious currency manipulation and the German people paid the price of failure.

Putin is clearly well aware of the limits that he must stay within to avoid being overthrown, in effect, he has to engage in a series of dances with various oligarchs and political opponents, both foreign and domestic.

If Putin were Hitler, Israel would have been obliterated long ago. Hitler invaded Czechoslovakia in 1938 to save the Sudeten Germans from ethnic cleansing, a year later in September 1939 he invaded Poland to save the Germans living in the border regions of Poland from genocide, therefore we can clearly see the justifying ‘spin’ Herr Goebbels would have put on a German attack on Israel – it would be to save the Palestinians.

Putin is now locked in a dance with yet another Zionist oligarch, or rather, a frontman for the Zionist oligarchy, in the form of Donald Trump.


Trump – an asset of Russia or Israel?


In October last year, Fridman’s Alfa bank was discovered to have been communicating in secret with the Trump organisation via covert emails

Whatever the truth behind the alleged link between Donald Trump’s organization and the Russian financial firm Alfa Bank, the real surprise is that Alfa’s name has taken so long to work itself into the world’s most garish narrative of 2016.

On Monday, Slate had published a story about communication between a server hosting Trump Organization domain addresses and a server owned by Alfa Bank. Cyber-security firm Mandiant, a unit of FireEye Inc. (FEYE, -0.23%), said there was no conclusive evidence of “substantive contact” between the two, according to The Guardian. But even if there were, Alfa Bank would make a very strange conduit for illicit traffic between Trump and his favorite foreign leader.

Was Page the shadowy messenger between the Kremlin and Trump Tower, or was he the nebbishy, not-very-successful man trying to profit from the arbitrage between what Trump said—he’s my adviser—and what his associates said—“Who?” Maybe I wasn’t doing this right, and maybe everyone was lying to me, but it was hard not to come to the conclusion that, regardless of whatever game the Russians were running, Page was firmly in the latter camp.

Trump is a modern day Lenin – a widely known public figure chosen to be the frontman for the Zionist criminal cabal.


Israel and the Holocaust


Modern day Israel is a Zionist totalitarian police state, very much like the one Trotsky created in Russia.

Desert Storm was intended to destroy the potential for ANY investigations into the empire that had been built that had taken control of Congress, the Supreme Court and continually manipulated events in order to dominate every news cycle and to quash any investigative journalist, any whistleblower, any broad move against them.

Towards this end, they took control of any and all narratives and dominated, eventually culminating in Wikileaks, which calling a ‘CIA front’ is the over-simplification of all time.

The history of this movement begins with the Ford Foundation in 1947, tasked with creating a false historical narrative to describe WW2; it began with taking control of all textbooks and funding international studies organisations at every university by either Ford or Rockefeller.

America’s universities for the next ten years, bloated with selected Paperclip emigres brought from Russia, Eastern Europe and The Balkans – ratlined through fake university chairs, France and Canada. Combined with this was an open CIA programme on every American campus, an example of this is MSUG from East Lansing, MI that setup the Diem police state in Vietnam or the history dept. there which ran CIA operations across Africa and the Middle East; a massive parallel organisation was built through USAID and the BBG (Broadcast Board of Governors) awash with endless Cold War black funding.

The methodologies are seen every day, if an election is questioned or someone is alarmed at a few trillion missing dollars, on demand we see a terror attack or a need to go to war with one of the CIA’s cardboard lotharios, so today when the Israeli airforce provides cover for an al-Qaeda attack inside Syria, we are taken back to Fort Lee, NJ and the summer of 2001.

There, the Saudis who now fund ISIS and their Israeli partners who run al-Qaeda together plotted the largest terror attack in history, safe in that endeavour, as if they were in their mother’s womb, protected by an FBI eaten by the Russian Mafia, swallowed whole, in the early 90s.


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  1. The artical is a broad overview of factors contained in the history of the last hundred years of the western world and Russia. Many factors have interacted in a manner that have tended to continue the stale-mate between the US and Russia that began between 1947- 1949.
    The OSS-OSI-Dulles brothers returned Hitler´s spy chief, general Reinhard Gehlen to his NAZI spy HQ in Pullach, suburb of Munich, about 1947. Gehlen re-activated his spy organization, the extension branch of the CIA in Germany, at the same loction until a move to new HQ in Berlin was initiated in 2014, approximately 65 years.
    The CIA with Gehlin and spies initiated the rumor that Russian leadership planned to use the East Zone to storm over the “Fulda Gap” into West Germany and overtake Europe. The fraud of “Fulda Gap” enabled the “Cold War” with Russia that ended with the fall of the wall in 1989, about 40+ years.

    It is hardly accurate to use Donald Trump as the scapegoat for 60+ years of NAZI machinations, with assistance of the authors of the Holocaust lie, for the existing condition of the world. Nor is Trump attempting to establish another “Fulda Gap” for the money-changers whose profits suffered when the NAZI-Bush-CIA-MOSSAD failed to win the presidential election for the Bush-Clinton Crime family.

  2. April 7, 2017 will mark the 70th anniversary since the death of an American Industrial Genius with little formal education, born on a farm in Michigan: Henry Ford. Henry Ford changed the world for the better. At a site called BibleBelievers a Mr. Smith wrote these words: ” At the apex of his business career Henry Ford, the industrial genius sensed that a terrific effort was being made to take his business from him and manipulate it into the hands of the money-changers. Mr. Ford had the impression that these manipulators were being engineered by powerful Jewish financiers.
    He called to his office the most intelligent research men within his acquaintance. He commissioned them to make a thorough study of the International Jew and publish their findings in “The Dearborn Independent,” which at that time was the official organ of the Ford Motor Company. No expense was spared, and it is estimated that literally millions of dollars were spent by Mr. Ford on this project. The original articles were carried first in “The Dearborn Independent,” and then published in book form.(from about 1920-1922).

    When the report on “The International Jew” was originally published it opened each chapter with a text taken from “The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion,” or from the published statements of world prominent Jews. The moment the manuscripts dealing with the Jewish problem reached the public, a terrific howl went up from official Jewry…”

    • Continued from above:
      ” If I were to summarize the campaign of reprisal and abuse which was carried on against Mr. Ford and his Company, this summary alone would require a book. Every instrument of torture and abuse which could be imagined was carried on against Mr. Ford — smear, character assassination, ridicule, physical threat, boycott. The pressure was constant, consistent and endless. The most powerful and enigmatic pressures imaginable were brought to bear on Mr. Ford to stop the publication of “The International Jew.”” Obviously these articles bear directly on this article and also demonstrate the enormous intelligence and courage of Henry Ford. I urge the editors of VT to republish all of his original articles one each week or whatever this spring as a tribute to him. By the way he also once ran for political office; imagine Henry Ford as President! I urge everyone to google up the video clip of his funeral in Detroit. Ironically they had to use a Packard Hearst because no Lincoln could be found! This is a very moving video of the times. No comparison between Henry Ford and Trump.

    • By the way, while they apparently fleeced him into an “apology” for publishing these series of damning articles, there is an additional fascinating statement documenting that Henry Ford basically got the best of them in the end because he told Mr. Smith he never signed the apology but allowed his assistant Harry Bennett do the dirty work. Henry was a master fox himself and could outwit the best of them. If you read on you discover the lengths they went to to destroy every copy of these articles rendering any left collector’s items! And look at the reverse tactics with BDS today or treatment of Tony Hall and James Tracy today. How about hypocrisy? No problem there with these hypocrite scoundrels.

  3. Using his-story as a guide then Russia has always been the target of the Zionist. China has complicated things, maybe. If the plan is the run the world from Jerusalem then the total destruction of Russia, China, and the USA makes sense. However, I believe if WW3 gets white hot, then Israel will be a target for all 3. Why? Just because.

  4. I am not a historian so may have missed a few who are recen examples of what happens to a nation’s leader when he is sitting on valued resources and or, wants to change the Banking System. And yes, location is a valuable asset and, easily explains the emotion enormous efforts to murder Assad of Syria. A few examples are: Presidents Lincoln, McKinley and, Kennedy. Germany’s Hitler, Iraq’s Sadam Hussain, Libya’s Qadaffi, DRC Patrice Lumumba. There are many others. Andrew Jackson is the only one I know who physically survived, though profited little.
    Trump’s call for an audit of the Fed may be a false flag or, not. If he is serious he better increase his security by 10. In fact Trump will need Mattis and, all of his Marines.

  5. Telling to a few is the silence heard from Moscow on the special economic council, charged by Putin in October, to investigate the Russian banking system and, recommend changes.
    Is there any news on the results or, is the “council’s” investigation ongoing? My understanding is they were to offer their conclusions in October. Waiting on it.

  6. Albert Einstein spent much of his life concentrating on a “Theory of everything”.
    To a post Renaissance historian…this article may be a “Theory of everything”
    Many thanks to the authors and the staff for this courageous piece. To the readers,
    VT is showing the guts it takes to love one country; love humanity.
    Tough love and tough shit for the in crowd. The ones who walk between the rain drops and never, never lose.
    Outstanding troopers….Outstanding !

  7. Good to see an article like this. I’ve read most of Anthony Sutton’s books on how “Wall Street” financed not only Lenin and Trotsky, but also A. Hitler’s election. Douglas Reed’s “The Controversy of Zion is the eye opener, and from Anthony Sutton’s book “Western Technology and Soviet Economic Develo ent, I9I7-I930” one can clearly see the records of foreign corporations in the Soviet “Union”, concessions/contracts for mechanizing, electrifying the infrastructure of the country. The oil and coal industries were dead after the Bolsheviks ransacked the country. GE, Standard, many German, French, UK companies, the details are astonishing. No wonder so many Russians were killed, it was a home invasion-kill everyone and take everything. Eisenstein’s film is required viewing in film school, when I saw it for the first time it made me question everything I thought I knew about communism, the “revolution”, and how nothing in the history fed to us makes sense.
    Benjamin Friedman’s 1961 speech is also an eye opener. What was done to Germany is equally sinister, the termites always end up winning.

  8. I know you didn’t write this for the likes of me, but thank you both so much. This is a tour de force! Great to see it exposed in real time.

    Does it go something like this? The original power base were the German banker, Bavarian Illuminati types who took over the Fed in 1913. After WW2, they used the Ford & Rockefeller foundations to fund their ‘social engineering’ projects and fought their wars via CIA & US army. The Germans realised what had happened but Paperclip & Gehlen Org Germans fell in line.

    The Bush family came up through the system (Skull & Bones, CIA) but became a separate power base. Does this explain some of the battle that we are seeing? Most of the battle is because the memo deliberately hasn’t gone down the intel line re Trump. But the Rothschilds also wanted to take down the Bush-Clinton-Kerry crowd. (Is one of the Rothschilds more important than the others or are they all involved as puppetmasters?)

    Soros presumably is the puppetmaster controlling the Marxist groups who will fight the Trump/Bannon Fascist groups who will also fight the Islamists and Chinese. And when everyone is done fighting, we will have their New World Order, whatever that looks like.

    Resorts International was said to be a front for the Rothschild/Rockefeller families so presumably Trump knows who is pulling his strings and understands his role.

    • It is for anyone that can do anything with it. We all, the ones that have been around here for a while, have been educated by each other, an ongoing process. VT is a private Intel network. We have to learn and understand ourselves before we can help anyone else to.

  9. well…just how is anyone supposed to understand what comes next?
    who??..has the power…who is fighting who……why put trump in with fraud?
    wasnt hillary ready to do what she was told?

    why is trump being knocked down after the election if they wanted him so bad?
    who is doing it?
    why couldnt they do it before he got power?

    lol….anyone who can answer half those questions IS NOT doing so with information available over the internet!

  10. Wow, a real motherlode of nonsense here. “Hitler invaded Czechoslovakia in 1938 to save the Sudeten Germans from ethnic cleansing, a year later in September 1939. he invaded Poland to save the Germans living in the border regions of Poland from genocide,”
    Absolute crap. Read Mein Kampf and understand that Hitler intended to build an empire in the east well over a decade before.
    “One blood demands one Reich. Never will the German nation possess the moral right to engage in colonial politics until, at least, it embraces its own sons within a single state. Only when the Reich borders include the very last German, but can no longer guarantee his daily bread, will the moral right to acquire foreign soil arise from the distress of our own people. Their sword will become our plow, and from the tears of war the daily bread of future generations will grow.” Mein Kampf, page 1.
    That is from 1925.
    The idea that the suppression of German speakers in the Sudetanland and Poland was the reason for their invasion is therefore beneath contempt. It is pure trash. Not to mention the fact that war against Poland was kicked off by a false flag attack. I understand you need to lie about the present day but why trash history and whatever is left of your tattered reputations as well?

    • Our Aussie pigshit friend is now peddling the infamous “Germans got prisoners and dressed them up….had them attack a radio station” ploy. Someone should tell him that this was “debunked” decades ago, a total fabrication. Six million Germans were murdered in Poland and Sudeten and at the end of the war. Can we ask about the 1939 invasion of czech? Did anyone know that Poland invaded czech in 1938 as did Russia? Septemer 27, 1938. Bullshitter caught.

    • Mr. Robertson, The Institute of Expelled Germans can you give you detailed statistics regarding the expulsion of Germans from all the Lands that Gordon is talking about. They have meticulous records, names, numbers, locations, that can withstand an audit.

    • James, the Munich Diktat or Munich Betrayal in 1938 is key. There were no heroes in Munich. With Hitler having threatened to unilaterally snack on Czechoslovakia, the other rat countries wanted their share too. So they met in Munich to decide how to slice up Czechoslovakia. Germany got a piece, as did Poland and Hungary. Stalin and Russia were left out of that particular deal, but Stalin made his own deal with Hitler the next year, on Aug 23, 1939, the infamous Nazi-Soviet Non-aggression Pact. The Sept 1, 1939 events were the next step. And then Stalin later got screwed by his partner. Gee guys, that all turned out really well – not! Millions dead, including some of my relatives. Let’s not do it all over again, shall we?

    • Ed L, unlike you, I am not throwing accusations about ethnic origin of countries, and when it comes to fog, you might want to stop fogging. As for taking back through war “my territory” because “I was there first”, how many hundreds or thousands of years should we go back, to make you happy? Personally, I would like to go back to the Seven Years’ War, BEFORE the end of it. Treaty of Paris of 1763 changed everything forever. It’s offensive to me that on wikipedia, you barely see Russia mentioned as a belligerent, even though they were a major player in the war. So what happened? Well, they were bribed/threatened to leave the war in 1762, and so they and their allies lost the war long before the end of it. It’s fascinating that the same thing was repeated in WWI, with Russia pulling out early in 1917, but at least that time they had no choice. 1762, yup, that would be a good place to cut things off. Let’s all go back to 1762.

  11. Obviously super-state remains corrupt forever. Don’t think that people worldwide want US destroyed, or politicians for that matter, but they sure as hell are not happy when they enter their careers and discover that there is almost one or two CIA standby looting-economic-hitman-squad for each member of the UN. Don’t know how long will US be able to whitewash these “war students” anymore. One currency anywhere in the world might get “out of control” and take it all collapsing down. US war institutes are already scared too much of researching to attack any 50 million plus countries (after Vietnam), so those are out of reach. Asian giants are all warning US repetitively. Bitcoin, Libyan proposed gold african dinar, Ruble-Yuan exchange, all have become an option or reality and all US showed was panic, panic and more panic. And once all those “threatening” countries go for their own currency-national security matrix US empire tactics will get screwed. US wouldn’t survive war with Iran or Russia. Even in case of nuclear attack(s) on Russia or Iran, the Wall Street indexes wouldn’t survive it.

  12. Excellent article, thank you. I almost puked when I heard Trump’s speech at the aipac convention. So, Trump’s ties to Russia are through the “kosher nostra”? That I can believe. I could be wrong, but I don’t consider Zionist agents in America, Americans. I call them traitors, treasonists. Many Zionist extremists refer to themselves not as American, or Russian Jews, but Jews who live in Russia and America, meaning they have no loyalty to the nations in which they reside. They pretty much worm their way into high places, to parasitize the nations they reside in for the benefit of their own cause and then leave the parasitized nations too weak to retaliate. When MSM suggests Trump has been compromised by Russia, everyone assumes Putin, but it’s actually the Talmudists? That wouldn’t surprise me at all.

    • Agents of Zion operate in many nations against the best interests of the public, in support of their criminal state and their NWO. I believe that if the people from Russia who are behind Trump, are actually Zionists who have no loyalty to Russia, then the media needs to stop telling half truths and tell the public that the hidden hand behind Trump is Zion. I know, pigs will fly before the media shows anything that is unfavourable to Zion.

  13. The Slate article you reference was comprehensively debunked by both the Washington Post and the Intercept months ago, still we don’t want to let the facts get in the way of our post election coup now do we?

  14. Not the target but the best opportunity to get rid of all goyim with one hit worldwide by abusing nuclear nations and wash their hands in innocence like they did with the Romans by killing Jesus.

    • They can choose China or Russia for it but they take Russia first because of it´s ressources and geographic position to enter China later.

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