Mosul Fight Proves Abrahm Tank a DeathTrap


Huge flames come out of a US Abrams battle tank.

The recent military operation in Mosul shows that the US-led coalition is superior in the air, but its land operations leave much to be desired, Kramper wrote for German magazine Stern.

One of the videos released by Daesh fighters shows how an anti-tank missile hit an American M1 Abrams tank and turned it into a “ball of fire.”

“The tank, weighing more than 60 tons, was supposed to protect its crew from something like that. The M1 Abrams is a combat armor tank of the US forces that is still in use. It was introduced for the first time in 1979, and since then it has been modernized several times. The Iraqis, however, have only reclaimed older versions available. The main problem is that the tanks have obviously not been reequipped with modern defense features,” the journalist wrote.

Apparently, a rocket hit the most vulnerable part of the tank — the compartment with ammunition. However, the 60-ton tank was still supposed to provide protection for the crew. Obviously, the tank in question did not possess active defense systems. There was also no reactive armor on the vehicle that could have reduced the damage, Kramper stated.

The author also noted that in contrast to Iraqi troops equipped with the old US military vehicles, the Syrian Army was provided by Moscow with the new efficient tanks.

To prove his opinion, Kramper published a video depicting the US-produced TOW missile hitting the Russian-made T-90 tank in Syria. The machine turned out to have an active protection system that didn’t let the missile to penetrate the armor and enabled the crew to get out of the cab.


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  1. It’s like hitting the ammo box of a tank and going to cause some kind of explosion or something. At least the Abrams is designed to vent the flame upward if it happens, possibly saving some of the crew. All energy is expelled through the top. T-72 just explodes.
    It’s TOW 9M113 Konkurs and the hit was from the back.

  2. Edward – that is why US refuse to take part in Russian Military Games, like Tank Biathlon? :)))))))) Also we have Avia-darts, but US pilots always complaint about unprofessional way of fly skill of Rus AirForces, so they won’t take part in it too 🙂

  3. Oh, friends! Western tanks have no advantage in such conflicts for several everybody known reasons:
    1. Western allies always killed everything on terrain by warplanes – there was no one to meet the allies. Tanks had no danger meet. Now there is another kind of war. When the enemy can appear suddenly and use RPG or TOW. No passive protection will save the tank from old RPG and especially new tandem RPG.
    2. City battle tactics. It is the most dangerous kind of combat for tank. Enemy is 360 degrees. VT experts know the tactics of the city battle actions, no need for me to draw it here.
    3. Turkish army tanks and the vehicles in Mosul showed evidently how weak they are. But it means the only: bad crew and foolish tactics. With such “success” there will be the need to drag tanks from Europe to Mid.East.

    • Now about Russian experience. We also had terrible losses of tanks when they where in Grozny (Chechnya). Idiots from MoD decided to take city ASAP. As the result – a great quantity of tanks and BTRs were burned like rabbits in the shooting range. Old soviet RPG burns 900 mm of armory.
      There was an example when T-72 was shot by RPG 14 times, but survived and returned to battle next day. Also in Chechnya.
      I’m absolutely sure that Russian tank-building industry is the best in the world. T-series tanks were widely spread and sold, like AK. Took part in intensive battles. Very often there is accusation that T-72 (for example) easily burns and no way to survive – the turret blows and fly away. I can say that every kind of tank may explode like this. Our engineers have a viewpoint about tank: it must be fast, not so heavy like western, it must have Active Defence Systems and it must shoot quickly – autoloading, the crew must be able to fix the tank,even the engine, by their own abilities, in the battlefield. I don’t mention modern T-90 and T-14 armata.

    • The success of survive depends on the crew and team work. Want to survive and win – watch 360 degrees around, move fast, shoot accurate and quickly change the position. And to battle like Turk tanks do and loose – they probably may survive if meet the ancient Army of Alexander the Great (Macedonian).

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