Time to stop the deconstruction of America


by Preston James

Trump was able to ride the new wave of populism sweeping America that emerged from the Internet, the New Gutenberg Press.

This got him elected as President.

Now it’s time for We The People to apply political pressure at every level of government to make sure that he does what he promised and that populism continues to spread and intensify at every level of American society.

The Globalists view this new powerful populism that has emerged as a vicious enemy that will destroy them unless stopped.

This is an accurate appraisal and their chances of stopping it now are pretty slim. Efforts by the Globalists to do so will surely create massive backlash and blowback and only intensify the emerging populism and the speed of its emergence.

If Trump turns out to be a secret Zionist stooge as some fear, We The People can still continue our new wave of populism and eventually create enough political pressure to obtain the changes we need.

It may be more difficult and take longer but thanks to the Internet, the New Gutenberg Press, American Populism will not go away but will continue to grow rapidly by leaps and bounds.

It’s necessary for our nation’s survival as a Republic that we must all work together collectively to make certain that the City of London (COL) private “Illuminati” Banksters are booted from America and no longer allowed to parasitize it.

The current American system has worked out very well for the top .00001 and their close associates whom they keep well supplied with money, status and a lavish lifestyle.

But it has failed at least 80% of the rest, and the middle class has been blindsided by a self-serving Congress and presidents, and is shrinking rapidly into poverty that was never expected.

The .0001 had to hijack the American government at all levels and corrupt society to obtain the level of control and asset stripping necessary to feed their lavish lifestyles.

And sadly we now know for certain that the .00001 has been stacking the US Congress and using it and their typically “bought and appointed” presidents to institute a massive deconstruction of America the Republic.

Almost every member of the US Congress has been bought off or coerced one way or another and is NOT representing the interest of we the people but only their own interest and the .00001 they truly serve for vast rewards.

In order to do this they have bought off almost every member of the US Congress, most high USG officials and instituted the USG policy of Free Trade and Globalization in order to transform American workers into their serfs and slaves.

The .00001 have stacked the USG with their stooges and doofuses and manipulated them to do the .00001’s bidding.

This includes exporting heavy manufacturing and industry out of America to third world nations with incredibly low labor rates. This has allowed them to sell cheap goods inside the USA and keep We The People satiated while they Globalize us and transform America into a poor third world nation.

This is all part of an age old plan of the City of London Rothschild Banksters to Globalize the world and from a New World Order (NWO) after eliminating 90% of the world’s population.

This Globalization/Free Trade process has actually increased the stock earnings of the .00001 while it has rapidly diminished the American Middle class, most of whom are hanging on for dear life, one paycheck out of the street.

The Internet is the New Gutenberg press, which is truly revolutionary, and is creating a strong, emerging populism in America and much of the World. Populism is antagonistic to Globalism and will destroy the Globalist’s NWO agenda unless stopped. Many insiders believe that the Internet’s popularity will assure the destruction of the Globalist’s NWO Agenda and the repatriotization of American Intel and Law Enforcement.


How did America get into this seemingly hopeless mess?

Actually, it has been a long extended war between America and the City of London Rothschild Khazarian Mafia (RKM) private Central Banksters. The City of London has been trying to gain 100% control of America since they lost the Revolutionary War. If they cannot do so then they want to destroy America and split it up (Balkanize it).

Depiction of Andrew Jackson at Battle of New Orleans

When they lost the Revolutionary War, they tried to retake America again in the War of 1812 and lost. Andrew Jackson beat them badly in the battle of New Orleans and, as President, declared he would rout them out by the power of God Almighty, which he did.

The City of London RKM Banksters tried to balkanize America by setting up the civil war, but France and Russia came to the North’s aid and prevented this.

Finally, the City of London was able to infiltrate and hijack America and has been running us ever since through the Federal Reserve System.

In order to do this they used their vast European wealth and money power to select and build up doofus cutouts like JP Morgan, John D. Rockefeller and the railroad and lumber barons. These cutouts would later form a secret Cabal to bribe and/or coerce members of the US Congress to pass the illegal, unconstitutional Federal Reserve Act in 1913 which transferred American money creating and distributing power to the City of London private Fiat Banksters.

Federal Reserve scam

Ever since the European “Bloodline families” (aka the Old Black Nobility) who are the true stockholders of the Federal Reserve System (FRS) have been making three sources of massive income, none of which is justified:

1. They make a yearly 6% dividend on all the money issued by the FRS.

2. They charge interest for those who use the FRS debt-notes presented as money (required by Federal law to be accepted as legal tender, but is actually not real money at all).

3. They make interest on the so-called “US National debt” which is ever increasing because they serve as a flexible unlimited checkbook to the US Congress which always spends far more than is taken in by taxation (which is also illegal and unconstitutional). This “national debt” is actually imaginary — a fraudulent construction — because we as Americans cannot be charged for using what should have been our own money in the first place, instead of their phony debt-notes presented as real money.


How would you like to pay a great deal less Federal Taxes each year?

The best current estimate that servicing this fraudulent “national debt” (i.e. paying the interest required) amounts to about 40% of Federal Tax collections. Can you imagine how much better your life would be if you had an immediate decrease in federal taxes of 40%?

If we eliminated this illegal, unconstitutional monster the Federal Reserve and sized all its assets under RICO (there is no statute of limitations for fraud), we could also claw back most of the assets these “bloodline families” made and accrued by stealing from Americans since 1913.

Yes, the private Federal Reserve System (a franchise of the City of London Rothschild private Banking System) is in clear violation of numerous civil and criminal RICO statues, has been operating as a foreign espionage front for the City of London and it directors have thus committed Treason, a clear capital offense. It has also been violating the counterfeiting laws by issuing debt-notes and presenting them as real money, but it does not meet the definition of real money as required by the US Constitution.


When examining the subject of civil and criminal RICO crime syndicates, we have the CIA, the FBI and DHS (Homeland Security).

Each of these are RICO crime syndicates that are operating under the direction and authority of the City of London Rothschild Banksters. None of these agencies serve the American People (We The People) or operate under the Rule of Law, none of them.

(Photo credit: the Night Manager)

The CIA has operated illegally stateside for years, doing assassinations (JFK, RFK, MLK) and many current ones (Arkencides); working with the Fourth Reich Nazis and Mossad to start up drug cartels in South America and Mexico (and elsewhere); hauling massive amounts of illegal narcotics into America: trafficking in illegal arms and children as sex toys; and all the while doing their very best to assassinate foreign leaders; institute regime change; work with NATO’s Gladio to deploy terror in order to start wars to make massive profits for the COL Banksters and their associated corporations.

These are violations of the Patriot Act, federal and state narcotics laws, international law for war crimes, state and federal murder laws which have no statute of limitations.

The FBI was deeply involved in setting up and covering up the Murrah Bombing, the first and second twin towers attack in NYC and worked closely with the Mossad and the JCS, NORAD, the FAA, the PNACers and top NeoCon Israeli-American “Israeli-first” dual citizens in planning and deploying the 9-11-01 attacks which involved planting mini-nukes in the basements and micro-nukes every ten floors in the elevator shafts.

The FBI has been fully exposed for selecting mentally ill and retarded Somali immigrants, entrapping them by running FBI websites for foreign jihad training and then coercing them to request airplane tickets. Once these individuals do this they are arrested for being terrorists and usually end up serving very long prison sentences, often life in prison when they should be in mental health treatment or classes for the retarded instead.

The FBI runs all child pedophile websites inside America and uses them to entrap misguided individuals and honey trap elected and appointed officials, numerous members of the US Congress and high corporate officials.

Those caught by these FBI sting websites who have been pedophiles are often given immunity and used to run child pedophile honey traps to entrap politicians, corporate leaders and foreign diplomats. Any FBI involved in pedophilia at any level should be fully prosecuted for this, no exceptions; and the same goes for CIA/DEA controlled narcotic deliveries supposedly set up to catch the Mr. Big narcotic traffickers.

This never happens because they are Mr. Big, and they just continue selling illegal drugs, and occasionally busting unapproved competition or little users from the ghetto periodically to keep the illusion alive that they are fighting drugs.


The FBI runs interference and covers up the Satanic Network which is deputized under US National Security as agents of national security. 

The FBI runs interference for the satanic pedophile groups which human compromise many members of the US Congress, both men and women alike and Democrat and Republican alike. The Finders case is a perfect example as is the Franklin Credit union cover-up based in Omaha where children were trafficked to DC to be served up as sex toys at parties for Congress and USG Officials.

The FBI threatened and prosecuted children who told on them and jailed a number of them, murdering some. The FBI will never acknowledge the reality of a nationwide satanic cult system that is deputized under national security and serves as cover for some very evil Intel and mind-kontrol operations, often on young children.

When it comes to human compromise, sooner or later the FBI goes after every elected or appointed official.

This specialty started with J. Edgar Hoover, a known cross-dresser and pedophile, who was provided young boys by infamous attorney Roy Cohn. Often these little boys were murdered afterwards and buried on Roy Cohn’s upstate farm, according to NYPD Police Intel.

If a stand up citizen goes to the FBI to report CIA drug dealing, corruption of USG officials or pedophilia, at first they are ignored, and then they are often harassed by the FBI in Cointelpro type operations, which has been their specialty for many years. According to the Library of Congress, the FBI is not legally chartered and has no right to exist. Even the CIA is legally chartered.


No Work List Payback for Whistleblowers

Noted federal whistle-blower Mark Novitsky is a perfect example of this.

What he knows is actually more important than what Edward Snowden disclosed. After going to the FBI, many members of the US Congress, 60 Minutes (which was going to air a program and was stopped), he found himself being harassed by the FBI with advanced electronic warfare.

The FBI placed him on a “no work” list in an attempt to ruin him (like they do to so many whistleblowers) and he cannot even get a minimum wage job now. He has disclosed that he worked for Teletech Systems and refused to break the law. He was eventually fired and spoke out publicly to many top USG officials and LE. He was then sued by Teletech for liable and slander in Denver.

Mark Novitsky

According to Novitsky, all his attorneys turned on him and he ended up representing himself.

Against all odds, he won a “with prejudice” judgment and Teletech can no longer sue him for speaking the truth. But Mark Novitsky believes that the FBI is willing to harass him on their behalf.

One thing seems certain — the FBI refuses to investigate Teletech and the US Department of Justice refuses to prosecute Teletech for what Novitsky claims are massive foreign espionage crimes against Americans inside America.


What must be done to stop the deconstruction of America and clean up the evil notably corrupt USG?

1- Get rid of the source of all corruption in America by eliminating the Federal Reserve and nationalize all its assets by prosecuting under RICO, various foreign espionage laws including the Patriot Act and NDAA. And then eliminate the IRS which is the Federal Reserve’s illegal, unconstitutional private collection agency incorporated in Puerto Rico.

2- Prosecute the FBI under RICO. It would be easy to convict all their top officials and SACs who have been doing abject evil and harming the American people for many years.

3- Prosecute top officials in the US Department of Justice under RICO and various espionage laws, including charges for Sedition, treason and misprision of felonies.

4- Prosecute the top officials of the CIA under RICO and various espionage laws, drug trafficking laws, terror laws. International war crimes tribunals should be set up to charge and prosecute all involved in 9-11-01 and the subsequent phony staged wars. Convictions would be a slam-dunc because there is so much smoking gun evidence and so many good and credible witnesses.

5- Eliminate the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). It was set up by the Israelis, the PNACers and top NeoCons to cover up their role in 9-11-01. They believed that if they consolidated all US Law Enforcement and Intel into one pyramidal structure that they could control at the top, it would be easy to keep the cover-up going forever while setting up numerous false-flag mass-shootings (some real, some completely fake like Sandy Hook) to oppress and disarm the American People. DHS should be called the Department of COL Tyranny. The top DHS Officials have violated RICO and numerous espionage and terror laws inside America. Almost every American is disgusted with those who run DHS and many Intel believe they are kinked-out perverts and scum with their own evil anti-American agenda.

6- Use RICO and espionage laws to fully prosecute the hidden masters inside America that have been illegally and unconstitutionally running America from behind a curtain through the CFR, Trilateral Commission, Bilderberg and the Pilgrim Society.

7- The various states of the Union need to reassert themselves according to the 10th amendment; they should pass new laws requiring all juries to be fully informed of their right to vote innocent if they believe the law is being prosecuted unjustly, is illegal or is unconstitutional; they should change their laws to have their legislatures elect their Senators as was Constitutionally required.

8- Immediately end the invocation of “national security” as a cover for foreign espionage, terror and numerous serious RICO crimes against We The People. The only thing that should be kept secret is launch codes, where the nuclear weapons are located, the actual guidance circuitry designs, the top performance capabilities of various aircraft, and the names of embedded foreign agents and sources. That’s it. Why not surround the CIA with the Fifth Army as President Ike threatened to do at Area 51, if necessary to gain access to all the secrets in the CIA library.

9- Prosecute the six major mass media corporations that constitute American mass media that answer to one large CIA investment proprietary considered to be on the vanguard of investments as an illegal News Monopoly and RICO crime syndicate. Break up the Controlled Major Mass Media (CMMM) into a thousand pieces as it was before its consolidation and hijacked by the CIA under Operation Mockingbird.

10- Declare the ADL and AIPAC as foreign espionage fronts for Israel, prosecute them as foreign espionage agencies, prosecute them under RICO, also include any member of the US Congress who signed a loyalty Oath to place Israel first even before America’s interests, and make it illegal for there to be any dual citizens ever serving in any official state or USG office or elected position.

11- Cut off all foreign aid to Israel since it has been confirmed by American Intel that it has an advanced nuclear bomb arsenal and has not signed the Nuclear Non Proliferation Agreement as required by US Law. It is important to publicize the fact that Israel covertly declared war on America when it planned and deployed a nuclear attack on the NYC Trade Center’s Twin Towers on 9-11-01, and international legal actions must be taken to prosecute those responsible in Israel and America and sue for damages for those survivors and their families.

We the People paid for all of the ultra-advanced Alien ET technology back-engineered and developed from crashed and recovered UFOs by the Secret Shadow Government (SSG) and we should have the right to all this including all the secret Zero-point energy patents and related high technology that could make our lives much better.

Serious laws with serious sentences should be implemented by the US Congress and state legislatures to punish anyone who covers up any pedophilia or satanic crimes, or engages in any mind-kontrol — and this should be applicable to all, including high USG, Judges, LE and Intel officials.

All secrets that the Pentagon, the CIA and the FBI and the special DOD contractors have been hiding must be revealed asap. We The People have a right to all this, according to the US Constitution.




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  1. Preston, you have produced an excellent article, but the average dumbed down patriot will find it hard to comprehend, crap TV, Nascars,football etc..
    End the Fed, yes, but explain it in layman’s language, if you borrow from a loan shark, the borrower is servant to the lender. If the Loan shark wants you to wear a tu tu next time you come to borrow, thats what you have to do. Move on to the biggest loan shark in the world, the Federal Reserve,The US Govt cap in hand approaches the Fed for say $500Million, to invade a small country, again the borrower is servant to the lender.Now the lender has huge influence over the borrower, tells the lender to say,oh, you must veto every thing that is against Israel at the UN, for example.The reason Obama (the borrower) didn’t veto recently is he didn’t have to apply for more loans. He’s finished, Obama didn’t have to squirm to the lender..
    Also your tax’s do not go to your Govt, they go direct to the Fed.(Worlds biggest loan shark)

  2. I was just making a “to do” list for Trump which I seriously wanted to send him, but then I read your article and you nailed it and then some!

    Here is my list:

    End the Fed

    Shred the Patriot Act

    Arrest the 9/11 perps

    Shut down all fake media outlets and propaganda machines

    Get rid of the NSA ,Homeland Security, FBI and CIA

    Release the 6000 patents for free energy
    and other devices which would help humanity.

    Make pedophilia a crime punishable by death.

    Expose the underground network of DUMBS, labs
    and ET/SSG secret hybridization program

    Round up the Satanists, put them on a craft
    and send them off to the nearest most desolate
    and foreboding planet we can find and let them
    eat cockroaches.

    I would like these done on Monday, the first day in office…

  3. Thanks for the supportive comments. Many minefields lie ahead for the new American populists which have spontaneously emerged as a byproduct of the Internet. But this new populism is most likely not going to diminish but on increase in intensity.

  4. “And yet we have what purports, or professes, or is claimed, to be a contract—the Constitution—made eighty years ago, by men who are now all dead, and who never had any power to bind us, but which (it is claimed) has nevertheless bound three generations of men, consisting of many millions, and which (it is claimed) will be binding upon all the millions that are to come; but which nobody ever signed, sealed, delivered, witnessed, or acknowledged; and which few persons, compared with the whole number that are claimed to be bound by it, have ever read, or even seen, or ever will read, or see.”

    ― Lysander Spooner, No Treason: The Constitution of No Authority

  5. @Edward
    why so much hate against people you even don´t know ? What has happend to you in germany that you spout it at the wrong place ? Not every person in USA is bad you should already know this. If we go on hating this world will never reach the golden age. They are working hard to learn from their mistakes and make it better. So please create your own blog and spout it there.

  6. Your comment is pure gibberish and you are coming off as a troll or sock-puppet. Perhaps you are trying to combine too many issues into one. Try choosing one related to this article and make a comment about it.

  7. Don’t know for certain but we have to be getting close to the 10-11% because otherwise Trump wouldn’t have been able to ride such a huge tide of American Populism that has arisen. Some insiders claim the cabal is falling like a house of cards, others claim that Trump is the replacement for the old system which is too corrupt to function, but still picked by the top of the Pyramid of Power.i think that soon we will be certain it is going to be over for the cabal for good. Too many of their evil grotesques crimes, false-flag and war crimes have been disclosed by the very folks they employed to help do it and run the cover up. This is indisputable smoking gun evidence. When 91% of the public believes the Congress is corrupt and self-serving, not representing their interests, you know the jig is going to be up soon. And with 80% of the public believeing the Major Mass Media are liar and propaganda artists, you know the Cabal is losing power by the minute.

  8. Very valuable and precise article! The symbioses of power and evil in one of the most insane versions of it is a grim reality. Those, who’ve had a chance to get a few confirmations of any part of it in person, can appreciate this article especially. Thank you Dr. James.

  9. Thank you, Preston, for another insightful and important article. Your 11 points regarding how to cleanup America, are right on the money. The only concern I have is, since we’ve been living in an Orwellian nightmare for so long, if a US president comes along, who actually has the stones to make these necessary changes to save America, I fear such drastic change would have him promptly labelled as a “dictator”. As soon as any world leader tries to nationalize the issuance of currency, or the resources of their country, they are promptly labelled as a dictator and are scheduled for termination, even though these decisions were made in the best interest of the general population of the country they pledged to represent. Of course, those who have maintained the ability to apply critical thinking will be able to see through this tactic, but its happened so many times in the past and nothing changes. I believe there is a collective lesson to be learned in all this and until the ‘critical mass’ of our civilization learns this lesson, we will continue making the same mistakes.

    • Amelius, great points, but things are moving very fast now and so many secrets are being leaked into the public arena that the system cannot maintain its evil hold much longer without major concessions. It may just collapse under the weight of the massive spontaneously emerging populism. Or it may be a more gradual shift away from Globalism to Nationalism and Americans taking care of themselves and their own families first and blocking the top .00001 in numerous ways.

  10. Trakkath, yes advanced electronic warfare against the American masses (Psychotronics) is obviously a major factor in neutralizing the resistance that We The People should have harbored against the Cabal after the crash of 2008 when it became clear that the big Wall Street and COL Banksters were illegally and unconstitutionally bailed out, the biggest theft in US History.

  11. wjabbe • 9 minutes ago
    Illegal drugs, gambling and prostitution are all going on outside of any regulation and control. This is why sexually transmitted diseases are at all time highs, people are using impure drugs, police departments are all corrupted and government loses billions of dollars in tax revenues. Why are not all members of Congress basically whores anyway selling themselves for a five letter obscene word MONEY? Trump could blow these issues wide open and grow the economy like no one ever has seen before by announcing in his acceptance speech he is immediately going to ask Congress to legalize and regulate all three of these “sins” which go on 24/7 anyway in America every day. America can have one giant orgy party while the U.S. Treasury pays off the debt in a year or less. It is all going on everywhere anyway so why not? There are no morals left in the country anyway are there? Everyone is watching porn or more. The Hollywood Perverts have won. We might as well share the profits with them. Read “Let those Dopers Be” by Norm Stamper, LATimes 2005.

    • Norm Stamper was a 34 year police officer ending his career as Chief of Police Seattle, Washington. This book discusses all the problems with illegal drugs and how they corrupt every police department in the country just as illegal alcohol did in earlier times. We never learn the lessons of human nature. We may not like the idea but legalization and regulation are the humane answer to these eternal human vices, not hiding them under the rug and fooling ourselves they do not exist. This would end many problems of contaminated or wrong doses of drugs, sexually transmitted diseases which are at all time highs and threatening the limited anti biotics for their treatment and of course international gambling which goes on every minute of every day of every year world wide. Even the Catholic Priests can’t get sex off their minds.

    • Yes, wjabbe, difficult as it may seem and unpleasant, you are correct. Drugs must be legalized. But some controls must be instituted and treatment must be provided and paid for out of the drug sales with a special tax.

    • Important points WJ! There is a really sick dynamic about the drug war though, which gives incentive for the Gov to keep everything illegal. Illegal drugs cost anything up to 10 times more (that’s 1000%). Therefore the illegal drug trade is even more profitable than the legal one. Controlling this trade globally is a key source of power to the KM. That is why we have American troops (paid by the tax payer) guarding the poppy fields in Afghanistan. On top of that, all the money made is off the books and unaccounted for. It creates a massive slush fund for other illicit activities, running proxy armies, corrupting politicians everywhere, paying for black projects. Legalising drugs would cut off maybe $trillion/year of criminal profits and transfer the legal profits to the government. The corrupt system is never going to let go of that sort of money easily. They will fight with everything they have. And they have media and corrupt congressmen on their side. But even so, bringing about this result would be a major achievement.

    • Ask yourself why catholic priests are not allowed to have family. It is because all of their property shall go to those thugs in Rome, even the property from their parents. Not even the apostles lived this kind of live, most of them were married. The greedy monsters in Rome decreed them this kind of live in celebacy but very late in history. It is completly unnatural and is always finding its way to express. Who invented it benefits the most.

  12. Great Article,

    Its one thing to sit up and take notice (reading this). Its another thing to stand up (together) and take action.

    • Yes Allesandro, you are correct. But thanks to the growing populism that is now greater than any politician, it seems that we shall see that day coming when We The People will no longer accept this corruption and will resist in mass together even within our police, the judicial, the military, Intel and Congress. This massive new populism is a direct offshoot of the worldwide Internet and cannot be stopped. It is growing by the day and any efforts to corral it just add fuel to its fire.

  13. Very good the numbered points about what must be done. I would only add that it would be a good idea to promise amnesty to the first person who rats on a whole cabal. Obviously it needs to be enough to lead to substantial results. But my god, what a list of scumbags it will be!

    • Excellent point Cosmodrome! Yes, various levels of immunity can be given to those that turn and provide state’s evidence. This won’t happen until it seems certain the Cabal (RKM) is going to be smashed into a thousand pieces and destroyed forever.

    • Trakkath, correct again. All large wars are deployed by the satanists at the top of the Establishment Hierarchy as a major blood sacrifice to Satan (aka Baal or Moloch). Note the Skull and Bones fraternity at Yale which believes that they are the chosen ones needed to minister war and mass death to the masses in order to purge, refine and save the human race.

      All current secret Shadow Government (SSG) efforts to deploy soft-kill technologies (GMOs, chemtrails, toxic additives in vaccines, fluoride in the public water systems, toothpaste, mouthwash, and frozen foods, emf pollution, secretly induced cancers, withheld advanced medical treatments and known cures, etc.) are programs based on this philosophy of thinning the herd as a blood sacrifice to Satan. Doubt this just consider that the US Military Medal of Honor is an upside down satanic star with Mars the war god on it. Mars is known to signify Meyer Amsdale Rothschild and Sons, the known “Gods of War” on this planet and the ones who create them to generate revenue for themselves.

  14. They must only get rid of this Washington DC sqaremiles on their soil. Did you know that judges didn´t have any jurisdiction outside of Washington DC ? It is just the outpost of City of London´s BAR and the Vatican in Rome.

  15. At first re-enact the Constitution be4 1871 to its original status and suspend the 2nd secret which is martial law prolonged every year in secret by congress. And then all other things so you have a lawful base for all prosecutions in your Republic.

    • Look at the back wall of congress and tell me what you see.
      It is the Roman Fascii on both sides of the speakers place and both parties serve the same masters in Rome and City of.London.

    • Excellent points.

      Most US Citizens don’t know our History. I was a History Major, with great teachers and was introduced to this and much more. Otherwise I would not know.

      The teachers are gone now, but the knowledge and its value remains in me.

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