Did Hitler Foresee the New World Order?


…by Jonas E. Alexis and Gerard Menuhin


Gerard Menuhin is a British-Swiss journalist, writer, novelist, and film producer. He is the son of Jewish parents, the American violinist and conductor Yehudi Menuhin, who is considered “one of the greatest violinists of the 20th century.”

Menuhin’s mother was a ballet dancer and died in 2003 at the age of 90.[1] He graduated from Stanford University and is the author of the new book Tell the Truth and Shame the Devil.

Jonas E. Alexis: If you have not read Gerard Menuhin’s Tell the Truth and Shame the Devil, perhaps it is time to do so. Menuhin raises a number of questions which every serious person ought to ask. It is also well documented. For example, Menuhin quotes Rabbi Yitzak Shapira saying:

“Non-Jews have no compassion by nature and should be killed, in order to limit their tendencies. ‘If we kill an indigenous person, who has contravened one of the seven commandments…there is nothing wrong with that….The killing of babies is justified, when it is clear that they will harm us as adults. In such a case one can intentionally inflict injury on them, not only during a battle with adults.’”[2]

Beautiful, isn’t it? If you even perceive that some babies will hurt you in the future, you are justified in slaughtering them now! Obviously the poor rabbi should have been able to see that he was making a case for real anti-Semitism. But since he is morally and intellectually blind, since he is abiding by a wicked ideology which does not allow him to think straight, the rabbi could make neither heads nor tail of morality or practical reason.

Menuhin again quotes Rabbi Kook the Older saying,

“The Talmud states…that there are fundamentally two kinds of souls, a non-Jewish soul comes from the satanic sphere, while the Jewish soul comes from holiness….The difference between a Jewish soul and a non-Jewish soul…is larger and deeper than the difference between a human soul and the soul of beasts.”[3]

The late Prime Minister of Israel Menachem Begin added:

“Our race is the Master Race. We Jews are divine gods on this planet. We are as different from the inferior races as they are from insects. In fact, compared to our race, other races are beasts and animals, cattle at best. Other races are considered as human excrement. Our destiny is to rule over the inferior races…The masses will lick our feet and serve us as our slaves.”[4]

We all know that the rabbis and Begin here are categorically wrong, but there is so-called “science” now that basically says that the Jewish behavior is genetic. The interesting thing about all this is that the proponent of this irresponsible theory actually believe that the rabbis are universally and categorically wrong in believing that “a non-Jewish souls comes from the satanic sphere”!

I simply have given up on those people because they (deliberately) refuse to listen to the voice of reason and are very comfortable with internal contradictions and incoherent statements.

In any event, Menuhin seems to suggest that Hitler did see glimpses of the New World Order in a way because one of the first goals of the New World Order is to use “democracy” and “freedom” to subjugate people. Let us hear Menuhin himself.

Gerard Menuhin: On 10 January, the annual German taboo-word for 2016 was formally proclaimed: ‘Volksverräter’ or ‘traitor to the people’. (In German, “Volksverräter” is a neat distortion of the word for ‘people’s representative’ – “Volksvertreter”. )

Quote: ‘As a rebuke to politicians it is too simple and defamatory, the jury of experts in Darmstadt explained on Tuesday. ‘Traitor to the people’ is a taboo-word according to our criteria, because it is a typical legacy of dictatorships, among others the National Socialists,’ the speaker of the ‘Taboo-Word’ jury, the philologist Nina Janich said.’ (www.20min.ch, 10.01.2017) As the daughter of the philosopher and co-founder of Methodical Culturalism, Peter Janich, Ms. Janich is naturally an expert in this field.

Just as was the case with the Taboo-Word of 2015 (Gutmensch/Goody-Goody) and 2014  (Lügenpresse/Liar press), “Volksverräter” or ‘Traitor to the people’,  which correctly describes the people’s attitude towards German politicians, was not chosen randomly, but because it is undesirably critical. By reminding the German population of the allegedly unethical history of an expression, they can be scolded and cajoled into the ditch of political correctness – from which it’s difficult to climb out.

The re-educated drones whose self-imposed duty it is to seek out and disqualify words which are often used precisely because they define today’s governments, do so because such words were used by the National Socialists, or because these deluded folks really believe we live in Democracies, or because they have convinced themselves that they have the right, as system conformists, to discipline other people by stigmatizing their vocabulary. If their bogus busywork didn’t reveal the regime under which we’re forced to live for what it really is, it would be laughable.

However, if the general impression of politicians in a so-called Democracy as ‘traitors to the people’ is a reversion to totalitarianism, how did the leader of the National Socialist Movement rate Democracy?

‘That which is called Democracy in other countries is, in most cases, nothing but the subversion of public opinion, gained by the skilled manipulation of the press and of money, and a devious interpretation of the results which this has achieved.’ (From Adolf Hitler’s speech, Nürnberg, 12 September, 1938)

Isn’t this exactly what we mean, when we define the traitorous conditions of politics in Germany – and elsewhere?


[1] Humphrey Burton, “Lady Menuhin: Gifted dancer who complemented the life of her brilliant husband,” Guardian, February 7, 2003.

[2] Gerard Menuhin, Tell the Truth and Shame the Devil (Washington: The Barnes Review, 2015), 422.

[3] Ibid.

[4] Ibid., 423.

Jonas E. Alexis has degrees in mathematics and philosophy. He studied education at the graduate level. His main interests include U.S. foreign policy, history of Israel/Palestine conflict, and the history of ideas. He is the author of the new book Zionism vs. the West: How Talmudic Ideology is Undermining Western Culture. He teaches mathematics in South Korea.

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  1. Andrew’s claim that Hitler invaded Russia against an unprepared Stalin… is utrue.
    Germany invaded only when it was clear that an invasion from Russia was imminent.
    According to Victor Suvorov, in his book Icebreaker: Who Started the Second World War?,
    The Red Army in June 1941 was the largest, best equipped army in the history of the world. The concentration of Soviet troops on the German border was frightful. If Hitler had not invaded the Soviet Union on June 22, 1941, the Soviet Union would have easily taken over all of Europe.
    And let’s not whitewash Stalin. With the possible exception of Mao Tse-Tung, he was the bloodiest mass murderer in all of human history.

  2. Canaan [ son of Ham ]took the land allotted to Shem by force. The Edomites married into the Canaanites. Judah married a Canaanite. The chosen pure blood line of Judah ended with Christ.
    In Talmudic tradition the mother defines identity so then the people who are today identifying as Jews are in reality Canaanites.

    “Canaanite”, Strongs Hebrew Concordance 3669, a merchant, a trafficker.
    The “Jews” Babylonian Talmud says: “Five things did Canaan charge his sons: love one another, love robbery, love lewdness, hate your masters, and do not speak the truth” The Last Will of Canaan, Babylonian Talmud, Peshachim 113b.

    To be an Orthodox Jew is to agree with the Talmud that, “It is permitted to deceive a goy.” (Baba Kama 113b) ,

    No blemished Judah blood [Judah/Canaanite] was allowed in the line chosen to antecede Jesus Christ.

    • This whole bible is stolen from every other people´s history.
      What has happend before the great flood ? 25 or more thousend years ago ? The whole history of menkind is rigged since the last iceage.
      And look at the historian here at VT the aegyptian scientist, Dr. … who´s name I forgot, that the pyramids were never named at this so called bible. The real exodus were made by the Aegyptian Royalty to Europe and they are now in Swiss.
      Bible only means book and it tells us about Astrotheology.
      Watch what will come out if history is rewritten after Antarctica is fully discovered.

    • Matthew 21:42 Jesus said to them, “Have you never read in the Scriptures:
      ‘ The stone which the builders rejected
      Has become the chief cornerstone.
      This was the LORD’s doing,
      And it is marvelous in our eyes’?

    • They infiltrate every club, group of people worldwide to subvert everyone to their system and at the end they take over the groups and dominate them. It´s just like the story of the woman and the snake, “you knew that I am dangerous and it is my nature to bite and poison you”.

  3. A Prophesy from the German Leader (February 1945)

    “The excesses in which the Jews indulged in our country are as nothing in comparison with the excesses in which they have indulged and in which they will continue to indulge in ever increasing measure on their new hunting grounds. It will `not be very long before the Americans realize that the Roosevelt whom they have adored is an idol with feet of clay and that this Jew-ridden man is in reality a malefactor – both from the point of view of the United States and of humanity as a whole. He has dragged them along a path on which they had no business to be, and in particular he has forced them to take an active part in a conflict that does not concern them at all. Had they possessed even a minimum of political instinct they would have remained in their splendid isolation, content in this conflict to play the role of arbiter. Had they been a little more mature and a little more experienced, they would doubtless have realized that their best course in their own major interests would have been to have entrenched themselves firmly with their faces towards a shattered Europe and in an attitude of vigilant neutrality. By intervening they have once again played into the hands of their Jewish exploiters; and the latter are worldly wise and know exactly what they are doing – but, of course, from their own particular Jewish point of view.”

  4. Reply to frog: easy frog, if the Germans go off their knees, they go in Germany to jail, because the enemy is sitting in the parliament .

  5. The 1991 Gulf War followed by th 2003 Irak obliteration, have the same MO previously rehearsed on Germany which, in 1918 was sentenced to death in 1939. The intervening period was profitted by the allied powers to complete a so called circle of fire around Germany. The armed forces had little time to rebuild the nation to face the coming onslaught, So, it was correctly elected a man with enough skills for the job. who, envisioned a posible answer in obtaining definitive weapons to change the fortunes of the oncoming war. The expansion of German borders had the the simultaneous purpose of countering the “circle of fire” and getting enough time to produce those definitve weapons. Other than that, it must be taken into account the fact that Germany had to fight against the 4 World empires, all Jewish controlled, and with 90% of the Earth surface and resources that already had decided the elimination of the German nation.

  6. Hi Edward. As we see it, 100% of article readers have a nearly common opinion on Jewish perversity but for practical purposes we cannot avoid the fact that nearly 40 to 50% americans need to remove the salami skin covering their eyes. Average Americans have to be detoxed and de-Hollywood-ized to have a fair analysis of History, even considering the fact that many of those belonging to the above percentage have lost their jobs, being foreclosured have a ME war limb and are riddled with banking , hospital, insurance or college debts and yet, are not able to single out the main culprit of their misfortunes. Ignorance fed by school and televangelists have contributed to keep citizens even afraid to speak about or worst, to loose his job. When matters are directly or tangentially Jewish related America is following the Bolshevik path of not dare to talk about.

  7. Obviously US type of democracy is critical of other ones where it fails to confer on new projects and energy corridors. It is hard for them to work with “lifetime” leaders, many of which today are also being elected or re-elected, because US administrations are constantly changing and are taking newest research from war and migration institutes. But US administrations do not fall behind guys like Hitler, when you look for example Bush junior administration, no time was “wasted” on peace or prosperity, the very day of the inauguration there was a plan for couple of wars on different countries which would fill up 8 year plan mobilization (with optional 8 year prolonging with Obama and 30+years of proposed plans with various “islamic” groups some of which are yet to come into existence through CIA etc.), which is 2 years longer than Hitler’s war reign, and of course there is no valid inside or outside factor to determine what kind of democracy can exist with such US administrations. US is a democracy only by saying “we are democracy”, but ask hundreds of thousands of Iraqis and Afghanis is US a democracy. US do elect new presidents, but they all come from same clans of power or even family, so there is really nothing to be pinned on the “for life” rulers worldwide, other than US favorite “dead Hitler” badge.

  8. words of the kook Rabbi and Menachem Begin, whose only authority is claimed through their filthy Talmud…they refuse our God given sovereign rights, in that all men are equal purely for the purpose of enslavement…in their words backed up by a long diabolical documented history of deeds “The masses will lick our feet and serve us as our slaves.”…. they refuse truth, they refuse goodness, kindness, they refuse love, unity and true beauty they must scar, steal the real and replace with the fake… and pure horseshit…. In this material world they have cursed their way to the top with the fruit of death and destruction upon the planet…. They have zero access to the “holiness”. They have no place or authority that they claim and when they leave this world in death there is a place they enter called hell to remind them of the misery they caused and how they defame the truth and the sacred …and all who follow these blind leading the blind the hour is now…“…judgement has arrived and it will be swift

  9. Hitler did indirectly helped the creation of the NWO (which is still not world order and I would argue if it is anything about order at all, it is just about couple of bank account names). Of course, from the chaos theory he served as a great flamethrower and bleacher for all purposes. This “order” has been surfing the waves of WWII “victory” and ‘Woe unto the defeated’ ideology for more than seventy years now, but it seems that Syrian war is changing that tide and much to the delight of the hiding free thinkers of the Western world. Accusing someone of Hitlerism has become a losing self-tarnishing game for these NWOrder elites. So the surf ride on Wagner tunes is coming to its end, and if NWO was all about surfing and Wagner then the order will fall apart.

  10. If Talmud is right that Jewish race is superior to others, then how come this race ended up in alliance with British and American races and in subordination to their weapons program? Why didn’t it create Israel already after Evian conference and before Blitzkrieg and Holocaust? If Talmud is right then how come was this race rounded up with Slavs and Gypsies in the WWII? I will always prefer Torah over Talmud. I am sure that many Jews have come to notice so far which of the books has more universal values than the other. You don’t have to be a genius or a tenure track rabbi to get it. Or that people will respect when opening Israel for business and tourism Jews will resort to Torah values and then when it comes to territorialism or military or intelligence Jews will resort to Talmud values. Many nations and races have and have had these kind of issues and it didn’t earn them much respect abroad, that’s why they frequently resort to wars and ideologies and eugenics.

  11. Nobody but a jew can make that old weepy violin squeaking pathetic sound. It must be genotypic or phenotypic or both as one interacting process Absolutely nothing will change these people unless the truth is accepted that they have been punked into emulating the biggest scam played on earth, and good luck with that.

  12. Who proclaimed those traitors in Darmstadt!!! Nomen est Omen (the ars of the world or colon) to censor words and speeches ? They are self proclaimed idiots and traitors to the people or better “Volkszertreter” (people crushers).

  13. I have recently finished reading the book by Nick Kollerstrom, “Breaking the Spell,” an easy book to read, because books are expensive to buy here in the Antipodes, I have past it on to friends for reading. I get blank looks from people my senior age, so I speak to the young, and to my sup prize are very receptive to what I have to say on the matter, more so than my friends.
    There will be a tipping point, maybe not in my life time, but there will be one, god willing.

    Get of your knee’s Germany, you have to make the first move.

    • One of the NATO’s tasks was to keep Germany under control (having US bases) and never raise up heads. It is true, that many russians live in Germany and even in Russia – do not hate Germans. Even if they killed so many our people, brought mass destruction and terrible grief. Even Stalin was against separation of Germany.
      Jews…. almost every article here contains the word “jew”. Frankly… it is hard to fight the enemy, which has no physically the army, tanks, battalions and positions.
      I’ve never been a misanthrope, but if someone says that I’m a man of second grade, and he is the master of the world – I will beat his face. This is about the article and super race theory by Talmud.

    • “German Ministry of Defense announced a new military seminar on sexual orientation in Army.” These idiots have no more tasks to do?! Sex in school, sex for kindergarten, sex for the army – are they nuts? Europe – you became so disgusting that it is shameful to shake your hand. What has happened to You? Jews?

    • Edward, i’m not sure that USSR had enough and good weapons. Mosin riffle and a lot of old tanks. Thanks to Stalin’s team – the factories were evacuated to Urals and women and even kids worked there to make the win closer. Because it was Patriotic war. A war for life! Germans with european satellites and all european power of military industry invaded USSR not to bring “democracy”. Of course, as we say – there are people in Russia as much as the sand. Soldier’s life in USSR had no value. The war with Finns was lost stupidly. I’m not an expert in this war. As i said – many blame Stalin. Yes, he was cruel man. But there were reasons. In that time, in that obstacles and in that country. He was the last man in russian government who didn’t look for his own material profits.

    • He accepted the country of peasants on the horses and left it as nuclear power with thousands of new factories. Of course, Germans, Americans helped to build it. We admit and are thankful to the help. And there is the Soviet Monument at Treptov Park with a Soldier and a German girl on his hands. Thanks to Germans – they care about our monuments, differ from Poland. Who can blame Marshall Zhukov now? Those who win – are not to trial. Zhukov’s operation to take Berlin was bright. Yes, it’s price was great. Westerners didn’t believe someone could take it. Berlin was a great Fortress.
      This is history. We (USSR) did what we did – we survived and won the Hitler’s coalition. And we never let anyone to steal our victory. We didn’t bring Liberation to Europe – we brought LIFE. Otherwise here wouldn’t be Andrew on VT.

    • No, Edward! You are pretty clever man and operate real numbers and data. Your answers give me the food to my brain. But some things are saint for me – Hitler invaded and we suffered. Simple like a Solar System Structure. I belong to the generation who a little bit remember USSR, the stories of veterans. I do not deny the fact that many historical facts were hyperbolized and adopted to the society. But the truth is that Wehrmacht invaded to us. And not Red Army to Germany. No one is flawless. But the general line is true. Today i’ve read on russian web media – since 20th of September start the days of Holocaust in several cities. Really – i do not need it at all. Who the hell pays attention to the victims during WW2 in USSR? More people were killed. I understand that many working jews live in Russia, but it looks like advertisement of Jew nation suffering.
      And another important thing i want to add. Someone doesn’t want Germany and Russian Federation to be close and make all kinds of friendship. We consider that Germany (but with normal brain and independent from USA) is economically most useful to Russia, than USA – with them we have only political life mostly.
      German-Russian union would be more preferable. We need only to change Merkel.
      By the way – Sahra Wagenknecht – has she any position to substitute Merkel? Germans – who knows and can answer?

    • If someone wants to whiten Hitler, ask, at least, the citizens of Leningrad, where approx.900 000 people died during blockade. Putin’s elder brother died in that blockade, also.
      There’s probably no country in the World where national history could be so condemned and double-versioned like in Russia. Look at France, where Napoleon terminated almost three generations of French people. Do they condemn him? It is their history. West 500 years pours lie on Russian history. To listen to the western cliche and history perverts: Russia was a monster and the rulers were tyrants. Ivan IV Grozny (Tsar, as they call The Terrible) was a cute boy to compare to European and British mass slaughter ..

    • Spanish King Charles V and Philip II, king of England Henry VIII, the French king Charles IX, the Dutch kings Charles V and Philip II, ruling persons in Germany during the reign of Ivan from 1547 to 1584 according to conservative estimates destroyed around 400 thousand of man.
      During the same period, Russia’s most maximum estimates lost 3-4 thousand man.
      And so many lie about Stalin! Constant lie from the West and from our Russian liberals-traitors. If he was so bad – why didn’t all people in Red Army didn’t turn their riffles against Stalin? Stalin didn’t run away to Urals when fascists where near Moscow. Many myths about his cruelty were generated by survived Trotskists and popcorn idiot Khrushchev. Stalin was one of the greatest leaders of USSR and such was a history.

    • Grrrrrr…. Edward, it’s a pity you don’t know rus.lang or i don’t know German or English well 🙂
      For short – i just expressed my opinion about Stalin, Great Patriotic war and never try to persuade smb.in smth. We all here have own brains and knowledge and points of view. Maybe i understood smth wrong…. I’m open to any kind of critics and maybe react too emotional. There are people that prefer to talk and never listen, and i belong to those who prefer at first to listen before talking. If i said Stalin is respected in the country, it doesn’t mean i try to persuade you smth. Just expression of idea, not insinuation, Edward 🙂

    • I got it, Edward. VT was a pleasant discovering for me. Before, i was on CNN discuss, but it was “yellow” and stupid. No clever analytic, no smart people – just war of fakes and the lost time. VT is really democratic and interesting. To be curious and to be a life student is much better, than to be just a part of gum-chewing crowd, rushing over heads in the morning, fighting for a new iPhone on Black Friday rodeo of consumer madness.

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