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One Reply to “Iran Says Saudis May Be Willing to Drop ISIS and Israel for Peace with Iran

  1. Russia had already asked Saudi Arabia to participate in Syrian peace talks in Astana with Iran, Turkey, U.S., Russia & some anti-Assad terrorist groups (e.g., the U.S.-backed ‘moderate head choppers’).

    If Saudi Arabia stops its support for IS/Daesh, al-Qaeda/al-Nusra & Wahhabist terror groups (with ammo, weapons, mercenaries & funding thru Turkey & Jordan), then Iraqi & Syrian conflicts will end — soon.

    Especially if Trump grows a brain & agrees, then Russia can also get Bibi/Israel to stop support for terror.

    Obama too might have wanted to do this; however, Obama could not get Clinton/NeoLib & Bush/NeoCon joint forces in Congress & ObamaCo. to stop doing stupid stuff. Thus, Hillary lost the election — which she might have won (even with Bibi/Rotten-Child, Russian & Kosher Nostra election interference).

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