Lavrov charges West with “Fake Diplomacy”

Remember Minsk? Obviously Poroshenk, Hollande and Merkel don't

…. from TASS,  Moscow

“The EU has found a very convenient but a crafty formula that we will lift the sanctions when Russia implements the Minsk agreements, and this does not do credit to the EU,” Lavrov says

Minsk was a shameful fraud

[ Editor’s Note: Lavrov calls a spade a spade when “lowering the boom” on the West for its insincere linking of the sanctions to the Minsk deal, which we saw through very quickly. As it is a new year, I thought I would kick it off with coining a new term… Fake Diplomacy, as the West’s Minsk hustle is the perfect example.

I am not picking on the EU. I neither bribed nor blackmailed Germany and France into guaranteeing Kiev’s fulfilling its side of the Minsk agreement. But it has not; and Germany and France have not put the slightest pressure on Poroshenko to do so, making them co-frauds, and why Hollande is being thrown out of office and Merkel’s political ship is sinking by the day.

I won’t get after Kiev, as lying and dishonor are viewed as resume enhancers for their political class, and the voters all hope that their crook is better than everyone else’s, so they will get at least a taste of the loot.

Trump is dreaming if he thinks that, in return for ending sanctions, Moscow is going to stop work on its new missile shield penetrating nuclear retaliatory weapons, the ones with ten warheads that initiate a swarm attack at hypersonic speed and fly variable routes to their targets.

But neither would Trump offer to pull the missile shield back in return for Moscow stopping development of its guaranteed strike retaliatory weapon. Would Trump offer to redo our “first strike” blank check policy as a good faith mover? I would not bet that he is even aware of it.

So, goal number one is that we can survive Trump’s breaking-in period for even the long-shot possibility that he will grow into the job quickly. Staff will play a make or break role. Obama’s staff led him and the country down a dead end road to Cold War confrontation. That is the billboard on his legacy, and I am not sorry for him, as he put it there. I am sorry for us.

If Trump really does tear that billboard down, to become the “all peace and all business” president, then after we all recover from the shock, I will be the first to say thank youJim W. Dean ]


Lavrov puts the whammy on the Minsk agreement hustlers

– First published  …  January 18, 2017

Russia calls for implementing the Minsk agreements on Ukraine but is not seeking to “please” anyone for the cancellation of sanctions, Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said on Wednesday.

“We are working on the Minsk agreements’ implementation encouraging everyone who signed them to fairly go their part of the way,” Lavrov said after talks with his Austrian counterpart and OSCE Chairman-in-Office Sebastian Kurz.

“We don’t think how long the sanctions will last and are not seeking to please anyone and achieve the decision on their cancellation,” he said.

“The sanctions were not imposed by us and it is not us who should lift them. The EU has found a very convenient but a crafty formula that we will lift the sanctions when Russia implements the Minsk agreements, and this does not do credit to the EU,” Lavrov said.

Those who guaranteed the Minsk agreements but do not want to force the Kiev authorities to implement them due to geopolitical and ideological reasons are hiding behind this formula, he added.

“This is a very big geopolitical game,” Lavrov stressed. “It is also linked to the attempts to put our neighbors before a false choice – choose either you are with Europe or with Russia. You won’t be able to be friends with both us and Russia. This is rude, but this is what we see for a rather long time.”

The policy of Eastern Partnership is also used by the EU to draw the “focus states,” Lavrov said. “And this is again not to be friends with anyone but to be friends against them. In this case, that’s against Russia.”

“That’s why we leave aside the sanctions,” Lavrov stressed. “We are interested in the full implementation of the Minsk agreements in the order that is written down there and we do this only because the Ukrainian people are not strangers for us but are a brotherly nation.”

“And we want peace to come to Ukraine and so that Ukrainians stop fighting against each other and the government stops calling its own citizens terrorists and separatists. And they call separatists those who signed the Minsk agreements envisaging preservation of sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine. This is nonsense,” Lavrov said.

Russia’s top diplomat drew attention to the issue of restoring Ukrainian control over the entire border with Russia. According to Lavrov, Kiev’s statements that it will be possible to discuss everything else only after restoring its full control over the border with Russia creates the wrong impression that this is what the parties agreed on in Minsk.

“Actually, we agreed on just the opposite,” he noted. “We agreed that it is necessary to carry out amnesty in the first place, pass the special status law and enshrine it in Ukraine’s Constitution on a permanent basis and hold local elections. All this should be agreed with Donbass, and, when all this is done, restoration of Ukraine’s control over the entire border with Russia will the last step in implementing the Minsk agreements.”

“The Minsk agreements is a package. This is a balance of interests, this is a compromise,” Lavrov emphasized. “And we should not encourage those who are trying to change what we agreed on and who are reluctant to honor their commitments.”.


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  1. “the difference to the past is, that Britain has no Empire anymore. ”
    They have “the tribe” infiltrated world wide and control of money creating, but neither matches the gunship, control of the seas the “empire” had.

  2. Utter elephantshit Davor. Whatever you’re taking I recommend you cease and desist. It’s screwing you up pal.

  3. As for nuclear weapons reduce – almost every US new President started this topic in the beginning. Russia renews and makes our nukes modern. What i can’t say about USA nuclear weapons and their maintenance. And no one in Russia will let the nuclear rockets to be disarmed. It was several times the Cold Shower for Hot empty Heads in the West. Even if NATO steps back in Europe to the borders when USSR was – it is silly to reduce and refuse the nukes.
    As for Minsk agreements – the role and responsibility of Russia in it is minimal. But the only side that never fulfills it – is the Ukraine.

  4. At least we know that Britain will not be standing with Europe (as it never did), which is also a big step to understanding the geopolitical reasons on sanctions on Russia. And we will all continue to watch the currency volatility of euro, dollar and sterling. The Minsk has seen supporting actors only, France and Germany, but the main “European” actors have not yet revealed its institutional official “target Russia” con, allthough every bird in East Europe knows who they are. They are the Janus faced North Atlantic conglomerate of anglo-american psycopath oil barons.

    • I don’t even know what NATO means apart from French and German involvement (I know what abbreviation stands for and who are the members) I am reading on RT that British tanks are sent to Germany to prepare for war (that is the literal word used). I have been warning people around the world about the British establishment and will continue to do so. Colonel Gaddafi once warned that all terrorism comes from London, and so did mrs. Nahed al Husaini from Damascus here on VT. If you don’t believe to millions of Arabs on this, don’t believe to millions Slavs on this, or don’t believe Germans or French then you will not believe anyone. Bolshevism came from London school of thought from Marx and Engels research to be used for Ex soviet states, and Gavrilo Princip together with 7 other assassins was trained in London to get the archduke killed. Hitler was prince’s Edward obsession. Ukraine got maimed into a trap to be used for reaching the Caspian basin which is a wet dream for anglo-americans wishing to turn it into another Lake Ontario and was very much a part of WWII agenda.

    • Not sure about that, if serious trouble breaks out the UK is bound to be allied with much of Europe. However it looks like domestic issues are going to get pretty tough for the vast majority,in other words rioting is more of the concern and agent provocateurs. Probably something will be sorted out, escelation is not necessary.

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