Biden’s Visit to Ukraine Sends Shivers Down Kiev’s Spine


… from  Sputnik News,  Moscow

Trump with his mentor, Roy Cohn

[ Editor’s Note: I am not in the business of predicting what an inexperienced new president is going to do on a complicated geopolitical stage, one where he has no education or training to deal with. But Trump does have a lot of experience operating in the New York City crime-infested environment in his early real estate days.

By that I mean the NY City mafias, where succeeding political administrations adapted to dealing with them, not wiping them out. So Trump will know that a gang of thieves has been looting Ukraine and playing the puppet Russian foil for the Obama administration to the best of their abilities.

If Trump wants to tear down Obama’s legacy, this is a safe place to start by refusing to let the hoodlums of Kiev keep stealing the support money that has flowed into Ukraine, which they felt was easy pickings in the New Cold War… just Western “overhead” for sticking it to Russia.

The IMF and EU have also signaled their unwillingness to watch the looting of their loaned funds continue, when they know the broke Ukrainian people will never be able to pay; and the EU taxpayers, already unhappy with EU political elitism, are not looking forward to bailing the Kiev crooks out.

Kiev’s openly public failure to implement the Minsk accords is not really all of their fault. It seems they understood that part of the deal for getting Western financial support was to keep the peace agreements unfulfilled so the West could continue to blame Russia and keep the sanctions going.

Trump could bust that game wide open by stating he was simply going to foreclose on Ukraine. But he would have to stand up to the military to do that, when they love these “tripwire” pre-war situations. He has already given them a taste by his plans to expand the military, when there is no real threat justification for doing so… Jim W. Dean ]


– First published  …  January 19,  2017

During US Vice President Joe Biden’s recent visit to Kiev, Ukrainian leader Petro Poroshenko said his country is ready to cooperate with the new US administration. However, in general, there is a pessimistic sentiment among Ukrainian politicians regarding the new US President and his future politics, political expert Alexander Dudchak told Sputnik.

According to Dudchak, Kiev is likely to lose significant part of financial support from Washington with the new US administration in power. Ukrainian politicians are in general quite pessimistic about the future of Ukraine after Donald Trump’s inauguration, he stated.

“I think that with the new American administration Ukraine won’t be on the top of US agenda,” the expert told Sputnik. “When it became clear that Trump won the US election, it caused sadness in Ukraine and serious confusion in political circles. Now they are trying to figure out how to live, if the funding will be cut, what they can count for and how they should adapt to the new conditions. We can say that the Ukrainian political community is now pessimistic about it all,” Dudchak told Sputnik.

A similar point of view was expressed by German Frankfurter Rundschau newspaper. According to the media source, Poroshenko fears possible rapprochement between Russia and the US.

“In the war-torn Ukraine, the country’s leader Petro Poroshenko is not quite happy about the presidential nomination of the new US president Donald Trump. Kiev fears that the interests of Ukraine could be sacrificed for the sake of an agreement between Trump and Kremlin chief Vladimir Putin,” the article said.

Biden flew into Ukraine on Monday for a meeting with Ukrainian PM Volodymyr Groysman and Ukraine’s President Petro Poroshenko. The politicians discussed results of the Kiev-Washington cooperation under Obama administration, as well as progress in Ukrainian reforms.

Poroshenko said that Kiev is ready to further cooperate with the administration of US President-elect Donald Trump. The politician also added that he expects “Ukrainian question” to be “among the first priorities” of the United States.

However, Biden’s visit is unlikely to bring much consolation to the grieving Ukrainian politicians, Frankfurter Rundschau wrote. According to the newspaper, Kiev has “to adapt to new circumstances, as starting Friday a new team will set new priorities in Washington.”

The US Embassy in Kiev said Biden’s visit was timed to the 25th anniversary of the US-Ukrainian diplomatic relations and emphasized the importance of US support for Ukraine.


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  1. There may be a serious problem developing for the greedies raping Ukraine. Soros has lost his key puppet Hillary that was instrumental in the Maidan massacre with Nuland and her scumbag husband Kagan orchestrating the events and on our tax dollar no less. We’ll just have to wait to see the outcome – the Ukrainians, which I have relatives there, will suffer greatly.

  2. I fear Ukraine has naught to worry. She is the target of Zion, and if anyone doubts this, just listen to the “good” rabbi who spoke 1st at Trump’s inauguration.
    The Ukraine is where Tel Aviv wishes to move. A reverse in direction for the Jew diaspora. I hear chanting. WE’RE really COMING HOME.

  3. Eh… Ukraine was like a whore, who was attractive and sexy. It was invited for escort services in the restaurant, where she had minutes of fame, bucks pushed in the panties and bra. But after the nice night gone, the morning came. The whore woke up from delirium, alone in the hall, looked very bad, looked around and saw: no money, no clothes, no gentleman who used her sexual talents all night, a mess all over the restaurant…. And a check with the big sum of money to be paid for that party. Check for Ukraine…..

    • and not one word about the suffering population who has to bear the heavy burden of those criminals. All about the howling politicians who brought this former flourish country to the brink of abyss…

    • Trakkath, Ukies (junta) started to think they are gods, like USA. And do what they want. And their crimes are protected and of no discuss. What was allowed to Sirius (USA) – they believed was allowed to the bull (Ukies). So, we don’t care about their lamentations that Russia has army in Donbas. It’s BS. But many many Russian (and not only) people came to Donbas with arms to fight against the Ukrainian Nazis. When watched on TV the crimes of Ukie junta, people left their sofas, beer and comfort – and moved to Donbas even from Far East (Vladivostok). It is a pity that “Motorola” was killed – he was fearless and brave mariner and the Commander.

    • Yepp I followed it since the beginning and saw also the Israeli snipers caught in front of a car. at Maidan. I have former colleagues from Ukraine and sometime still in contact when I go by bus. My greatest fear for germany was and is that they will create a Maidan 2.0 here in germany, a civil war with those Rapefugees. The usual CIA (Criminals in action) at work.

    • Joetv…. don’t forget God told them after Palestine, the promised land is Ukraine. They just haven’t found it yet.

  4. Old saying Jim – Where there is mass confusion — there is tons of money to be made – and Ukraine was a good example of it. Of course the good people of Ukraine never saw any of it but their corrupt G-men did. I heard that Nuland is making one last try at screwing the Sovereign little island of Cyprus where as it would be turned over to the EU . She has a thing for islands, peninsulas and hating Russia.

  5. Where ever thos 4 horsemen of apocalypse pop up, famine war and destruction will follow.
    1 Biden,
    2 Kerry
    3 McCain,
    4 Nudelman/Khagan

  6. According to Fulford’s Monday report, the military read the riot act to the CIA. I see encouraging signs that this was so. If so, we should see some good results soon.

    • Trakkath do you imagine because Benjamin Fulford reports the military excoriated the CIA is should be ignored – because Fulford is one of those ghostly, pie-in-the-sky entities – a Vatican agent of the Order of Fatima no less, we should ignore what he has to say? And then you slight the good ‘JS’ for taking the time to inform us? Get a life.

    • In these times I distrust every message until it is proven true. It is like digging for gold, a lot of shit has to be shoveld aside.

    • @Edward
      the question was a joke ” gibt es ein Leben vor dem Tod in Deutschland ? Oder nur Arbeit…” “Is tthere a real life in germany before death ? Or just work…”

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