Will the Trump Administration Investigate Corruption in Afghanistan?

Tomorrow Donald Trump will be sworn in as the 45th President of the United States. For the past fifteen years, under Presidents Bush and Obama, the United States’ war in and occupation of Afghanistan has led to Afghanistan becoming a narco state and a state of rampant, systemic corruption not to mention the violence and war crimes atrocities this war and occupation has caused the Afghan people to suffer. Trillions of dollars have been wasted and ended up in the pockets of Afghan, U.S. and other foreign war profiteers- not just contractors but military and U.S. government officials. The reconstruction of Afghanistan’s schools, roads, sewers, water systems etc. has not happened because funds have been siphoned off and stolen. When I returned to Kabul in 2012 the Kabul River looked like a landfill because the reconstruction of the infrastructure has not occurred. It is “imaginary”. The corruption, theft, fraud and violence are real. But not the reconstruction. Will the new Trump administration continue this failed policy? Will the new Trump administration continue to pay for “imaginary” roads, schools, teachers, sewer systems, water systems and other “imaginary” reconstruction projects in Afghanistan?

On January 11, 2017 in Washington D.C., when addressing The Center for Strategic and International Studies’ panel, Mr. John F. Sopko, Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction in his presentation, “ Afghanistan Reconstruction: Ending Challenges for the New Administration and Congress”, stated that corruption was listed as the second area of concern on SIGAR’s new high risk list of 8 concerns. In his remarks about corruption, he only talked about one side of the corruption problem. He blamed only the Afghans for this corruption. He emphasized the Afghan soldier fuel purchases, poor contract administration and Afghans stealing money or the “ghost soldier” problem. It is not just the Afghans being corrupt and stealing. SIGAR’s report is very interesting but it is just the tip of the iceberg. Really SIGAR’s effectiveness and impact on the corruption are very minuscule.

SIGAR needs to investigate members, officials, staff and employees of the U.S. Congress, the U.S. State Department and U.S. AID, the U.S. military and others for their involvement in the corruption and profiting from the “reconstruction” and war. If SIGAR cannot or will not investigate this corruption then the Trump Administration needs to appoint a special prosecutor to do so or Congress needs to conduct an investigation. Ordinary Americans need to see who is really financially benefiting from this war and its “imaginary” reconstruction. Ordinary Afghans are the victims of this ugly war and occupation.

On September 3, 2015, Former Afghan puppet President Hamid Karzai, gave an interview on TOLO TV in which he stated that U.S. officials and congressmen are involved in the corruption (See the attached video). I think Karzai should be ordered to testify before a U.S. congressional committee or a Trump Administration appointed special prosecutor.

Afghan children are especially the victims of this ugly U.S. war and occupation. Afghan puppet government officials, funded and supported by the United States, are bringing poor Afghan children to guest houses “brothels” where they are sexually molested. It is common knowledge that many of these houses are paid for with U.S. monies. These crimes and corruption must be the number one focus of investigations. Afghan medical doctors in hospitals such as Gandhi Children’s Hospital in Kabul, who have treated these children, have told me about these crimes. These medical doctors are afraid to report these crimes to the government officials for fear of retaliation. How shameful! These doctors need to be brought to the United States to testify before an investigative committee.

The U.S. Government’s has a failed foreign policy in Afghanistan. The perpetuation of this ugly war by the Pentagon and CIA has resulted in systemic and rampant corruption and tremendous suffering and loss of life, which has only benefited the war profiteers. The U.S. war in Afghanistan is the longest one in U.S. history. As history has shown, Afghanistan is the graveyard of superpowers. Now the United States is stuck in the graveyard of superpowers. This war can never be won. As Special Inspector General Sopko noted during his recent presentation that the U.S. war in /occupation of Afghanistan and reconstruction was at a stalemate.

Everyone knows about the Kabul Bank corruption, but the Afghanistan Ring Road project is an example of extensive corruption where war profiteers have absconded with the monies while not finishing the project. U.S. contractors are involved. ECCI is a California corporation. For example, the ECCI and METAG joint venture for a total of $477 million dollars, was contracted to complete the ring road from Qaisar to Laman in Northern Afghanistan. Yet this joint venture did not finish the job but these war profiteers received the money. Congress should ask the Department of State about the corruption tied to the Afghan Ring Road. Many Americans are involved in that corruption.

The U.S. Congress should cut the funds for reconstruction in Afghanistan until it can thoroughly investigate the corrupt profiteers and prosecute them. I believe an investigative team completely independent of and detached from the Pentagon, CIA, State Department, U.S. AID and the U.S. installed Afghan government needs to immediately be given authority to investigate this corruption. The U.S. government has a responsibility to stop the funds. If the funds stop, the war will stop because these war profiteers are not making any money.

In addition, it has been brought to my attention, that once again the communist war criminal, Rashid Dostum, the First Vice President of Afghanistan, is being sent to the Northern part of Afghanistan to kill the Afghan/Pashtun, the first people/native Afghans, who are the majority ethnic group in Afghanistan. As he has done in the past, Dostum is committing ethnic cleansing and genocide of the Afghan/Pashtun. Rashid Dostum is a documented war criminal. He was the subject of articles in the Time magazine and Newsweek. As reported in the Time on November 19, 2001, and in Newsweek, on November 5, 2001,Dostum and his group raped many Afghan women and children, “Dostum’s marauders chopped off breasts and tied the toes of women behind their heads.” Instead of prosecuting this criminal, my U.S. government ignores his war crimes, supports and keeps him on the payroll. The United States government needs to follow the rule of law and international law. Instead it is covering up these war crimes and helping him commit new war crimes against the Afghan/Pashtun like recently in Faryab Province. In addition, the Afghan majority has not forgotten about the war crimes committed by Dostum against the Pashtun in November 2001 at Dasht-e-Leili even though the United Nations and the United States has. When the UN asked the Afghans to surrender the Afghans did, and Dostum cowardly massacred them while he was partnering with the United States. Besides his violent crimes, I think that investigating Dostum and prosecuting him will be one big step in ending corruption .

The United States through its installed- Afghan Administration is using the communist war criminal Dostum to do its dirty work, since the only threat and resistance to the war profiteers and the U.S. control of the Afghans’ Rare Earth Elements (REEs) and other natural resources comes from the Pashtun. Likewise, the U.S. installed Afghan Administration is Hanif Atmar, a communist war criminal, as the National security adviser. Their war crimes are documented. Yet instead of being prosecuted in lawful tribunals, U.S tax dollars are used to fund these thugs. The United States is using these thugs to attack Afghans/Pashtun. Shame on my U.S. government. Clean up this corruption.

For the United States to honorably end this ugly war and corruption the first step is to prosecute communist war criminals, who are present or former members of the Afghan Administration during the past 16 years such as:

First Vice President Rashid Dostum

Afghan National Security Adviser Hanif Atmar

Governor of Balkh, Atta Mohammad Noor

Former Head of Afghan Intelligence, Amrullah Saleh and Present CIA Agent

Former Afghan Defense Minister Bismillah Mohammadi

Criminal War Lord, Abdul Rasul Sayyaf,

Criminal War Lord, Mohammad Mohaqiq.

The Trump Administration needs to change the U.S. strategy in Afghanistan. The Trump Administration needs to investigate and prosecute those U.S. officials responsible for and involved in the corruption stemming from the war in and occupation of Afghanistan.

U.S. Congress needs to cut the funds for Afghanistan and end this war, which is filling the pockets of war profiteers and emptying the American coffers. I hate war. Congress must stop funding this ugly, non-winnable war in Afghanistan and its greedy war profiteers. Congress must stop these war crimes against the Afghan villagers, who have suffered enough these past four decades.


Kadir A. Mohmand

Former Representative of the Afghan Freedom Fighters for North America during the 1980s




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7 Responses to "Will the Trump Administration Investigate Corruption in Afghanistan?"

  1. joetv  January 22, 2017 at 11:24 am

    It seems there have been 2 distinct Taliban. The first was pre. George Bush Jr., and was credited with irradicating opium production, improving education, and in general had a decent report card. And the second seems almost false. With the support of the current Taliban version, opium growing has hit new highs. Nothing is being rebuilt and, there’s a sea of cash to be pocketed by well positioned thieves.

  2. JohnZ  January 20, 2017 at 4:46 am

    Kadir, one thing you must realize is the U.S. government in Washington is compromised and corrupted from top to bottom. There is no agency, no bureaucrat, no politician in Washington that is either not corrupted or compromised is some manner or another. Washington is a cess pool. Filled with criminality, perversion and degeneracy. Even our justice system is corrupted .
    Everywhere Washington sticks its ugly nose, just what you are describing happens, in every country. Washington destroys and corrupts everything it touches. It is a cancer, like Tel Aviv, both of them nothing more than gangsters, who behave worse than common criminals.
    Washington, D.C. has become as much an enemy of the people of America as it is to the rest of the world.It no longer serves the people, only “special interests” and we know who those special interests are.
    Afghanistan is not alone, the Ukraine, Libya, Iraq, Syria are all fine examples of Washington’s nation building.
    And now the American people are finding out what it’s like to love under a dictatorship as America sinks into tyranny.

  3. Peter Johnson  January 20, 2017 at 12:24 am

    The US will not be able to sort out the mess it has created.

    The best thing it can do is to leave, completely, permanently, and never return. Never return as a proxy army, a Pakistani official, an Afghan traitor, a Western NGO, a commercial company, a road-builder, a car bomber, a tourist hill walker, a drug smuggler, or anything else. Get out and never return. Ever.

    The Afghans will then sort themselves out with the help of their neighbours — Iran, Pakistan, Russia, India, China. There is no other solution.

    • JohnZ  January 20, 2017 at 4:48 am

      Washington does not want to sort out the mess. It wants to perpetuate it for the profits of all those who are currently making billions, just as they were in Iraq. Washington is a cess pool of criminality.

  4. davor  January 19, 2017 at 5:58 pm

    US administration doesn’t really care about war criminals as long as they buy their weapons and serve their agenda and “strategic” partnership. But the same administration is particularly sensitive to the term “communist” so naming war criminals as communists (allthough the communism is no longer with us) might catch their attention but not so far. Maybe the anti-semite card could work with US. Or calling them Russian or Syrian allies, that would get the needed attention. Iraq, Congo, Afghanistan, Phillippines leaders and/or opposition should get together sometimes and discuss “now gee what do we have in common?”

    • JohnZ  January 20, 2017 at 4:49 am

      Indeed. Just look at the money Raytheon makes selling TOW missiles to the head choppers in Iraq and Syria.

  5. Jaffer Jamil  January 19, 2017 at 4:56 pm

    Good article Kadir. Don’t hold your breath for anything positive to happen though. Rashid Dostum and his criminal cohorts should have been wiped out long ago by the Taliban and their Pakistani “advisors”. Their lack of resolve has resulted in agony for many Afghan/Pushtun/Pukhtun girls and women.

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