It Begins: Trump Raises Mortgage Insurance Rates, Costing Home Owners $500 a Year


Editor’s note:  Betrayal took less than 1 hour, screwing working class home owners out of $500 a year in mortgage insurance on behalf of his bankster friends.  This is one of the biggest ripoffs of American consumers in a decade, and GOP congress is totally onboard.  More to follow, so much more that many reading this will find themselves living in their cars, just like with Reagan and that “boom economy.”

In one of his very first substantive moves as president, Donald Trump signed an executive order Friday that will result in a hike to many first-time homeowners’ mortgage bills.

Trump, who claimed a populist mantle in his first speech as a president, signed the executive order reversing an Obama-era policy less than an hour after leaving the inaugural stage.

The order will have the immediate effect of increasing the amount that most non-wealthy homeowners must contribute to the Federal Housing Authority’s insurance program. Beginning Jan. 27, most borrowers will now have to pony up six-tenths of a percent of their mortgage each month, up a quarter of a percentage point from last year. Americans with $200,000 mortgages will pay roughly $500 more in 2017 than they did in 2016, according to the FHA.

Trump’s decision to undo the Obama-era rate reduction, thus resulting in an uptick on borrowers’ bills, will have very little affect on wealthier mortgage holders, since the program only applies to those with low incomes, middling credit scores or who have less than a 20% down payment on their homes. (Wealthier borrowers generally do not fit the program’s criteria.)

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  1. Wait all you Trumpty Dumpties untill Wall Street gets to manage your Social Security accounts. Then you’ll have nothing to worry about because nothing will be left to worry about.

    • Trump may wait until Monday to sign the executive order that abolishes Social Security & Medicare. Don’t Worry; Be Happy. ;-).

  2. Was there ever any doubt whome he serves ? Not for me. All promises not written in a contract to sue him in court you can forget about.
    And never forget Kol Nidre.

    • Kol Nidre = “An Aramaic prayer annulling vows made before God, sung by Jews at the opening of the Day of Atonement service on the eve of Yom Kippur.” Yom Kippah snacks?

      The only vows that Trump may keep are those that Trump made to the Israeli-Russian Kosher Nostra.

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