Donald J. Trump: A JFK or an LBJ?

LBJ to his mistress, 11/21/63

Prof. Tony Hall and I discuss “Inauguration of the Trump Era” in this week’s False Flag Weekly News

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… by Kevin Barrett, Veterans Today Editor

Paul Craig Roberts, ex-pillar of the Establishment turned furious dissident, thinks newly inaugurated President Trump, like  JFK, poses an “actionable threat” to the powers-that-be: “If (Trump) is assassinated, we need to take up our weapons, burn Langley to the ground and kill every one of them.”

Richard Cohen of the Washington Post agrees that “Trump’s presidency is doomed.” But not by CIA assassination; he thinks Trump will follow in the footsteps of Lyndon B. Johnson, a big, blustering megalomaniacal narcissistic psychopath  whose character flaws confirmed Americans’ impression that he was “illegitimate.”

So who is right? Is Trump a JFK or an LBJ?

First let’s consider the case that Trump is the second coming of JFK. Roberts casts Trump’s inaugural address as:

A declaration of war against the entirety of the American Ruling Establishment.  All of it. Trump made it abundantly clear that Americans’ enemies are right here at home:  globalists, neoconservatives and other unilateralists accustomed to imposing the US on the world and involving us in endless and expensive wars, politicians who serve the Ruling Establishment rather than the American people, indeed, the entire canopy of private interests that have run America into the ground while getting rich in the process.
At the rhetorical level, Trump’s speech did sound like he was declaring a JFK-style war against the special interests. But will Trump follow JFK’s footsteps and:
*print Constitutional currency, dooming the Fed and the banksters who own it;
*crack down on organized crime;
*try to put an end to nuclear weapons (with a special emphasis on making sure Israel doesn’t have any);
*force the big industrialists to serve the interests of the US and its working class (in JFK’s case by reining in the steel barons, in Trump’s by fully repatriating industrial production);
*end the oil depletion allowance;
* “splinter the CIA into a thousand pieces and scatter it into the winds”;
*end America’s idiotic wars (Vietnam for JFK, Afghanistan and the Middle East for Trump);

*end the “civilizational war” behind them (the war on Communism in JFK’s time, the war on Islam and Israel’s enemies disguised as a “war on terror” today).

Trump may talk a good game, but talk is cheap. Is he really going to take action? How can a mob front man crack down on organized crime including the banksters? How can Trump end nuclear weapons by massively accelerating the construction of new-generation nuclear weapons, as he has promised?

How can a billionaire capitalist free-trade-lover end the “free trade” era and re-industrialize America? How can a crazed Islamophobe and lover of Israel, surrounded by the most bellicose Zionists, end the war on Islam and Israel’s enemies?

And does Trump really have enough muscle behind him to “splinter the CIA into a thousand pieces and scatter it to the winds”?

Unless I miss my guess, Trump is no JFK. I would love to be proven wrong. (Not by an assassination, of course, but by Trump finishing what JFK started.) How about Cohen’s claim that Trump is another LBJ?

The interesting thing about Cohen’s piece is that, unlike most of what you are likely to read in the Washington Post, it hints at LBJ’s complicity in the JFK assassination, citing,

A hoax in 1967 by Paul Krassner in the counterculture magazine the Realist. Tongue in cheek, it reported that Johnson had climbed into Kennedy’s casket and there done unspeakable things. The story was abominable, tasteless and deserved any other insult you could throw at it, but some people believed it. I know. I heard it.
LBJ to his mistress, 11/21/63

The “unspeakable things” involved a disgusting act that would have had the effect of making a bullet entry wound larger and thus resembling an exit wound. And in fact, Lyndon Baines Johnson did preside over a government that mutilated JFK’s body in order to turn entry wounds into apparent exit wounds, as fully documented in David Lifton’s Best Evidence.

Krassner’s satirical piece barely exaggerated LBJ’s psychopathology — necrophilia on his own murder victim would have been very much in character — and did not in the least distort the truth about Johnson’s disgusting complicity in the murder of President Kennedy.

Cohen presumably knows all this. So when he compares the “awful truth” about LBJ to the “awful truth” about Trump, referencing the leaked report about Trump’s perverted behavior in a Moscow hotel, he is telling us that he finds it plausible:  “(LBJ) was deemed capable of anything — of lying and perversion of all kinds. This is where Trump stands now.”

Like LBJ, Cohen tells us, Trump is a malignant narcissist, a sociopath, and the American people have for the most part already figured this out. Character is destiny, Cohen says, and Trump’s destiny is to go down in flames.

Normally I agree with Paul Craig Roberts far more than with the Washington Post. But this time, I’m afraid Dr. Roberts may be a tad over-optimistic in his assessment of Trump’s intentions and character.


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  1. Udo Ulfkotte became active for truth after having suffered a near death heart problem some time ago. I believe that in this case it is not murder, but a natural death. Often the realisation that we are mortal is what triggers people to do something useful with whatever is left of this mortal life. There are huge numbers of extremely capable people who are not yet active in our struggle because they are still in the “fun and games and tralala” mode of trivialities and self deceit.

    This New World Order is based on feeding only those who submit to the lies and parrot the party line. They thought they could set an example with Tony for having the audacity to demand the right to debate everything, including the new religion of “Holocaustianity”. Of course they had to take him out with a little false flag, in the form of a Facebook plant.

    A cashless society is the last desperate move of the Globalists based in the new “Jerusalem” to stop feeding those who do not tow the party line and think for themselves. This is the best thing that they can do, because we will then create our own debt free money system and they can take their cashless control mechanism and stick up the place where the sun never shines.

  2. Might be just Donald J Trump, certainly if he was to be another JFK he would have to live in a bunker for four to eight years to even half sort out the problems coming down the Pike. Impossible for any politician to be anything other than a frontman with very little power. Then when one looks at his team it is packed with Globalists. I can not see him leading a genuine peace process in the ME, no way will that be authorised.

    I wonder what articles would be written had Hilary Rodham made it ? Pretty much the same I would imagine. I be.ieve she was bluffing now when she stated she would shoot down Russian jets and bomb the Iranians.

    Still, good interview I find KB’s views agreeable on the whole.

  3. powerful ideas, very menacing and threatening to the governance of US foreign policy….. the machine gets very nervous, when a Martin Luther King emerges from the masses with a power that moves the hearts and motivates the legs of the people to move….Women are on the move, 500,00 marching on Washington….. Mothers, grandmothers, sisters, breaking free will move now as internationalists, taking on foreign affairs, forming alliances, joining hands with women of other nations, women whose families have been torn apart through the illegal criminal manufactured wars raising their voices in unison….Woman, has taken up the anti-war struggle , the same that MLK gave such “powerful articulation” to….as Anthony so aptly stated the “monstrosity” of sending young men without equity or justice and without any real chance for a decent life in the United States, to send them off to murder families in other nations…”…one man is easy to move out of the way….let them try to move out of the way women equipped with knowledge, reality on the ground that moved on Washington with a clear vision and a time to break the silence …best of MLK best of Dahlia Wasfi an American with jewish mother and Iraqi father . A heart torn from one end of the earth to the other.

    • “Write the vision, and make it plain upon tables, that he may run that readeth it”. Habakkuk 2:2

  4. I have been listening to FFWN. Good stuff. And I want to say that the “which deep state” point that was made is well-taken. It is not clear at all that every faction is against Trump, and indeed one would tend to think that he would need support to be in his current position. But who knows how it all really played out behind the scenes. I do think he is sincere. But that doesn’t mean he won’t be a terrible President. Time will tell. There is part of me that thinks, even if he is “bad” in a sense, he may still shake things up in a way that will ultimately be beneficial. Certainly with Hillary it would have been status quo which was unacceptable.

  5. Any fool can see that the “deep state” is against Trump. For me, that goes a long way – not all the way, but a long way. Any fool can also see that the Moscow hotel story is false. How anyone could attach credence to the idea that Trump engaged hookers to “defile” a bed the Obamas slept in is beyond me. The story is an obvious contrivance. Calling someone a psychopath is quite an accusation. LBJ probably was one. I have seen no evidence that Trump lacks all empathy. Obviously he has narcissistic traits. Psychopath? Nah. Trump does worry me in several ways. It bothers me that he said Snowden should be executed. I am very concerned as to how he will react to a false flag attack blamed on Muslims. These are not my only concerns. But my read on him is that his intentions are actually sincere. He’s not hiding something in that sense. He really wants to do what he says. Whether he will or can, God only knows. Obviously, if he really takes it “all the way” or even much less, he will face things. The deep state is much more powerful than a President.

  6. At the National Cathedral this morning, the Trump admin had an Interfaith Service, and I listened to some of the prayers. An Imam said a prayer, a standard prayer from what I’m told. So this admin is telling us all, right off the bat, they had a service at St John’s Church yesterday morning, followed by more prayers at the Inauguration and then at lunch. More prayers today, all faiths. By the way, it’s not just the USA. There is an ongoing revolt, all over the world.

  7. I’m with Paul Craig Roberts. More JFK than LBJ. And yes, like JFK, Trump even hinted in the Inauguration speech that we will go back into space at the same time as we eradicate horrific diseases. The big difference is that JFK didn’t secure the support of the military first, while Trump has. I don’t expect Trump to have been a saint in his past life, but frankly none of the Presidents have been saints, not even the saintly Jimmy. I won’t pick on any dead Presidents. Of the current 6 living Presidents, Trump is more of a Boy Scout than most of them. That being said, the control system that blackmailed them all is being dismantled.

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