NEO – Operation Barbarossa II: The Yanks In Their Armoured Parade

Good soldiers, but sent on a bad mission
Good soldiers, but sent on a bad mission

by Christopher Black,  … with New Eastern Outlook,  Moscow

Remember this guy, the first clown that was made NATO cmdr?

[ Editor’s note: Christopher Black has been on the front lines of the abusive use of military forces as a tool for special interests, where declassification of past conflicts has revealed a steady stream of manufactured threats as tools for ulterior motives.

As I had editorialized a few years back when Obama had signaled his desire to bring the Iran conflict to a peaceful resolution while kicking off his Asia pivot, the Russian bear hype would also be cranked up as an added threat hype replacement.

This showed us that Iran was used as the goat for a missile shield we intended for Russia all along, to enhance the US “first strike” doctrine the NeoCons branded us with. What Russia had claimed all along had been true, as to who was the real aggressor in our relationship.

The American people, and all of its defense and security trade groups did not protest one word when the hoax of defending Europe from nuclear missile strikes from the mad mullahs was finally exposed. In fact, most went along with the new hoax without missing a beat.

Our Founding Fathers had warned early on that, to preserve the republic, we would have to keep ourselves very well informed as to what our government was really doing. We have been poor stewards. Other than the Vietnam War and WWI, Americans swallowed what they were fed and regurgitated that to their children.

Many of us who labor here at VT were self-taught on a lot of this, what really happened, and why; and we wish we had learned sooner. So we labor to spread the word of beware the government, and not even military spokesmen, as they can be strangers to the truthJim W. Dean ]


Have not we all been here before, a repeat story but not a bore?

Operation Barbarossa II: The Yanks In Their Armoured Parade

– First published  …  January 18,  2017

NATO forward deployment toward a Russia with not force project capability beyond its border area

I stated some months ago, while assembling a criminal dossier against the NATO powers for the ultimate war crime of aggression, that the build-up of NATO forces in Eastern Europe, particularly American, concentrated on the Baltic states and Ukraine, presaged hybrid war operations against Russia leading to a general war.

This build up of forces and ancillary developments I termed Operation Barbarossa II in light of the remarkable similarities to the build up of forces by Nazi Germany for the invasion of the USSR in 1941 which the Germans code-named Operation Barbarossa. Events have only confirmed my views.

The degradation of American democracy continues before our eyes with the incessant hysterical allegations against Russia generally and the manipulation of Donald Trump as a device to put out even more sensational allegations, a campaign which serves two purposes.

The first was to build up anti-Russian feeling in the west to war levels by accusing Russia of cyber attacks and attacks on “democracy,” the second to either justify the removal of Trump as a factor in the presidency or to force him to toe the line of the war faction and drop any conciliatory rhetoric towards Russia.

“Believe me, I would not tell a lie”

It appears that this strategy is working. At his recent press conference Trump not only adopted the “Russia did it” theme but went further and stated that if people thought Hilary Clinton was going to be tough on Russia, they would soon see that he will be tougher than she ever could be.

The hopes by some in the United States that Trump was going to open a new policy of dialogue with Russia have been completely shattered.

But this should have been no surprise with his immediate insult to China the day after his election and with his cabinet choices and their various testimonies before Congress the past days, as they are vetted for their posts, that show his administration will use war to dominate the world just as enthusiastically as the outgoing administration.

Trump has said that it is better to have good relations with Russia and that only fools would reject that idea. But this statement is part of the general line that if Russia does not do what the US dictates then, of course, force will be used instead.

On the PBS Newshour on Thursday July 12 a “former” senior CIA officer, when asked whether Trump had a point in wanting good relations with Russia, laughed and said, “The United States should not look for good relations with any country. We should strive for one thing only, the advancement of American national interests, and if diplomacy does not work then coercion must be used.” This is the talk of gangsters.

The world is fatigued with the circus that is the struggle for power taking place between the ruling factions in the United States. There is clearly little to separate these factions ideologically regarding foreign policy and very little regarding domestic policy. It’s just a gang war.

Finally a photo emerges of Christopher Steele

The use of lurid allegations against Trump to portray him as not only a willing dupe of Russia but also a target of blackmail, which allegations appear to originate with a “former” senior MI6 agent named Christopher Steele.

This smacks of the MI5 and MI6 plot to bring down British Prime Minister Harold Wilson in the 1970s, as they had brought down the Labour government in 1924 with the production and distribution in the press of a forged letter from Zinoviev to the British Communist Party calling for a mass insurrection in Britain.

In Wilson’s case too, forged documents were put out by MI5 and MI6 with the help of the CIA, through a compliant media, to smear him as a Russian agent and he later stated that he knew of two planned military coups against him. John Kennedy was assassinated in the coup d’état of 1963 in a poisonous atmosphere generated by allegations he was “soft on communism,” that is, once again, the Russians.

Frankly, whether Trump is ousted in a coup, or by impeachment later, as the Washington Post suggested could happen, or is allowed to stay in office as a compliant front man as the other presidents have been since Kennedy was murdered, matters not; the result is the same, the continuation of a permanent war regime in the United States, that lives for, by and through a permanent state of war.

The American people were brainwashed into tolerating and accepting the coup of 1963 and it would hardly be surprising if another one is carried out and tolerated when intelligence agencies, political enemies, the media and Hollywood celebrities are openly calling for a coup to be staged.

Democracy? The vote? Who cares? Civil unrest? A price to pay. The result is that the preparations for war continue, and are amplified by the Trump election, which the intelligence services are using to intensify the propaganda attack on Russia and President Putin.

Meanwhile, as the media and Obama regime keep the people off-balance with the Trump scandal US military forces continue their deployments against Russia and China. The machine is in motion. In Europe the Americans have just added to the pressure on Russia with the placement of the 3rd Armoured Brigade in Poland, right on Russia’s doorstep, which Russia rightly considers a threat to its security.

This is a unit that was involved as an assault force in the Normandy landings in 1944 and was used to invade Iraq in 2003. The unit is noted for its speed of attack. These forces will fan out from Poland to cover a wide front from Estonia and Latvia to Romania with tank, artillery and armoured mobile infantry units. These are not garrison or occupation troops, these are assault troops.

US Army General Scaparrotti, commander of US forces in Europe and NATO supreme allied commander in Europe, stated that the movement of this force to Poland “marks a significant moment in European deterrence and defence.” He stated, “The European infrastructure and integrated support has enabled our forces to rapidly be ready and postured should they need to deter Russian aggression.”

Will a new 9-11 type attack be staged in Eastern Europe to frame a bigger target than last time?

Since there is no Russian “aggression” and since the Americans are continually stating that they expect Russia to engage in hybrid, that is unconventional warfare against Eastern Europe, we can be sure that these forces themselves and their specialised units will engage in false flag attacks and provocations to make it look like Russia is taking hostile action to justify the use against Russia of these and allied European forces.

It is just a matter of time unless a diplomatic breakthrough occurs which appears highly unlikely, despite Russia’s diligent efforts.

At the same time it was reported on Friday the 13th that Trump’s appointed foreign minister. Mr. Tillerson stated to Congress on the 11th of January, that the US should deny Beijing access to its islands in the South China Sea. China state media responded that any such attempt would lead to large-scale war.

Yet, on January 5th, just a few days before Tillerson’s statement the Pentagon announced that “ships and units from the USS Carrier Carl Vinson strike group will soon depart San Diego for the western Pacific” where US strategic B1 and B2 bombers have already been deployed on Guam, capable of carrying nuclear armed cruise missiles.

And lastly, on the propaganda front, the recent illegal seizure of investigatory material by Dutch police from Dutch journalists returning from Donetsk once again adds to the evidence that the shoot down of Malaysian Airlines Flight MH17 with 298 people on board in July 2014 was an action of the Kiev regime with US knowledge.

I recently stated in an essay on that subject that it was a Kiev military jet that shot down the airliner, and referred to a Sukhoi 25 being used but I since been shown evidence that it was in fact a Kiev Mig-29 that was used. In any event, the NATO powers have colluded in covering up this fact in order to keep up their propaganda the Russia was behind it.

The situation is grave and the doomsday clock must be knocking on the door of midnight. Many of us have called for the anti-war and peace movements to mobilise but they are nowhere to be seen.

Many of them, especially in the United States have been co-opted into supporting these wars, and the left, that is supposed to be against imperialist wars, whether the hard or the soft left, appears to be too weak to make itself felt. It seems there are too few of us in the west any more who give a damn.

But we better act now and make people give a damn or else it will be too late because as my friend, Harold Pinter, so well put it to me once at dinner in London, the world is faced with a people in love with themselves who don’t seem to care about anything or anybody except themselves and think they can commit any crime and get away with it.

I can’t express the disgust so well as Harold did in a poem he once sent me that he found difficult to get published, one of several, but which is now in a short collection of his poems called War. Perhaps if there were more like him, more poems like this, read widely enough, more voices speaking out, people would react, wake up, stiffen up, get back their sense of decency and backbone. I don’t know. But I offer it to you here in the hope, perhaps naïve, that it has an effect.

God Bless America

Here they go again,

The Yanks in their armoured parade…

Christopher Black is an international criminal lawyer based in Toronto. He is known for a number of high-profile war crimes cases and recently published his novel “Beneath the Clouds. He writes essays on international law, politics and world events, especially for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook.”

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  1. Really can not see this war escalating to the stage of war with China and Russia. Russia has zero need to invade anywhere, most of the N Hemisphere is Russian after all ! I am more worried about people been charged for breathing at a time when we need more C02, not less. 150 parts per million is dangerously low. Suppose we could always have GMO trees and people, that might work.

  2. Saudis and Iranians if they had political will they would stop all middle east wars in a week or so. Also Arab nations fighting each other? Arab league? But their leaders are mostly lame and shallow idiots for not discussing affairs face to face. The same works for all Slavs out there. When you take the easier path and use US or UK as a mediator (or even worse, their false media) for your diplomatic affairs with your neighbors you suffer, simple as that, you are beyond stupid.

  3. Poland is definitely the most exposed country in this entire process of the “russian aggression hoax” and the most targeted as well, Poland is to be used as the leverage to pull Ukraine into some sort of NATO involvement. False flags should never be excluded, like Bush and Cheney’s warnings of possibility of nuclear attacks and stuff like that.

  4. If we follow the logic of Obama election (Barack Hussein Obama was to appear as a friend of Arab lands and ended turning five of them upside down) then Trump election might have in mind the same to do with the Slavic lands as he appears to be a “Russian puppet” while his spouses genealogy makes for a certain Slavic influence. US presidents are no longer electorate will of a nation, they are quite and simple business projects. If US and UK make Slavs to turn on each other again like in the previous two world wars and a few local wars, then we cannot talk about bad omens or fate, it is just stupidity and historic illiteracy of those nations and their leaders to let themselves be used for gunpowder in return for a fistful of dollars.

  5. @Edward
    Manschtein and Guderian also. My great-grandfather was burned in a tank in the tank battle of the Kursk Bulge.
    @JohnZ – i’m afraid the war by initiation by one insane person. Fortunately it is not possible technically. A real enemy must be respected. And the enemy who cheats, provokes, shows insanity – is the worst thing on the ring.

  6. Massing troops in this day and age could be fatal. You guys should know by now how the next war will be fought. The bad guys learned of its lethal effects after WW1, a little experimentation over the years on subsets of our population showed it’s short term effectiveness. As for long term, well, what do they care about a little “collateral damage” to include say… a billion civilians.

  7. I know these facts, Edward. When we found out that Japan is no danger, it let USSR to move Siberian troops to the western parts of USSR. It was fresh.
    T-34 was best “surprise” for Germans in this war. Well, don’t wanna exchange facts, Edward. Thank you for the time and knowledge. It is really deep.
    History does not tolerate subjunctive mood. It was as it was. The main dilemma is to protect it from historical perverts. And there are many of them last time. Some say there was no mongol-tatar Igo during 300 years in Slavic lands, some say half Europe was populated by ancient Slavonic and many names of the towns and rivers have old-russian origin, and some (modern Ukrainians) say (my favorite topic for ha-ha-ha) that Ukies lived 140 000 years before all of us and it was they who dig Black Sea with shovels and the soil was to make Caucasus and Carpathian hills – it is seriously discussed in their historical meetings 🙂 Some say US first citizens killed 10-20 millions of Indians (i can believe, knowing their habits to exterminate the natives).
    Let us let our colleagues to discuss the present topic.

  8. It’s obvious these silly games aren’t taken as serious by Russia as they do with the missile defence systems in Romania and Poland. When and if that system becomes offensive, it’ll be the suicidal red line crossed. Will Russia take military action and take them out? Judging from what President Putin said on the matter, I think it’s a certainty.

    • How often I´ve heard it in my lifetime until vomating “No more war and if some german ever touches a gun the hands shall fall off the body”. Clack, clack, now they fall to the ground.

  9. Stalingrad battle was terrible. This is why we don’t like when politicians from the West call Aleppo Syrian Stalingrad. Aleppo is a tiny puppet to compare with real Stalingrad, where it was counted at Mamaev Kurgan around 1000 shell fragments per 1 sq.meter.
    The total losses of the enemy in Stalingrad Battle was 1/4 part of all German troops and their allies(Italians,Croats, Romanians, Slovaks) that invaded in USSR.
    Roosevelt and Churchill congratulated USSR and the city of Stalingrad with a miracle-victory.

  10. As soon as EU has own problems and many countries want to stop sanctions against Russia: Germany, Italy, France etc. Though, we don’t want them to be stopped – it helps us to improve our industry and agriculture. Because our idiots in Russia from the Medvedev’s government during good times considered that it is better to buy what we need than produce. So, in my agricultural Krasnodar region we had fruits and vegetables from Turkey, apples from Poland – looking beautiful, but of the taste and consistence of plastic. And Chinese garlic – total nonsense.
    Well, if Europe faces a lot of inner problems – the warrior dwarfs from Baltic and Poland are always beating the war drums. And they get “meat for Stalingrad and metal for Prokhorovka” from USA.

    • Common sense is absent at all. We got used to see regional wars like USA vs.banana republic with total air domination. To imagine war USA vs Russia – well, guys….. i a little bit realize how it will be, but hard to imagine how it may start. All “partners” know well that we are not going to fight with T-34. This conflict is a Madness. I hope that this military jest with tanks in Poland is another game to be played and after that it will be removed back. If someone in NATO thinks that russians have the same mentality as westerners – it’s a hopeless act. It doesn’t horrors people in my country at all. So – if they want to demonstrate, ok – spend your money; if they want to fight – let us fight.

    • A week ago there was an article in our media about plans of NATO to attack Russia, when it was busy bombing ISIS in Syria. The southern direction was for Turkey. But smth went wrong (as always) and the desperate plan failed. Erdogan was in problems with the coup and became negative to USA and EU and NATO. To believe it or not – i don’t know. When you sit playing cards with sick people in the lunatic asylum you may see different ways to play.

    • To distract from the inner problems in EU they urgently need a war. It is and was always the same solution for the thugs to create an outer enemy to hold the “family” together.

    • @Andrew
      it is not so hard to imagine how it will start: by a false flag in one of the bordering countries near Russia. It is well known and so I say watch out for this along the border from North to South and if it happens you will immidiatly know it.

    • Trakkath: This ploy has been acted out for centuries. Shakespeare references it in his play – Henry IV Part 2 where the dying monarch in the Jerusalem Room at Westminster tells young Hal to seek conflict abroad to avoid problems at home:

      “Be it thy course to busy giddy minds
      With foreign quarrels; that action, hence borne out,
      May waste the memory of the former days.”

      Back in the early 80’s Thatcher – low in the polls and struggling for relevance, hit the Falklands or the Las Malvinas to our Argentine readers for no other reason than to bolster her flagging political fortunes.

      With the MSM all but debunked and irrelevant how will the war hawks in the Pentagon and Globalist run ‘Think Tanks’ justify a war with Russia to the average Joe in the street. It seems an impossible task to promote an impossible war. Impossible because no one in their right mind will sanction it. Russia’s escutcheon is shining bright and unblemished by its recent actions in Syria thanks in large measure to the resolve of native forces and help from Iran and Hezbollah. So a Gladio false flag, like that British Trident missile sent towards the US coast in a bungled test last year which Prime Minister May is reluctant to discuss? Who knows. But we expect it and you can be doubly assured Putin is clued in to everything.

  11. The build-up is insanity, the rationale behind it is pure globalist neo-con stupidity.

    Any Commander-in-Chief, any Congressman/woman, US or NATO officer with the gall to put his troops in a hot zone knowing the consequences of the wrath of God for provoking an illegal war in the first place, let alone the wrath of a wham-doodle Russian response should be remanded for cowardice, insubordination and dereliction of duty.

    Ten hours will take out the entire affront massing in Poland and elsewhere. The Joint Chiefs of Staff will explain that in a second. What an indictment on the US. What a travesty to the soldiers and their families to put the troops in harms way of a guaranteed Armageddon. For what? A gesture to globalist grandeur.

    But, again methinks it will not come to pass as there are wiser heads, and usually wiser heads prevail. Nuclear fallout, black rain, in a Europe at peace?

    “Well the rain ain’t fussy ’bout where it falls
    It rains on one just like it rains on all
    But when it falls brother, it’s gonna rain hard
    When the blues come calling with his calling card” – Rory Gallagher ‘Calling Card’

  12. Associated Press
    “SAN FRANCISCO – Charlie Liteky, an Army chaplain in Vietnam who won the Medal of Honor for rescuing more than 20 wounded men but later gave it back in protest and became a peace activist, has died.
    Longtime friend Richard Olive said Liteky died Friday night at the Veterans Administration Hospital in San Francisco. He was 85.
    The Army awarded Liteky the highest military decoration for his actions on Dec. 6, 1967, when his company came under intense fire from an enemy battalion in Bien Hoa province. Despite painful wounds in the neck and foot, Liteky carried more than 20 men to the landing zone to be evacuated during the fierce firefight.
    “Noticing another trapped and seriously wounded man, Chaplain Liteky crawled to his aid,” the Army’s official citation reads. “Realizing that the wounded man was too heavy to carry, he rolled on his back, placed the man on his chest and through sheer determination and fortitude crawled back to the landing zone using his elbows and heels to push himself along.”
    He left the priesthood and in 1983, married former Catholic nun and peace activist Judy Balch in San Francisco. His wife introduced him to refugees from El Salvador, “teenagers, whose fathers had been killed and tortured. I didn’t believe it, but I kept going to more and more of these meetings and it became clear these people weren’t blowing in the wind,” Liteky told the San Francisco Chronicle in a March, 2000 interview….”

    • “Twenty years after his heroic actions in Vietnam, Liteky left the Medal of Honor — awarded under the name of Angelo J. Liteky — and a letter to President Ronald Reagan at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington in protest of the country’s foreign policy in Central America, where U.S.-backed dictators were fighting bloody wars against left-leaning rebels.
      After that, Liteky spent years protesting against the U.S. Army School of the Americas, an academy at Fort Benning, Georgia, where the U.S. Army trained soldiers from Central and South America and the Caribbean. He was sentenced to one year in federal prison in 2000 for entering the school without permission and splashing its rotunda with their own blood.
      In 2003, he traveled to Baghdad with other peace protesters to bear witness to the war and work with children in an orphanage and at hospitals.
      Olive said Saturday he remembers Liteky for his humility. “It was three years after I met Charlie and bonded a fast friendship that I learned he was a Medal of Honor recipient” when Liteky told him about his plans to renounce the medal, Olive said.
      There are no plans for a funeral, Olive said.”

    • Whatever your religion or even if you have none, let us all say a prayer of thanks to the Creator for providing us and humanity the benefits of the life of this American Hero and Hero to Humanity Angelo J. Liteky as an inspiration to everyone and every kid in the country. Every high school and junior high school and elementary school in the country should be celebrating his life today but likely won’t be because even their teachers are likely ignorant of all this. But some of us still think of you and honor your life Chaplin Angelo J. Liteky. Also thanks to Associated Press for publishing this fabulous and inspiring story of unbridled courage.

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