Advanced Supercomputer of CYBERPOL named 666 is here !


666 IS HERE FOLKS:  The advanced supercomputer of CYBERPOL named 666 is on track to go live in 2017, this according to insider information. It is believed that this super computer is to sync all data for hosting a cyber criminal database comprising of cyber criminals and all crimes committed in the cyber-world.

Nobody really knows where this computer will be hosted. Some speculate that is will be somewhere in a MoD Cyber hosting facility in Antarctica, but there has been no leaked information on this as yet. Our press was dismissed when asking about this.

CYBERPOL has grown expansionary since 2015 as it went unnoticed by cyber hackers during its first year of acknowledgment. It’s believed that the website gets as much as 500,000 visits a day, but no data is shared with external organizations without proper agreements in place.

It seems that this new super computer will work as a NERVOUS NET system similar to that seen in movies. It is thought that when a cyber criminal activity is listed on 666, it can’t be removed and all data is shared simultaneously with all appropriate authorities on a global scale. Effectively this will prevent any cyber criminals to escape in the future and bring a whole new dimension as to cyber integration using the NERVOUS NET by CYBERPOL.

It is long sought that this will one day become a reality and to some extent is long overdue. It is whispered that Cyber hackers have reached their limits as black hats and will not be able to escape the “NERVOUS NET” 666 by CYBERPOL.

A similar computer was previously installed known as “616’ but not nearly to the capacity of the 666 code name. It’s clear that those set on illicit activity will be watched and the message is loud and clear.

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  1. I have a very bad feeling about this. Knowing that Western intel is corrupted and compromised, controlled by the RKM, means this computer will be used for things other than just stated.
    Colossus anyone.
    Or maybe the beginnings of Skynet.
    What should we expect within the next coming year? The gods help us all!
    If worse comes to worse I’ll put a bullet through my computer and stomp on the hard drive.
    But first learn how to disappear.

    • They could even bring back the data ond HD found in the WTC rubble. It will only break your feet if you stomp on it. Use a very strong magnet, perhaps it helps better.

    • Skynet, now there’s a scary thought. I wouldn’t be surprised to see something like that in the relatively near future. With the advancements in robotics and supercomputers, it might not be long until corporations find it more profitable to purchase robots to replace humans in all fields. You only have to pay for a robot once, whereas you have to pay a human every week, or two..I find this topic very disturbing…

      Trakkath, a very strong magnet is a good suggestion.

  2. Just another powerful tool, that rather will be used mainly for other purposes than for those declared. Even without paying attention to its “given name” but just considering the “global trend” (confronted now, but far from stopped yet), the latter is more likely. It could be done illegally, or legally – by, say, gradually introducing subtle changes to the very definition of “cyber crime”. There’s also a chance it all may end up as with the CERN collider, i.e., serving as a place or pretext for retarded bohemian rituals – after all the “given name” suits it perfectly.

    • Perhaps we should consider that within this year, a video of a human sacrifice taking place within the confines of this supercomputer room may find its way onto the internet.

    • Yeap. Something like that, to celebrate the birth of a Monster. Its’ time to call Arnold and the team…

  3. If this “nintendo” will be placed for penguins in Antarctica – now it is clear that John Kerry visited Antarctica to add some data by flash-memory stick. We already have Arctic army and infrastructure. Now it’s time to train Antarctic 🙂

    • Andrew, You may have hit on something there. Just why did Kerry pay a visit? And why did the American astronaut suddenly have to leave after just arriving? Was it really a heart problem?
      Is this supercomputer the result of alien collaboration?
      Just where is that underground alien base located in the Antarctic?

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