Jewish writer Daniel Sugarman: Richard Nixon was an anti-Semite


…by Jonas E. Alexis


You just can’t make this stuff up. Daniel Sugarman has accused Richard Nixon of being an anti-Semite because Nixon has said some uncomfortable things.

Sugarman begins his article by saying that Nixon’s entourage was overwhelmingly Jewish. “His Secretary of State, Henry Kissinger, was Jewish. Leonard Garment, his White House counsel, was Jewish. Nixon speech-writers William Safire and Ben Stein were both Jewish.”

It doesn’t stop here:

“During the Yom Kippur war, when Israel’s future was at its bleakest, it was Nixon who went to Congress and asked them to sign off on emergency aid to the Jewish state. It was Nixon who organised an airlift to provide desperately needed supplies to Israel, a decision that reportedly moved a beleaguered Golda Meir to tears when she first heard it would happen.

“The Gulf states pressured America to back down in its support of Israel; first by initiating steep oil-price rises, then by subsequently announcing a complete boycott on oil sales to the United States. Despite soaring fuel prices, Nixon didn’t cave in; the airlifts continued.”[1]

But Daniel adds that Nixon was an anti-Semite because of the following assertion. “Most Jews are disloyal,” Nixon said. “Generally speaking, you can’t trust the bastards. They turn on you.”[2] Sugarman again quotes Nixon saying: “No Jews. Is that clear? We’ve got enough Jews. Now if you find some Jew that I think is great, put him on there.”[3]

What are the contexts? Well, Sugarman doesn’t say. According to him, Nixon had an abiding or dying hatred of Jews. You see, Sugarman cannot explain why Nixon would hire so many Jews in his administration because it would ruin his ideological enterprise. If he actually gives the context in which Nixon’s words were uttered, then the argument is over.

Has the state of Israel turned on America even before Nixon took office? Does Sugarman forget the Lavon Affair in 1954? Or what about the deliberate bombing of the USS Liberty in the summer of 1967?[4]

Back in 2010, I happened to do a quick interview with retired U.S. Navel Officer James N. Ennes, author of Assault on the Liberty, and one of the crew members aboard the ship at the time of the attack. His assessment was that the Israelis knew exactly what they were doing and that the US government have covered this up because it challenged the unconditional support for Israel. Some writers are now saying that the attack almost caused World War III.[5]

Sugarman couldn’t just say that Nixon was wrong or mistaken. He has to say that he was an anti-Semite because Sugarman has obviously figured out that this is the best way to silence constructive criticism.

But let us grant Sugarman the silly idea that Nixon was actually an anti-Semite. Will he condemn Benjamin Netanyahu for saying things like Palestinians are like “wild beasts”? Will he come out and declare that Prime Minister Yitzhak Shamir was wrong for putting the Palestinians and “grasshoppers” on equal footing?

What about Rabbi Yitzak Shapira, who declared in his 230-page book that “Non-Jews have no compassion by nature and should be killed, in order to limit their tendencies”?[6]

Winston Churchill, a thoroughly Zionist puppet, declared back in 1928 that the Bolshevik Revolution was overwhelmingly Jewish and diabolical. “It would almost seem as if the gospel of Christ and the gospel of Antichrist were destined to originate among the same people,” he said in his much-quoted essay “Zionism versus Bolshevism: A Struggle for the Soul of the Jewish People.”[7] Churchill continued:

“There is no need to exaggerate the part played in the creation of Bolshevism and the actual bringing about of the Russian Revolution by these international and for the most part atheistical Jews. It is certainly a very great one; it probably outweighs all others.

“The same evil prominence was obtained by Jews in the brief period of terror during which Bela Kun ruled in Hungary. The same phenomenon has been presented in Germany (especially in Bavaria), so far as this madness has been allowed to prey upon the temporary prostration of the German people.

“Although in all these countries there are many non-Jews every whit as bad as the worst of the Jewish revolutionaries, the part played by the latter in proportion to their numbers in the population is astonishing.”[8]

Was Churchill an anti-Semite? Why can’t Sugarman define what he means by anti-Semitism? Is Jewish scholar Norman Finkelstein an anti-Semite for saying that Benjamin Netanyahu is a maniac?[9]

You see, Sugarman cannot wrestle with these questions and answer them in a rational way because that would kill his entire ideology. The good news is that people everywhere are waking up. They are no longer falling in to this anti-Semitism trap. In fact, Zionism has already received a devastating blow all across the world.

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Jonas E. Alexis has degrees in mathematics and philosophy. He studied education at the graduate level. His main interests include U.S. foreign policy, history of Israel/Palestine conflict, and the history of ideas. He is the author of the new book Zionism vs. the West: How Talmudic Ideology is Undermining Western Culture. He teaches mathematics in South Korea.

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  1. Neat overview of the specific topic. Several factors require consideration, very basically, that members of the narcissistic religiosity of Judaism are not semitic. World renowned Rabbi, Henry Siegman and entourage reveal the genuine history of the land-grant of 1948 – fraudulently named “Israel” – in an article at:

    Of course, in order to be published in an “israeli” journal, Sugarman´s jargon complied with the hate campaign of the Owners of 96% of western world media. The same OWNERS of western world media supported Obama´s subterfuge for eight years, Hitlary Clinton´s subterfuge, the Clinton Crime Foundation, the DNC subterfuge, the fake news that Russia hacked the DNC, and the attempt to reverse the selection of Donald Trump for the presidency.

    Ninety-Six percent (96%) of western world media is owned by six jewish families. If these families were involved in the CIA subterfuge that removed Pres. Nixon from the presidency is an interesting question. Hillary Clinton´s 1974 treason was a basic ingredient of the CIA subterfuge, and the OWNERS of western world media have consistently supported the Clinton Crime Duo. Hitlary has repeatedly stated her affiliation with the super-rich, elite of “Judaism”, raising a question of Judaism´s involvement in the removal of Richard Nixon from the presidency.

  2. Edward, on the other hand in post war Germany, anyone who acted pro-german was an anti-german By the MSM. Which eventually lead to Abrahmaic Holocaustianity, MulticultiBLM etc religions. Today the President of Ukraine visited Finland and he said, General Mannerheim was a great man, he gave hope for us all. What Mannerheim said after Winter War was, I’ve never seen army like this, the whole army acted as one man against common enemy.

    That was war time rethoric, which in fact is very similar to Jewish peace time ideology. Who could and wanted to cause harm to Jews in common, except their thousands of years old hierarchy, chain of command and especially monetary religious complex. The exception is, that in wartime war one tries to save his own ass and in peace time war one tries to save the ass he worships.

    Why do You ask for World leader like Putin, that will lead You to somewhere, that is kind of Jewishness. Jesus was not the commie of the NT. Neither was Judah the Traitor, but St Paul was both of those. Somewhere in the Book for Romans he mentioned, that anyone should be loyal to their presence government, because there is no (World) government other than from god (YAHWEH). And big governments are all the same.

    • Besides the few times Nixon went into expletives, his opinion on Jews must be analysed in the context of his accompanying VP, Spyro Agnew who had to resign after becoming an open denouncer of Jewish influence in US affairs. Nixon, kept silent on Agnew’s words and subsequent fate but, as Jewish influence was becoming unbearable, mulled on the idea of an official supervision on MSM, the creation of a third or national party and worst of all, providing Arabs with a nuclear reactor, all measures directed to curtail Jewish power in the US and balance the ME forces. Watergate was just and simply an excuse to get rid of him. We can easily deduct that Nixon plans disclosed in the presence of Henry Kissinger (very Jew) could not remain in the privacy of the presidential dispatch. .

    • Edward, the hierarchy I’m talking about. In 1936 when the international Jewry declared war against Germany meaned, that every single Jude will do sabotage against Germany as much they can, wheter they liked it or not. To their call Hitler had no other option to answer but concentration camps.

  3. Antisemites – the Joos best friend to spread god fear into the jewish population and force them to flee to Israhell.

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