One of Trump’s first Exec. Orders reverses historic anti-pipeline victory


[Editor’s note: Anyone who still believes that Trump will do anything other than serving the interests of corporate big business and the bankers is simply deluded. One of the high points of 2016 and of recent times in terms of the long-running battle between corporate interests and profits against the masses of the people and the biosphere of the planet itself was the victory of the peaceful protesters against the oil pipeline line that was to scythe through Dakota, regardless of environmental issues and the interests of the local population. 

That victory came when President Obama acted to block the pipeline project and marked a historic moment, an all too rare win for the people. However, yesterday, President Chump did as we feared he would and reversed Obama’s noble and rightful decision.

Now the protesters who braved the brutality and violence of the police to stop the pipeline will have to do it all over again only this time they do so with the worrying knowledge that Trump will, if he follows his election campaign rhetoric, support the police in any and all measures they see fit.  The gloves will be off, the police will feel they have presidential approval to resort to any and all weapons in their arsenal and the levels of brutality and violence will be greater than before.

Could this pipeline protest become the first in a long series of anti-government, anti-corporate, anti-Trump protests that, in the face of ever increasing police brutality, lead to either a popular uprising or the imposition of a police state to maintain the incumbent regime? Ian]

World Bulletin
US president signs orders on dakota pipelines

President Donald Trump signed executive orders allowing the completion of the North Dakota Access and Keystone XL oil pipelines on Tuesday.

During his election campaign, Trump promised to “unleash” the U.S.’s energy potential and indicated he backed the projects.

The $8 billion, 1,900-kilometer (1,180-mile) Keystone XL is intended to carry crude from Canadian tar sands to U.S. refineries on the Gulf Coast project but was vetoed by former President Barack Obama’s three times.

The North Dakota Access pipeline, worth $3.7 billion, would stretch from the oil-rich Bakken formation in North Dakota to carry 470,000 barrels of crude through South Dakota and Iowa to Illinois.

The North Dakota pipeline is opposed by the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe, which sued the government in July claiming the pipeline threatened water resources and sacred sites. Last month, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers denied a request by the company building the pipeline to tunnel under the Missouri River.

Trump also signed another executive order Tuesday that would expedite the regulatory process to overcome environmental hurdles.

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  1. What this may add to the number of protesters on the actual sight in N. Dakota are the many, and diverse people’s, who hit the streets of America on January 20. If they all show up at Standing Rock this spring something will change. Solidarity is the missing ingredient.

  2. The document appears to be an obligatory nod to oil, but remains toothless as a memorandum not an order. It does not appear to interfere with the already under way, complete EIS. It throws the ball back the ACE and asks them to hurry up, but the Army will probably not reverse its decision, which mentioned the history between itself and the Natives as special circumstance to complete the full EIS. Trump got it off his plate, and appears to have bigger fish to fry.

  3. Regarding the fireworks at Standing Rock on the V-day. One witness claimed 2 matching SUV’s came in , nobody recognized them, and lit the fireworks off, then packed up and left after cleaning up the launch site. It was interesting timing to say the least.

  4. The basic reason the world is so dependent on oil can be summarized in a three word phrase: Internal Combustion Engine. This engine, which was invented long after the steam engine, is a power source which depends totally on the existence of refined fuel made from oil for its operation. Without this fuel the internal combustion engine is worth only its scrap value. The steam engine however is an EXTERNAL combustion engine. This means the steam which operates the engine is produced separately from the engine itself. This is a fundamentally significant difference. It means that any fuel which can be burned to produce steam can operate it It was responsible for converting nearly all manufacturing plants from water power to steam power and for the invention of the railroad system and many other technologies. The steam engine is much simpler than the ICE and has so much low end torque no transmission is required most of the time It is an accident of history that sadly it had not been developed early enough to beat out the ICE as a choice for powering the automobile. If the steam engine had had a century of development for the automobile we would be energy independent today.

    • By the way even a nuclear submarine has a steam engine! The nuclear fuel and nuclear reactions are used to produce steam which in turn run steam turbine engines. If one tried to make a direct “nuclear” engine all one would accomplish is to melt the engine because no ordinary materials of construction can withstand such enormous forces. This even happens with some oxygen based engines in racing. To give you an idea of the power of steam, google Big Boy, the largest steam locomotive ever built before WWII. It could pull a fully loaded train 5 1/2 miles long on level track. Bill Lear the genius level inventor was fascinated by steam power for automobiles and proved its viability in the California Steam Bus Project in the 1960’s. He spent over $100 million of his own money doing so. For those who believe in conspiracy theories, we can thank Rockefeller for dependence on oil because he funded Henry Ford in the early days. All early problems with steam for cars were solved within decades. If we had a century of development of steam power for cars we would be energy independent today.

    • Wjabbe, My boss/mentor in 77 was the Chairman of a Section of the ASME Pressure vessel code. The boiler manufacturer we worked for had made about 15 steam cars at the turn of the 19th century. They still make multi fuel boilers today. He said steam will return as a motive power. We had GREAT discussions on steam technology.

      I’m designing a gasification and steam high temperature reformer, maximized for H and CO from biofeed stocks. So how about hybrid steam and IC?

      Best production steam car was Stanley Steamer. All the rest had boiler explosion problems.

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