Trump tells Egypt’s Sisi that Assad is a brave man fighting terrorism


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[ Editor’s Note: Trump is having a busy week, and although this report is unconfirmed, it has Trump’s fingerprints on it, having fun getting around the ban on direct contact with Assad, channeling a message through Sisi. And there was a message here for Erdogan, based on what was not said.

And the same goes for Qatar, which has been keeping a low profile during the recent Tripartite Syrian talks. It has been THE long time supporter of the Muslim brotherhood. Having them officially designated a terrorist org will put Qatar down range on the shooting gallery.

Netanyahu will have heartburn after reading about this “brave man Assad” fighting terrorism, which of course includes the Israelis. So is Trump rolling out some psyops of his own?

Bibi announced today that the new settlement announcements were “just the beginning”, and Germany was quick to denounce them, but would Merkel cancel the nuclear sub deal? Meanwhile Israeli defense minister Lieberman signals that Israel’s next conflict will be settled via total war with someone’s surrender at the end.

And last, Kuwait was meeting with Iran yesterday, wanting to kiss and make up to start putting the past Gulf hostilities behind them, while Bibi wants Trump to kill the Iran nuclear deal, which none of the other P5+1 members will do — and Boeing having a badly needed airliner deal recently signed.

Britain’s top military think tank issues a report that British armed forces would not last a day in a major conflict. You just can’t make this stuff up. What the hell is going on here?Jim W. Dean ]


A Kuwait delegation was in Tehran yesterday mending fences

– First published … January 26, 2017

US President Donald Trump and Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi held a telephone conversation on the topic of combating terrorism, the Lebanese Ad-Diyar newspaper reported, citing unnamed presidential sources in Cairo.

According to the newspaper, Trump promised to support the Egyptian President in the fight against terrorism, as well as stressed that the US would fight terrorism in the Middle East. Reportedly, the US President also expressed his support for the Congress’ decision to recognize the Muslim Brotherhood organization as a terrorist group.

As Addiyar reported, talking about the wars in Syria and Iraq, Trump said that Washington intends to cooperate with Moscow in order to conduct joint military operations against terrorists on the territory of the two countries, as well as to continue to provide aerial support to the Iraqi Army, fighting against terrorists of the Islamic State (IS) terrorist group there.

According to the report, Trump said that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad is a “brave man,” who remains steadfast in the face of terrorism. At the same time, US President also noted that some circumstances do not allow him to make contact with the Syrian President.

Trump added that he is going to keep in touch with Russian President Vladimir Putin in order to coordinate joint military operations against terrorists, in particular, against the IS, on the territory of the Syrian Arab Republic, and expressed confidence that Syrian terrorists would be eliminated.

As the sources told Addiyar, el-Sisi told the Syrian President about the Trump’s words, as Egyptian President had perceived the words of the US President as a message for al-Assad.

Ad-Diyar is an Arabic-language daily newspaper based in Beirut, Lebanon. In its coverage of the Syrian conflict, the newspaper has a pro-government stance.


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  1. They say, there are two Trumps. I see six Trumps. The three facets of builders, finance, materials, labor. There is duality everywhere like the hardest working, lowest paid independent contractors, listening to Rush Limbaugh all day at the work site. The ideology does not match the position because the blue collar man is constantly told to blame the poor. They pay their bills religiously, yet look up to the man who teaches bank fraud. The “what will he do next” is the common tool a pushy builder uses to keep the men moving. The frightened opposition goes to meeting, and exits with a confident smile claiming “I have seen the 2 Trumps”, still not knowing “what will he do next”.

  2. This news is so astounding in every respect and even allowing for some embellishment a story that redounds to President Trump’s credit a thousand-fold. We can be sure Bibi experienced a knee-jerk reaction – a swift knee to the groin as opposed to an impulsive leg kick. He and Lieberman were so gung-ho in their hawkish reaction to Trump’s election – pushing ahead with further illegal building projects and all but declaring an imminent war against Lebanon.

    Reminds me of a time on a certain firing-range when after new tanks were put through target practice the top brass set off to inspect the targets across a very muddy landscape. They went several hundred yards when Pug Walsh – turret to the skies, discovered on tripping the switch there was a round in the breach. Well the reaction in front was immediate and certain Brigadier Generals and the cream of the Cavalry officer corps took to chewing grass with their teeth and scooping fox-holes with their bare-hands to avoid the very live incoming round that would land God-knows where. The sight on their return was one to behold, mud from head to toe.

    Bibi and Lieberman too ‘jumped the gun’ and like the aforementioned officers are today figuratively speaking covered in so much mud from Trump’s blast in their direction, shell shocked and with a real sense of being politically buried. Who would a thunk it!

  3. Trump sent Tulsi Gabbard to Syria to meet with Bashar al-Assad — or something close to that. Trump met with Gabbard before her trip to Syria; and Gabbard discussed her opposition to the Obama/Clinton/Bush positions on the Syria conflict with Trump.

    One translation of the Arabic language newspaper cited above says: “As for Syria, [Trump said to Egyptian] President Sisi: ‘Syrian President Bashar al-Assad is a brave man and stood in the face of terrorism, but the circumstances do not allow me access to him.’ ”

    Gabbard’s trip to Syria and her Assad meeting were plausibly deniable ways for Trump to send a more direct message to Assad — and to send an implicit message to Bibi, Erdogan, Qatar & the Saudi d-Ruler.

    IF so, then Trump may actually intend to keep his vague election campaign promises to cooperate with Russia & others on eliminating ALL terrorist groups in Syria and the Mideast.

    • Khalid: Don’t hold your breath. ;-). Trump appears to believe the GWBush/Cheney/Wolfowitz BS about U.S. invading Iraq to steal the oil. Virtually nothing could be further from the truth.

      After the U.S. bombed, invaded & occupied Iraq, Iraqi oil exports dropped to an all-time low — lower Iraqi oil exports during the Iraq War than during the Saddam Hussein “sneak oil” times of the 1990s.

      One purpose of invading & occupying Iraq was to SHUT DOWN oil exports from Iraq — due to the glut of oil on the global market. In other words, to preserve the high profits of the oil industry.

      Of course, Bibi, Rothschilds & Exxon/Mobil also played a role in these Iraqi ‘pEEk oil’ shenanigans — not Peak Oil but ‘pEEk Oil,’ because there was only a shortage of oil in what you could see in global markets. High oil profits are still maintained by conflicts in & with oil producing countries (also with sanctions).

  4. You’ve been around Brits Jim, you know how they are. They are not yet at the point of comfortably numb, just on a low simmer. Unlike the Scots, who are pissed, american pissed (as well as pissed, more pubs per foot in Glasgow than Bourbon street in New Orleans). I have been there several times, always by sea. As more and more get wind of the scheme that prevented their exit, well… you can hear the steam leaking out of the edges.

  5. The Brits wanting to blow the huge amount on the Tridents, when they are not really needed due to the US stockpiles is the usual pure arms industry-Parliament corruption. The money would obviously be better spent on a more flexible and utilizable force. The think tank report, unprecedented for the Brits, was timed to come out with the whistle blower report on the missile testing. If you were to assume that this was just the tip of the iceberg of failures that have been hidden from the public you would be correct. Yet we do not hear much of the British public raising hell, so the elites just have contempt for them having any say in the matter, as the elites do here. And the public ignores that lack of resistance show acceptance, the same as here.

  6. NW would be say Britain, France, Holland and Norway ? I could see some kind of decentralisation of the EU, kind of Balkanising it if you will.

    Pure speculation mind, I have just a gut feeling I have had for a little while now since ‘Brexit’ regarding the Military set up.

    Or they mainly be going all out for a U.N. ‘Army of peace keepers ‘.

    And all Nukes controlled by one entity ? The Iranian in the hot seat(I forget his name arm)recently called for getting rid of all Nukes, same with Japan. But surely the black ops D.U.M.B’s would make that very, very dangerous. Mutually assured destruction does the ‘job’ really. But certainly less money could be spent on them. 250 Billion to replace Trident seems a waste, do we really need any more than 2 Submarines carrying these ghastly weapons.

    I do not see how an outright attempt to completely get rid of them would work though, unless they upgrade openly to Nutron Bombs, they sound utterly awful.

  7. Yes that is strange, especially with the recent Channel tunnel Tank transportation Testing. That been said the UK military is pretty much based abroad. Falklands, some Mediterrainian islands(Cyprus airbase albeit with 1970’s Tornado Jets and the rumoured base(s) at Antarctica they may even have several, IIRC there is even a Plaque stating something along the lines of ‘To keep an eye on the enemy’.

    But yeah they are building new Carriers in Scotland as the Navy is well short our Carrier ‘deal’ is with the French, who have bases on the South Coast.

    ‘Brexit’ might lead to a N.W. joint venture on defence perhaps ?

    Disturbing but interesting times, cool heads required and common sense to be more common pease !

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