Keshe’s Italian Earthquake Aid Project Smeared, the Plots Continue


…by Gordon Duff, VT Senior Editor

for the Executive Committee, Keshe Organizations Worldwide

The letter below is a response to a tabloid news article accusing Mehran Keshe of cheating Italian earthquake victims. The article is quite insane and journalist Corrado Zunino should apologize. However, there are reasons you should care about this and I will explain as succinctly as possible. I will fail at this endeavor in so many ways, so accept this apology in advance.

Keshe is a nuclear engineer formerly employed by the UK MOD (Ministry of Defense). There he worked on control systems for nuclear reactors used in weapons research. He is a “real deal” scientist with real degrees and international standing.

He is also my friend. You see, Keshe is Iranian born though not a Muslim (there are other religious minorities in Iran), and an unusual character. What matters is this; he has developed a technology that bridges the gap between the physics we know, or thought we knew, and what we observe that is long “unexplained.” He goes so much further than Tesla but it is clear that Tesla long accepted that the physical world we live in and the one we are taught we live in are quite unalike.

Tesla made this clear by inventing energy processes that worked in aether and drew and transmitted power from where we are told none can exist, told by those who have edited and suppressed the works of Maxwell at Cavendish to fit a financial model of hydrocarbon slavery.

The “deal” in Italy is simple. A liquid substance prepared by carefully screen volunteers is soaked into pads.  This liquid, GANS (Gas At Nano State) has properties that stimulate “wellness” and encourage healing quite demonstrably. It goes much further than this but be satisfied with that last sentence at least.

There are also devices that encourage healing through manipulation of gravitational fields. We pointed one of these at a beaker of water inside a walk-in commercial freezer. The altered field froze into what looked like a Christmas ornament in the frozen liquid, pretty much easy proof for anyone and a test even a child can understand.

It is key to understand that Keshe teaches his science and the plans for devices are free on the internet. There are no secrets here. Keshe energy technology is for real people, things real people can build and operate, even in remote villages.  This is the policy behind the Keshe organizations, and their tens of thousands of members, it is all empowerment and fulfillment. It is about freedom but enough of this and on to our point.

Keshe and his followers, many of whom are scientists and engineers from around the world, and they are all screened as well, the credentials and background verified, are developing devices using nano-material coated wire coils that produce fields described by Tesla and Maxwell, fields that can alter gravity and have significant effects on human health. That given:

Two RV’s loaded with these healing devices have been sent, paid for by Keshe Foundation funds, using volunteers, are being given to earthquake victims in Italy.  This isn’t the only recommended treatment for their injuries but it is all that any of us can do and we are simply doing what we can do.  We can alleviate pain and aid in the recovery of injuries and we can pretty clearly prove that this works.

Beside that, it is free and these “pads” and devices do no harm. To this effort, an Italian newspaper/tabloid called “La Repubblica” has taken offense and has chosen to fabricate a bizarre conspiracy theory and smear. The response to this, quite frankly, is not important but a response was required and it is published below.

But I will move on and supply more context. This is where I feel myself on thin ice. What we are really doing, very quietly, is developing treatments for, above all, cancer. I am saying “treatments” not cures. I am also saying “developing.” This is something that many others are engaged in with no controversy. We are recruiting licensed medical professionals around the world.

The engineering challenges are significant. What is going on that isn’t seen is highly secretive research projects that may well change everything. Keshe is a fanatical advocate of nuclear disarmament and world peace. This is the primary drive behind everything being done and the guy really means it.

If I have to explain Keshe, I don’t know where to begin. I enjoy working with him but it is a challenge. There is a bit of Donald Trump in Keshe, which drives me crazy, though Keshe is more than a bit smarter.

The science is real, the fields exist and this can be proven. The engineering challenges are more than significant and will eventually lead to greater than light speed travel and go beyond simply curing disease. We have seen the capability of curing the aging process as well. I am saying these are years away.

As for other issues, like treating disease, I am an advocate of traditional medicine and have no desire to throw all away, but it will be soon time that all physicians should be trained in Keshe methods and have Magrav related devices available. This is my opinion.

I have seen Keshe processes work and I have seen them fail. What is important is that Keshe can prove the physical laws exist, the field effects exist, they can be demonstrated, and that what is being taught as “physics” is quite wrong.

Were one to watch the TV series, Pure Genius (which I recommend), one might get some idea what is in store. In the process, I am trying to see that no false claims are made, that conventional medicine and physics is brought up to speed respectfully if possible and that no harm is done.

What is possible is so exciting that considering it is actually dangerous.


Now the letter:

The Keshe Foundation of Eng. Keshe Mehran Tavakoli, is planning to repudiate the disparaging statements contained in the article published by the journalist Corrado Zunino in the “La Repubblica” newspaper on January 12, 2017. The suggestive title launched in large letters of the headline, “PATCHES scam to earthquake victims ..” and the narration of the facts contained in the article (printed and online version of ) are not true, and appear only directed at discrediting the figure of Eng. Keshe and the credibility of his foundation.

These are the facts: The Keshe Foundation has been totally transparent with information on all initiatives and negotiations concerning interventions in favour of the displaced earthquake victims. In short, the KF forwarded regular applications to the Civil Defence to intervene in support operations for earthquake victims accommodated in various hotels; KF presented the activities that would be of benefit to the earthquake victims; It has provided the personal and professional data of those who would intervene for the KF; It described the free distribution of goods to provide to those responsible for the Civil Protection Operational Manual, the explanatory notes and descriptive; by the Civil Protection, it has finally obtained the release of express authorization to proceed.

Dr. Keshe, bearing the transaction costs and logistic difficulties resulting from the cold and snow of the first week of January, has made every effort to provide, to the earthquake victims, his scientific knowledge and the means at his disposal. In particular, after obtaining the consent of Dr. Lorenzo Alessandrini, head of institutional relations of the Civil Protection Department, Eng.

Keshe has made an earnest appeal to all his foundations across several states, asking them to join the initiative. Eng Keshe has obtained the availability of qualified personnel (naturopaths, medical and technical experts in this technology) as well as two campers with a large amount of products (patch, pen pain, pain pad and instructions for their use) for free distribution, in favour of those who would have applied for them in the meetings of January 14 and 15.

Until countermanded by the Civil Protection, the campers, one from France and one from Rome, with technical and material loads, had almost reached their destination (San Benedetto del Trono and Porto Sant’Elpidio). Contrary to the information provided by the newspaper La Repubblica, all materials possess EU certification, and are tested.

They are equipped with a class one medical device (in the manual and the notes) produced by the Keshe Foundation company in Italy, which has long used by many physical therapists, naturopaths and doctors. The article written by Corrado Zunino report sentences of exclusive authorship of the journalist and extender which he mentioned the name of Lorenzo Alessandrini, who has said that the patches stop and eliminate the pain, while both the instructions and notes of the products provided to the Civil Protection and the Information given from me to Corrado Zunino on a phone-call he carried out with non-transparent mode, with an unknown phone number and without qualifying himself after my long insistence worth the interruption of every conversation, to illustrate the benefit of what is to alleviate the pain.

And again, Infidel is the information disclosed in the newspaper “La Repubblica” in relation to GANS, defined gas to the liquid state says “La Repubblica” as define the followers. No one has ever made reference to liquid gas but at different liquid gas in Nano State, which is harmless and achievable even at home. The article in “La Repubblica” newspaper labeled the KF material offensively calling it: “Scam patches”, implying a very clear subliminal message.

The reference to a criminal offence, as well as being questionable behavior, will be subject to relief before any court, it is entirely irrelevant to the present case. Scam, is to obtain an unfair advantage to the detriment of another person misled by artifice and deception of money. The KF initiative in favour of the earthquake displaced victims would not involve any advantage, any money profit, and products are given for free (in fact the KF took charge of the transaction costs); with distribution of the notes also for their self-realization; The distribution program would have provided prior information and specific illustration of the products and, more generally, of Keshe technology through the intervention of qualified personnel.

Participation in meetings would be fully free, and products made freely available, would only been delivered to those who after the information meeting would have freely applied. So it makes itself not credible, and the improper claim in the newspaper “La Repubblica”, on displaced earthquake victims ‘forced to act as guinea pigs’.

The fact that this is an alternative science, accessible to everyone, with cheap costs also for actualization, no way justifies an unfaithful and direct smear exposure solely to discredit and insult the honour and credibility of people like Eng. Keshe, which provides humanity his knowledge, his energy, and his economic sources (and which also is offering concrete help to demolish a dense branched network worldwide based on pedophilia). Everyone is free to disagree, but always in respect for the people, the image and activities.

Now, who is behind this news? Twists and turns of the story. Whenever one opens an accessible road which makes man free from economic interests, follows is a malicious attack to halt the advance. The scenario showed three types of men: Men who extract and save the people from the mud (Civil Protection) in which we give profound gratitude and admiration. Men who receive mud, despite working to improve the quality of life and dignity of people saved (The Foundation Keshe). And small men who work for other men without souls, who throw mud on those who seek to spread resources and knowledge, that others can live better. Both appeared only right to point to tell the truth, leaving to the proper authorities will judge!

The Coordinator of Keshe Foundation operations to Italy, Lapadula Giovanni



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  1. You are correct in stating that these techniques are spreading far and wide. Sitting in a jar on the floor behind me are some wires being nano coated prior to being assembled into a unit to be installed in a car, and a small jar with GANS in it on my desk.

    There seems to be a major push in the electricity application in Italy and health in Poland. This is a new frontier and experiments are underway all over the world. Without the Internet this would not have been possible and makes it very difficult to stop, but there will be attempts.

  2. The corrupt medical orthodoxy of the U.S. has made rigorous demands of efficacy of any cancer cure claims and demands of side or main effects as well as doses while it hypocritically approved most chemotherapy and radiation and surgical treatments without any such similar demands of efficacy. These issues are well documented in 3 books by Ralph W. Moss, Ph.D. generally called “The Cancer Industry” , about 500 pages with 500 references. The last was published in 1996. None of these discuss the Keshe claims of the article so far as I know. Dr. Moss is a writer with a Ph.D. in classics from Stanford University. He is from New York. He was assistant director of public affairs at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in NY in the 1970’s and was fired from his job for refusing to lie to the public about positive research results on the alternative cancer drug Laetrile. This issue reached the NY Times of the day. This was the impetus for his books and many writings on this subject. Many other articles also discuss this subject. The orthodoxy has obstructed all legitimate studies of all proposed alternative cancer treatments. This is all a shameful disgrace.

    • Again, many alternative cancer treatments have been proposed over the years involving drugs, herbs, vitamins, the Royal Rife frequency generator and on and on and on. Some allegedly are less toxic than chemotherapy. None have been honestly scientifically tested. No tests by the cancer generals can be believed. The American Cancer Society, a totally corrupt sympathy scam organization has great hegemony over any claimed or proposed cancer treatments and has vigorously opposed any non toxic cancer treatments for women especially breast cancer. They promote expensive and dangerous mammography which can actually, unbeknownst to the unwitting patient, actually cause breast cancer because it involves breasts being exposed to radiation which, even in low doses, can still have a non zero probability of cancer causation. Of course one cannot prove any subsequent cancer was caused by a given mammogram as a gift to the doctors and companies who profit from this mostly worthless scam for which there are better and safer procedures as discussed by Samuel S. Epstein, M.D. and others. The war on cancer from 1971 is a total dismal failure. The Cancer Generals are guilty of scientific misconduct, fraud, medical quackery and crimes against humanity and should all be sitting in a jail cell for life.

    • The rough amount of money, public and private, spent on the failed war on cancer is estimated to be between $100 billion and $1 trillion, yet the cancer generals of the failed war on cancer can’t even tell you what cancer is, let alone how to cure and prevent it in the human body. About one person dies, every minute in the U.S., either from cancer or treatment or both, usually treatment but falsely reported as from cancer. All approved cancer treatments are life threatening so if a patient under orthodox treatment dies, they could have died either from the treatment or the cancer or both. The only way to prove the cause of death is to perform an autopsy by a top independent pathological laboratory which , as a gift to the doctors and drug companies, is never performed, so all proof of negligence is lacking and hence none of these crooks can be successfully prosecuted for medical or iatrogenic murder or death of the patient. This is all a shameful disgrace in America today. My wife was a lucky one; she was nearly killed not from inflammatory breast cancer, but treatment. I proved it and even her doctors at MD Anderson in Houston agreed verbally I was right. However, she is a lucky survivor. Most are not and are buried in cemeteries. Her local doctor in Athens however sought to lie to me about what happened to her. I didn’t want to sue anyone; all I want from a medical doctor is the truth.

  3. Interesting info re: energy/physics.
    As for a cancer ‘cure’ (skin cancer), one already exists in nature, the Radium weed, Euphorbia peplus.
    Has been used for centuries, hence, the name, radium weed.
    The milky sap is applied directly to the skin (cancer) at least 3 times daily.
    The active compounds within the sap cause the cancer cells to kill each other.
    Totally effective, have used it personally on my skin cancers, and personally know others who have used it successfully to kill their skin cancers.
    My personal belief is that it could be successfully injected internally (eg. prostate, brain, liver, etc), thereby eliminating the need to remove organs affected by cancer.
    Obviously, “modern ? medicine ” prefers to pretend it does not exist, especially the ones who charge enormous amounts of money to hack chunks of flesh from your body. Again, from personal experience.
    The problem being big pharma can’t control the production/sale/use of this plant, although, one company in Oz is selling a product containing a very minimal amount of the active compounds. Unsure of it’s effectiveness, I refuse to buy/try something produced by a company, when it is freely available in nature.

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