Will Trump expose 9/11 – or stage a new one?

Trump really only has two choices left
Trump really only has two choices left

By Kevin Barrett, Veterans Today Editor

During his first ten days in office, Donald Trump has already managed to endanger his presidency. The Saker, a contributor to my edited book Orlando False Flag, is a Trump supporter – and he is worried. In his article “A ‘Color Revolution’ Is Under Way in the United States” The Saker writes:

 Far from having accepted defeat, the Neocons and the US deep state have decided, as they always do, to double-down and they are now embarking on a full-scale “color revolution” which will only end with the impeachment, overthrowal or death of Donald Trump.

I don’t  share The Saker’s view that Trump’s main enemies are neocons – neoliberals would be more like it. And, quite frankly, I think Trump is a narcissistic sociopath and a puppet of Bibi Netanyahu, so I wouldn’t mind seeing him go down. But on the off chance that Trump is a better man than I think he is, I hope he takes The Saker’s advice:

Trump has a much more powerful weapon he can unleash against the Neocon: 9/11.

Whether Trump knew about it before or not, he is now advised by people like Flynn who must have known for years that 9/11 was in inside job. And if the actual number of people directly implicated in the 9/11 operation itself was relatively small, the number of people which put their full moral and political credibility behind the 9/11 official narrative is immense. Let me put it this way: while 9/11 was a US “deep state” operation (probably subcontracted for execution to the Israelis), the entire Washington “swamp” has been since “9/11 accomplice after the fact” by helping to maintain the cover-up. If this is brought into light, then thousands of political careers are going to crash and burn into the scandal.

9/11 was a collective crime par excellence. A few men actually executed it, but then thousands, possibly tens of thousands, have used their position to execute the cover-up and to prevent any real investigation. They are ALL guilty of obstruction of justice. By opening a new investigation into 911, but one run by the Justice Department and NOT by Congress, Trump could literally place a “political handgun” next to the head of each politician and threaten to pull the trigger if he does not immediately give up on trying to overthrow Trump. What Trump needs for that is a 100% trusted and 100% faithful man as the director of the FBI, a man with “clean hands, a cool head and a burning heart” (to use the expression of the founder of the Soviet Secret Police, Felix Dzerzhinsky). This man will immediately find himself in physical danger so he will have to be a man of great personal courage and determination. And, of course, this “man” could be a woman (a US equivalent of the Russian prosecutor, Natalia Poklonskaia).

I fully understand that danger of what I am suggesting as any use of the “9/11 weapon” will, of course, result in an immense counter-attack by the Neocons and the deep state. But here is the deal: the latter are already dead set in impeaching, overthrowing or murdering Donald Trump. And, as Putin once said in an interview, “if you know that a fight is inevitable, then strike first!”

Since, in my view, Trump is owned by Bibi, and Bibi did 9/11, the above scenario seems unlikely. But I could be wrong. Wouldn’t it be great if Trump, seeing that he is about to go down, decides to go down with a bang and plays the 9/11 truth card.

Most of the people howling against Trump’s “Muslim ban” have never lifted a finger to help spread the obvious (and forbidden) truth that 9/11 was perpetrated not by Muslims, but by the enemies of Muslims. Therefore they are either morons or cowards. And that goes double for the “Muslim ban” supporters – especially those who, like Alex Jones and PJ Watson, know that the whole purpose of 9/11 was to incite Islamophobia, yet who have nonetheless gone over to the side of the 9/11 perps. Such people (“truthers” who spread Islamophobia) are the foulest, most loathsome pieces of human excrement that have ever existed.

If Trump has a shred of decency and integrity (a big if) he will play the 9/11 truth card. If, on the other hand, he is the narcissistic sociopath he appears to be, he will likely preside over what Captain Eric May has called “911-2B” – another huge false flag on the model of 9/11. This will probably happen during the next 90 days, so as to justify and extend the Muslim Ban. Look for a nuclear flash to incinerate Trump Tower, and maybe a couple of other skyscrapers (the Sears Tower, purchased by Larry Silverstein with his 9/11 insurance fraud profits, has long been a target).

RED Alert! Stay away from Trump Tower and other iconic skyscrapers during the next 90 days! And all of you VT readers, especially those with military and intel connections, remember: If you see something, say something.

Trump has promised to “make America great again,” specifically by bringing back good unskilled jobs for the working class. He cannot possibly come close to fulfilling that promise. His presidency is doomed to go down in flames – it is already almost there, practically crashing and burning, after only ten days! He desperately needs to shock the country and pound his chest as an alpha male “great leader” during a state of emergency, or he is toast. And there are really only two ways to do this. He can either expose 9/11, or stage a new one.

The choice is yours, Mr. President.

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  1. There is no builder familiar with skyscrapers that does not know. He will not expose it, because it does not serve his interests. He will want to shoot the guns. He will want to peek behind the curtains of intell agencies with the delight of a UFO theorist getting a pass to Area 51. His cabinet takes delight in the prospect of reaping the fruit of the opportunities 9/11 has presented them with. But even if all that, were not true, Trump would not expose 9/11 simply due to the cowardice and paranoia inherent in his persona. If he does anything similar, it will be that he was frightened into it, and coerced, because his weakness is unwarranted fear.

    • Agreed. There is no evidence suggesting Trump is likely to risk his pampered lifestyle and life to turn on his Zionist benefactors in the interest of the people. The Saker is a good source, but there are some things his is just wildly wrong about [e.g. read anything where he brings up WW2].

    • Ed, Who would he threaten with the truth, Iran ? Israel ? Banks ? Congress ? ,….and what would be the motive ? All anybody has to do to be great again is add Great in front of their first name, like Great Britain.

    • David & Edward, you are both joking of course? The “great” in Great Britain is a comparative term denoting size. With Brittany (Bretagne) in France being the homeland of the Celtic Bretons (still seeking independence) and Great Britain (Grande Bretagne) being their larger homeland.

    • “But if you elect a president who will change it, he is a sick asshole.”

      To be fair, Ed, a president who will change it and a president who claims he will change it are two completely different things. Keep in mind that Trump was consistent enough that the banksters allowed him to remain an American billionaire and New York City real estate mogul for decades.

      Is it really that hard for you to believe Americans would look at Trump as just another puppet president? Did you forget many of us still remember the “hope and change” narrative and how much of a farce that was?

  2. Nationalism is an insane 19-century European invention. Anybody who takes it as a false god to be worshipped is nuts. 9/11 (like the JFK assassination, etc.) was done by Israeli and to a lesser extent American nationalists, in service to nationalism. So were almost all the other worst crimes of the past two centuries. Only utter morons with rotten souls, people like Alex Jones, fall for the “globalists bad nationalists good” pablum.

  3. Kevin: Bibi-Boy Bannon is now on Trump’s National Security Council — replacing the JCS Chair & DNI.

    Bannon & Trump already perpetrated false flag violence on Inauguration Day and tried (unsuccessfully) to do so at the next-day Women’s March.

    From the White House, Trump-NSA Bannon is privately controlling a budget for false flag groups that is larger than what Soros contributed to anti-Trump groups (with none of the Soros groups being violent).

    Thus, unfortunately, another 9/11-type false flag Op may soon be deja vu all over again.

  4. ayelyahbenjamin, there is evidence that the US already has deep space capabilities……courtesy of the same ‘group’ that provided the technology to the Nazis (albeit a bit too late in the WWII game) but sufficient to scotch Admiral Byrd’s little foray to Antarctica after WWII.

  5. Ayelyahbenjamin, I just cannot help thinking that a major crisis, should it occur, will concern outer-space. As you say this planet is on heightened alert , something happening in outer-space would be a real head turner especially from 9/11, what that something is I do not know, but think about this. About a month ago I read that Russia and China are ready to sign a treaty to not put weapons in space, will Trump agree to sign such a treaty, the US military has said before that they like space dominance so that could be a no-no. So what could take place that would stop that treaty being signed and give cause to the New World Order to put weapons into space. I see another false flag coming.

  6. This is a really good text. And proposal. FBI are the most pressed turtle-head social laboratory in the USA. Any president, not just Trump, could use a trustful patriot in that bureau. But as 9/11 taught us, only thing FBI did was to make sure that Islamophobia takes its steady roots into society. By questioning, checking, intimidating etc (compliments of the research of some of the greatest Orwellian paranoids of the 20th century). Maybe there are American patriots working in the FBI and they had no clue what was going on during and after 9/11 but so far they have managed to learn, gather about where was this breach of security, at highest business and political offices in the USA (hardly coming from some clay-and-mud dusty Afghani mosque). Maybe some of these imaginative or presumed FBI patriots would step up and surgically challenge the narrative in such an unlikely deep state psychopathy recurrence. But trust no hope. Like the author here said it was an agency success rather than what was called urbi et orbi the 9-11 agency failure.

  7. Donald Trump’s hands were clean of 9/11 and cover-up crimes when on video record he inferred bombs and demolition, now as President he has the filth of the cover-up lurking around him and in readiness…Rockefeller’s words “All we need is the right major crisis and the nations will accept the New World Order”….. not now that the whole planet is on a heightened alert with way more than meets the eye, the nations are no longer asleep and maintain vigilance….while President Trump may walk a tightrope he doesn’t have to walk the plank

    • Mijj: Bannon & Trump already perpetrated false flag Ops — at the inauguration and at the Women’s March (attempted, but women stopped the violence before it could occur).

  8. My guess is we will be seeing a wave of terror attacks over the next couple of months to justify the orange bafoons executive orders…

    • The biggest false flag – garrison size, is the Stars and Stripes. We know the flag Washington flies under and it certainly is not the American flag, it is the STAR OF DAVID. The flag that Washington fought under to win our independence was The Stars and Stripes.

      The Stars and Stripes thanks to the treachery of the Zionist NeoCons among us, is now nothing more than a flag of convenience to be trampled in the dirt by those who falsely pledged their allegiance to it only to operate for a foreign entity and against US power, prestige and prosperity.

      And Mr. President, do not allow yourself be trumped by your visitor on February 15, the Israeli ingrate, Mr. Netanyahu. Yes, the man who won thirty-seven ovations in Congress this last September from the fawning Israel acolytes much to the chagrin of your apoplectic predecessor. Ask him when you get a moment, how it was being handler for Pollard when he compromised American national security and the 1,200 members of the CIA to the tender mercies of a foreign power.

      Tell him too, that on reflection, the consequences of moving the American embassy to Jerusalem and flying the Stars and Stripes there is impractical and unsound because the move will unleash forces from Morocco to Indonesia that will militate not only against viable US economic interests but isolate the State of Israel even more.

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