Trump government run by worst people


US President Donald Trump’s lobbying ban sounds good on the surface but is not likely to make a difference since his has put “the bad people” in charge of everything, says Gordon Duff, a senior editor at Veteran Today.

Speaking to Press TV on Monday, Duff said Trump’s new directive to institute a lifetime foreign-lobbying ban for members of his administration once they leave was a “bright spot” amid the disappointing news that come out of Washington these days.

The new executive order, which Trump signed on Sunday, forces his administration appointees to refrain from lobbying their own agency for five years and accept a lifetime ban on lobbying the US government on behalf of foreign governments.

Trump had promised during his election campaign last year to “drain the swamp” of political practices that he said made officials beholden to special interests.

Duff said although the move was welcome, it was still a far cry from what should be done since the new Republican president has filled his cabinet with “the worst people.”

“They call it the revolving door in Washington, where you just simply leave your job in the government watching an industry… and the next day, the people that you were regulating—the people you were there to stop— you are now working for them,” he said, arguing that Trump “ostensibly” put a stop to that situation.

“Or has he really?” he asked, referring to some of Trump’s controversial cabinet picks.

For example, he said Trump picked Scott Pruitt, attorney general of Oklahoma and a skeptic of climate change, to head the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

“Well, the guy directing the entire EPA, which protects the environment of the US… has always been an industry lobbyist,” Duff said. “he is worse than any of them and he is in charge of everything.”

“Jeff Sessions, the new Attorney General of the US, is a Ku Klux Klan guy” who hates Muslims and African Americans, Duff added.

“I call this window dressing,” the analyst continued. “It is a phony move for a little bit of publicity because the government itself is now run by worse people than any lobbyist.”


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  1. Seems a little odd to me that all of the supossed alternative web sites are all feverishly for Drumpf, there seems to be NO middle ground on this.
    For years I have read : What Really Happened .com , it’s the site that led me to VT years ago, but Mike has gone so far right I can no longer stand
    that site. What a shame! or is it Sham?

  2. “in their hands” and on their heads …clearing the way through to a nucleus of names and eyes will meet those whose heads will roll if intentions of the heart lie with greed, Scott Pruitt has a front door, marches can be arranged as this lands on it ..… killing off America quicker than any “terrorists” dreams and whats it gonna be the people or the poison Scott Pruitt?…in your hands and on your heads….the people and the planet first

  3. If or Since Trump & Bibi (and Putin too, maybe) are controlled by the same small group of oligarchical Israeli/Russian/U.S. mafia types, then Gordon is quite correct: “The bad people ARE the government now.”

    • Regarding government and ‘bad people’. The proponderance of ‘rulers’ in government has always been “The bad people…” And it was certainly true of Obama’s and Hillary’s (et. al.) as well.

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