Trump team steps in doo doo up to their waists


by Jim W. Dean, VT Editor … with Press TV, Tehran

“I swear, to try not to make a fool of myself, too much.”

[ Note: Trump’s team of political operatives on his Whitehouse staff just delivered a lasting deep wound to his administration for their amateurish execution of their proposed review of the visa issuing procedures. The dummies were all about making a big splash the first week by utilizing the executive order tool.

They will now go down in history for actually abusing it. To have held meetings with all the agencies involved in executing such an order beforehand, to make sure it did not become an administrative nightmare, much less a media circus, would have been a normal part of attempting something like.

But the Trump team has shown America they obviously still think they are in Reality TV land, where showmanship and hogging the media trumps all other considerations. The idiots even allowed John McCain and Lindsey Graham to come out in support of no discrimination against Muslims, when it was not a Muslim ban, but a ban on everyone from the seven countries trying to get into the US.

You just can’t make this stuff up, but the Trump team is trying to prove me wrong on that. But the proof is in the pudding. After Gordon got VT’s first major article up on the illegality of this act, with an analysis of the case law, and date-stamped around 2 a.m. Sunday morning, we beat all the major media and Trump backed off.

His team has to save him from himself

By Meet the Press showtime, chief of staff Priebus was telling us that “moving forward” the green card holders would not be part of the “review process”. And Trump went on video to reconfirm that the “review period” would only last ninety days.

So they were trying to put the genie back in the bottle, but the damage is done in that they exposed how inept they could be. They made fools of themselves, and the pollsters will be happy to confirm that. Why, because with only 38 to 40% supporting Trump, his first order of business was to get that up over 50% by sticking to broad support issues.

Everything else could have waited until he had settled in and built up a stronger support base. Immigrants have not statistically been a terror threat to require emergency treatment. The black on white reign of crime terror on America is totally off limits in media and politically, despite the federal crime stats being slam dunk proof that it is going one.

But like the Aztec victims of old, our own race war victims are being written off as the price of feeling good about ourselves, which does not include meJim W. Dean ]


– First published …  January 30,  2017

President Donald Trump’s controversial executive order to prevent Muslims’ entry into the United States has caused great shock and anger among people both in America and across the world, Muslim nations in particular.

While thousands of Americans have rallied across the United States to show their resentment of the new directive, authorities in several countries have opposed such a collective punishment. We have asked two experts to give us their assessment of the president’s contentious executive order.

Jim W. Dean, managing editor of the Veterans Today from Atlanta, said that the entry ban imposed on nationals from Muslim countries is in clear violation of the US Constitution.

He noted that what President Trump did is technically an impeachable offense, particularly for the green card holders, because it violates the constitution.

Trump is basically seeking to lay down the groundwork for the US president to take away people’s constitutional rights under the pretext of national security reasons, he analyzed.

Dean described the new US president as “stupid” and said that he does not know the right way to govern America, and by adopting imprudent policies, he is in fact putting both his own country and the rest of the world in danger.

The commentator warned that Trump’s immigration policy “is going to kill more Americans,” because terrorists could now disguise themselves as freedom fighters and pretend that they are defending Muslims.

According to Dean, the new president’s executive order has not been thoroughly “thought out” and has therefore created a lot of chaos and confusion, for example by preventing the return of American nationals in Iraq as a result of the ban on the terror-stricken country.

Dean also criticized the new administration’s hasty decision-making, saying it has failed to even coordinate such an “idiotic” act with the Department of Homeland Security and other administrative organizations.

He predicted that the Muslim ban would deal a huge blow to the Trump administration, by showing that the president was clueless as to the repercussions of his decision.

Meanwhile, Brent Budowsky, a columnist with The Hill, opposed “what Trump did on the immigration and refugees,” adding that most Democrats and many Republicans have also disagreed with the new president’s policy.

Budowsky noted that Trump’s inner circle in the White House pushed for the Muslim entry ban, without consulting with the State Department, the Department of Homeland Security and the Pentagon, triggering nationwide protests.

He predicted that Trump’s continuation of his controversial polices will cause “more reasonable, dissent and sane Americans to rise up” against him.

“The White House does not know what it is doing. They did not consult the people who do know what they are doing,” Budowsky noted, adding, “Trump has a solid support of about 38 to 40 percent of the American people and the rest don’t support him and don’t agree” with his polices.

“If he (Trump) keeps acting this way, he is going to get America, but even more the Republican Party and his presidency, into very big trouble,” the analyst cautioned.

Such harsh policies to build border walls and prevent the entry of Muslims will “divide the country even more. It’s going to divide the Republican Party as well because many Republicans don’t like this,” he stated.

Pointing to the international response to Trump’s executive order, he noted that even US allies are lining up against this policy one after another.

The new executive order has given rise to questions as to why Trump has refused to include certain Muslim countries wherein he has business interests and which have been involved in terrorist attacks in the United States, the analyst exclaimed, adding, “Trump businesses do business in many Muslim countries and none of them were included in this [ban].


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  1. Wrong again boys, Trump did not even need an executive order, there is already a law in place to deal with such an action.US Code 1182, so you wasted all your venom again. You are not really all that smart are you?

  2. Trump’s burned out already, he was on the road and was going full speed with much hate directed at him and he screwed up and never took a timeout before having been hit hard again in the WH. He is not thinking at all like a CEO or top businessman, much less a President . The ” Inner Gov.” will just let him make” their mistake after mistake” until he either wises up or just turns into what they want. He fired his temporary AG when she wasn’t sure his Exec Order would fly which shows that there is no need for any AG that is hired by the Pres. anymore – Obama always made sure his AG would alter any law he needed bent. Ringling Bros Circus just hit Town and its already a sell out show.

  3. Fars…”Trump’s ban currently affects seven countries: Syria, Iraq, Iran, Somalia, Sudan, Libya, and Yemen. Since 1975, not one fatal terrorist attack inside the United States has been committed by a national from these countries. In fact, with the exception of Iran, the United States has bombed and destroyed every one of these countries. This executive order does not improve the safety of Americans. Quite the contrary, it endangers Americans”…..note who benefits from “gifts to terrorists” serving the needs of a sick and twisted plot upon the planet desperately seeking justification to “go in full force”

  4. Trump and his team are not idiots. They were able to won.
    If they have issued the ban, it means, that it was urgently needed. Why? Thats the question.
    Most probably to prevent Obama/Clinton agents from 7 countries to enter U.S.

  5. Having been detained three days by Immigration I have empathy aplenty for those unfortunates hit by the same impasse. My Iraqi guard never left me over those 76 hours and regaled me with countless stories of the wrathful legal system I faced. I was eventually allowed entry for six months by a considerate judge while the prosecutor foamed at the mouth from an overly loquacious effusion of cant. Three weeks later, business all done, I was gone. That was 30 years ago.

    Today’s Muslim travel ban? Ill-conceived, harshly orchestrated and a politically damaging sop to the Israelis. Yet, soon, this too will pass.

    No Muslims danced on the streets of New Jersey or anywhere else on 9/11 yet active Israeli agents could scurry all over New York and New Jersey and even take time out to dance in elation. Yes, 3,000 Americans dead and they danced for joy.
    Israel is quite capable of looking after itself, Mr. President, and American support has this one glaring attribute or anomaly insofar as Tel Aviv is concerned – like all gifts deemed surplus to requirements, it is marked by the inherent contradiction of being used to damage the best political interests of the giver.

  6. This is laughable. Every U.S. President violates the worthless Constitution. The very concept of Executive Orders by an American President is unconstitutional. The President, as chief executive, is responsible for executing laws promulgated by Congress. When a President can imperiously spew forth orders that have the force of law he becomes a Caesar. The Patriot Act in its entirety is unconstitutional. Trump is just a target for merciless vituperation because he is not politically correct, it does not matter if he and his cohorts are criminals or not because everyone in big league politics in America is dirty. If they were clean, honorable, and possessed of righteous integrity, they wouldn’t get to first base.

    • AMEN TO THAT!! This whole thing is beyond bizzare. Has Trump been given orders to create more chaos and MORE divides in this country? A house divided against itself cannot stand which is what New World Order slugs want – this country to fall!

  7. And most of the world is on a “NO entry” order for Israel but that is OK for they control the US government. In reference to David Odell’s comment above, yes millions are embarrassed by Trump; however, millions more are empowered due to his election. He reminds me of a spoiled rich kid knocking over the blocks because the other kids don’t play by his rules.

    Keeping the Talmud in mind, I am shocked at how many Jews have been given positions of extreme power in our government. If peop0le only knew what was behind the power driven agenda of the Jewish oligarchs and religious figureheads and what was in store for us Goy should they stay in power. I personally am not a slave to anybody and will go down fighting should the need ever arise.

  8. I’m going to have to give it some thought, but I think this is the first time, millions of people have actually felt immediate embarrassment by the suddenly unveiled incompetence of a US President. This fiasco came almost immediately after assuring folks his reliance on, and empowerment of Mattis, while standing next to May. Next up will be terrorism charges against the manufacturers of Trump Bobblehead dolls.

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