US Helicopter Lands in ISIS-Held Regions in Iraq

US Helicopter Lands in ISIL-Held Regions in Iraq

TEHRAN (FNA)- A member of the Iraqi Parliament disclosed that US army cargo aircraft once again landed in ISIL-held regions near Salahuddin.

Sattar al-Qanem quoted sources in the Iraqi army intelligence and the country’s popular forces of Hashd al-Sha’abi as saying that an American Chinook helicopter on Saturday landed in al-Jazeereh region near Salahuddin that is controlled by the ISIL terrorists.

In the meantime, another American aircraft landed in an ISIL—held region near the village of Mak’houl North of Salahuddin.

Member of Security Commission of the Iraqi Parliament Hassan Salem said that the US army aircraft was carrying food stuff and arms for the ISIL terrorists in al-Jazeereh region near the village of al-Salam and was on a mission to take some of the ISIL commanders and members away from the region.

“We will not keep mum over the landing of US military aircraft in ISIL-held regions,” Salem underlined.

Arab media outlets reported late in October that the US-led coalition helicopters carried a large number of weapons and military equipment to the ISIL terrorists stationed in Iraq’s Diyala province.

Al-Waqt news website quoted a security source as saying that in mid-October two military helicopters of the US-led coalition unloaded the weapons and equipment near Lake Hamrin in Tal Salimeh region of Diyala province after which a number of terrorists on board several boats arrived from across the Lake loaded the arms and ammunition to carry them to the ISIL operation zone.

According to the source, the militants on board the boats were affiliated to the ISIL terrorist group.

The US has a long record of blatant support for the terrorist groups in Iraq.

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  1. Dude, get real…you’re talking about greedy, power hungry, anti-social psychopaths. To expect decency (or a change of heart) one would have to be naive. As for Trump, it could be either scenario…only time will tell. Trump himself is probably delusional enough to think he is the boss. What a shock he has coming…or not. The jury is out as to whether he is for real or just another shill.

  2. All legitimate questions that we will likely never get a straight answer to. Considering that Trump is basically a con-man, he’s got to be lying to someone…or maybe even everyone. Personally, I’m hoping for the rogue military option…that might hopefully be weeded out. But, then again I’m an optimistic dreamer too. The corruption/control of the Iraqi gov must be really immense for this to continue after being exposed how many times? They need to do the obvious…tell the US to GTFO and welcome the Russians in…but only if they are serious about controlling their own future and not being another Israeli/US lapdog to be kicked around when desired.

  3. Unfortunately, Dr Jekyll is a tree-surgeon, and his treament is more lethal than any disease afflicting his patients. 1% Dr Jekyll ; 99% Mr Hyde.

  4. It’s too bad the Iraqi military didn’t shoot those choppers down.
    Russia needs to send some S-300s or 400s to Iraq.

    • Absolutely! There needs to be some ‘accidental’ friendly fire like we have unleashed on them numerous times. Surely Iraq has some manpads and some real patriots (we would call them ‘terrorists’). They need to get a grip on these terrorist forces (US allies) and dropping a couple copters would seriously cripple the real terrorists.

  5. Trump’s Muslim Ban prevents Iraqis from coming to U.S., because they MIGHT support terrorism.

    Since many/most Americans in Syria & Iraq actually DO support terrorism, a reciprocal ban is warranted.

    One way to end the wars. Just trying to help our Prez to eliminate support for terrorism… ;-).

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