Lost their Friggin’ Minds: 5 Year old Handcuffed by Trump Thugs at Dulles


A five-year-old boy was detained for several hours at Washington Dulles International Airport on Saturday after U.S. President Donald Trump issued an executive order to ban immigration from seven Muslim-majority countries.

The U.S. citizen boy from Maryland was travelling with a family member from Iran to Washington to meet his mother, who is of Iranian descent.

Upon entering the United States, the five-year-old was reportedly handcuffed and detained for five hours by airport authorities.

The mother and other family members, who were waiting at the airport with balloons, were seen hugging and kissing the boy after he was released, while also singing “Happy Birthday”, a video shared by ABC 7 News – WJLA showed.

U.S. Democratic Senator Chris Van Hollen of Maryland revealed later in a Facebook post that he had informed airport authorities in advance that the little boy was due to arrive, yet the child was still detained.

“It is outrageous that a 5 year old boy — an American citizen and Maryland resident — was detained for more than 4 hours this evening at Dulles airport. Shame on you, Donald Trump”, Van Hollen said.

The White House defended its stance on Monday with Press Secretary Sean Spicer touching on the much debated subject on Monday.

“To assume that just because of someone’s age and gender that they don’t pose a threat would be misguided and wrong”, said Spicer defending the airport authorities’ behavior.

The incident also caused outrage on Twitter with many agreeing with the Senator’s stance, while protests continued to be held at airports nationwide over last weekend.

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  1. red rose, why dont you name the country you are accusing of killing christians , i know one for fact is Egypt and anywhere wahhabism is practised or has influence

  2. America is unfit for human establishment culture, how is it possible that the American people through the establishment of this sick system that is subhuman. By Saad in America was an evil system, but it is much more dangerous this system disease, ill are much more dangerous than evil.

  3. Wow , he could have an ICBM in his pocket ! he had to be treated accordingly !
    @red rose could you please check who is transporting/training/supplying weapons to the people who are killing the Christians in Iraq/Syria, and who is bombing and destroying all the countries in Mid East and Africa !

  4. No one would have known if the child had not had a connection to a senator. The full blown paranoia of the evangelical right, will be something to cringe by. The same evangelicals that regularly import spies to Iran under the auspice of innocent ‘missionaries”, like all the churches do in all the countries. The ban is a thump, and a projection of fear, imposed by the knowledge of their own past success.

  5. I notice it states “reportedly handcuffed”…….so that’s “reportedly” folks…..not actually or officially…..but reportedly……gawd the articles here are getting very msm like…..no evidence required…..’reportedly’ will suffice for factual

  6. OMAMA admin denied persecuated Christians from Iraq and Syria entery into the USA – but Trump is saying he will help them. Why is this BAD?? Muslims hate Christians and continue to destroy Christianity in the Middle East and Northern Africa. The Christians can’t live in peace by the evil muslims!! How do I know this? Because my family escaped HELL (muslim country)…

  7. Where was the outcry when persecuated Christians from Iraq and Syria were DENIED ENTRY into the USA by the omama admin? Enough of the BullShit MSM!

  8. WTF. We have lost our collective mind. We moan over lax gun control yet say nothing about murdering thousands across the world in the name of democracy.
    We cry over the handcuffing of a 5 year old, yet ignore the murder of the 8 year old US citizen in Yemen this past weekend by US Navy Seals.
    The idiots bemoaning the handcuff incident are the same who allow our senses to be assaulted daily via network news, and they script the broadcastsunami of “practice emergency alerts”, which terrify our children. Hollywood produces movie after movie that glorify violent death, each 120 minutes long, and all without any rational dialog.
    I say it is time to give each one of us an AR rifle, and 200 rounds. The last person standing is either the king, or queen.
    We vote the same idiots into office over, and over while expecting change. Come on. We have shit for brains.

  9. CNN alive and kicking then……a liberal false flag as per norm….how earth shatteringly irrelevant considering there are kids dying elsewhere else yet apparently this one gets cuffed….oooh the outrage, the pain, the anguish

  10. So you are blaming Trump? For what one agent apparently did? What absolute nonsense. Sounds more like the perfect opportunity to have one stooge act in a way to provide bad press. And then there are always those who will pursue their own agenda to blame Trump. And obvious others to chime in.

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