Intel Drop: Amateur Hour has begun


by Gordon Duff and Ian Greenhalgh


I hardly know where to begin, the ‘get along with the Russians’ guy, the guy who was going to bring experts in, is now running a clown circus in Washington; I guess the whole thing is funny if it doesn’t kill all of us and frankly, it’s looking like it’s going to kill all of us. The blame goes everywhere…..

Before we get into this, let me explain something – America has never been a very bright country; Americans have always loved ‘Fake News’, Yellow Journalism and conspiracy theories and remember, the term ‘populism’ that is being applied to Trump is 150 years old. Also, foreign governments have always been involved in American elections; if you don’t think the London banks and their partners in Frankfurt, via Alexander Hamilton and the Federalists quashed America’s revolution by hijacking the Constitutional Convention, which was done via bribery and payoffs (Beard, 1913) you aren’t paying attention.

Electoral college, picked senators including two each for states like Delaware and Wyoming, just two for California and all of this done under an equal protections provision; also remember the Bill of Rights was an afterthought.

We are going to take things on with a rough attempt at stating their importance, the biggest disaster is Steve Bannon and Jared Kushner; Kushner is a pig-skinned little toad with an Israeli passport who served in the IDF. He is one of the most unremarkable people on earth, the talent and intellect Uber missed his pickup spot.  He is the primary advisor to the President of the United States in areas of national security, behind him is Benjamin Netanyahu and anyone who doesn’t know that Netanyahu both despises the United States and is utterly insane is not paying attention.

Then we have Steve Bannon, a failed blogger and a real Jew hater who sees himself as the ultimate American tough guy; no military experience, a potty mouth and a long history of screaming at people in line at Starbucks. Like Kushner, Bannon has spent his life as a toad and ass kisser.

Steve Bannon, from failed blogger to key Whitehouse staffer


Last week these guys attacked Yemen, based on resurrecting a Pentagon plan that President Obama, the National Security Council and Joint Chiefs of Staff, back when we still had these organisations, threw on the trash heap because of it’s utter stupidity.

The Yemen attack was worse than Benghazi, it may have killed an entire Osprey full of SEALs in something so insane Congress could investigate it for the next four years. The US flew direct missions over Yemen illegally, first to cover the fiasco, second to save the fleeing Navy SEALs and third, to destroy the evidence, including V-22 Osprey wreckage and unrecovered bodies of Americans.

Someone needs to pay for this and we don’t mean money, we mean skin.

Here’s how it happened: Trump told Kushner and Bannon ‘I want to make my legs as a tough guy, a killer’, whereupon the two clowns found this seven month old operational memo we have no idea, we do know this – a 35 million dollar aircraft went down and more Americans died than they are admitting to, the names of the other dead will be slowly leaked out tied to a car wreck or restaurant shooting and we can expect more misdirection like this.

General Flynn was supposed to stop this, point out there was no intelligence, not on the ground, no current signals intelligence and certainly no satellite intelligence though no military commander would ever move on satellite intelligence. Then we have the operational commanders, and this shows exactly how far the Pentagon has sunk in it’s capabilities and it’s only going to get worse. The Joint Special Operations Command exists specifically to prohibit son-in-laws and failed bloggers, even Nazi ones, from sending the Delta Force or Navy SEALs to pick up their dry cleaning.

Where was ‘Mad Dog’ the new Secretary of Defense? He claims to have been out of the loop. If operations like this are run without consulting him through the National Security Council, then he should be forced to resign.

V-22 Osprey dusting off

Jerry Boykin, God’s Chosen General

We can tell you what empowered all of this and that is Trump’s long history of lying, accusing and then moving on to his next blunder; if you think the mainstream press is really against him, think again – they have what we have and they have said very little. We are going to go a step further – Benghazi wa a joke, a walk in the park compared to this; we’re going further still – we’ve seen this kind of stupid before, with the Iranian Hostage Crisis in 1979.

General Jerry Boykin planned that disaster and we have reason to believe is responsible for the blind, deaf and dumb operational plan that was used in this Yemen debacle too. Boykin, former Delta commander, the guy who took down President Carter by strewing dead Americans and destroyed aircraft across Iran seems to have done it again.

Boykin only listens to God, who talks to Boykin all day every day. Boykin, still in the shadows, was chosen by Bannon as operational commander of all American military forces, including America’s nuclear command. Boykin has sworn to bring about the nuclear armageddon and has long been a member of extremist religious cults, steeped in biblical ‘end times’ prophecy, race hatred and every imaginable kind of deviancy. To quoth the good Mr Dean ‘One simply cannot make this shit up….’

This is just one issue and there’s one coming out of Washington every two or three hours currently. After covering the depressing issues of Yemen, let’s hit a note of comedy: a week ago the President of the United States told the President of Mexico he was going to send American troops across the border ‘if you can’t clean things up down there we’ll do it for you’. I can picture the scene: Steve Bannon calling Boykin up, wasn’t it Bannon who reported in 2015 that al-Qaeda had 70,000 fighters at a camp five miles south of the Rio Grande, ready to spring out from the tunnels under five closed Walmart stores?

1915 cartoon comically depicting the last time the US sent troops into Mexico, Pershing chased Pancho Villa around for months and never caught him.

Iran and Trump’s New World Order

Then today, Trump tweeted ‘Iran is playing with fire, they don’t appreciate how nice President Obama was to them… not me.’ Someone needs to tell President Kushner that the EU is totally in bed with Iran, selling them everything imaginable and deliriously happy to do it; the EU of course, is NATO. You’re going to see why Trump doesn’t get along with NATO very well. Turkey has now joined with Iran and Turkey is the southern flank of NATO. Russia has joined with Iran and friendship with Russia, during the ‘election’ at least, was the centerpiece of Trump’s New World Order, let us talk about that for a second or two.

Wasn’t it Ukraine that just unleashed a massive attack on Donbass four days ago? Behind this attack, we are told, was a nod from Jared Kushner and a visit from one of Trump’s children. Trump’s response to this blatant violation of the Minsk Accords was to turn on Russia, not due to a radical change in policy because there never was a policy.

Hell, we are told that, only a week ago, Trump and Putin got on the telephone together and divided up the world. Now Trump has turned on his ‘good friend’, not as we say, because of any policy change but because, quite probably, Trump has even forgotten there was any phone call. Trump needed a fall guy to hand Congress due to his floundering nominations for his cabinet and what better way of toadying than to start pounding Russia and Iran and to bolster the Kosher oligarchs and their Nazi partners in Ukraine.

Kosher Oligarch and Nazi partner, oh wait, have we just defined Kushner and Bannon? Yes that’s right, Kushner is very much an oligarch, as slippery and shady as any.

Jared Kushner and his wife Ivanka Trump

Trump restores US Manufacturing – of conflicts and enemies.

Okay, we start with a Yemen fiasco, the comedy invasion of Mexico and we are burning down that trust we had with Russia. Oh wait, it gets worse, Trump has now demanded that Russia pull out of Crimea. The Crimean people, or rather, a mere 96% of them did vote to join Russia and have been threatened with the kind of ethnic cleansing only seen on the West Bank and in Gaza, were Ukraine to have it’s way.

It get’s worse, there are two main tenets of Trump’s Israel policy. The first involves moving the US embassy to Al Quds (AKA Jerusalem) an occupied territory technically neutral according to UN resolutions and the fourth Geneva Convention.

Trump’s second tenet has been full and unrestricted Jewish settlements in the occupied West Bank also in direct contravention of UN resolutions, the Fourth Geneva Convention and the Camp David Accords, a binding treaty signed by the United States and ratified by Congress.

Today, Trump announced that the thousands of new housing units Israel is building in the West Bank, based entirely on his personal assurances, are officially opposed by the US government.

A Palestinian stands on his property overlooking the Israeli settlement Har Homa, West Bank, February 18, 2011. U.S. President Barack Obama called Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas on Thursday in an attempt to prevent the upcoming vote on an United Nations resolution condemning Israeli settlements. The Palestinian Authority and other Arab nations have pushed for the UN Security Council to vote on the resolution which is scheduled to take place today. UPI/Debbie Hill


Here’s what’s clear : pretty much the entire world and the majority of people in the United States between 68 and 75%, wish a building would fall on Trump or some other fatal accident befall him.

In back-channel discussions with military and special operations experts two days ago, this is what they had to say: Despite the chaos, clownishness and idiocy coming out of Washington, there are some very talented and capable people involved in the mix. The real experts say they are seeing a plan, long in preparation, coming together and orchestration of events beyond the simple finger-pointing and usual conspiracy theories.

They say the signs are there, the moves in the global markets, they see it in key controlled media assets, they see it in a dozen ways none of us would ever put together, that decades of Chaos Theory planning are moving forward an agenda that, once it comes together, few will survive unharmed.

Let me digress and give you some real intelligence on the American election. First, I need to define what real intelligence is, as you’re not going to know. You see, what is put in print, what people get to read, is what has been engineered for them to read in order to predispose or inculcate interest sectors towards serving their required role in response to orchestrated events. Yes, the whole thing is theatre, but you’d wish you stayed home and watched TV instead.

The whole idea that the ‘election’ was hacked, as the media tells us hacking exists, is childish insanity; there is no Wikileaks, there is no Anonymous, there is no mainstream media, there is no alternative media, there is no Facebook, there is no Google, the whole interplay has been scripted from day number one.

What can be controlled is controlled and anything can be controlled, thus everything is controlled.

Postscript – it’s all theatre

Here is how the American ‘election’ was turned on it’s ear: The Federalist Society, a dozen thinktanks and in particular the FBI and CIA control the physical mechanisms of American elections down to precinct level. Highly organised groups under active direct control, sometimes political parties, religious groups, veterans groups, social organisations, all under singular command, control every voting machine, all software, the handling of all paper ballots and even more sinister, tabulation, recording and more, to a large extent they control the media reporting of the elections which are, in actuality, scripts written in advance to create a feeling of drama.

Remember on 9-11 when a BBC reporter described seeing building seven collapse twenty minutes early, with the standing building clearly visible behind her? This was a scripted event, just as the elections are scripted events. No-one oversees an American election, they are the least supervised and accountable in the world, the Federalist Society, a sinister group under total and absolute Rothschild control, yes we’re talking Freemasons, Illuminati, all of that, controls not only the courts, but also the law firms which bring the cases before the courts.

This is all theatre too, there are no ‘closed system’ computers and no hacking, the malicious programmes used in this election were handed out on thumbdrives and installed by electoral officials, thousands of whom are openly corrupt. It started way back in Tammany Hall and before and has never changed, the most corrupt institutions at every level in the United States oversee polling, thus American elections are not contests between candidates but in reality, contests between what are now global criminal gangs.

The theatre in this election began with Bannon, the Mossad and their Macedonian Fake News sites, we saw the corrupt FBI’s hand over and over. but to get a real understanding all you need is for one statistician to point out what is an inexorable singular fact, even with the idiocy of the electoral college, purposefully written into the constitution to corrupt American ‘democracy’ it is impossible to lose an election by over 3 million popular votes and win an electoral victory, just as it is impossible, as we learned in 2000 and 2004, for exit polls to be more than 1% wrong. 95% of the people involved in rigging the American election were paid civil servants, not Russian hackers or Mossad spies.

Back in 2000 and 2004 it was Mike Connell who wrote the malicious software that flipped millions of votes in thousands of precincts. When Connell went to the FBI, reporting that he had been hired by Karl Rove to hack the election and that Rove had threatened to kill him, he asked for help. He had been subpoenaed in a civil suit related to his role in the election and was afraid he was being seen as a “liability.” It was agreed that Connell would go into witness protection, but suffered the same tragic fate as Senator Paul Wellstone and his family.

What the world is doing right now is writing off the United States. Trump’s waffling has, in less than two weeks, made the word and promises of the United States utterly worthless. America’s military suffered a Pearl Harbour level disaster to it’s credibility and it’s only going to get worse. Do you remember those maps from so very, very long ago where areas of Africa simply weren’t filled in at all, well we’re going to see this again, we’re seeing it now, there is going to be a hazy area where the United States used to be and the caption is not going to be very nice.

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Ian Greenhalgh

Ian Greenhalgh is a photographer and historian with a particular interest in military history and the real causes of conflicts.

His studies in history and background in the media industry have given him a keen insight into the use of mass media as a creator of conflict in the modern world.

His favored areas of study include state sponsored terrorism, media manufactured reality and the role of intelligence services in manipulation of populations and the perception of events.

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  1. Just a correction: Bannon served as a Naval Officer, as a ‘ship driver’ (surface warfare) and special assistant to the CNO:

    Sure, he could be a controlled asset. Intriguing, the similarity in background to Bob Woodward, who served as an intel briefer to the CNO (see ‘Silent Coup’ by Kolodny and Gettlin, about the overthrow of Nixon by the Pentagon, in which Woodward played an important role).

  2. The shadow government obviously has made the threat to Trump on either him or his children will experience a Wellstone or Hastings mishap. It appears the people will have to work on their own to cure the world of the evil ones.

  3. EU is all about NATO there is no doubt about it. When Juncker proposed an EU army the UK military experts have swiftly rang the alarm bell. People who think that NATO headquarters are in Brussels are lunatics.

  4. Dick Cheney must be enjoying his days in post-presidential retirement now that the heat is finally off his menu. That explains the benefits of not allowing to be a US president for more than two terms (it is an unsurvivable criminality level and criminality lifespan). Yep, US elections are a farce choosing between two corporate gangs and mafia. The only thing that should catch US citizens attention and it doesn’t is what influence they can cast upon FBI, an institution thought to be in service of US patriots but for decades being a bastion of exactly the opposite. UK also do US bidding in Europe and vice versa and are no different in my view. They both make a mirror image and a Janus face of the north Atlantic. On foreign terms and foreign policy I consider it as one country not two..

  5. I may be mistaken but did I hear correctly that Trump and Putin are going to have talks on the de-weaponisation of space? If this is true then I will be keeping an eye on any developments with great interest.

  6. When a leader exhibits unwarranted fears, and acts in a manner detrimental to the people, and their safety, he must be relieved of command, it would not be the first time and certainly won’t be the last.

  7. Thank you Ian for your passionate and honest analyst as always. I have stopped going to most other “alternative news” sites such as Zero Hedge etc. as they have all drunk the Trump Koolaid. Veterans Today appears to be one of the few independent sites left making a principled stand against the Zionist coup that is the Trump election. Even if you stand alone, you stand on the right side of history.

  8. Gordon & Ian: Thank you. Just the tip of a very large iceberg, of course. Just enough to get some/many avid VT thinkers & doers to salivate — but not quite enough to get Bannon’s & Trump’s heads to explode.

    What is apparent is that VT/you are committed to the success of the U.S. — and even Trump (no matter how much VT, others, you & I may have opposed Trump’s s/election).

    Trump & Co. were savvy enough to get s/elected — but not savvy enough to govern (so far). With Hillary & Co., the reverse was true (due to and/or despite the perfidy).

  9. great article.

    somewhat unsatisfying though. any specifics on what came of the conversations with military and special operations experts two day ago????

  10. ‘Then we have Steve Bannon, a failed blogger and a real Jew hater who sees himself as the ultimate American tough guy; no military experience, a potty mouth and a long history of screaming at people in line at Starbucks.’

    Tee hee…. You have a wicked tongue, a viper’s tongue, Ian. Love the Starbucks-line line.

  11. Very sobering.

    I assume we are only allowed to read it here as there are too few of us to make any difference.

    • YIMK: “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has” ~ Margaret Mead.

  12. And now to deflect the aftermath of Trump’s Yemen raid, killing at least 10 women & children, including that little 8-year-old girl Nora Nawar Al-Awlaki who bled to death over 2 hours, brave little dying Nora who even tried to comfort her own crying mother in Nora’s final words on this earth

    Now the US has ‘released’ another fake-seeming Rita Katz type video they say they ‘found in Yemen’, the video giving ‘bomb-making instructions’ that can be found anywhere … so Trump’s people say killing all those women & children are OK cuz there is this stupid video ‘recovered’ from amidst the corpses

    As if Yemenis trying just to stay alive & fight back whilst Saudis are bombing them with US-supplied weapons, have time & resources to waste on making Rita Kitz uploads

    Tho for sure the picture of that 8-year-old girl murdered by Trump troops, is viral all over the Muslim world & there will be mega-blowback from that satanic killing

    • NJVJC: Simple explanation for the Can-Be-Found-Anywhere video? Time Travel Video, of course.

      Not “successful”? No, worse. The V-22 Osprey is to VTOL craft as the F-35 Lightning II is to joint strike fighter craft: An unmitigated boondoggle from beginning to end. And ‘end’ it did — like a lead balloon.

      Duff & Ian say: “The U.S. illegally flew [three] direct missions over Yemen… and [3] [T]o destroy the evidence, including V-22 Osprey wreckage and unrecovered bodies of Americans.”

      What Duff & Ian don’t say: The ‘unrecovered American bodies’ were NOT all dead before the third (illegal) mission — to destroy the V-22 (i.e., some U.S. soldiers died due to *intentional* “friendly fire”).

      So, the ‘time travel video’ evidencing a ‘successful’ raid was a Red Herring — to distract from the reality of (illegal) failure and the reality of wanton war crimes against women & children (including Nora).

    • 100K+ search results for >V-22 Osprey sand>. So, V-22 sand ingestion issues are well-known.

      Top-rated result is in Aviation Week (2015): “The fatal V-22 accident in Hawaii appears to have been caused by a newly identified ingestion issue, but a solution is years away at best.”

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