Judaism: Satanism, Sorcery and Black Magic



…by Jonas E. Alexis, Eric Gajewski, and Michael Hoffman


Jonas E. Alexis: You have just published an article by Michael Hoffman, author of Judaism Discovered, and it almost certainly will ruffle people’s feathers because it goes into the dark world of Judaism, Cabbala and Freemasonry. E. Michael Jones has an entire chapter of this topic in his study The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit and Its Impact on World History.[1]

According to Jones, Jewish revolutionaries were using secret societies such as Freemasonry and the Rosicrucian to bring down Western Civilization during the French Revolution. Voltaire himself was a Freemason and was indirectly aiding Judaism when he said: “Let the real Philosophers unite in a brotherhood like the Freemasons; let them assemble together and support each other, and let them be faithful to the association.”[2] Jones writes,

“The theological foundation of the French Revolution becomes clear when Barruel’s exposition of Masonic ritual. The philosophes began their assault on the ancient regime by subverting morals, but the goal was always theological. Freemasonry’s attack on Christ was inspired by the Talmudic literature in the Cabala…Freemasonry is ultimately Judaizing.”[3]

Is there a lot of Judaizing going on today?

Eric Gajewski: This article and analysis by Mr Hoffman is timely. We must understand that from a Catholic’s perspective “Israel” or Zion was always a reference to the Catholic Church not some sort of “puppet state of Israel” created by those who truly hate Our Lord. Their “messiah” to come is not ours.

Yet how many supposed Christians do you know are following this heresy?  Certainly, the majority of “Christians” in America are.  Now, we see in the news talk of a rebuilt third temple.  You see many “Christians” getting excited because they think the second coming of Christ is coming.  Ehh…wrong!

Who is behind the New World Order? The answer becomes obvious after some basic study.  We are moving out of a truly Catholic society right into the arms of the Antichrist himself.  Let us recall the words of Rabbi Waton:

“Judaism is communism, internationalism, the universal brotherhood of man, the emancipation of the working class and the human society.  It is with these spiritual weapons that the Jews will conquer the world and the human race.  The races and the nations will cheerfully submit to the spiritual power of Judaism, and all will become Jews….”

Everybody should be able to see the evil principles in place and it should no longer surprise anyone at this point to see the further persecution of Catholicism/Christianity. It is time to draw a line in the sand.

Michael Hoffman: The Kabbalah (“reception”), is a series of books of magic and mysticism. The canon has not been strictly defined although the rabbinic consensus names the Zohar as the most important volume. Another book, Sefer Yetzirah is a guide to black magic in Judaism.

Zoharic studies in English have been advanced exponentially by the recent publication of Daniel Matt’s uncensored translation of all of the volumes traditionally associated with the Zohar.

The descriptive term “Satanic” is overworked in this age of the Internet and “desktop” publishing. We do not propose to employ it casually or imprecisely. The Kabbalah is fundamentally Satanic in its theological orientation…

The Kabbalah is attributed to the Rabbi Shimon ben Yoahi who wrote, “Even the best of the gentiles should all be killed.”

Like the Talmud of Babylon, it is reputed to be derived form an Oral Law which God gave to Moses on Sinai in addition to the Written Law. In a cryptic passage from a book of the Kabbalah (Tikkunei Zohar 1:27b), buried within a double-entendre, is a reference to the Mishnah (first book of the Talmud) actually being “the burial place of Moses.” Furthermore, the rabbinic authors of the Mishnah admit to each other that their teachings and laws have “scant scriptural basis.”

Judaics under Kabbalistic auspices are said to be under the dominion of the sitra ahra (“evil inclination”).


Kabbalistic exegesis of the Old Testament predicates a secret meaning that can be discerned by assigning each word of the Hebrew Bible a number through a process known as gematria, and then combining these numbers corresponding to letters, creating a new Bible unknown to the masses.

The Kabbalah makes reference to the evil forces that will control Israel “in the secrecy of the steep,” when the spirits of the former zealots reincarnate on earth, forsaking their post-Second Temple exile to take up residence in Jerusalem yet again.[4]

In Kabbalistic terms, “Evil forces attach themselves to holiness.”

Patently, what is being called “holy” is not in accord with any Christian understanding of holiness, but rather in the pagan (Tantric) understanding that “defilement is a source of holiness.” That Jerusalem is the gateway to hell is celebrated in this mystical Kabbalistic sense, since it was known to and admitted by the rabbinate for centuries, that the evil forces are “most powerful in the Land of Israel, particularly in Jerusalem,” with the land’s “awesome powers” facilitating the process of demon worship and the resulting acquisition of material power on earth.[5]

The Babylonian Talmud claims that the forbidden tree in the Garden from which Adam ate was a fig: “Rabbi Nehemiah holds that the tree of which Adam ate was the fig tree” (BT Berakoth 40a). The Kabbalah teaches that the leaves of this fig tree conveyed powers of sorcery and magic (Zohar 1:56b Bereshit).

Consequently, in the rabbinic mind, the aprons worn by Adam and Eve, being made from the leaves of the fig tree, were garments that gave the wearers magical powers. These aprons made from fig leaves had the power to give the bearer the ability to enjoy “the fruits of the world-to-come” in the here-and-now. (BT Bava Metzia 114b). It is with this rabbinic understanding that Freemasons and Mormons wear these aprons in their own rituals.[6]

The Zohar states that by black magic, Adam cut in half the divine unity of the god and goddess. Adam was formerly a giant, but after his sin his physical proportions were shrunk by God and “his erect stature diminished by one hundred cubits.” (Zohar 1:53b). In the fertile rabbinic imagination, most of the Book of  Genesis, when taken literally, is misleading.

In Zohar 1:36a Bereshit, an account is given of the temptation of Eve in Genesis 3: 4-6: “Eat from it and you will really be like Elohim, knowing good and evil.” After quoting this text, the Zohar reports that “Rabbi Yehudah said, This is not what the serpent said. For if he had said, ‘With this tree the Blessed Holy One created the world,’ it would have been a correct statement.

What the serpent said was actually this: ‘The Blessed Holy One ate from this tree and then created the world…Eat from it and you will be creating worlds.””Zoharic Kabbalah…is centered on a blatantly erotic interpretation of the Godhead, dividing the functions of the sefirot into male and female sides. The Zohar includes multiple interpretations built around a concept of God’s ‘genitals.’

Using a phrase in Isaiah, ‘behold the King in his beauty,’ (33:17) as its springboard, the Zohar interprets the word for yofi, ‘beauty’ as a euphemism for a divine member. Tikkuni Zohar explicitly claims the ‘divine image’ that God bestowed upon man (but not upon woman) was the penis (I: 62b, 94b). The Zohar also interprets a passage from Job, ‘In my flesh I see God,’ as a reference to the human penis being in ‘the image of God’…this supernal phallus is manifest in one or the other of two other sefirot, Tifferet…and Yesod…”[7]


Judaism secretly teaches, as have the occult secret societies throughout the ages (in our time, Hindu Tantrism and the Ordo Templi Orientis or OTO), that the mystic can find redemption through a heroic willingness to do evil for the sake of a subsequent redemptive ascent to the highest spiritual good; immersion in the lowest of the low thus becomes a path to redemption: “…the concept of the descent of the Zaddiq, which is better known by the Hebrew phrase, Yeridah zorekh Aliyah, namely the descent for the sake of the ascent, the transgression for the sake of repentance…Much attention has been paid to this model because of its essential affinities with Zoharic and Lurianic Kabbalah…this model was a very important one in Hasidic thought…”[8]

In other words, the rabbinic doctrine that evil can be redeemed by embracing it, was in circulation in early Hasidism until it threatened to expose the whole truth about the rabbinic religion, after which damage control was instituted through the familiar deception system of permissible dissimulation through dispensational revelation.

In Hasidic Judaism’s first dispensation, the founding era of the Baal Shem Tov (early to mid-eighteenth century) and the disciples who came immediately in his wake, the grossest superstitions and the darkest dimensions of Babylonian Judaism were popularized among the Judaic masses, including the teaching that the “Jew” was to redeem the 288 “holy sparks” that exist in wicked thoughts (mahashavot zarot) and actions, by meditating upon them and implementing them, with the ostensible goal of “elevating” them.

There was a sustained outcry, however, against this teaching from the rabbis of the non-Hasidic, “Mithnagdim” school, who complained bitterly that the Hasidim were “…popularizing mystical concepts that hitherto had zealously been kept concealed by the rabbis.” The complaint by the Mithnagdim has been represented to the outside world as a principled protest against excessive mysticism which “distorts” the austere Mosaic purity of rabbinic Judaism.

Various forms of black magic (what Moshe Idel is pleased to call “the ancient Jewish mystical ascent as performed by the ‘descenders to the Merkavah”), superstition, goddess-worship, reincarnation and idolatry incontrovertibly comprise the under-publicized, formative core of Judaism’s oral traditions, and have exerted a profound influence on the rabbis since their sojourn in Babylon eighteen hundred years ago.[9]

One of the oldest repositories of Babylonian magic in Judaism are the texts, Sifrei ha-Iyyun, the Sefer ha-Bahir and the Hilkoth Yesirah (also known as the Sefer Yetzirah), circa 200 A.D.; the earliest extant copy of the latter is the Genizah ms., tenth century. “…the practice associated with this school of thought is magical/theurgic, even including the attempt to make a golem.”[10]

The “strand of earlier tradition is that of Merkavah mysticism. Merkavah designates a form of visionary mystical praxis that reaches back into the Hellenistic era but was still alive as late as tenth-century Babylonia…the old Merkavah and magical literature was preserved among the earliest Ashkenazic Jews…”[11]

The best way for readers to acquaint themselves with the Kabbalah is to read the Zohar in the Matt translation. Two representative quotes from that volume are:

“The evil impulse is good, and without the evil impulse, Israel cannot prevail in the world” (Zohar 161a); and: “Israel must make sacrifices to Satan so that he will leave Jerusalem unmolested.”

Jonas E. Alexis: This “evil impulse” has never died out, and over the centuries has jumped around from place to place and movement to movement and has taken different forms and variations.

It manifested itself briefly in fourteenth-century Spain when usury was used at an exorbitant rate, which ended up suppressing the peasants and provoking anti-Jewish reactions in the region. It sent shockwaves across much of Europe during the Hussite rebellion in the fifteenth century. It reached its pinnacle during the Peasant Revolt in the sixteenth century when judaizing Christians ended up smearing excrement on crucifixes and vandalizing and destroying churches and monasteries.

In the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, the revolutionary spirit produced false Jewish messiahs such as Shabbatai Zevi (1626-1676), who spearheaded the Sabbatean movement, and later produced staunch disciples and lesser known messiahs such as Barukhia Russo, Miguel Cardoso, Mordecai Mokia, Lobele Prossnitz, and Jacob Joseph Frank, compounding disaster on disaster.

The revolutionary spirit swept Europe in the nineteenth century with the rise of Marxism, which was the ideological brainchild of Karl Marx and Moses Hess. In the nineteenth century, it showed itself in much of Europe and sections in America in the sex industry, which was largely a Jewish enterprise—an enterprise which gave rise to Hitler’s negative conception of the Jews.

As we have seen earlier, this same “evil impulse” almost destroyed Berlin in the 1920s and 30s through moral corruption and degradation, but…



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[6] Cf. John L. Brooke, The Refiner’s Fire: The Making of Mormon Cosmology (Cambridge University Press, 1994) and Lance S. Owens, “Joseph Smith and Kabbalah: The Occult Connection,” in Dialogue: A Journal of Mormon Thought, Fall 1994. Smith enraged his brother Freemasons by incorporating secret Kabbalistic rituals in Mormon ceremonies. His occult church was seen as a growing rival to masonic power. In Carthage, Illinois in 1844, he was surrounded by a masonic mob (almost always described by establishment historians generically, as simply “a mob”), and out of awareness of its masonic personnel, Smith made the gesture of the masonic signal of distress, and shouted the code words, “Will no one help the widow’s son?” Faithful to their orders however, his erstwhile masonic-assassin brethren killed him on the spot. Cf. E. Cecil McGavin, Mormonism and Masonry (Bookcraft Publishers, 1956).

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Jonas E. Alexis has degrees in mathematics and philosophy. He studied education at the graduate level. His main interests include U.S. foreign policy, history of Israel/Palestine conflict, and the history of ideas. He is the author of the new book Zionism vs. the West: How Talmudic Ideology is Undermining Western Culture. He teaches mathematics in South Korea.
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  1. A terrific article. Well presented and accurate. These RKM so delusional and demented into a system of evil lies that is based on using, abusing, asset-stripping and even mass-murdering Goyem fore their own advancement all the while feeling self-righteous and fully justified. This one must go viral, so share it with al your good friends.

  2. Well done, gentlemen. It’s refreshing to see there really ARE some left that actually have the courage to tackle this issue. It is the root cause of ALL the [engineered] chaos that plagues the World in this present era. Sadly, most of its inhabitants simply REFUSE to “take their medicine”. They choose to — flatly — ignore reality. And that won’t end well.

    it’s important to point out to that World that the framework that defines the basis of modern “Judaism” is derived from a book known as the Talmud. The Talmud is, essentially, the old “Oral Law” of the PHARISEES, of biblical times, that was many centuries ago transcribed into written form. (Yes, you read that right. This is directly “from the horses’ own mouths”, so to speak. Five minutes of research should suffice to confirm this fact should anyone doubt it.) And it was Christ himself made no bones about his disdain for those Pharisees… and the threat they posed to humanity. He tried (in vain) to save them [from themselves], yet they denied him; in fact they did everything in their power to kill him. And It briefly appeared that they even succeeded in doing so.

    And NOTHING has changed. There is NOTHING new under the sun.

    In summary, it should be no mystery why this World — and especially THE WEST — began DYING, the minute it FOOLISHLY decided it was convenient and/or expedient to “lie down” with those Pharisees.


  3. Good to see you teaming up with Eric!

    …and very interesting background of Kabbalah from Michael Hoffman, which
    denotes the insidious thinking behind their deviously backwards and
    absolutely fake non-spirituality.

    • “Who is behind the New World Order? ………..
      (quoting Rabbi Waton):
      ” It is with these spiritual weapons that the Jews will conquer the world and the human race. The races and the nations will cheerfully submit to the spiritual power of Judaism, and all will become Jews….””

      correct Eric!

      The sign of the beast could easily be the star of David… hexagon 6 sides, 6 points, 60 degrees, easy to tatoo on the hand or forehead like cattle.

  4. Edward. Personally, I didn’t do a reflective walk so often, but only a Sunday Mass it’s not enough, as when you exit the Church the World makes you breath the Judaic methane atmosphere nurturing the souls with a daily diet of plenty shallowness. Do buy, do dress, do eat, do watch, do read, do talk do vote do only what the cenacle wants and never ask questions otherwise, the same cenacle provides the options: the junction: to be ostracized, called a geek, or whatever they see fit. In consequence. you need to construct your own World, perhaps around people sharing same thoughts;.

  5. I think I understand now Jonas. The old evil ways never went away and the old stories of the Bible and other books have been the key to the puzzle. Not to mention reading VT and putting it all together. Its literally the most evil scenario in the Universe – I see the Earths scenario today like David and Goliath. David { Satan} has to figure out how to take out Goliath { US, Russia, China -etc } so that he can rule. So while Goliath has been busy screwing around in the Americas, Asia, Africa, and every other place, David has focused on technology, espionage, new age weaponry that is small but effective. Also David has noticed that Goliath was very careless/stupid in thinking he was ” exceptional” which leads to numerous targets of easy prey – tall buildings, nuclear power plants, even computer assisted aircraft, ships etc. So, now that all the targets are in place and rigged, David tells “Goliaths’ ” to do this – this and this – since David will use the big Gs in order to do his dirty work before he axes him. So what you have had is David knocking over some major targets to show he means business – very evil business. David now has most of the Goliaths in the back of his hand and this is why you have Generals, politicians and Presidents acting like psychos.

  6. Edward. In keeping track on your point, excuse me if I’m wrong but you start with an analogy, cell ucontrollability ending up into a metastases and the tragic end of the being. I can’t see the paralell outcome.but I guess it refers to the fatal ending of any religious life. From the start, when we are not yet catechized, doubtful or not, believer or not, the question of the beggining of things and the reasoning within a logic chain of facts, we always remain in need to find the origin of all origins. Even in the search of an answer to it. If you believe in the big bang or anything alike, I would ask you, in that case: who set the fuze? Little means for me the Abraham character, a historical link like Sampson or Susanna or Rehoboam, asl in the end, all are leading to Christ, the One who has the Promise of the Everlasting Life. Yes I’m seduced by the Catholic doctrine, as was Charles The Great, the one that made Europe with the strongest Germanic spirit.

  7. Halo Edward. Which is the other than Abrahamitic concept of good and evil? Can we replace the day’s clarity with the night’s darkness? Is there an alternative reference? Even for atheist Jews exists a connatural feeling that something could be right or wrong although hidden under several layers of blood, ancestry, indoctrination , pecunary and political convenience. Otherwise, no Atzmon, Lilienthal, Chomsky, Hoffman, Avnery, Mersheimer, Shamir, Vanunu, and several others, honest or not, would see that Judaism and masonry are against mankind. Greek philosophers didn’t follow an Abrahamitic path but coincided with it in key points. Romans were pagans but converted because there was something better in the abrahamitc concepts. I can see where Alexis is heading, somehow without a methodical description but, all we can know on the matter its just fragmentary evidence, even for many Jews nevertheless, rabbi Meyer Wise fully address the subject: in form, substance and function Masonry its a totally jewish institution. as it says in the Book of Books (Talmud) and masonic teachings are at the core of Judaism and viceversa, Jewish teachings are the essence of Masonry, Pitfully, few Americans know the root of their problems..

  8. To Robert Levine. Dispensationalism has blurred your reasoning. Jewery wants to exert total control: The US has to fight all wars and shed blood for you, Your Federal Reserve tells the Congress how much the USG can spend, Jewish owned Banks have evicted more than 7million American families,US Congressman has to swear allegiance to Israel, the US has to support Israel’s military and general Budget. You keep assassinating Palestinians. Nearly 100% of Russian maffia bosses are Jews. Hollywood itself tells that is being totally Jewish controlled, Public schools are under mandatory holocaust visiting. you support homosexuality, abortion, organ trafficking, free drug consumption, atheism, pornography and yet you tell Albert that VT blames you for everything wrong? Tell me Robert, how could you hide such a “successful Limited Liability Company”.So, Robert, a daily dose of VT reading would detox you from FOX, CNN, ABC, NBC, AP, REUTERS, BBC. Alexis has done a wonderful job.

  9. I hate to cite some scholarly studies here, but you are forcing me to. See for example Gideon Bohak’s Ancient Jewish Magic: A History (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2008); Yuval Harari’s Jewish Magic before the Rise of Kabbalah (Detroit: Wayne State University Press, 2011); Raphael Patai’s The Jewish Alchemists: A History and Source Book (Princeton: Princeton University Press, 2014); Edward L. Goldberg’s Jews and Magic in Medici Florence: The Secret World of Benedetto Blanis (Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 2011); Stephen Sharot’s Messianism, Mysticism, and Magic: A Sociological Analysis of Jewish and Religious Movements (Chapel Hill: University of North Carolina Press, 1982); David B. Ruderman’s Kabbalah, Magic and Science: The Cultural Universe of a Sixteenth-Century Jewish Physician (Cambridge: Harvard University Press, 1988); Gershom Gerhard Scholem’s Sabbatai Sevi: The Mystical Messiah (Princeton: Princeton University Press, 1976); Pawel Maciejko’s The Mixed Multitude: Jacob Frank and the Frankist Movement, 1755-1816 (Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania Press, 2011).
    This is just the tip of the iceberg! It would take me days to cite all the scholarly sources on theses issues. Are you serious saying that we should ignore all those studies? I was completely shocked by your irrational statements here. “The reporting is weak in historical aspect”? Who’s playing fast and loose with the facts here?

  10. It is all stolen from much older religions, pre flood religions when the survivers came to the lands left over. We know who are the best thieves of history and rewrite it in their favour, do we ? More and more artifacts are found and shows the true science and history line.

    • Guess why all religious and world leaders went to Antarctica to see that shockfrozen civilization ?Seems all religious and world history must be rewritten and let´s hope they don´t betray us again.

  11. This article is a little disappointing (compared to your usually high standard J.E.A.). The narrow focus on judaism hides the fact that during the last two thousand years all religion in the West has deteriorated into systems of social control, even of slavery. It also hides the fact that this downfall in the West was a direct result of the physical destruction of all Mediterranean wisdom schools (that could be called broadly Hermetic), and the subsequent destruction of all natural cultural wisdom ever northwards in Europe, by christianity in the crusades. This destruction was followed by generations people being threatened and scared with evil “sorcerers”, “black magic” and even “satanism”. All the while, despite having a moral code, christianity itself behaved like the proverbial church of satan. Anywhere the christian empires spread cultural and physical destruction followed, and the old culture was always turned into “sorcery” and “satanism” – Americas, Africa, Australia, Asia. What I find important for understanding the role of judaism in our history today is the strong links between traditional judaism, freemasonry, communism, zionism and neo-conservatism. And what these groups have done to this world. Faith based religion can (and will) always be turned to evil. Wisdom cannot be turned.

  12. The engineering profession consisting of all engineers in every specialty such as electrical, mechanical, civil, chemical, environmental, computer and others are responsible for the collective safety of all humans everywhere on the planet and for minimizing destruction of the planet and environment and preventing property losses. Suppose the engineering profession was not educated and required to understand and comply with the well established laws of physics, laws of chemistry, laws of logic, laws of mathematics and on and on and on, but instead had these demands replaced with religious superstition and fake unproved dogma? Would you be in favor of such a change. Would you be in favor of requiring engineers to have courses in astrology and some of the garbage described in this article instead of being required to pass demanding courses in the laws of physics? I hope not. If you do be prepared for cars crashing, buildings falling down, airplanes crashing, being electrocuted in your homes and dying horrible unpredictable deaths. Society would be doomed if that nonsense were followed. We would degenerate into oblivion. In fact every citizen should be required to learn the laws of physics and mathematics.

    • Religious superstition is responsible for untold human suffering throughout the ages from the beginning of civilization. Nearly all wars can be traced to religious prejudice of some sort. Ignorant hatred between races is virtually all ignorant religion based. The Catholic Church is at bottom a criminal enterprise which illegally uses money donated for legitimate church social services to pay lawyers to get perverted priests and bishops out of criminal charges of child abuse and molestation. The Catholic Church should be banned and all their expensive real estate confiscated and taxed. In fact let’s begin taxing all religions. While some aspects of religion have some redeeming value, most do not. Most human suffering since the beginning of time are based on the ignorance of religious dogma. Just look at what the ignorant Catholic Church did to the world’s greatest physicist Galileo Galilei. It took the ignorant Catholic Church nearly 4 centuries to admit they were wrong and Galileo Galilei was right after all. The more higher education Americans receive, the more ignorant and dumber they become. The blind are leading the blind. We seem to be becoming less civilized rather than more civilized. Most people are easily fooled, fleeced and had and do not even know they were fooled, fleeced and had. This is an example of the best type of scam or con where the victim does not even know he was had.

  13. “ And at the time when they bow down to it, it speaketh to them in all matters that they ask of it, through the power of the name which is written in it”
    read Genesis 31 for background then Book of Jasher (don’t dismiss because it was not included) referred to in 2 Samuel 1:18, Joshua 10:13 proof
    Book of Jasher Chapter 30: 40-44… free pdf download
    Its there, the entry… the seed of the counterfeit sown through the lie, the enmity, the division between the seed of the lie, and the seed of truth, the seeds of counterfeit israel sown under-cover a harvest in blood…. the real emerges through the heart raining truth as eyes will see the reign of lies is over

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