Putin blames Kiev for upsurge in violence


… by Jim W. Dean, VT Editor    … with Press TV, Tehran

Nikki Haley gets right into the fairy tale groove

[ Note: The dump trucks of lies continue to unload on the American people, who as an additional humiliation are forced to pay for the delivery. Having a female UN ambassador to deliver the lies seems to be in vogue as a softer way to do it.

It’s not so much that diplomats would want to hide the truth on nasty things they are doing, but that the public acquiesces and swallows what is throw out at them. Nikki Haley seems to have gotten into the  manure-truck groove quite easily.

I doubt the UN Ambassadors get much mail criticizing what they are doing. America really needs grassroots letter clubs that organize a constant flow of letters and emails going out to officials on timely topics. The cynics are wrong in suggesting it is a waste of time, when it is just the opposite.

As long as they don’t see any pushback, they have no incentive to stop shoveling out the manure. Our silence is acceptance and permission. The seeds for these groups include people who are already in other affinity groups, where it would just be a matter of having a weekly group Skype meeting to share targets and talking points so the participants would have everything they need to execute.

The key is to make it fast and efficient and to keep a tally of what they are doing, so as the months go by, they see the communication statistics grow. Some fun has to be woven into it. For instance, when we started “flagging” Governor Roy Barnes, who took the Confederate Heritage state flag down using a bushwhack end of legislative session trick, our motivation for sustaining our efforts was all the car honking that we got from the passersby who supported our efforts. There’s nothing like a little positive, instant feedback. 

This politician was defeated in the next election, and the black anti-flag Democrats have never had a committee chairmanship since then; although once the Republican governor assumed office, he quickly abandoned supporting the heritage movement, since he was grooming himself for national office, which requires wiping one’s feet on Southern heritage as a domestic Islamic State era of our history. My revenge? … they never got another dime or one minute of my time. I found a better place for it at VT… Jim W. Dean ]


– First published … February 33, 2017

The United States ambassador to the United Nations has strongly condemned Russia’s aggressive actions in Ukraine. Haley goes on to say that all American Crimea-related sanctions on Russia will remain in place until Russia returns control of the peninsula to Ukraine.

Crimea rejoined Russia following a referendum in 2014. Meanwhile Russia’s president, Vladimir Putin says Kiev provoked the recent upsurge in violence to win the support of the new US administration.

Press TV Comments:

Crimea is better of whit progressive Russia that retarded Ukraine .Fuck NATO and the NWO zionist banksters.
Ukrainian is now a basket case.
Sorry Trump, but the people of Crimea VOTED OVERWHELMINGLY to return to the mighty, loving arms of Mother Russia!
well..it’s going to get more ugly in the world. Death of US / Russia relations. That’s exactly what Ukraine want
Usa should respect the sovereignty of Syria blame yourself first then blame others
There was a saying when i was a kid. keep your nose out of other peoples business


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  1. Place a beautiful face, male or female, to sell bullshit and see how the hormon cap (or dark night of the soul) falls over the brains of both men and women.

  2. The UN does need to be abandoned because the honest diplomats in the UN have to listen to the American Bimbos that keep reading the Hollywood script about the affairs in the World. I am quite surprised that the honest diplomats don’t just get up and leave when its the US Bimbos turn to talk. But wheelbarrows of money talks. Yo Trump – at least hired a Porn Star to read the script – they are probably more intelligent and at the end of their script — they might laugh at your – stupidity . Ya, the East Ukraine defense sits tight and waits for the next American backed assault – kills a hundred, takes a personal hit themselves then the Ukies start the shelling of the Civilians in retaliation of losing 100 young men/boys. Regular Army- Russia sits back and already has a plan to take the Dneiper in 1 week and its just a matter of time before the Russian commanders justify killing their cousins in Ukraine for the sake of – of – what is that word that America uses – National Security? The Pentagon will spread their armies out and thin and the rest of the World will get a chance to retaliate – the US will think they have won but they lost a long time ago.I’m assuming If Crimea even gets touched – Kiev will look like a dead Stalingrad – family or no family. Garry Compton – reporting Live from – Crimea — Spacibo

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