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by Gordon Duff, VT Sr. Editor,   … with New Eastern Outlook, Moscow

Welcome to the Trump Twilight Zone

[ Editor’s Note: This is a classic Gordon retrospective piece featuring the phenomenon of the Women’s March, which the world had never seen stimulated by the inauguration of a new American president before.

The Trump team panicked, going through a kind of Twilight Zone experience, as the President motorcade drove to the Capitol with nothing but scattered crowds along the way. And they knew a few days in advance, and it was easy for us to know.

Even Gordon was getting calls, for his having been an old national committee member back in the Reagan days, being offered free tickets to major events, like the balls, where in the past you were looking at laying out five figures to get a ticket.

On Friday night, political operatives were walking around with their cel phones in sparsely attended events, all part of undeniable history now, due to all the Facebook and Twitter photos posted. Anyone and everyone they knew had been instructed to offer free tickets to “come to the party”, another first time event.

Even the horses where called up

The man who claimed to have ridden a grassroots wave into the Whitehouse was caught with his pants down on Saturday, figuratively speaking. Mr. Spicer was left with no option but to bluff his way through it and to launch a general counter attack against the lying media, for which there is certainly some validity.

But what they forgot is that the DC police have crowd surveillance and control down to a polished science, because you have to be ahead of the “what if” game, in terms of deploying your security forces for certain things that might happen, and that all starts with knowing very closely where people are, and how many.

I have not seen a single report on the DC police being asked for their official numbers estimate, and I am not surprised that they did not want to weigh into this by volunteering anything. Bottom line — we said Trump would probably be his own worst enemy and be a constant engine for manufacturing growing opposition, and so far, he has been fulfilling that role to a teeJim W. Dean ]


We had expected some of this, both the real kind, and “fake tagging”, because it is so easy

– First published  …  February 05,  2017

On January 21, 2017, the world asked a question in a way never before seen. Can a nation like the United States, that had always embraced justice and freedom, perhaps as many might say with unique imperfection, suddenly and quite openly become dark and menacing?

Despite how America haters and anti-globalists, a small minority, rant on and on, not without validity mind you, in general, the world has always admired America. More correctly, the world “had” always admired America. You see, few take seriously the promise to fight what the new American government sees as the only problem in the world, “Islamic extremism.”

The people of the world, all the people of the world, are victims of fear, injustice and hate, something far worse than “extremism” and it is America that has embraced spreading hate, spreading fear and spreading injustice as its newfound national religion.

This is what the world believes. This is also what the majority of Americans believe as well, according to poll and after poll.

The DC Women’s March left their signs as displays of their giant calling cards all over Washington

On January 21, 2017, women in 70 nations marched to delegitimize the Trump presidency. The numbers will never be reported but the United States has never seen anything of this scale in history. Since the November 2016 election, a wave of fear has spread across America, swastika’s spray-painted everywhere, an epidemic of rude behavior, bullying and violent extremism.

The victims are always the vulnerable, Arab-American community leaders, Jews and, most of all, women. Rather than submit, communities have been pulling together, police have been alert and supportive in most cases, and outrage has swept the nation. This is why the Women’s March took off like it did, with numbers even the “liberal press” is reluctant to report.

People who never stood for anything, never spoke up, bought “pussy hats” and boarded busses and planes, or drove to the center of their towns, some crowds only a handful, others, in city after city, countless. The numbers surpassed any Vietnam protest and dwarfed “occupy” efforts.

The motivation was clear, fear of victimization. In a world where most are victimized, many unrelentingly, whether by globalist policies of war and exploitation, or as members of societies where exploitation and abuse permeate every waking moment, the Women’s March was a unique response.

Pussy hats were everywhere, all kinds and all ages

It is inherent in human nature, perhaps from our hunter-gatherer roots dating back to proto-human times, to not only band together and form natural hierarchies, but to seek the spiritual and transcendent as well. This human yearning has, however, been turned aside, even turned inside out, where natural leaders are now superseded by the clever, the well-born, the morally flexible and, as most now accept, the corrupt and cowardly. Let us digress for a moment.

When looking at America’s military, two Colonels, warriors true, one fictional, one beyond fiction, come to mind. The fictional Colonel Kurtz (played by Marlon Brando), from the film Apocalypse Now, referred to the Pentagon as staffed with “grocery clerks” who send out killers as “errand boys.”

Col. David Hackworth in Vietnam

Veterans Today co-founder, Colonel David Hackworth, America’s most decorated combat veteran from three wars, used another term. He called them “the Perfumed Princes of the Pentagon.” General “Mad Dog” Mattis, newly ordained Secretary of War, or as they call it now, “Secretary of Defense” is one of those, to quote another fictional character, “Dirty Harry” (played by Clinton Eastwood), “a hero in his own mind.”

Since 9/11, the Pentagon has lost or stolen $6.5 trillion, killed countless innocents, oversaw the creation of the largest narcotics empire in history and lost wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. Now those who oversaw this process area going to be running the American government under Trump.

These are the same people who lied about WMD’s in Iraq, about Iran’s nuclear weapons program, who lied and murdered and are now being rewarded as part of what must be a sick joke. What is clear is that all reason is at an end, that reason has failed, that “belief” has replaced “fact” and that a new dark age may well be at our door.

Before reason, before belief, there may well have been “instinct.” Any pet owner sees it in their dog or cat, animals usually anthropomorphized whose play mimics the stealth of the hunt or pack behaviors. For humans, born without stealth and claw, without horn or armor, it was different.

We mention this at this time for a reason. The return to the “baser” instincts to band together, whether political movements, cults, religions, secret societies or out of spiritual awakening, are doing so because of the failure of reason.  Even Descartes warned of this: “It is not enough to have a good mind; the main thing is to use it well.”

What we are now seeing is not so much something unique in Trump and his adverse attitude toward facts and truth, his hatred of reason. Perhaps the world really is a joke to him, it is truly possible that someone who has lived admittedly above the law, immune to consequences, has a unique perspective.

If reason has failed, is Trump a cure? Is Trump’s clownishness a brazen admission of what has been there all along, the hypocrisy, a world steeped in injustice and cruelty, brought only to awareness by a singular and electrifying force? In truth, no one knows what is going to happen, the script has been burned and all predictions are only that, predictions.

Spicer has a really tough job as the clean up man for Trump

On January 22, 2017, White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer gave his first briefing, the subject was “the press.” His intent was to demand that news agencies report his version of the inauguration. Spicer told media that “record crowd” attended.

In reality, Washington was a ghost town, half empty hotels, and as photos show, lots of empty space while a crowd estimated at 259,000 listened to Trump’s controversial diatribe.

The issue isn’t that 1.8 million heard Obama or that few even watched the event on television. It isn’t even that Spicer threatened the media for, as CNN is quoted as saying “accurately reporting inauguration crowds.”

Before we get into the subject of delegitimization, usually something tied only to Israel, a warning of sorts. There is a fear around the world that, though things as they were under the “old order” were far from perfect, that the new one, an American president enthrall to Netanyahu and mob boss Felix Sater, longtime Trump advisor and financier.

The fear among the circles that understand what they see is that the message Spicer and Trump are broadcasting to world leaders and security experts is that this attack on the press is a prelude to disaster.

What is expected is false flag terrorism and war, of an announced “isolationist” policy that is, in reality a prelude to unilateralism and intervention, for Israel, for criminal elites, rubber stamped by a “bought and paid for” American congress and opposed by an American people, or at least those who can fight their way through the subterfuge.

What is now going on is pure subterfuge. Now we discuss delegitimization.

A first time post inauguration event like the Women’s March was treated as a non-event by the White house

On January 21, untold millions around the world united for the first time. In many American towns, half the population came out. In Washington, the crowd was estimated as minimally twice the size of the inauguration audience. Similar crowds were seen in many cities, Denver, Boston, New York, Detroit, Los Angeles, oh and Nairobi, Amsterdam, Berlin, do you see where I am going?

Numbers were over 10 million, maybe that in the United States alone, outpacing anything, and coming as close as possible to a general strike, worldwide, as ever seen. Driving this was one issue, the glorification of hate, of racism, of sexism, of criminal rule, unaccountable and enforced at gunpoint.

Much of the world has lived this way for a long time and a militarized police and surveillance state, that has existed in America since 9/11, has finally brought that reality home. When America failed to dismember and we are saying “when Obama failed to dismember” the Israeli run Department of Homeland Security, the unconstitutional superagency that is the heart of America’s secret government, few paid attention. Obama was seen as harmless.

Trump is not seen as harmless. He has no history of doing anything but what he feels like, and has entered office charged with child rape, a “civil charge” for some unknown reason, and after settling countless lawsuits for what would, with any other individual, have accounted for prison sentences for fraud.

Chertoff helped Israelis get key communications, contracts for DHS then left to begin cashing in for himself

The offensive “locker room” talk so easily pushed aside during the election when fake news and bizarre allegations of imaginary child “pizza-sex” rings and serial killings supposedly committed by Hillary Clinton were distributed by Trump backers.

This was no accident, nor are the attacks on the press today. There is even a more basic question here, more basic than reason itself, and that is of the spiritual nature of mankind.

Saying Trump is correct, and that Islamic extremism, which advocates the use of brutal force to bring mankind into subservience to a spiritual regime as outlined by Saudi Wahhabist clerics, is the greatest threat, are there others and should they be ignored as well?

What any examination of any and all spiritual or religious movements soon recognizes is the hierarchical nature and that all are soon corrupted, consumed by brutality or hedonism, expressions of the psychopathic rather than the sublime.

The Age of Enlightenment and the political movements of the 19th century had their roots in this same dialectic framework.

This leaves us with a narrow opening of possibility, a door perhaps opened with a protest, for good or bad, having roots in Trump’s ascendance perceived as a “dark power” by so many. The question is a simple one, can reason and spirituality meld without fear and hate?

Can the energy now spreading through the West, fear, hate and prejudice, be turned around, instilled with reason, and redirected toward what many have long desired, a world without borders, without races and nations, where human life and human dreams have value and where such discussions aren’t simply part of empty speeches?

Gordon Duff is a Marine combat veteran of the Vietnam War that has worked on veterans and POW issues for decades and consulted with governments challenged by security issues. He’s a senior editor and chairman of the board of Veterans Today, especially for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook.”

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Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

Gordon Duff is a Marine combat veteran of the Vietnam War. He is a disabled veteran and has worked on veterans and POW issues for decades.

Gordon is an accredited diplomat and is generally accepted as one of the top global intelligence specialists. He manages the world's largest private intelligence organization and regularly consults with governments challenged by security issues.

Gordon Duff has traveled extensively, is published around the world and is a regular guest on TV and radio in more than "several" countries. He is also a trained chef, wine enthusiast, avid motorcyclist and gunsmith specializing in historical weapons and restoration. Business experience and interests are in energy and defense technology.

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  1. (continued)

    Not to proseytize them, but to inform them about our culture and how it has created our way of thinking. As it is, I wouldn’t hesitate to assert that, away from the largely unwelcome influence of the jihadist ‘headbangers’, well, we know that they are, for the most part, more devout than us.

  2. Proximately, the fundamental problem is the near demise of Christianity; ultimately that itself is due to man’s fallen nature. Grace builds upon nature. There are no short-cuts in the medium-to-long term. Goodness cannot be legislated for successfully other than for the very short-term, although political conservatism, a refusal to advance spiritually/socially is plainly wrong.

    Christianity demands that we do our best to help the refugees, the more so, in that their plight was effected by our depraved leaders, their very villages, homes, towns and ciities bombed to smithereens. However, it has been an observable fact that we fallen human beings need to preserve our sense of cultural identity, still primarily religiously imprinted on the incomers, yet in a strange way still vestigially present in many of us, despite the Church’s current marginalsiation.

    Some fundamental realities : To preserve our national identity, we need, as a people, to return to our Christian cultural roots, ‘warts and all’. Then we can sensibly be in a position to require that Muslim inmigrants set aside certain priods each week during which their school-children are taught about our European Christian history and culture.


  3. Ed… I told you are a racist shill. A German born in the last century, calling any one else an invader, is a knee slapper. That is what racists do when they loose arguments, they go low real low. Come on Ed you are silly at best. I think I read someone else calling you that too.

    • Ed … You seem to be taking the role of moderator on this web site. Please do not address me any more and keep future comments to your self. I not read any of your comments from now on.

    • Ed… I can debate Europeans all day long. It is healthy for them to look at a mirror once in a while and realize they are not superior to any other civilization that went down the drain, its the laws of life. However, loosing the argument and insulting others’ family members from behind a keyboard is not debating that is bullying.

  4. Trump comes from a long line of dehumanizers, Grandady, dady, then his mentor Cohen the sidekick of McCarthy. Then comes Bibi, the dehumanizer of Ghaza.
    During the election Trump dehumanized women by refusing to excuse himself. Trump is a one trick pony who does what Cohen taught him, “keep attacking.” Then, one of his first acts in office was to continue dehumanizing Muslims. He also threatens to begin dehumanizing Iran by bombing it, just like Iraq, Libya and Syria. Hu-man is what comes from man. Human-kind is Mercy and Kindness. To dehumanize someone is to withhold from them all Mercy and Kindness.
    In America, a great deal of past and recent groups have suffered from the oligarchs’ dehumanization. The Native Americans, the Irish, the Chinese, women, the Africans till this day. The Vets also are dehumanized by withholding treatment of their wounded bodies and souls. The middle class is dehumanized by Big Farma, Big Ag, the Insurance companies and the Banksters. Forced to work 2-3 jobs, they have lost all sense of an inner life or time to breath in deep while the shackles of debt slavery tighten around their spirits. The Muslims and Arabs have been dehumanized as practitioners of a violent religion to loot their lands. Even those who sought refuge here were dehumanized as terrorists. Surely, Trump should vet them but there are humane ways of doing so with refugees. However, with Bibi there is no humanity.

    • Ed… because the West bombed them to rubble and the Western sponsored terrorists will not leave them in peace to rebuild. Is this so hard for non racist Europeans to understand.

    • Ed… because the plan is against humanity not your Europe. Egypt, KSA and all the Muslim countries are under orders not to take but a few.

    • Ed… These people that did not help you, were themselves occupied by the same nations that sat in the train car. My great uncle burned the Egyptian fortress of Alexandria after he failed to stop the English invasion, defying the Khidawi. He refused to ask for clemency, although offered, instead he took his poison. I am also told that my grandfather hated the Monarchy with a passion, but admired the English people, they are also my people and I despise any Monarchy. So LET ME ASK YOU this: Do you think a person can belong to two tribes, your kings did it all the time, without you screaming Racial Purity. Get your DNA tested ED. Who knows you might be 85% European and 15% sub saharan-Africa, just like that white supremacist they had on TV a short time ago.

  5. The pink twat hats are demeaning to women. The whole thing was a disgusting spectacle and a Soros op. Who can’t see a colour revoluition in the making?

    There is a Russian saying. Why can’t there be a colour revoltion in the USA? Because there are no US embassies there; is wrong. The CIA is the problem in US embassies as it evidently is at home.

    • Was the million man march a colored revolution? The indicators of a color revolution are not present. Pink is a feminin color (not feminist, big difference.) However, your backward machismo is evident.

  6. a magnetic pull towards truth told by the truthful, here the record speaks….a banding together in a natural hierarchy is inherent in human nature, those raised to lead the way as the groundswell reaches the crest…. a yearning both heard and felt, the “being” of our “human” or our“ spiritual and transcendent” moves together with flesh absorbing new awareness as Women unite the world over they answer a call, a greater call…. Instinctive in knowing her seed, unborn and future is under threat, yet at this time her fear turns to red hot rage… with a backing that will not be dismissed by any poor excuse for Man who would oversee her future and very seed destroyed

    • Degenerate hats or a clueless comment from someone who can’t finish an article to know it was not praising anyone but simply asking a question.

    • Considering the comments I’ve read from youKhalid, I’m sure you’re typing with your pink hat on. I guess it is you who can’t read because it looks fairly obvious the props given to these feminists like it’s a good thing. It’s not, it wasn’t.
      What you will never understand is they are part of the problem, another “ism” created by the “Tribes” braintrust, written down in the Protocols, with an objective of tearing away at our, as in western cultures social cohesive fabric. The same with the immigration that is flooding the west with a bunch of Khalid Talaats.

    • “Can the energy now spreading through the West, fear, hate and prejudice, be turned around, instilled with reason, and redirected toward what many have long desired, a world without borders, without races and nations, where human life and human dreams have value and where such discussions aren’t simply part of empty speeches?”
      What many have long desired….world without borders. Sounds like global government to me. You know, the “New World Order”. Without races and Nations. Again, utopian, world government rhetoric.
      Notice it’s only the west that has to put up with all the immigration flooding in, paying for it and tolerating it. Take a look at the “cultural enrichment” the Italians or Germans are getting from those “refugees” going around sexual assaulting like it’s going out of style. No feminists seem to care much about that though.
      Trumps a troll, but to pretend that the Clintons are clean or that the military crazies are just getting started now is preposterous. Obama was a disaster, bombing with drones, spying, threatening red lines and was only thwarted from starting another illegal theatre in Syria by Russian statesmanship to convince Assad to give up his weapons, leaving Kerry, another “bonesman” with egg on his face.

    • Edward, I feel things are so bad now there is no point playing nice with words. It’s obvious to anyone paying attention an effort to flood the western world with immigrants from totally alien cultures. Every single organized Jewish group is pushing the immigration. I can’t find one Jewish group against it. The Muslims coming in are a perfect weapon as their belief system, culture and values are completely opposite of ours in the west. Islam is to dominate, not to assimilate. They know this. Even the nice Muslims you see every day want Islam to spread and ultimately rule, as their Quran instructs. They’re excited with the possibility. Once Muslims get in with enough cover, they start their problems. Ironically, Jewish groups don’t take anyone in to Israel, as immigration is only good for us goys.

    • Bringing in more people doesn’t help those countries. It only hurts ours. We have enough citizens to care for without foreigners and this splendid utopian notion stated above of a one world with no borders and everyone the same, no races…as if we are all identical cultures is fantasy land and to me suggests the new world order, long time aspirations of those who pull the strings behind the scenes, call them what you will. They started their feminism, bolshevism, their capitalism (usury) et al. Recall the letter from Pike to Mazzini, “we will unleash the niahilists and atheists”. Pink hats come to mind, homosexuals, the people you hear about shutting down speakers like at Berkley, preventing little gay Jews from speaking for example.

    • All the praise to these sick pink hat because so many of them got up like Ashley Judd, the nasty woman, yet no mention of how many people sitting at home have utter contempt for it, who don’t want any more immigration be it legal or illegal. But our voices are muted as the only voices we are allowed to hear are from dreamers and liars. I don’t have a problem with Trumps ban. There once upon a time was a quota for immigration in order to keep the demographics capped for non white ethnic europeans. It changed in that Kennedy act in the US, in the 70’s in Canada…take a look who were all supporting and behind the act, same old names.

    • We were promised it wouldn’t change anything. It’s not only changed everything, it’s changed the minds of people into thinking the destruction of our own ethnicity is the moral thing to do because we owe the world because of slavery bla bla. As if nobody had slaves. As if white Irish were not slaves and treated worse than any blacks. As if the Arabs didn’t have slaves or as if the Jews weren’t the biggest slave traders in the world. Yes we owe the world, to the point now where we have marxists on TV calling for white guilt compensation to foreigners. La Rasta, the “race” with their “reconquista” humming along at warp speed.
      When oh when will the rest of the world, say China, say Jordan, Japan say Russia, Israel, pick a country, facilitate the mass immigration of a foreign people into their countries and allow the foreigners all the same rights and privileges of their own indigenous citizens? The answer is never. Is it because they’re all racists? No, it’s because they aren’t suicidal as a race.

  7. Yes, in fact I believe the only way to meld spirit and reason is without fear and hate. The lack of reason in our spirituality around the world has been the product of hundreds of years of effort. This movement has wiped out thousands of years of accumulated knowledge, but much of it can be retrieved. Trump is the unknowing catalyst, and by releasing the hate Geni from the bottle, provides the necessary imbalance to energize the resurgence of original spirituality. The US will never be great again until Matriarchy and Matriots replace Patriots and Patriarchy and the right thing is done on behalf of the people bonded to this land. This land is feminine. The trees were cut the same way hair is casually removed from inmates or recruits. There is much to do.

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