Down Here on the Farm (Part II)

We are being "farmed" and asset stripped by the Banksters. American soldiers have been used as profit-making cannon fodder in all wars engineered by the Banksters to "liberate" cheap natural resources for their corporate cronies. Our assets are being continuously stripped by the Banksters charging pernicious usury for "renting" what should have been our own money in the first place. How did this ever happen to us?

by  Preston James

Ever since the top brass of the US Army Air Corps (which later became the USAF) decided that the Roswell Crash had to be suppressed, a revolutionary change occurred in US Intel.

Thus the Roswell crashed flying saucer story was immediately excised from the Major Mass Media and a flimsy cover story was substituted that a weather balloon crashed instead.

The Big Boys who really run things decided this incident provided a terrific opportunity to seize complete control over the USG and the whole United States of America, including all dissonant political factions.

How was this done? It was done using the same methodologies that locked down the Manhattan Project: use of special Intel classifications levels and “need to know” as a standard for what Intel was shared with whom.

During WW2,a serious tone was projected that “loose lips” sink American ships in reaction to the discovery of the penetration of Nazi saboteurs in certain Eastern ports. The FBI under Hoover had moved quickly under wartime national security to arrest and stop these saboteurs.

After Roswell.

“If the human race knew the truth, some people would be worried…”

After Roswell this same wartime attitude of the seriousness of secrecy being necessary to protect “national security” was also projected, intensified and taken to the extreme with the passage of the national Security Act of 1947 which gave the authority for the creation of the CIA.

The CIA was never supposed to be deployed domestically but thanks to Roswell, asserted itself and took charge of the new USAF when it was transformed from the WW2 US Army Air Corps.

The crashed Alien ET anti-gravity craft and Roswell and other locations was seized and used to manipulate President Truman into believing the CIA was necessary to protect this secret from the Russians and Chinese.

Later Truman claimed this was the biggest mistake of his Presidency because he came to realize that the CIA spread its control all over America by setting up, acquiring and even hijacking hundreds of proprietary fronts as cover. Soon nobody knew where all these were, or what they were, nor did future Presidents have the necessary security clearances to be able to find out.

The foreign technology back-engineering program at Patterson Army Air Corp Base (later to become Wright Patterson USAF Base).

The Alien ET recovery program and back engineering of these anti-gravity craft led to deep-black and beyond-black unacknowledged programs buried deep within certain aeronautical and defense contractors which formed off the books secret alliances with the USAF and alternatively the USN, both competing for space superiority.

Initially all the  analysis and back-engineering done at Patterson, later to become Wright Patterson USAF Base.

Later, these functions were transferred to Groom lake, areas S4 and then S2 and finally to the Four Corners areas into cloaked bases underground. These underground bases opened up to receive aircraft and trucks. One well known was is located outside Sedona, Arizona allegedly connected to the large Argo Tunnel accessible through a hotel in Denver at one end for top brass to enter.

The Banksters who sit at the top of the Pyramid of Power.

Now consider the Big Boys that sit at the top of the hierarchical Pyramid of Power, that is, the illegal, unconstitutional private central Banksters. They asset strip We The People of vast amounts of our wealth through the issuing of fake Fiat “funny money” (script), the illegal, unconstitutional charging pernicious usury on use of this funny money, and the illegal, unconstitutional fraudulent pernicious usury on an imaginary debt.

Obviously it is extreme RICO fraud to charge American’s pernicious usury to use what should have been their own money in the first place that isn’t even real money. This funny money is accepted only because there are illegal, unconstitutional laws requiring it to be accepted as “legal tender”.

These City of London Banksters viewed Roswell and a great opportunity to lockdown all America by expanding this WW2 wartime concept of locking down secrecy.

The CIA was set up by Third Reich Nazi Intel brought over under Operation paperclip run by Gehlen and Mueller with full support of the Duklless and Prescott Bush, even though Bush had his Union bank Assets seized and his hands slapped for supporting the Nazis during WW2.

Prescott Bush became an informant for the FBI and gained immunity from prosecution for treason by signing an agreement that his progeny would never run for any political office. He was a hard core Nazi man like his “son” GHWB and the Dulles brothers.

This immunity agreement Prescott Bush signed was allegedly the document Sandy Berger tried to steal from the National Security section of the US National Archives (and was caught and received minimal correction for).

GHWB climbs to the top for managing Op40 at Dallas. 

GHWB ran OP40 assassination of JFK, RFK and MLK and his reward was to climb the ladder into the higher levels of the Pyramid of Power. He created a massive Fourth Reich Intel operation that absorbed the CIA in full. This is best referred to as the Bush Crime Cabal (BCC) and many believe that Trump’s victory (whatever it turns out to be) was a complete defeat of the BCC.

The CIA and the BCC as well as the Fourth Reich were merged into this CIA group and over 750 of the largest International Corporations bought with stolen Nazi Gold and assets. This was all allowed by the City Of London Rothschild Khazarian Banksters who formed a working partnership with them.

There was a large secret “Roundtable” of Intel and organized crime entities formed that reputedly involved the Cosa Nostra, the Khazarian Mafia (included the Red Mafia in Soviet Russia and its satellites), the CIA, NATO (which included Gladio run by the Fourth Reich and their “left Behind Army”), the Japanese Yakuza and the Chinese Triads, and the Corsican Mafia.

The Third Reich becomes the Fourth Reich and goes corporate “three piece suit”.

In the mid 1950s the Third Reich went “three piece suit” becoming the Fourth Reich and allegedly formed a working relationship at the roundtable with the Israelis. Deals were made. Hitler had to be taken care of as did Bormann.

It was alleged that the Israelis had been hunting these surviving Nazis in South America but did not have the power to get them because these Nazis has formed a secret alliance with the USG under paperclip. Thus the Nazis had been authorized by the USG to align themselves with South American dictators and provide their security services like they did for the Egyptian government.

Otto Skorzeny

Skorzeny makes a deal with the Babylonian Talmudists (aka Khazarians).

Supposedly Skorzeny who believed that the Israelis were hunting him as Peron started losing power, used back channels to negotiate a deal with the Israelis. If he was to do some occasional wetwork for them and make certain that the Nazi enclaves and safe-houses in South America were for the most part defanged or destroyed as false cover suggesting an end to the Third Reich, he would be left alone.

However, it is a good bet that the Israelis had much more in mind such as forming a strategic partnership with the new arising Fourth Reich as the USG was busy doing in order to use the Nazi technology, drug business and worldwide Intel network.

Like a number of the top Nazis, use of doubles and faked deaths was something Bormann was an expert in. Accounts vary, some believe that he died in the mid 1950’s which a better bet is that he lived until other early 1980’s living in luxury in Buenos Aries serving as CEO of the Fourth Reich.

What is  not in doubt is that Bormann was the Third Reich’s business manager and also the Fourth Reich’s initial one and played a key role in transforming the Third Reich into the Fourth Reich, using the vast wealth that the Third Reich acquired. Where all the Gold and assets the Third Reich came from is a very big mystery. Yes there was the gold confiscated by the Nazi machine all over Europe, but some researchers have hypothesized that the Nazis actually found Solomon’s missing gold from Old Testament times.

In any event the Third Reich morphed into the Fourth Reich, completely three piece suit, corporate on the surface, while forming a partnership with the CIA and Mossad to set up the drug cartels in South America and run them. Conflict was always elicited between the cartels to keep them from getting too strong. Special ops, spooky teams and Delta Forces were allegedly used to keep non-payers in line who went off the reservation and broke the rules.

Fourth Reich and the Israeli (Khazarian mafia) merge together at the City of London Banksters “Roundtable of Organized crime conglomerates”.

It is seemingly quite counterintuitive for the Israelis to sit at the same Roundtable with the Fourth Reich and other organized crime conglomerates. But the best reports suggest that this is what actually occurred. And this is why the Cosa Nostra went into business with the CIA in trafficking in opium from the Golden Triangle and later cocaine from the Mena Arkansas operations of GHWB.

What is truly amazing is that all this is hidden in plain sight and could be easily researched, but few even working in the CIA or top LE have any clue that this is what is really going on or what the select powerbrokers at the top of the Pyramid of Power are really like or stand for.

A secret war between the USAF (hijacked by the BCC) and the US Navy.

Some insiders claim that the USN has succeeded in becoming the prominent Secret Space War agency even over the USAF. And some have claimed that there has been a secret war ongoing between the USAF which was fully absorbed by the CIA and the Bush Crime Cabal (BCC) that hijacked it against the USN.

Allegedly this war went live when the Pentagon was struck at the Naval Intel offices by a Tomahawk cruise missile with a hardened nose cone fired from an Israeli Dolphin Class diesel sub purchased from the Germans.

This set off the pre-planted internal charges that murdered many innocents including about 25 of the Able Danger Team that was investigating the Mossad theft of Davy Crocket nuclear warheads from Pantex in Amarillo, Texas which had been processed and re-weaponized into mini-nukes and micro-nukes.

A good guess is that mini-nukes were pre-planted in the basements of the Twin Towers, one each that turned the rock formations to lava, then blasted upward while micro-nukes were detonated progressively every ten stories starting at the top which were pre-planted in the elevator shafts during nine months of maintenance of the elevators.

I have heard repeated reports that the USN has instituted a rear guard action to stimulate and elicit populism in the American People through the Internet’s Alternative Press in an attempt to break the back of the Bush Crime Cabal, its CIA leadership and the leadership of the USAF and NATO. And even stranger it is rumored that a certain faction of the Mossad has joined forces.

The Black Pope is reputed by insiders to be calling the shots right now.

The bottom line is that the COL Banksters who sit up high on the pyramid of power underneath the Jesuit Superior General (aka the “Black Pope”), have used the Alien ET crashes and the related Foreign technology programs (recovery teams and back-engineering programs) as a opportunity to lock down all of America.

And this has been done under this false cloak of so-called “national security” which can be invoked to cover every single abridgement of the US Constitution and basic felony violations of the Rule of Law.

This has prevented any oversight at all and any Member of the US Congress who tries get the Dave Durenberger fake smear job or if that doesn’t work they get the Senator Paul Wellstone correction (which is permanent sanction). Obviously over half of the male members of the US Congress and the USG in general have been completely compromised and are easily black-mailable by various Intel agency “handlers”. It’s a sad fact that so many have been seriously “human compromised”.

Good reasons to believe that the Israelis have been blackmailing the USG over its partnership with the Nazis after WW2 under Operation paperclip and other joint functions.

It’s a very good bet that the Israelis have been blackmailing the USG over Operation Paperclip and their joint Intel ventures, joint NASA ventures, Secret Space War ventures, secret South American security forces, death squads and drug cartel enterprises with the Nazis for a very long time. Once this sinister truth is learned by We The People in mass, the power of this Israeli blackmail will end.

Like it or not America is basically a Fourth Reich nation operating in partnership with the Israeli PNACers and Israeli-American “Israeli-first” Dual Citizen traitors. This must end and the revelation of all this via the Internet can bring it about. Certainly the Controlled Major Mass Media (CMMM) would never do so.

It is now pretty clear that the Fourth Reich has pretty much gained control over the USG through its Secret Space War Program and its CIA, which has expanded into thousands of proprietary cover businesses throughout America and much of the world.

The folks that run the CFR and stack and control the USG to meet their needs, have been able to ride the Fourth Reich wave to personally empower and enrichen themselves beyond measure. To do this they had to give up their very souls to Lucifer (not kidding here), betray America and sell out to the City of London RKM private Globalist Banksters who started Bolshevism and Nazism and Maoism in the first place.


Culling the herd with flying machines …

Basically the Alien ET, recovered and back engineered anti-gravity craft, Secret Space War issue has been used to create this complete lock-down of America. And this has lockdown has been used to transform America into a plantation of Serfs and Slaves into the COL Banksters’ war-making machine, designed to asset strip huge profits from We The People and other nations exclusively for the .00001 who sit at the top of the Pyramid of Power at the expense of the common folk.

Partial official disclosure is likely to occur this year, because, thanks to the Internet, the New Gutenberg Press, all secrecy is ending in stages. It was supposed to end in 2015 but the BCC prevented it. Now with the demise of the BCC, it is expected disclosure will likely occur sooner than later.

And it has been rumored that some who sit on Majestic, the organization controlling it have started authorizing it in bits and pieces from senior individuals who know the full story all the way back to WW2 with the Nazis.

In the meantime, until this important truth disseminates to most of We The People in believable form, we are all essentially going to remain being being “farmed” and asset stripped for our labors by the COL Banksters and their stateside Franchisees the Federal Reserve System, the biggest financial fraud in US history and the greatest crime ever committed under RICO state and federal laws.


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12 Responses to "Down Here on the Farm (Part II)"

  1. John G.  February 8, 2017 at 9:48 am

    Makes great sense, Doc. Thank you for the column.

  2. frog  February 8, 2017 at 5:46 am

    I am at a loss with your statement that an Israeli sub fired a Tomahawk at the Pentagon. Don’t get me wrong, they are capable of doing this, but I look at the evidence. Radar picked up an aircraft on a down ward spiral, then hitting the Pentagon. A small engine part was found with small landing gear at the Pentagon,(no seats,luggage,food carts, cushions, bodies found) to me, more likely a Global Hawk. A G H flies above civilian radar, it’s about 90% Carbon Fiber so can’t be picked up easily, did the G H fire the missile before crashing into the Pentagon.
    And why was the FBI out directing Pentagon staff in a line to pick up small parts.( Of the G H?) Also there is a picture of about 8 Pentagon military guys caring a long item under a blue tarp. Was this part the fuselage of the G H.?
    What about the Pentagon, does it have it’s own missile protection system? and did it fire on it’s self. It was some kind of missile like you say,
    because it went through 3 rings of the Pentagon, each with 18 inch of reinforced concrete each side.

    • Preston James, Ph.D  February 8, 2017 at 3:02 pm

      The aircraft passed over the Pentagon at the same time the flashbang charges were ignited in the trash bins brought outside. The eyewitness who was going to go public with this was murdered by FBI div 5 wetboy.

    • frog  February 8, 2017 at 8:33 pm

      Thanks for your reply Preston, but a Tomahawk cruise missile does not have landing gear. or was that placed their?? Like the engine and later the landing gear jammed between two buildings(With a long piece of rope still attached,wow)
      I remember the dumpsters, totally separate from the pentagon burning with huge black smoke, otherwise excellent article.

  3. MileHighLife  February 7, 2017 at 12:23 pm

    Thanks Dr James, hopefully the major changes brought on by the “good guys” that you often mention are nigh!

    There’s been several large pedophile/human trafficking ring busts over the past few days that were vaguely covered by Fake-stream news networks. Wonder why? Also, there is current buzz, supposedly backed by FBI anon sources, that mass arrests are imminent in a major D.C. pedo/trafficking ring, consisting of high ranking officials that will shock many — at least those who haven’t been paying attention. This “Pedo-Gate” ring has slowly been exposed over the past several months with whistleblower and Intel “leaks”, expanded with the help of countless online citizen investigators and citizen journalist (New Gutenberg Press!).

    Anyone capable of critical analysis and thoroughly investigates the loads of available data on Pedo-Gate, yet still believes there’s nothing to it, are likely a; shill, been compromised, too stupid to live, or has an unhealthy craving for pizza 😉

    • jensingr  February 7, 2017 at 2:09 pm

      ” too stupid to live, or has an unhealthy craving for pizza”

      lol, yeah the wrong kind of pizza!

  4. Trakkath  February 7, 2017 at 11:19 am

    What is very painful- again you hit the nail on the spot. Thx for it. This is worldwide the case, only a few exceptions

  5. medicis  February 7, 2017 at 9:10 am

    potent article and wonderful music at the end….. thanks Preston!

  6. methuselah  February 7, 2017 at 1:02 am

    lost their mojo
    at mandela’s funeral

  7. jensingr  February 6, 2017 at 6:26 pm

    I just have to say that Preston James is one person who just gets it and puts it out there in a very informative way…

    Good luck with your book!

  8. jensingr  February 6, 2017 at 6:22 pm

    They are also looting the resources on Mars… the technology they have hoarded allows them to travel anywhere. They have kept the people of this planet in the dark ages.. The banksters and the corporation heads have formed an alliance with a group of ET;s who trade technology for DNA. They have their labs underground but the rest of the underground has been formed into functional, connected areas that can be lived in with all necessities. They have taken everything underground for themselves.

    Most of them have definitely sold their souls and the blood rituals continue behind closed doors as well, because if they don’t align with satan, they will lose everything because of the karmic law. The only difference is they will lose it in the END!

    If people knew what is going on underground they would be shocked! If they knew what sick things they do, they would be shocked.

    Anyone who gets out with footage is tracked down and murdered.

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