German Intel finds no proof of Russian ‘disinformation ops’ against Berlin


… from Russia Today, Moscow

More Russian boogeyman threat hype from Germany

[ Editor’s Note: This having Intel agencies making reports of influencing elections is getting entertaining, as they all do it when and where they want, for whatever reasons they deem necessary. So to accuse others of doing it puts you on the firing line of being looking into yourself.

Domestic contenders influence the public anyway they possibly can. In the US, our Supreme Court invited foreign money to pour in via the Citizens United case — a travesty. Corporations were deemed persons, with all the rights inherent to partake of, in particular, funding political action committees.

The big problem with that ruling is that corporations as we know them did not exist at the time, hence it could hardly have been the Founding Fathers’ intention to included them as persons. Only landowners were given the right to vote, which was only 5% of the male population at the time. Women would have to wait for over a century.

In fact, after the Civil War, illiterate blacks were even serving in Southern State legislatures, signing with an X for many years, while white women could not even vote. Our democracy has been an evolving process with many battles, everything from the Southern quirk of being so fond of dead people voting. This did not make the news until someone in a rush registered an entire cemetery in alphabetical order.

Western NGOs have been inciting political mayhem wherever they wanted, until thrown out, as happened in Egypt and later Russia. The next election there saw the opposition vote take a dive when the foreign money was choked off. Consider this all just theater to distract the public from investigating what its respective countries have been doing in this regard Jim W. Dean ]


– First published … February 07, 2017

Merkel faces a tough election season and remains a strong backer of Russian sanctions

Following a year-long inquiry, German intelligence agencies have found no reliable evidence of a Russian “disinformation campaign” against Chancellor Angela Merkel’s government, according to media citing cabinet and security sources.

The German intelligence service (BND) and the counterintelligence agency (BfV) had been searching for evidence of Russian interference in the country’s domestic affairs for nearly a year, Sueddeutsche Zeitung reported on Tuesday.

“We have not found any smoking gun,” a cabinet source told the paper.

The inquiry was similar to the US intelligence community’s efforts to attribute the notorious 2016 Democratic National Convention email leak to Russian ‘hacking groups.’

Initially, the secret services planned to release excerpts of their classified inquiry, but given the lack of evidence, the move would make Russian-German relations even more strained, according to the newspaper.

Chancellor Merkel’s office has, however, now directed the intelligence agencies to conduct a new inquiry. Notably, a ‘psychological operations group’ jointly run by the BND and BfV will specifically look at Russian news agencies’ coverage in Germany.

Despite the findings, the German intelligence services maintain that Russia has pursued a “more confrontational course” towards Germany since 2014, and call the coverage of Russian media, including RT Deutsch and Sputnik, “hostile.”

Germany’s intelligence community admits a difference between “excessive or false reporting” and “targeted disinformation,” Sueddeutsche Zeitung wrote.

The revelations do not sit well with previous statements by Bruno Kahl, the head of the BND, who claimed in November last year that his agency had obtained evidence that Russia may have manipulated the vote during the 2016 US election.

He alleged that “Europe, and Germany in particular, is in the focus of these experiments,” adding that German-language internet sites had also been increasingly targeted by so-called ‘troll factories’ distributing targeted misinformation.

“The perpetrators are interested in delegitimizing the democratic process as such, no matter who that subsequently helps,” he said in a rare interview with Sueddeutsche Zeitung in November. He also acknowledged that “[finding] an attribution to a state actor is technically difficult.” 



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  1. Climate change in using angloamerican political vocabulary cannot occur with shifting average global Fahrenheits or Celsius for tens or hundreds, only climate change can occur in lessening the averae dependancy on the dollar, when that is happening then the psyop eco-climate change takes over the mainstream. Germany is at the helm of this psyop targeting and all the planned migrations of the Syrian refugees have targeted Germany as the Russian army were of course blamed to have created them.

  2. One really needs to congratulate these US-UK psyops and target disinfo. Especially in the Central and Eastern Europe. No matter how bad they wreck a country or a region, dismantle and kill the population and trade the A grade local politicians knowing all about it always return running into hugs and kisses with Potomac and Thames elites. That is indeed an incredible achievement no matter how vile or evil it is, and it is lasting for more than a hundred years. The stupidity of Eastern european leaders is sometimes unmeasurable even more so sad with the present availability of the informational science. Well done!

  3. It’s difficult to put a corporation in the penitentiary.
    Not so difficult to put you or I in one.
    Obviously the most corrupt Supreme Court ruling ever.’re looking for the smoking gun, I think it is Scalia’s pillow.

  4. The Bilderberg member from the “Zeit” spoke about “Killing Trump” in a main talk show. If anyone needs more than that to guess what is going on right now, I would suggest to think again.

    Kathrin Austin Fitts has a clear and confincing explanation: It’s about the 1% who want to maintaint their game to milk the people, and the other fraction of the elite who understands that the collapse of the US as a nation (or the foundation of a free country) will not serve their interest. We have a fundamential fight of two fractions of the elite and that makes all of the fuss, whe see now.

    All foreign problems which came out of the former government, will sooner or later be regulated. The current government has one great problem, it has no real “experts”. This will be solved by the time.

    The non US-fraction inside the US will have to fight to their death, and they do it right now. I’m no Trump fan at all but I understand what is at stake. The intel community has to change it’s preferences, but it learns only slowly.

    • If I were to believe Gordon, I would say: “Forget Germany, it’s allready gone”. Thank you for that, we are nothing but a small country believing (only some rare lunetics in the government) that it might play a major roule in internation affairs. But I also learned from Gordon and Michael Shrimpton, that we have nukes and that would change the whole thing. Then, Mr. Brescinsky told us about the heartland and that makes me wondering.

      I also learned from Preston James that there is a IV. Reich, so I have to think again about the whole mess we are facing here. Could it be that everytime, someone in high places messes up the scene puts up an order to blame it on the “NAZIS”?

      Intel seems to be a very special subject and I’m not at all convinced about all the told facts, although they seem to be overwhelmingly true.

      Merkel is gone, anybody here to doubt that, wait till September? So, what’s next? I guess Mr. Friedman (Stratfor) already told us, “For the last 150 years, “We where engaged in circumventing an alliance between Germany and Russia”.

      No more comments.

  5. They know they are loosing EU-wide support and have to find a culprit but not at their own fault. And Mr. Putin is culprit of everything.
    Btw where was Mr. Putin when Jesus was crucified ?

    • Those morons in germany don´t need any foreign help to be trown off the Reichstag. They can create their own defeat much better than others can do.

    • Same with ‘Murika’. To suggest any outside force is responsible for the destruction of American democracy is ridiculous. Nobody but the USG is responsible for the destruction of democracy, the economy and the American way of life. Sure, the Federal Reserve is a private/foreign entity, but it took US president Woodrow Wilson to give it the authority over the issuance of American currency and the consent of all presidents who followed him. Murika has become the land of the greed and home of the slave, and there’s no one to blame but Murikan officials and those who hang on their every word.

    • Edward, after a comment like that, (if I didn’t know any better) I might assume you were a Talmud thumping rabbi, or even the high priest (Nasi) of the Sanhedrin. Those who kill and have killed in the name of Christ are the furthest from him. They are not Christians, regardless of how they identify themselves. Jesus Christ, the Prince of Peace, would be ashamed of this blasphemy called “Christianity”.

    • Love thy neighbour as thy self. Do not render evil for evil, or railing for railing. Judge not, that ye be not judged. And as ye would that men should do to you, do ye also to them likewise. First, love God your Creator more than anything else. Then, love all other people the same as you love yourself. Forgive everybody for all their offences against you. Do not return offence for offence. Pray privately and simply not to impress other people. Do not take the title master or father for yourself. Be merciful.

      How is this compatible with Bolshevism in any way? The teachings of Christ and Bolshevism are diametrically opposed. This is why the Bolsheviks specifically targeted Christians. If anything, the ruling class of Judaea, the Pharisees, (forefathers of modern satanic Judaism) were the like Bolsheviks and Jesus was their greatest opponent. They killed him for challenging their totalitarian authority. Edward, I respect you and your knowledge on most topics of discussion, but I cannot agree with you on this.

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