Shamnesty International: Fake Report undermines Trump policy


[Editor’s note: In a country where foreign intelligence agencies – Israel, US, Saudis and others imported 100,000 mercenary terrorists from as far away as Indonesia and the Philippines, who have murdered half a million Syrian citizens, the idea that Syrian has only hanged 13,000 of them simply means they need to get busy and hang the rest. …Gordon Duff ]

[ Editor’s note 2: The Grand Mufti below is an interfaith Muslim, and as such deemed a heretic by the Jihadi Wahabbis and under a death sentence by them. Because his security is so high (we were there and saw it) they were never able to get to him, so they murdered his youngest son in college on the day his engagement was announced. Two street kids were hired to shoot him, for $50 each. They did not even know who he was.

When the Christian Churches began to be attacked the Mufti instructed his Imams to begin holding prayer vigils in the churches as a show of religious solidarity, which Syrian is famous for. Because of acts like this, his being such a solid proponent for the Syrian people, all factions, the U. S. would never give him a visa to come to here for a speaking tour.

It was a given that he would be well received and would get a lot of information out to the U.S. media that the Obama people preferred not to happen. We would never have know this ourselves if we had not had our long meeting with him the last day on our last trip.

The image below is an HD still frame from the video I have of most of the meeting. It’s a treasure as he is a logical philosopher with very well prepared arguments, none of which get the light of day in Western media because they are so pursuasive Jim W. Dean ]


The Amnesty International report this week had one purpose – to coincide with other Fake News and fake reports to block the Trump administration from joining with Russia and destroying the Judeo-Wahhabist terror alliance. Trump, out of his own idiocy, made himself a target by installing his son-in-law Jared Kushner, a former IDF intelligence officer, as his chief Middle East advisor.

Apparently getting his children a rabid dog as a pet would show more care and discernment. worse still, he turned to Saudi King Suleiman for advice on Syria and Yemen. The Saudis are the primary supporters of both ISIS and Al-Nusra, sworn enemies of Iraq, supposedly a US ally, and at total odds with Trump’s policy on Syria.

Trump’s first move after talking to the king, was to send a SEAL team into Yemen. Despite Fake News reports to the contrary, their mangled bodies are still strewn in and around the wreckage of their Osprey aircraft, a scene sanitised by repeated American bombings of the site.

A real issue today is Amnesty International, as much an intelligence operation as Medecins San Frontiers, Wikileaks and Anonymous. Amnesty was created in order to channel and control international legal efforts against Israel for their Palestinian Genocide and divert those efforts harmlessly over a cliff; a cursory study will show that Amnesty’s tough-sounding criticism of Israel carefully avoids genuine ‘redline’ areas such as use of banned weapons, systematic destruction of infrastructure and the targeted killing of children.

Softened reports, carefully timed to be lost and overwhelmed in busy news cycles, lack demands for redress such as UN sanctions or war crimes trials. Amnesty saves those for Israel’s enemies, for the report itself, Amnesty interviewed 84 witnesses and concluded that Syria’s policy of mass execution is entirely the responsibility of Syria’s Grand Mufti, a figure known for his work protecting Christian minorities and for his peace initiatives.

The Grand Mufti with VT’s Nahed al-Hussaini and Senate Intelligence Briefer Larry Ellis. Photo by Jim W. Dean

It’s clear why Amnesty (and we will demonstrate their ties to the CIA and MI6 as well) chose the Mufti, perhaps the Middle East’s most compelling advocate of peace as a target.

You see, Syria is winning the war, yet President Assad has agreed to new elections, citing his desire to see an end to Assad family rule in Syria, if an acceptable alternative can be found. Next to President Assad, the Mufti is the real kingmaker in Syria and it would be impossible to rig the election or subvert the political process without first destroying the Grand Mufti.

This file photo shows a view of the Syrian Justice Ministry building in the capital Damascus.
This file photo shows a view of the Syrian Justice Ministry building in the capital Damascus.

Damascus has slammed as “inaccurate and politically-motivated” an Amnesty International report claiming that Syrian military police hanged as many as 13,000 people over the course of five years.

The Syrian Justice Ministry, in a statement published on Tuesday, rejected the account of mass hangings at Saydnaya prison near Damascus between 2011 and 2015 as bogus and false, saying such claims are meant to ruin the government’s reputation in the international community.

The statement further emphasized that based on Syrian law, death sentences are handed only after judicial trials run through several degrees of litigation.

Such allegations come in the face of recent gains by Syrian army forces and allied popular defense groups in battles against foreign-sponsored Takfiri terrorists, and the atmosphere of national reconciliation in the country, it added.

Syria finds militant tunnel near Damascus

Meanwhile, Syrian military forces have discovered a long tunnel used by foreign-backed militants during a clear-up operation on the outskirts of the capital Damascus.

Army soldiers and pro-government fighters from popular defense groups found the 500-meter tunnel in Harasta city, situated roughly 8 kilometers northeast of Damascus, on Tuesday, Syria’s official news agency SANA reported.


An unnamed Syrian military source said terrorists with the Jabhat Fateh al-Sham, formerly known as the al-Nusra Front, reportedly used the tunnel to sneak into a Syrian military site but army units managed to thwart their attempt and eliminate dozens of terrorists in the process.

Additionally, scores of Daesh militants were killed and two pickup trucks equipped with heavy machine guns destroyed as Syrian forces engaged the terrorists in the al-Bayarat district of the  central province of Homs.

Syrian fighter jets also bombarded militant hideouts in the al-Msheirfeh al-Shamaliyeh district of the same province, killing and injuring many Daesh terrorists.

Elsewhere in the northern province of Aleppo, Syrian soldiers mounted an ambush against members of a terrorist group affiliated to Jabhat Fateh al-Sham, and killed scores of of them.

A Syrian army soldier flashes the sign of victory during an operation to recapture the militant-held village of Hawsh Nasri on the eastern outskirts of Damascus, on November 22, 2016. (Photo by AFP)

Government forces and their allies also targeted Daesh terrorists on the outskirts of Dayr al-Zawr Military Airport, and killed a large number of them in the process.

Also on Tuesday, Syrian government representatives and militant officials exchanged 112 prisoners and hostages in the west-central province of Hama.

The so-called Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said the exchanges took place in the militant-held Qalaat al-Madiq town, and that many of those released had been detained for years.

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  1. Greetings Mr. Duff and thank you for another valuable article. I wondered if you know the significance of the words on the piece of paper hanging on the neck of the ISIS terrorist in the photo? It says: This one conducted Muharabah. “Muharabah” according to verse 5:33 of the Quran is the only verse addressing those who wage an undeclared war or come into a realm under false pretenses of peace. In Islamic Law (Sharia), Muslims can not wage a war of aggression. There has to be real grievances and an attempt to peacefully address them, if all else fails then and only then a state of war is clearly declared. To wage a proxy against any other nation or Muslims without cause is Muharabah. In context, the verse was addressing the crimes of 8 people who’s tribe had a non agression treaty with the Prophet PBUH. They came under the pretense of converting to Islam and suffereing from poverty. They were shown hospitality. Their intention all along was to masacre and loot. So the phrase should read in English: This one conducted terrorism. Additionally, a Muslim state waging a proxy war on another without a declaration of war is a terrorist nation according to Sharia (or Law). Allah continues in the following verse by saying: “save those who repent before you overpower them and know that Allah is Forgiving and Merciful.” That is the reason for Bashar giving the surrounded terrorists a chance to walk repent and walk away. The Grand Mufti is truly following his Lord’s decree.

  2. Quote of the day..

    “… the idea that Syrian has only hanged 13,000 of them simply means they need to get busy and hang the rest…”

  3. Thank you Gordon Duff for this important piece … always sad to see the wide-eyed college kids on European streets raising funds for the corrupt gov-tied goons of this so-called ‘Amnesty International’

    This ‘Amnesty report’, with no shortage of get-me-into-asylum-&-welfare-benefit-cash ‘witnesses’ eager to give any desired ‘testimony’, was just perfectly timed to undermine the people in Syria … worthy of that one-man ‘Syrian Human Rights Observer’ above the noodle shop in Coventry UK

    We are endlessly bedeviled by these fraudulent NGOs, this is a very old game but it keeps on fooling people … that hoary USA ‘American Civil Liberties Union’ ACLU that doesn’t seem to care about anyone’s civil liberties, other than those of Rothschild-lawyered Julian Assange of CIA-Mossad Wikileaks, & the Man-Boy Love Association

  4. it’s not funny, but if it were to be then the shambles that is Amnesty, White Helmets, Syrian Observatory et al would make a great comedy sketch, just like we had the Real Housewives of ISIS… that was funny…..there was a time not so long ago comedy shows in the UK would take the piss out of these groups and their fakeness…..but after the liberal outrage at Real Houswives of ISIS sketch, I fear we will never see those possible great comedy sketches come to light….could you imagine the scene, MI4 breakdown the doors of a 1 bedroom flat in an English small town above a corner shop, looking for fake news, only to find the sole employee of the Syrian Human Rights Observatory in his underpants, empty cans of beer lying around, a copy of the Talmud next to his Compaq laptop whilst watching mature porn and a half eaten bacon sandwich on the desk…..oh the irony, how we laughed

    • ?

      Thanks to your vivid description, I can picture the scene. It’s not pretty, but it is hilarious. Khalid, I’m with you, I don’t think bacon is kosher. But, I guess it depends on what rabbi you ask and his interpretation of Talmudic dispensation. I’m sure if you had something favourable to offer the rabbi, he would interpret bacon as being kosher.

  5. Syria, and any other country, which is focused on forging their own way has a hard row to hoe. The best that can be hoped for is that a good percentage of those still able to think independently, do so logically.. It is becoming clearer that the common man is up against pure evil. It feels as if we are dependent on Putin to hold firm, and to not turn coat.
    Right now the US is busy selling Iran as a good reason to go to war, and it is frightening. How do we change a course we have been on for 400 years?

  6. During the Sani Abacha Administration in Nigeria, Shamnesty International made similar unfounded allegations against him & his govt. Shamnesty International also works its mischief in other African nations.

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