Trump and Bannon’s Yemen Disaster and Shame, Hiding Behind the Dead

Nothing we are told can be believed, not during the week of the Bowling Green massacre

This Osprey killed 19 Marines plus crew, and we lost only 1 in Yemen? Yeah right.

By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

We reported on the Yemen raid and, to back us up, the Hadi government, really Saudi puppets, has banned the US from further intervention on their behalf.

Today Sean Spicer demanded Senator John McCain and perhaps VT as well, apologize to the frauds, cowards and maniacs who planned the Yemen fiasco and then lied about the aftermath like they lie about absolutely everything else all the time.

“I think anybody who undermines the success of that [raid] owes an apology and [does] a disservice to the life of Chief Owens,” Spicer said.

We are in new territory here, though governments that lie are nothing new.  What we have now is a regime where it must be against one of those Trump pronouncements, his “executive orders” that he has dictated on a notepad and hands out like , well there is no precedent for what he is doing.  Worse still, we are increasingly suspicious that even Trump’s pidgin English tweets are, by his own admission “dictated to others.”

We now believe Trump lacks reading proficiency, there is a wealth of evidence, some of it quite compelling, that he reads no documents, signs anything put in front of him and has never read a book or written anything.  We are reasonably certain he can’t write, can’t read, not above 4th grade level.

Thus, General Steve Bannon, the failed blogger who now carries the security clearance of a general, ordered the Yemen raid himself, based on authority he received by, according to Trump’s own admissions, a presidential order Trump signed without reading it or having any idea of the subject matter.

This is an impeachable offense in so many ways.

General James “Mad Dog” Mattis, and chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Joseph Dunford, were reportedly able to persuade Trump to move forward by claiming Obama would never have been so bold to actually go through with it.  If Mattis and Dunford are as culpable as they have been pressured to admit, which we doubt, they should be stripped of rank and pensions.

Yup, Trump is so childish that all they had to do was tell him Obama didn’t have the balls to do this, knowing Trump would react by showing he did have the balls (if not the brain cells).

Now we have to all apologize to Sean Spicer who tells us were are wrong to demand an accounting, to demand proof because we are all traitors because at least one and as many as 30 Americans were killed in Yemen and if we ask for accountability, we are traitors.

The raid was a failure in that it killed 30 civilians, one U.S. Navy Seal and failed to meet the action’s objective, which was to kill its alleged target, al Qaeda leader Qassim al Rimi.

An Osprey crashed, did it have a crew?  What happened to the 24 SEALS onboard?

Who can we trust?  Why is Sean Spicer attacking John McCain unless quite a number of Americans were slaughtered and there is something very wrong to coverup?

Why isn’t congress investigating?

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12 Responses to "Trump and Bannon’s Yemen Disaster and Shame, Hiding Behind the Dead"

  1. Trakkath  February 9, 2017 at 2:51 pm

    Look for the head of the snake in Rome.

  2. joetv  February 9, 2017 at 7:08 am

    In 1968 my combat pay was $26 per month. Combine that with the $90, something monthly stipend and i was ready. That number 26 will always be remembered. To live or die in vain.
    Gary, you must have been an E5, or had rank. Props.

  3. joetv  February 9, 2017 at 5:44 am

    Strap all these Yahoos on the next outbound Osprey with McCain at the controls. Orders written on cocktail napkins. The sucker fish we allow to nest forever in Washington are equal to anything Mad magazine published in the 50s. Pure comedy. You will die laughing. We will all die laughing. It’s time to give felons the right to own weapons. Anything goes.

  4. ayelyahbenjamin  February 9, 2017 at 2:47 am

    Spicer the bouncer

  5. Garry Compton  February 8, 2017 at 10:58 pm

    In Nam when the soldiers finally caught on that this was a bogus ” enterprize”. the frags/ percussions came out and were thrown at various authoritarian figures. I was actually standing next to a drunk base camp soldier who did this to our 2 sergeants in charge. Luckily it was way off course and it wasn’t a fragmentation one. No one got injured – just ringing in the ears for awhile. The soldier was sent home but it didn’t stop the fragging incidents.Of course we were only paid 150 to 200 bucks a month in those alcoholic days and today these soldiers are very well paid in comparison. I did like Ann’s post on the reality of it all.

    • JohnZ  February 9, 2017 at 6:24 am

      Garry, My older brother was in Viet Nam as a helicopter pilot for the 1st Air Cavalry. He never told me any of those things but I would guess that things like the fraggings never took place as bases where he was. I knew other vets who talked about it.
      I was lucky enough to have stayed out of that disaster.

  6. David Odell  February 8, 2017 at 9:40 pm

    At :53 he says Rage instead of raid. This is the key to containing the rage. The Generals need to take him out periodically to shoot certain things. Be creative and keep it steady in the calendar. Like, invite him out to one of those big boats and shoot the really big one. Boom! He’ll love it. This will placate the rage. Trump is born on the day of the sheriff in the week of the Gun. If an outlet is not provided, .Generals job gets yucky. There is no honor waiting at home for those who may push the clown bus. The debacle in Yemen and the forcing of the Army to go back on it’s word and heartfelt decision, to Standing Rock is enough to diagnose “agression outlets”.

  7. zman  February 8, 2017 at 9:03 pm

    When a talking head starts mentioning that somehow you’re sullying a hero’s sacrifice, you know the smoke and mirrors have just come out. Next comes the flag and a bible.

    • JohnZ  February 9, 2017 at 6:20 am

      What a total jackass Spicer is. He really believes he shake down VT?
      The entire Drumpf administration is filled with jackasses like this one including s few religious jackasses like Boykin.
      Gordon, the time has come to really go after these morons. Expose every sordid detail of their private lives. I’ll bet Bannon and Spicer have more than a few skeletons in their closet they would rather not want out.

    • JohnZ  February 9, 2017 at 6:21 am

      zman, your flag and bible comment are spot on.

  8. Khalid Talaat  February 8, 2017 at 6:44 pm

    When he first came to power, Idi Amin of Somalia, a puppet of the USSR, used to publish his decrees in the Mogadishu newspaper with his thump print bellow his name. Later he learned to scribble his name. Cheer up Mr. Duff, Trump of Orange ain’t there yet.

    • roger  February 9, 2017 at 8:14 pm

      Khalid: Idi Amin was from Uganda In Israel was promoted as president of the african nation after serving as a sargent in the British Army. Upset by being manupulated from Tel Aviv, erected an Adolph Hitler statue so, hardly a URSS puppet.

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