Iran refutes US claims about new missile test

Iran’s General Decqhan

… by  Press TV,  Tehran

Yellow Journalism lives in 2017

[ Editor’s Note: Here we have more smoke and mirrors games from U.S. media that will shovel the manure story of the day onto us, as fed by one of its usual “fake news” sources. Seeding a meaningless missile test story like this is done to create a ‘threat background” image of Iran.

Why? Because then, when Trump makes his silly non statesman-like comments like “all options are on the table”, he appears to be standing up to the Iranians, rather than hoaxing the American people, as had been done for years with the fake Iran nuclear weapons program con. Bannon’s job is to frame him as “Defender in Chief” vs “Hoaxer in Chief”.

But for Intel analysts, this ploy does just the opposite. When someone is really a threat, you don’t use fake threats to tag them, because that telegraphs they are merely your strawman threat, which then brings up the question of why would you want someone to be a fake threat? Why not use national security assets for real threats instead?

When is the last time you saw a major media house take this general theme on? When did a Congressional committee chairman want to initiate hearings on the issue of “fake threat” government, as if this were an abuse of the public — running Cold War-level psyops, like we used against Communist Soviet Union and Red China, against the American people and the Free World?

Were any Congressional hearings held on Israel’s co-development with India of multiple warhead nuclear ballistic missiles, when all of Zionist Israel’s threats were supposed to be coming from regional enemies, yet their new ballistic missiles were categorically being made to touch Washington, Moscow, and Peking?

Was anyone concerned over our shoveling out money to an Israel that was obviously funding this real potential threat? And, did a single Western media outlet cover the story from that perspective? Jim W. Dean ]


The Mersad air defense missile — another case were anyone who can defend themselves is spun as a “threat”

– First published …  February 09,  2017

Iran’s Defense Minister Hossein Dehqan has rejected US media claims of a new missile test by the Islamic Republic as fabricated, saying the allegations are part of a psychological war against Tehran.

“The new claim by the Americans about a new missile test by Iran is fabricated and is aimed at inciting animosity, psychological war and Iranophobia,” Dehqan told reporters here on Thursday.

On Wednesday, Fox News cited an unnamed US official as saying that Iran had launched a short-range Mersad missile from the same launch pad where it conducted a ballistic missile test in Semnan last month.

“First of all, these claims are fabricated and such an incident has not happened at all. Secondly, it would be absolutely none of their business if such a test had ever been conducted,” Dehqan said.

“Thirdly, the Islamic Republic of Iran’s missile program is a conventional program and its missile tests are conducted as part of pre-planned programs aimed at maintaining our country’s defense preparedness,” he added.

The minister said fabricated news as such is disseminated by “the Zionist regime” in line with Israel’s “Iranophobia” project in order to instigate world opinion against Iran.

“We advise our southern Persian Gulf neighbors not to be deceived by such propaganda because the Islamic Republic of Iran has never been and will never be a threat to them,” Dehqan said.

“The Americans have launched this psychological war and publicity campaign in an attempt to sell their weapons,” he added. 

On February 3, the US administration imposed new sanctions against Iran over the country’s recent successful missile test in Semnan.

The Iranian Foreign Ministry slammed the fresh US sanctions over Iran’s defensive missile program, saying Tehran would deliver a “proportionate and reciprocal” response to the move.

The ministry said Iran’s missile program is an inalienable right of its nation under the international law and the United Nations Charter. The Islamic Republic has always stressed that its military might poses no threat to other countries and is in line with the country’s plan to boost its deterrence power.


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  1. U.S. & Big Oil (including Russian big oil) need permanent Mideast chaos & conflict as a raison d’être.

    Iran is still the best enemy that money can buy — our money. Paid in EU/US taxes & high petrol prices.

    If Big Oil didn’t have Iran (or some big Mideast threat), then petrol prices would drop like a lead balloon.

    After the P5+1 Iran nuke deal laid Iran as a (bogus) nuke threat to rest, we now have missiles… Yawn.

  2. they fabricate and hype up the false and zip their filthy lying traps shut when it comes to real,….”Pakistan’s foreign office spokesman, Nafees Zakaria, said during his weekly briefing on Thursday that India has built a “secret nuclear city” where a stockpile of nuclear weapons has been accumulated, Pakistan’s English-language newspaper Dawn reported.
    The spokesman added that India has been conducting tests on intercontinental missiles, adding that such acts are impacting the existing balance of power in the region.”…. zip

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