Guardian: President Trump says he’ll keep you safe. It’s a lie


On Thursday, President Trump signed three vaguely worded executive orders which which, he said, were “designed to restore safety in America”.

That these orders, or almost anything Trump has done, will make most of us more “safe” is a lie. Just like his promise to make America “great” again only applied to some, Trump’s orders for “safety” are intended to make our already grotesquely violent police even more violent towards people of color and other poor people, in order to make Trump and his plutocrat cronies feel more safe.

The new attorney general, Jefferson Beauregard Sessions – who has prosecuted civil rights activists and was denied a federal judgeship amid an outcry over his record on race – has been tasked with making sure laws adequately protect police officers from the public, even though police have been killing upwards of a thousand citizens a year lately.

What the president is doing is whipping up hysteria and rage to create excuses for police to clamp down on the civil rights of people of color.

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  1. In the year 2015 more than 1150 Americans were murdered by the police. Most were innocent. All were denied their rights and the cops were given free passes.
    Today’s cops regard the rest of us a the enemy; to be considered as threats to their safety, so they can return home at night to abuse their wives.
    2017 and the Bill of Rights have been eviscerated to the point of near meaninglessness. Due process no longer exists. Cops can invade your home whenever they feel the need to. Everything you own can be stolen from you by the state, without due process and used to fund new cars, boats and cozy little shacks where they can bring their whores.
    Say the wrong word and get shot and killed. Answer the door with a game controller in your hand and get shot and killed. Reach for you papers too quickly and get shot and killed.If you are mentally ill, you get shot. If you are homeless, you get shot. If you are a young person or a child, you get shot.
    Your pets will be shot. Your children will be shot. Your husband or wife will be shot. Your wife or your daughter will be forcibly raped at gunpoint. A minor traffic violation will lead to being shot. Jaywalk and get beaten. Excersize your 1st Amendment right to record the cops in public and get arrested or beaten.
    Police review boards are rubber stamps for police brutality.
    Welcome to America….the land of fiefdom.

  2. I lived in America for 24 years — LA, Oakland, Philadelphia, New Jersey. It wasn’t very safe, but not because of the folks Trump imagines are commiting the crimes. Wr all know who was making it unsafe.

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