Breaking: How the Trump regime was manufactured by a war inside the Deep State (Update!)



The Russian Foreign Ministry is closely following this story after seeing it on VT and in light of yesterday’s revelations on the validation of some aspects of the “dossier,” not enough, if there could ever be enough, for “believers” but more than enough for the intelligence community.  Yes, it seems that Trump’s people met with Russians and cut a deal with someone and are working against the United States but we suspect they are working against Putin as well and cut their deals to stab him in the back in concert with their oligarch backers.

However, this work needs to be read and taken into account as well because we aren’t here to sell a product but to find the truth, which makes VT a very lonely place indeed.g

[ Editor’s note:  This detailed study with link below is a must read for anyone wanting to “up their game” and get away from hand-fed internet disinformation.  This is well written and very well supported… Gordon Duff ]

… by  Nafeez Ahmed

President Donald Trump is not fighting a war on the establishment: he’s fighting a war to protect the establishment from itself, and the rest of us.

At first glance, this isn’t obvious. Among his first actions upon taking office, Trump vetoed the Trans Pacific Partnership, the controversial free trade agreement which critics rightly said would lead to US job losses while giving transnational corporations massive power over national state policies on health, education and other issues.

Trump further plans to ditch the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) between the EU and US, which would have diluted key state regulations on the activities of transnational corporates on issues like food safety, the environment and banking; and to renegotiate NAFTA, potentially heightening tensions with Canada.

Trump appears to be in conflict with the bulk of the US intelligence community, and is actively seeking to restructure the government to minimize checks and balances, and thus consolidate his executive power.

His chief strategist, Steve Bannon, has completely restructured the National Security Council under unilateral presidential authority. While Bannon and his Chief of Staff Richard ‘Reince’ Priebus now have permanent seats on the NSC’s Principals’ Committee, the Director of National Intelligence and the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff are barred from meetings except when requested for their expertise. The Secretary of Energy and US ambassador to the UN have been expelled entirely.

Trump’s White House has purged almost the entire senior staff of the State Department, and tested the loyalty of the Department of Homeland Security with its new ‘Muslim ban’ order.

So what is going on? One approach to framing the Trump movement comes from Jordan Greenhall, who sees it as a conservative (“Red Religion”) Insurgency against the liberal (“Blue Church”) Globalist establishment (the “Deep State”). Greenhall suggests, essentially, that Trump is leading a nationalist coup against corporate neoliberal globalization using new tactics of “collective intelligence” by which to outsmart and outspeed his liberal establishment opponents.

But at best this is an extremely partial picture. In reality, Trump has ushered in something far more dangerous: The Trump regime is not operating outside the Deep State, but mobilizing elements within it to dominate and strengthen it for a new mission.

The Trump regime is not acting to overturn the establishment, but to consolidate it against a perceived crisis of a wider transnational Deep System.

The Trump regime is not a conservative insurgency against the liberal establishment, but an act of ideologically constructing the current crisis as a conservative-liberal battleground, led by a particularly radicalized white nationalist faction of a global predatory elite.

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  1. In order for me to understand who is who it would help if I could read what was written about Obama administration in 2009. If that doesn’t exist it should or this current article is simply a nicely crafted bunch of sour grapes (with truth and lies all mixed together). Does anyone know of an article about Obama?

  2. 1. If there had existed ANY checks and balances within the US system, as the author claims, then all of Trump’s predecessors (often seen signalling Illuminati semiotics) would have been submitted to the same witch hunt as him. Dubya actually was because of his 2000 election fraud but all (liberal) media scrutiny stopped on 9/11. Hence this is false.

    2. Anyone not being part of the Illuminati would thus act accordingly and restructure the NSA, purge the Israeli dual citizenship infested State Department, DHS, and all things else needed.

    3. Neo-conservatism and Neo-liberalism are the EXACT same philosophy, just different labels, for both come from the Chicago School of Economics where some philosophers led by (Talmudist) Ludwig von Mises fled to after having to leave the Freiburg School due to Hitler’s Anschluss of Austria. This “Blue vs. Red team” nonsense is a very shallow analysis of what is deceptive false flagging: they call themselves the alien “Alliance” where the spices known in the Vedas as the Nagas et al. (the Feudal Trinity) have allied with the Raksasas (Mercantilists/Banksters) against humanity (Ramayana, p.47).
    To be fair, there is still a small schism between these two groupings (Conservative/Republican/Feudalists vs. Liberal/Modernists) of alien entities, due to genealogical differences (Pleiades et al. vs. Orion), but make no childish mistake regarding them teaming up against humanity.

    • 4. My total evidence at the moment is that Trump is unaware of these entities but since a POTUS is so dependent upon all his various institutions/advisors the Deep State will indeed try to make a tool of him. When you are from another planet, fictive differences like nationality – lines drawn on a map – is nothing you identify with and hence the “Trump regime” is not acting to consolidate the US establishment “against a perceived crisis of a wider transnational Deep System”. There is no ideological duality within the (US) establishment.
      Trump could (!) prove himself to be just that in some cases despite his ignorance, that in large will lead him astray. For Trump has indeed bought into the Illuminati divide-and-conquer strategies of “bipartisanship” and earthly “nationalities”, and that is what we are witnessing through the (five) filters of mass media.

      We’ll see how far that takes him.

    • The Saker has a fresh must read article up:

      The Saker underbuilds my argument that Trump most likely is not part of the esablishment; those ancient elites that have ruled us for thousands of years (most likely tens or hundreds of thousand years).

      The Vatican has in the last three-ish years gone out at least twice and declared that aliens exist. It’s official.

      In other words, the Vatican has gone out and declared “the world is round”, and thus we are currently in a paradigm shift but neither scientists, media or analysts take this into account.

      Any geopolitical analysis that does not include the factor of aliens is out of context. Aliens = “gods/demigods” of Our scriptures.

      Sun Tzu said that to defeat an enemy 100 times out of 100 is not the acme of skill. The acme of skill is to defeat an enemy without him even knowing.

      How? They raped our women – our “Eves”.

  3. “Trump appears to be in conflict with the bulk of the US intelligence community, and is actively seeking to restructure the government to minimize checks and balances, and thus consolidate his executive power.”

    Short translation. The megalomaniac is trying to structure the entire US governmental system to suit his needs. Ill give him credit for trying but in reality the guy refuses to accept the status quo but its alot bigger than he is. At least hes not an Obama who willingly waits for orders or permission to act. He even stopped acting at the end of his first term. Just talk.

  4. Edward. If I understand your larger point, a different proportion among Powers, would make different economic outcome? China could in anytyme ask the US to redeem deposit certificates, bonds or anyother credit it may have but, let’s keep in mind that the US may counter with import tariff on chinese products. China is on his own import dependent in basic commodities, rare earth elements and oil. and cannot pay its imports with yuans, not yet a reserve or generally accepted currency, then wether it like it or not, needs US dollars. On the opposite, the US its one of very few economies that can run in a closed circuit, i.e. with no imports at all. It has been planned as such from a long time, and had reserves for emrgencies as it did keeping WWII Liberty ships anchored in the Hudson/East rivers filled with enough grains to sustain a national scarcity or a war time necessity. When Kissinger was State Secretary, the reserve was sold to lower the market price of food but, as the generalized debt was imposed upon exporting nations an alternative reserve option replaced the Liberties. .

  5. There are many of us who sense intuitively that economic revitalization of the US economy under Trump policies, so long as it comes through peace and retention of our personal liberties and our national sovereignty, will be the sole criteria upon which Trump is judged by history. The rest of Trump’s ego will simply be ignored in a salvific attempt to retrieve some dignity of the Oval Office, …an idea that currently evokes laughter.

  6. Harlem Globe Trotters against the Washington Generals … Abe Saperstein “always” won.

    When Trump focuses on the mysterious collapse of WTC7, which proves we are an occupied country, I’ll “start to believe” he’s not one of them. Until then, I’ll know he “is” one of them.

    • He can only focus on the item of the day for probably the entire time hes in office. The zionist know how to keep an enemy so busy they forget what year it is. But:
      Trumps own words the week of the Twin Tower collapse. If he is not scared away from an executive order to start another investigation.

  7. Edward, most people follow economy as having “laws” that, of course, need to be applied otherwise there would be fatal consequences but, it seems that such “laws” don’t have a universal validity as in any science. The US would print as many dollars as needs to the aims of the NWO. We can observe that,
    there was not one economicist that complained or made an omen about the multiplied amount of dollars printed to make war against Germany so, economic “laws” depend on political objectives and plenty of military force to impose the currency value upon other nations or own people, A case in study, the Royal Navy and the prevalence of the British Pound.

  8. The full article is quite a long read.
    It leaves out several factors: ET, the secret space program, and continuity of mind through spiritual existence.
    Without some sort of handle on these factors, any analysis will fall short.
    Any “solution” based on such a limited analysis might make some headway for a few years.
    We need solutions that will last lifetimes.

  9. Trump best ideas are finding a wall of ressistance within the very same Republican Party, not to say the Democrat. The Deep State conditioned the Party’s support and reccomended a 180 turn around once in office. NWO plans would not be easily undo neither postponed. The submission of Russia has been planned before the fall of the Berlin Wall or the Perestroika. Trump is being pressured to keep on course.
    Even with AEGIS and SM-3 etc. missiles, US cannot keep three balls on the air. new Russian missiles can be launched beyond the range of any ABM system extant, the problem turns redhot when earth to earth missles can be launched closer to Moscow, form Poland or Ukrain. In any case, the obliteration of Europe would come in a matter of minutes so, it seems that the Deep State its leading the EU and NATO to a Hiroshima landscape. Trump plays Europe as a bargaining trophy, in particular Ukrain. After any deal the Deep State is already planning the next stage to stoke the fire of Russian political unrest. The US economy and the dollar predominance is based upon NWO targets, no matter the printing money machine maintenance needs. Just remember that there was no economicists complains about WWII generous emissions of money, as all was done for the sake of Germany’s obliteration so so called ‘”economic laws” depend on in and how, and planned goals.

  10. It’s a good read, basically confirms Duff’s early analysis about Trumps main function. The who’s who of the clown bus is simply staggering to take in. My concern departs a bit, from others who view AI as the future threat, and instead I look at eugenics as the important revelation here. Private armies have private doctors and private funding. Eugenics is the ultimate Holt Grail for these monsters and it is completely out of sight. Things being toyed with at the genetic level can change the entire ecosystem long after the electronics are gone. The “God Complex” has never mixed well with lab coats and test tubes. I suspect the Surgeon General will be Dr Jekyll, or his twin.

  11. Edward yes, America’s military strength has come at a cost : in massive taxes, unending borrowing from the RKM and now the results of years of corruption and greed has turned America’s military into nothing more than enforcers. The cost of all this is a complete breakdown of the military that can no longer maintain itself. It is spent. America’s economy is not long for this world. As Dr. Ron Paul has predicted, we have 18 months, 24 at the most before it all comes crashing down. No amount of financial juggling can save it any longer.
    The nearly 1000 military bases and outposts will soon become ghost towns. The cost of America’s military adventurism for the past 140 years or more has now come home to the American people. With it, the final destruction of freedom and liberty in the name of homeland security.
    This is what all this is leading up to. The elites running America know this. They are preparing themselves for the collapse and for the implementation of martial law in America.
    So many Americans are not. They have no idea what’s coming at them.

    • Ehh… I read through the whole thing waiting for Ahmed to really point out how the Deep State is at war with itself, and I am not seeing it. Let’s be honest: It doesn’t matter how much Trump and the rest of that “branch” of the NWO acts like it hates “Jews,” hates “Muslims,” and loves “Whites.” The Khazarian Mafia’s orders will still be followed, Wahhabists mercenaries will keep receiving support, and Whites will still just be wage slaves and cannon fodder for the racket wars.

    • “sick greed of the “deep state”…Yes, exactly…when the gangsters are gone squeezing every drop they can get from the folks, they turn on each other as the only way to get more loot. The Zios know this intimately, which is why they keep their people in a constant state of victimization, while victimizing everybody they can under the rationalization of “I have to do this to protect myself”, which is kind of what US foreign policy has turned into. The only way to sustain $20 trillion in debt, and growing, is to mostly control the world economy to keep the debt afloat. To not do so would result in the eventual crash and burn. And that makes it a national security issue which allows the military to be used, as they were debt financed, also, and a return is wanted on the expenditure. They do not teach this world view in the military academies.

  12. The crisis in the Deep State is the truth that is set to come out: Most–if not all–of the First Ladies have been men. It’s true! And it will all be public by the end of 2018.

    The real reason for the Civil War: too many Southerners knew that Mary Todd had been born a boy and intentionally mutilated during circumcision–because her grandfather, Levi Todd had converted to Christianity.

    They did it to JP Morgan’s grandson too, for the same reason. I knew her as Hilda Morgan; she was supposed to be Ronald Reagan’s First Lady.

    Remember the story of Esther, in the Old Testament? Esther was born a boy as well–and married-off to Xerxes.

    The victims are called “angels.”

    • WTF??!!
      You’ve been listening to Infowars? Totally cracked. The War Between the States had nothing to do with your explanation.
      What you smokin?

  13. According to Wikipedia, not my favorite source, it implies the author was born in England 1978 but details are missing. Here is a quote on his advanced degrees: “Ahmed received an M.A. in contemporary war & peace studies and a DPhil (April 2009) in international relations from the School of Global Studies at Sussex University”. His website is listed there. He represents himself as an independent investigative journalist. He has received numerous awards for articles. The article discloses many conflicts of interest with Trump’s appointments. While this author has written about 9/11 and even been accused of being a conspiracy theorist he mentions little about it and how it may relate to Trump in the article. It appears he does not expect any new effort at disclosure of the 9/11 scam from Trump. The latter part of the long article is more speculative in nature but thought provoking. He is a powerful writer. No specifics about the Palestine-Israel dispute.

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