Trumpty Dumpty: Are the US and Russia Swimming in a Bolshevik Soup with a Generous Helping of Kosher Nostra on  Top?


By Ann Diener

It seems like the some of the forces within Russia who supported Trump getting elected may also have the Putin administration on their chopping block, as the “Alt-Right” in the US makes accusations that Moscow is supporting the Anti-Trump protestors.

Alex Jones Faux News, “Moscow Trains Anti-Trump US Radicals – CNN’s Putin/Trump Link Debunked

In reality, this fake news story makes it more clear that the Alt-Right in the US are coming more into alignment with their Ukrainian counterparts, the Right Sector and secretary of the Ukrainian National Security and Defence Council,  Andriy Parubiy of the Right Sector.

“Parubiy was the founder of the Social National Party of Ukraine, a fascist party styled on Hitler’s Nazis, with membership restricted to ethnic Ukrainians,” according to an article, How the far-right took top posts in Ukraine’s power vacuum on Channel 4 news.

It is interesting that in beginning to make false statements or lie about Russia, the Alt-Right is coming out of the shadows in what could be a plan formulated within the Kosher Nostra. Looking at Ian Greenbaugh’s research into Trump ties to Russia, it becomes clear the alignment may not be with the state itself, but rather the Russian Mafia that has deep connections with the Kosher Nostra including potentially tied to Alpha Bank.

“Donald Trump’s connections with the Russian mafia were exposed in 2013 when the billionaire had to testify in the case on the sale of housing in Trump SoHo. The complainants said they were lured by Trump’s name when they bought apartments there. However they were unaware that only 10 per cent of all apartments had been sold. This was the case of Bayrock Group headed by same Arifov and Sater,” from an article sited here, Trump’s Kremlin connections by Oleksandr Demchenko.

“Then we got the Christopher Steele dossier on Trump and learned that Trump had been working with the Russian Alfa Bank owned by Russian-Israel oligarchs and that Trump’s phoenix-like rise from utter bankruptcy in the early 90s was due to a massive flow of funds from the Alfa Bank, money that was stolen from Russia was being laundered through the Trump organisation.

That was when I reiterated to Gordon that we already knew that Trump had long been working with a financial criminal from Russia who was known to be a member of the Zionist mob – Felix Sater. Now the pieces slipped together like one of Gordon’s finely crafted AR-15s and we realised – Sater was the key link in the chain, that the whole mechanism for moving and laundering all the stolen Russian money revolved around Sater, that he was the key cog in that machine,” from Must Read: Completing the Criminal Takeover of the United States (updated)

There are clear questions of the Bolsheviks and the Kosher Nostra operating inside the US attempting a take down of our democracy, civil rights and financial/educational strength through Trump. For people wanting to understand more about the Bolshevik revolution, see this article here, Jews and Bolshevism It is not Jewish in nature, it is colonialist/subjugationist in nature from a core perspective. Jews are a tragic scapegoat, promised a benefit for violating others rights.

“We will impose upon them such a tyranny that was never dreamt by the most hideous despots of the East.” – Leon Trotsky.

The key here is Russia, and the Putin government, to what degree are they still aligned with the Kosher Nostra and Bolsheviks? Do the Bolsheviks secretly want to take down Putin, partnering with an American counterpart through Trump and  the Alt-Right to stop forward progress that Russia has made, move America under their control and then take out Russia and China using the US military, thereby creating the One World Order?  Or are they collaborating with Putin? Are they also trying to stop the defeat of terrorism that is Saudi backed,  Wahhabist terrorists groups attempting to create a Daesh formed Caliphate in Syria, the ideological counter to Greater Israel which is supported by those same forces who started the “War on Terrorism?”

The Great White Hope, leader of the alt-right and current real president of the not so united states of north america.

There has to be a reason Saudi Arabia was not on the travel ban other than Trump’s business dealings, when it is clear that Saudi elites have been the ones sponsoring terrorism. See this video here: Senate to Fight Daesh Should Stop Saudi Arabia Wahhabism

Putin’s government has repeated on many occasions their desire to work with the US to combat terrorism fighting against Daesh. Trump has placated Putin with promises. Why can the US government not be clear who is sponsoring the Islamic Extremists? We pay billions of US dollars per year to the military budget ,and they cannot name Saudi backed Wahhabism as the source of terrorism? At present the one country that has been successful in fighting the terrorism is Russia in Syria.

Who benefits from terrorism? Clearly those with Greater Israel in mind stand to gain with a Caliphate to relocate the Arab population of Palestine to, there are some winners,  Who benefits from the removal of Putin? Who gains power in Russia? If Trump is removed for incompetence in the US, war with Russia will probably commence as the Neocon hawks continue on including fake news  about Syria. If Trump remains President, war with Russia could occur as a shift in the Alt-Right is already happening. Is the Russian Mafia working for the Russian hardliners that are fascists to get rid of Putin because of the modernization of Russia, attempting to bring back Bolshevism through fascism?

Perhaps it is time for Russia to come clean about the Koser Nostra, the Bolsheviks in the background and those who hacked the US elections or we all may be Humpty Dumpty. Trump and the Neocon hawks are not America, the people are. Perhaps it is time to remember the Civil War.  Why are we allowing a criminal enterprise to run at least two of the most powerful countries in the world?




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  1. Have we heard the first and last stories of the Russian plane going down with the choir or the bizarre death of the Russian Ambassador in Turkey? Putin was not happy about these events. Has his investigation been completed by now? Maybe I missed it but I have not read anymore articles on these events since they were first reported. There has also been no report of Trump’s new VA commissioner who was promoted from within. Has he even been approved by the Senate yet?

  2. Hi ED – this is my 3rd try at posting a comment – do you have similiar problems? Maybe its where I live LOL Anyways – Of course Pres. Putin has to play both sides of the street, every successful leader has to. But Putin plays for Russia whereas the American Presidents play for the NWO, MIC etc. Putin prefers chess but Americans play poker so Putin has to grab a chair and play their game sometimes. It’s the biggest ” stakes” game the world has ever seen since WWII. About the Hacking – Ms. Maria S. told the world who was doing the hacking when she said ” ask the Russians in Brighton Beach who’s doing the Election hacks”. As I learned here – in order for most Russians to be let into America or Israel, they have to be Jews, so what a perfect way to bring the Kh. Mafia into the states, Israel and still keep tons of them in EU/East EU etc. Unfortunately, as the Tech/ Scientific world evolved since the 50s , the evil empires and their international agencies have combined to make the most serious threat to us in the history of today’s planet. The polar shift will have something to say all about this when it gets here tho. The more I read about German history during the great wars – the more i’m inclined to believe that it was forced into a dog eat dog situation and didn’t have much to say about the direction they had to go. It just kind of got out of control – as what we see today with the NWO. Spacibo

  3. A very accurate article. one thing to remember about the Russian mob is they are not Russians, they are Khazarian Jews, who just happen to speak Russian and hold a Russian Passport, but they are not Slavic Russian People. Now the same vermin that killed 100 million ethnic Slavic Russian people in the Bolshevik revolution has come to the USA to bring their version of government here. Ask yourself why Jews are rich?? Because the killed 100 million Russians and stole their property and wealth. Now they are going to try to do the same thing to the American goyim. The Khazarion Jews who live in the USA have no loyalty to this country, it is merely a vehicle for them the achieve their goals of stealing the wealth of others and eventual global domination. This pattern will repeat until the Khazarian vermin are dealt with properly. Good work Ann Deiner.

    • I will not label them as Khazarian Jews because the label is false and limited. It means that they are the khazars who could have easily been controlled by the colonialists and have served as minions. I will not label them as Jews either for the same reason. It is pure segregationist, colonialism against humanity and once you understand this, it is clear where it may come from. All else is pure theater for their amusement. They have rooted into our religion labeling us as evil to be saved by their Bible while our nature is good surviving many, many generations, It would not be that way if we were a negative race. It is well beyond Khazars. It is our very identity of good that is being attacked.

  4. an egg cracked open can be flipped….and eggshells can land on solid ground…in the face of the impossible know all things are possible…. in a heart call

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