Is Holy Family’s flight into Egypt Myth?

Flight of the Holy Family in Egypt- Edwin Long 1883

“Greater than the great pyramids of Egypt are the myths and misconceptions about that ancient Land”

Flight of the Holy Family into Egypt- Edwin Long 1883

By Dr. Ashraf Ezzat


Many biblical tales were falsely and forcibly pinned down to the history and land of Ancient Egypt, such as the story of the Israelite Patriarchs, Abraham and Joseph and of course, the notorious story of the Exodus, also known as the story of Pharaoh and Moses.

One of the most renowned biblical tales that was also oddly linked to Ancient Egypt is the one called “The flight of the Holy Family into Egypt”. For all I know there was but one holy family that Ancient Egypt was familiar with and that was of King Osiris (the slain god, who rose from the dead), Mother Isis (the devout wife who was impregnated by Osiris’ holy spirit) and their son Horus, the son of (the living) God. Do we discern a prototype here?

As we were made to believe that the god of the Israelites watched over Moses and his people as they exited Egypt, therefore it was the least expected of that god to once again dispatch his angels to safeguard Baby Jesus and his Mother during their journey across the land of Egypt.

But this common perception couldn’t be further from the truth, for neither the story of The Exodus nor the Fleeing of the Holy Family took place on Egyptian soil. Both of those biblical tales are simply unverified accounts that have been propagated by deceptive rabbinical and Christological authorities.

The popular tale of the advent of the Holy Family to Egypt, seeking refuge, is one of the biblical stories the (Egyptian) Coptic Church takes tremendous pride in. The first cluster of Egyptian churches and monasteries were actually erected on places that were claimed to have been visited by the Holy Family during their (pre-destined) journey in Egypt. The alleged route the Mother and Child Jesus took during their journey extended all the way from the rugged terrain of Sinai, passing through the Nile Delta and then sailing across the Nile where they finally reached, Mount Qussqam, which is 327 km south of Cairo.

The Monastery of Al-Muharraq nestles against the western foothills of the Mountain. It was built around the area where the Holy Family were said to have stayed for over six months. Their time was spent mainly in a cave which became, in the Coptic era, the altar of the Church of the Virgin Mary, built at the western end of the Monastery compound. The altar stone has become a focal point for Christian pilgrims since it was claimed that Child Jesus used it as a resting place during the months He dwelt in the cave.

As we said, the story of Christ, The Child’s flight from Bethlehem with His family to Egypt and the eventual return of Christ from His sanctuary in Egypt, is not a verifiable historical event, but rather the whole story was built on mythical ground, or what the biblical scholars would like to refer to as prophecy.

To be more specific the whole story was created as a twisted interpretation of this renowned verse from the Hebrew Bible “Out of Egypt I called My Son” (Hosea 11:1).

The reason we deem it a twisted interpretation is that the biblical verse did not specify who that Son of God was. At the time of Hosea, many were called sons of the Lord/God. Even kings and Emperors enjoyed that holy designation. We know the Assyrian and the Egyptian kings were referred to as sons of God. And as we mentioned earlier, Horus was indeed a divine son of god.

If we judged by the typological line of thinking the biblical scribes notoriously adhered to in their stories, we should think of Moses as the figure meant by ‘My Son’ in this verse. But there is one downfall to this vague prophecy. In its original version the Hebrew text says nothing about Egypt; rather it goes like thisOut of Mizraim comes my Son. Ironically, at the alleged time this Hosea book was written, around the 8th century BC, the Land of Egypt was not called ‘Mizraim’.

Ancient Egypt was known as “Copt/Gopt” which was later pronounced in the Greek tongue as “Aegyptus”. Mizraim (mistranslated as Egypt) was an ancient Arabian designation of any urban city. In that sense, any of the major cities across the Ancient Near East such as Damascus, Tyre and Palmyra were designated ‘Mizraim’ by the nomads of ancient Arabia and Yemen.

That in a way should draw our attention to the Arabian origin of the Israelites and their Mosaic Laws, as detailed in our book “Egypt Knew No Pharaohs Nor Israelites”. Contrary to what the masses have been made to believe over long centuries of deception, all the ancient Israelite stories took place in Ancient Yemen and not Palestine. The name ‘Hosea/Hoshea’ is as Arabic as ‘Ismail’ and ‘Hussein’, and so are his stories, prophecies and book.

The vague prophecy of “out of Egypt comes my son” was later cleverly exploited by the Roman/Catholic church in their (Greek) Gospels. Only one gospel, that of Matthew, made use of this old biblical prophecy. Employing the same literal technique of typology, Matthew (or whoever used the name as a cover-up) had woven a whole new drama for Baby Christ and his Mother out of the old story of Moses.

Since the deliverance of Moses and his Israelites only occurred as they exited Egypt, the same (typological parallel) had to happen in the story of Jesus Christ. Just as Pharaoh of Egypt ordered the killing of all first-born Israelite infants, Matthew had to make Herod issue a similar order so that it would serve as the dramatic imperative for their flight into Egypt.

“…Behold, an angel of the Lord appeared to Joseph in a dream, saying, ’Arise, take the young Child and His mother, flee to Egypt, and stay there until I bring you word; for Herod will seek the young Child to destroy Him’” (Matthew 2:13).

A pattern of ancient rabbinical typology was at work here. Typology in Christian theology and biblical exegesis is a doctrine or literal technique that (craftily) linked the Old Testament to the New Testament. Events, persons, or prophecies in the Old Testament are seen as types pre-figuring or superseded by antitypes, events or aspects of Christ or his revelation described in the New Testament.

It is like a game of words in which biblical scribes duplicated/copied an ancient miraculous tale. In the process they ended up creating dramatic and geographical parallels to an older (biblical) story that would make their new one look holy in the eyes of the uneducated masses. The ultimate goal of this typology trick is to create the illusion of a prophecy come true.

The flight into Egypt is a biblical event described in the Gospel of Matthew (Matthew 2:13-23), in which Joseph fled to Egypt with Mary and her Infant Jesus after a visit by the Magi, because they learned that King Herod intended to kill the infants of that area.

The Gospel of Luke does not mention this event, relating instead that the Holy Family went to the Temple in Jerusalem, and then directly home to Nazareth. Some critics thus conclude that both Luke’s and Matthew’s birth and infancy accounts are fabrications. That theme in the Gospel of Matthew is likening Jesus to Moses for a Judean audience, and the Flight Into Egypt illustrates just that shrewd typological theme.

In their escape from the fury of King Herod, the Holy Family, understandably, had to avoid the well-traveled roads, so they followed unknown paths that were said to have been guided by God’s angels. Their way was chosen for them, day after day, through hidden valleys and across uncharted plateaus in the then rugged wastelands of Sinai. While a safer and faster sea travel  to Egypt was available, but like Moses and his Israelite people, Mary and Baby Jesus had to wander for a while across the wilderness of Sinai. The old (Exodus) scenario had to work as a kind of storyboard for the new (Flight into Egypt) story.

Then one has to wonder as to what/who was the source that informed us with the full description/account of the Journey the Holy Family made across Egypt? The tortuous trails the Holy Family followed in their passage across Sinai, and their subsequent travels within Egypt, were narrated by Pope Theophilus, 23rd Patriarch of Alexandria (384-412 AD). He mentioned, in his celebrated annals, that on the eve of the 6th of November, after long and humble prayers, the Holy Virgin revealed herself to him. The Holy Virgin related the details of the Holy Family’s journey to, from and in Egypt to Pope Theophilus and instructed him to record what he saw and heard.

There we have it; the whole account of the travels the Holy Family made during their stay in Egypt is actually nothing but a dream. And because it was the dream of Pope Theophilus, the gullible and faithful masses had simply accepted it as a real occurrence, another divine miracle that yet had to unfold on the land of Egypt.

But then again, who is this Pope Theophilus that Mother Mary entrusted and chose to reveal herself to in one of his blessed dreams. Theophilus was the Pope of Alexandria and Patriarch of the See of St. Mark of the Coptic Church in Alexandria at the turn of the 4th century CE. He became Pope at a time of conflict between the newly dominant Christians and the ancient Egyptian religious establishment in Alexandria, each of which was supported by a segment of the Alexandrian population. It was during his papacy, followed by that of his nephew (the notorious) Pope Cyril, that the persecution of the followers of Ancient Egyptian beliefs and traditions turned ruthless and violent.

Ancient Egyptian temples were desecrated and closed or burned down. Egyptians were banned from upholding their ancient religious rituals as they were denied entry to their temples and sanctuaries all over Egypt and specifically inside Alexandria. The ‘Serapeum’, the last structure/sanctuary to have survived from the Ancient Library of Alexandria was destroyed and burned up in flames, for the Coptic Church wanted to be the only source of knowledge and authority for the newly fledging Christian Egypt.

Edward Gibbon described Pope Theophilus as “…the perpetual enemy of peace and virtue, a bold, bad man, whose hands were alternately polluted with gold and with blood.”

The scrolls and books that once enshrined humanity’s ancient knowledge and wisdom were deemed (by Theophilus and his nephew, Cyril) pagan filth/heresy that only deserved to be consumed by fire. After the departure of Theophilus, the religious intolerance and violence in Alexandria spiked to new heights under the papacy of his nephew.hypatias-death-1

Cyril kept his policy of inflaming sectarian tensions that led to the murder of the Hellenistic philosopher Hypatia by a Christian mob. Hypatia was one of the last distinguished scholars of the Ancient Library of Alexandria. She lectured in astronomy, philosophy and mathematics and had considerable moral and political authority in the ancient city of Alexandria. Hypatia was kidnapped, stripped naked and then gang-mutilated and burned alive inside a church. News of Hypatia’s murder provoked great public denouncement against Cyril who only saw the great philosopher as a (pagan) witch.

Hypatia’s brutal murder had in a way marked the demise of the world’s ancient wisdom and knowledge. As the (gullible) masses bought into the ‘Mother Mary’ dream of Theophilus, the dawn of the Dark Ages was looming near. A new era was being born out of the deceptive biblical narrative about Ancient Egypt, a new era stifled with obscurantism, intolerant dogma and false prophecies.

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Dr. Ashraf Ezzat

Ashraf Ezzat is an Egyptian born in Cairo and based in Alexandria. He graduated from the faculty of Medicine at Alexandria University.

Keen not to be entirely consumed by the medical profession, Dr. Ezzat invests a lot of his time in research and writing. History of the ancient Near East and of Ancient Egypt has long been an area of special interest to him.

In his writings, he approaches ancient history not as some tales from the remote times but as a causative factor in our existing life; and to him it's as relevant and vibrant as the current moment.

In his research and writings Dr. Ezzat is always on a quest trying to find out why the ancient wisdom had been obstructed and ancient spirituality diminished whereas the Judeo-Christian teachings and faith took hold and prospered.

Dr. Ezzat has written extensively in Arabic tackling many issues and topics in the field of Egyptology and comparative religion. He is author of Egypt knew no Pharaohs nor Israelites.

He writes regularly at many well-known online websites such as Dissident Voice and What Really Happened.

Dr. Ezzat is also an independent filmmaker. His debut film was back in 2011 The Annals of Egypt Revolution and in 2012 he made Tale of Osiris a short animation for children.

In 2013 his short The Pyramids: story of creation was screened at many international film festivals in Europe. And he is working now on his first documentary "Egypt knew no Pharaohs nor Israelites".

Visit his YouTube Channel

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  1. – Taking a cheep shot at the Coptic church is an act expedience of this quasi-scientist joining the same chorus of his Muslim Egyptian compatriots denigrating the real Egyptians / claiming Egyptians saints been involved in acts of mob violence. The same author in other postings never materially criticized murder/plunder turned religion creed of his ancestors with more or less fairness because of his deficiency of moral courage and integrity.
    – Coptic church history is chronicled by martyrs calendar / a well known documented history of persecution, despite of which, the real Egyptians still enduring with pride maintaining such lineage that we see today in a silent / but demonstrable / expression of the innate Egyptian proud character; a spiritual pyramide that will never perish from the face of the earth.

  2. I´ve read or heard anywhere that the so called Bible from beginning until King James version were changed 14800 times. What does this tell us ?

  3. Ed… again you are projecting your behavior on others. You are the one who spends too much time letting everyone know what the world should think according to Ed. You get wrapped up in the worship of your ego. You are not VT’s moderator. Get lost.

  4. @LC… you are right. God is worshiped not religion. Most people worship religion, that is why it has become a contact sport. That is why religion when taken as team sport moves from sun worship, to moon to cow, to a statue of something or someone who lived and ate to survive. There is only one Mysterium Tremendum.

  5. Atheists have the highest suicide rate of any group. Quick net search should help you face your impending possibility. It looks like the vaccuous inner life will of atheists collapses under the weight of their over inflated egos and un unsupported hubris of the mind, a very limited organ.

  6. It boggles the mind that folks do not consider Brahman, in Hinduism as the archetype of Abraham. The link between Central American Mayans, and northern Hindus is off the chart, and further the name of the 13th day in Quiche Maya is Aqabal. The Qaba is a cube, and Aqabal is synonymous with architecture and building blocks. Many famous architects born on that day including Frank Loyd Wright, and Zahi Hadid. The 20 days is the foundation of the entire structure of the text, and the 36 decans are the structure of the chapters. That is why Numbers is 36 chapters and follows the decans precisely even with the proper four out of order listed at the end, as they are in multiple cultures. Whatever age folks would like to assign to the I-Ching, (which contains ver-batim correlations) is probably well short.

    • Pious fraud, is considered harmless, but monetary fraud should not be. There is plenty of evidence to try the case of monetary fraud, based on misuse of pious fraud, against any religion taking money and claiming authority of the book. The church sealed it’s doom by linking the old with the new, and left a trail a mile wide. For Roman Catholics, August 22, is the Feast Day of the Queenship of Mary, also the first day of Virgin decan, known by dozens of cultures and written down for thousands of years. It was moved from May by the pope who was attended to for 35 years, by a woman born in Virgin decan. Mother Teresa and so many others, born in Virgin decan. The quest for wealth and security, but deprived of an heir.

    • “The Qaba is a cube, and Aqabal is synonymous with architecture and building blocks.”
      Please elaborate. From what language is the word Aqabal?

    • Aqabal pronounced (Ahkk,ob,all ) is from the Quiche Maya language and is the name of the 13th day of the 20 days. It is one of Many reasons why I keep the record of the 20 days in the original day names. Many others change them to suit their studies. In the I-Ching it is the 13th hexagram. It is best displayed in Glyph as the temple, almost identical to the ancient glyph is the design by Frank Loyd Wright of the Imperial Hotel in Tokyo. The information was directly from the head of all 220 tribes of Maya, they got it 6,000 years ago from the Olmecs. Perdido El Mundo in Tikal is 40,000 yrs old. In egypt it was the dung beetle. The word House, is also used. In the major arcana of the Ryder-Waite tarot images, it is # 13. It is also Trumps day, Wyatt Earp, and James Arnez.

    • Thanks David.
      Ed… the oceans being smaller before the Great flood could be a plausible theory.
      Trying to convince me that I came from nothingness and will end into nothingness; or worshiping some sedentary overweight guy is not going to work in a thousand years Ed It is not about religion or who’s you are cheering for. It is about knowing intimately your purpose in this Universe. So Ed, what is the purpose of your existance? Do you have a clue?

    • @David Odell and the Christian cross is an opend cube. Try it and you will see it for yourself. The cube is also carried by Orthodox Joos on their forehead while praying. It is the symbol of Saturn´s 6-pointed figure at one of the poles.

  7. The Book of Stanley, chapter 1, verse 1 : I am absolved of anything I do or say that gets turned into a future screw up, because the best laid plans of mice and men often do.

  8. It also appears they became delusional by smoking noxious weeds and drinking bad water. We’re talking about a group of nomads who would chase a goat into the desert to die, in which to carry away their sins. They would also sacrifice infants.
    The Hebrews are a completely made up people.

  9. Another great expose of the Greatest Story Ever Sold. Dr. Ezzat, it wasn’t too long ago in human history,especially in Europe, that you would have been branded a heretic, tortured and burned at the stake for such heresies.
    It is by no means an easy task exposing the myth behind the fraud known as the Judaic religions. The truth has been covered up for more than two millennia and the charlatans and misogynistic megalomaniacs behind the creation of the “holy texts” had only one thing in mind and that was power and control. The Church is the number one party that needs to admit its guilt.
    Yet, America is not without its own share of frauds, charlatans and carney barkers. The most famous is Joseph Smith, an illiterate fraud with a record all the way to the Ohio River, who devised on of the greatest frauds in American history: the Creation of the Book of Mormon. A complete fabrication from front to back.
    We have L.Ron Hubbard, a failed Science Fiction and self help writer who also came up with his own scam: the Church of Scientology.

    • If you want a good idea as to how religion has progressed just look to America with its more than 40,000 churches each one proclaiming to be the one true voice of a god: Christian Scientists who allow their children to die without treatment for illnesses that can easily be cured. Another sect in West Virginia who handles rattlesnakes to proclaim their faith……at least one dies every year from this form of worship.
      I give you Jimmy Sweigart, Jim Baker, Ted Hagard, Pat Robertson, Jerry Falwell, Billy and Franklin Graham, John Hagee, Tim LaHaye, Elmer Gantries, the lot of them. There are even worse. The abuses being exposed in many of the churches has been covered up for far too long.
      America, continues to live in the religious past, where the sun, moon and stars revolve around the earth. where UFOs are demons sent from hell and yes many of the Christian Americans ardently believe in witches and demons. I won’t even get started on Evangelical fundamentalism and Christian zionism.
      At this rate religious superstition will overtake scientific research, logic and reason as it appears to be doing.
      America will revert back to those days when heretics and witches. were burned at the stake

  10. If you do not believe in the creation of Adam don’t read any future.
    We know of four modes of creation.
    Adam a human from nothing. Eve a woman from a man. Man and woman from men and women. And to finish all probabilities, a man from a woman. Think a bit about that.
    The aesitis start their arguments with “we take some cosmic dust and we build the universe..” God may say ” go get your own dust.”
    Aetheists have been sealed off dna level truth. That is all there is too it.

    • Ed… you remind me of the guy sitting by the ocean filling a bottle with a cup. A philosopher deeply debating if there is a God asked him, what are you doing? The old man answered, I am packing the ocean in my bottle. The philosopher incensed by the man’s stupidity says: are you stupid. How can you pack an ocean in a bottle. The old man replies: Am I the fool who packs the ocean in a bottle or are you the bigger fool trying to pack the universe into your mind. In your case Ed, in addition to insulting others, your ego is taking too much room in your mind to make room for something of value.

  11. LC… you know better than to discuss religion with atheists. They complain that other religions produce fanatics, but then argue with them to experience an angry fanatic.
    It is no wonder that the suicide rate among atheists is very large compared any religious groups. If they are correct what incorrect trajectory did they follow in their lives to cause them to abort it?

  12. So, did these famous Hebrew people/race ever build anything like the Pyramids,Sphinx, Stonehedges, Mosques, Synagogues, Cathedrals or great Cities anywhere in which we can look at today? And is there a DNA pattern that exists that is traceable in order to verify the bloodlines of the ” Israelites” ? I have spent a lot of time traveling throughout the Totec, Aztec, Inca, Mayan cities/civilization and those people still live in the same areas as it is rather – obvious. Not to mention that their buildings, structures and towns are still – above ground. My guess is that the white guys rewrote the Bible or added their own text. “The past is the key to the future” and lately the ” white guys ” have been caught re writing a whole lot of it. Spacibo

    • GC… MD. Ezzat is a fable writer. He is selling a book that gives aetheists a validation for not believing in anything. Unlike you spending many yeard studying, Dr Ezzat spent a whole 3 years studying the whole history of the ME then wrote one book. He commands none of the languages of the region. Believe me peaking Arabic does not give you command of its 2600+ root verbs. What he does is he chooses a preconceived conclusion and he presents only the threads that support it. As any serious researcher knows, one piece of evidence can negate years of so called convention but that would never stop him..
      Dr. Ezzat

    • GC… MD. Ezzat is a fable writer. He is selling a book that gives aetheists a validation for not believing in anything. Unlike you spending many yeard studying, Dr Ezzat spent a whole 3 years studying the whole history of the ME then wrote one book. He commands none of the languages of the region. Believe me peaking Arabic does not give you command of its 2600+ root verbs. What he does is he chooses a preconceived conclusion and he presents only the threads that support it. As any serious researcher knows, one piece of evidence can negate years of so called convention but that would never stop him..
      It is a blessing that Dr. Ezzat is using his “scientific” approach to write books and not administer medicine.

    • Ed… again you are projecting your behavior on others. You are the one who spends too much time letting everyone know what the world should think according to Ed. You get wrapped up in the worship of your ego. You are not VT’s moderator. Get lost.

  13. Why not dump the body they found into the red sea like they did with Osama Bin Laden just to rewrite history ? To fake history is not so difficult as we have seen here in germany since 1945. And now the old eyewitnesses have died to confirm the truth and people is brainwashed until nothing is left over.

  14. I´ve heard that the so called bible until it came to the King James version were changed 14800 times from the root. So what to think about this BS now ?

  15. the real they steal and pitch the fantasy with a focus on what doesnt even matter…. I viewed Lord of the rings for the first time, The Return of the King, it resonated so strongly and I had to wonder who knows what else they have ferretted away, with a need to keep the people in the low plains focusing on their mortality, seeing Jesus through the eyes of the weak willed and gutless who couldnt call Jesus a witch openly and get away with it because he scared the living hell out of all of them with his teachings and opened a door they needed to shut

  16. lt is amazing how much human suffering and death has been caused by the common brainwashing and blind belief in the unverifiable blind beliefs of the myths and speculations and fake claims of the Bible and other religious garbage. Ask yourself this question: Why not then, if this is so profound and truthful, why not require all engineers and scientists to be educated in this garbage instead of the totally verifiable and repeatable laws of physics, chemistry and logic of mathematics? Our planes would be crashing, our cars colliding and our buildings would be collapsing and all humanity would be destroyed. Of course people would not approve of such nonsense. Yet one day a week they profess to believe all these lies. Man is nothing but an ignorant fool and deserves his plight into oblivion.

  17. The whole history of menkind is rigged and some people have stolen their history from others long time ago. Identity theft is nothing new to the world.
    Just look at the time before the great flood and what is left of the history. Maybe some good material lies in a cave under vatican ? This world and menkind is much older than they want us make believe, the problem is evidence.

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