Immigration: Are we victims or perpetrators of our own failure?

Stop blaming everyone for our irresponsibility and greed! Let's fix this mess with compassion, empathy, and full responsibility.

by Johnny Punish

“Deport them!” “Take their families with them!” is cry from TrumpBots. They claim they are victims from these evil job stealing illegal human beings. But are they?

Personal responsibility is defined as a person’s “response-ability,” that is, the ability of a person to maturely respond to the various challenges and circumstances of life. Personal capital is also closely connected with character, when character is defined as a person’s moral or ethical quality, and the character of a person gives them advantages to respond to the challenges of life. Personal capital, then, is the inner resources, assets, and advantages of personal responsibility and character that one brings to the challenges and circumstances of life.

When personal capital is low, a person is a victim of circumstances, at the effect of life and not able to consciously and purposefully choose his or her own thoughts, feelings and actions. Victims typically identify themselves based upon attributes of powerlessness, dependency, entitlement, apathy, worry, fear, self-doubt, and the like. The victim lives at the effect of what happens around them and has little personal capital to, in response to the challenges of life, choose and direct life’s direction and destiny.

In relation to undocumented workers, it’s worse!

Previous to 2008 crash everyone knew the busboy, car wash guy, and the lettuce picker were undocumented. But when we are HONEST with ourselves, we have to admit we ALL LOOKED THE OTHER WAY. Why?

Well, pure greed is the simple answer. When things were great, we knew we were getting cheap below minimum wage work from these laborers.  But since we were high on the hog, it did not matter.

As for the elites, DEMS and GOP, they all looked the other way because profits were huge and low labor costs insured the success.

But then came 2008! And boom, the elites ripped off the middle and lower classes in the USA actually destroying the economic foundations that provided everyone jobs.

The first scapegoat to get the blame was the undocumented worker.

Just like clockwork, the hands of history laid it out for the “victims” on who to blame deflecting from the real robber barons who actually stole away their lives and rendered Americans dead broke and shaken to their illusion of security.

So here we are…. blaming the working man again.

Trumpbots have no path to take responsibility because their leader irresponsibly plays the scapegoat game better than anyone.  All this while the elites look forward to another round of deregulation where they can do their dirty greed deeds ripping off the very Trumpbots who think they are fighting for their interests.

It would be a great comedy if it was a spoof.
But it’s not! It’s real and not funny.

Victim? Really?
Or just plain greedy, irresponsible and stupid?

I say build bridges not walls.  Let’s stop blaming everyone for our irresponsibility and greed.  Let’s fix this mess with compassion, empathy, and full responsibility.

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5 Responses to "Immigration: Are we victims or perpetrators of our own failure?"

  1. Trakkath  February 14, 2017 at 9:50 pm

    Workers are the base of that pyramide, guess what happens if the base of that pyramide is destroyed ? The top must do all the work for themselves. Not all works can be done by robots as these thugs are dreaming off.

    • Trakkath  February 14, 2017 at 10:10 pm

      Why is none immigrating into poor countries ? Or to Israel ?

  2. JohnZ  February 14, 2017 at 6:35 am

    I would have to say that both are true. Americans, the general population have been controlled by the owners for so long they have accepted their imprisonment. They have been brainwashed to accept whatever low paying job is available, to accept what ever they are told by either the state or its proxies, the media as the truth and they have been indoctrinated to never ask questions. To never exhibit any critical thinking beyond who carried the ball last season for the most yards. The American people are victims of bad education and even worse, bad government.
    On the other hand they eagerly accepted the daft reasons why America started the wars in the middle east. By and large they believed in and supported the troops no matter the atrocities they committed. No matter the destruction of their societies and their lives, the millions made homeless; the millions now dead, the millions hopeless with grief and despair, that the majority of Americans, particularly Trump supporters cannot fathom. It simply doesn’t register in their tiny brains that it is America’s foreign policy of “regime change” in the middle east that has created this massive immigration. Those Americans who are so ardently behind Trump are too stupid to realize is they who caused the problem.
    One also has to ask:how many of them were Bush supporters?
    The American people are as much at fault for this as anyone else.

  3. Garry Compton  February 14, 2017 at 6:04 am

    Good article – Great Poster ! My last few years working/living in the States was in my trade – construction super/PM in Florida and in order to talk to these Latino workers I took several night class’s in order to finish off my mediocre spanish, so I understand what these guys went thru to get to the ” Promised Land”. Just think how great the Americas’ would have been had the US developed a good wholesome foreign policy and spent a little of the Trillions of dollars that they spent in the other Continents towards building up their neighbors – the other America. But they wouldn’t help – they just made the other America’s a regime change, death squad fantasy world with thousands murdered, not to mention the Drug scams and gangs for making tons of money. No the America’s never got developed and today’s problems with the immigration is a result. The USSR which had very little money after WWII had 18 countries to mostly rebuild, house, educate and get to work. They did it – not to western standards but they did it. Look at Poland, Czech Rep, East Germany today — do they look like Guatemala, El Salvador, Nicaragua ? The US pissed –on making the America’s a better place and that is why the NWO will fail – no one wants to get pissed on – like the US and some of its allies – like to do – to other parts of el Mundo.

    • JohnZ  February 14, 2017 at 6:39 am

      The other Americas were simply to be raped of their resources by greedy multinational corporations. In order to do so, they had Washington send in its Marines to subdue the angry and exploited people to make it comfortable for the multi nationals and Wall St.
      Gen. Smedly D. Butler U.S.M.C. (dec.) Explained it all in his book.

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