Take the FBI Terror Questionnaire, See if you are heading for Gitmo?

By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

Only a few short days ago, FBI Director Comey, cited by high level NATO intelligence sources as the asset of a foreign intelligence agency, controlled by blackmail, tasked with influencing the American elections, went to President Trump with a curious tale of woe and intrigue.

According to Comey, White House National Security Advisor, General Mike Flynn, had visited Russia, ate meals there, met with real Russians, hadn’t enjoyed a golden shower with local hookers like his boss, but was likely to endanger national security as a potential blackmail victim, much like Comey himself.

Gitmo in spring

Only 24 hours later, President Trump, in front of restaurant wait staff and assorted hotel guests and diners, none of whom had been through “extreme vetting” was video’d while discussing extremely classified security strategy with the President of Japan and members of the National Security Council.  To get all of America’s secrets, simply pull up one of the available video recordings made by the “general public” and do the kind of voice enhancement our enemies so love to do when alcohol and mental aberration mixes with nuclear weapons.

As for the questionnaire above, please expand and read but first keep these things in mind:

  • The FBI scoring system is slanted to allow someone with no real “radicalization” issues to still be qualified a terrorist
  • The questionnaire purposefully mixes real questions with those intended to support domestic surveillance of gun owners and veterans, the real targets of an FBI that, when need be, will blow up buildings like we saw in Oklahoma City.  Tell me I am wrong.

In order to be a terrorist, according to the FBI, this is all you  need, any 6 of 10 makes you a “bin Laden” accord to the feds:

  • Go camping
  • Serve in the military
  • Own a gun
  • Play paintball
  • Download movies online with a VPN
  • Vacation out of the country, like Canada or Cozumel
  • Go to church
  • Max out a credit card
  • Lose your job
  • Get a divorce

Any 6 out of 10 of these questions, out of the total of 48, will put you on a terror watchlist.  If you didn’t score six from this list, try the one below and see if you can improve on your score.  All of this is real, frighteningly real.

We can add to this list:

  • Read an “unapproved” news source, according to the FBI, an organization made up of people who accept the pronouncements of Trump as the word of g-d.
  • Apply for a passport, no, we aren’t kidding, this is on the list too.
  • Quit Facebook or change email accounts.
  • Apply for a government or law enforcement job
  • Take a concealed carry class
  • Start drinking, quit drinking, start taking drugs, quit taking drugs, no, we aren’t making this one up either.
  • Grow a beard, mustache or get your hair cut or, worse still, lose weight
  • Miss a doctors appointment
  • Buy cleaning supplies that Macgyver could make a bomb with, such as ammonia, bleach or dishwashing detergent
  • Work in law enforcement

We have now supplied ten more questions and if you have any “yes” answers to these, add them to your first list and if the total hits the magic number of “six,” be prepared to have your door kicked down.

Go ahead, read the document, see if I am making this up.

Then remember than a foreign agent is running the FBI, something prettymuch everyone knows and nobody seems to be able to do anything about.  We don’t even want to begin to talk about the nutcase in the White House.


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5 Responses to "Take the FBI Terror Questionnaire, See if you are heading for Gitmo?"

  1. JohnZ  February 15, 2017 at 5:26 am

    Looks like I’ll be joining y’all in a FEMA camp! Besides all those listed I have committed a few more criminal acts that should get me waterboarded at Gitmo:
    Owning a copy of the Constitution and Bill of Rights
    Owning a copy of 1984
    Owning a copy of “Confessions of Congressman X”
    Not voting in the last election
    having excess ammo in my possession.
    Flying UAVs (that’s R/C to you)
    Having been a frequent visitor to Ron Paul’s website
    Owning camping equipment and other related items.
    Raising a vegetable garden
    Having long hair & playing guitar
    See you in a FEMA camp!

  2. ayelyahbenjamin  February 14, 2017 at 5:41 pm

    A prep for a final run, they can’t trust humans to follow through to their end …. Turning it over to a machine with “Sentinel” displaying extreme paranoia a clear refection of their own …. 4. Unknown score- the percentage of total questions that were answered “unknown” represents the “inherent risk” of not knowing the answer to survey questions”
    So Gitmo if you don’t know?…sooner rather than later we battle the machines

  3. davor  February 14, 2017 at 5:06 pm

    Mrs. Inquisition and, Mr. Sickle and Mr. Hammer have stormed the FBI during the days of Bush jr. first election and during the days of preparations for 9/11 and haven’t left since. Kommissariat of Federal Investigation.

  4. MileHighLife  February 14, 2017 at 4:26 pm

    I am SO toast. Add that I also believe in free will, am a truth seeker, and worse of all — a constitutionalist.

    See y’all at the nearest FEMA Camp (or Walmart detention center 😉 )

    • JohnZ  February 15, 2017 at 5:27 am

      See ya there!

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