Exclusive: Trump, Netanyahu Used Flynn to “Catfish” Putin

Meeting with Netanyahu as of this writing, planning Putin's downfall

… by  Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

[ Editor’s Note: The Trump plot is thickening and quickly, and yet we have tons of time left in the first 100 days. To all of you out there who wanted predictions from me early on where Trump was going, remember I said that was a waste of effort, as all we had to do is ride out his first three months and guessing would no longer be necessary.

The Russia issue claims its first victim

And as a bonus, we would know what and who the real power(s) behind Trump were. It is not that I claim to be a soothsayer, but it appeared self-evident to me that he was going to move fast. and this meant he would have to put a lot of cards down on the table.

Sure, some of the cards could be marked, as Gordon will get into below concerning Mr. Michael Flynn. But we knew he would be attacked, and if things got rough, his real allies would come out of the shadows. The flip-flop in the past week began the revelation process.

As of today, it is well established that the cabal around Trump met with Russian intelligence, not only made promises but cut private "under the table” deals themselves, all of which will cost the people of the United States dearly.  As is now apparent to "watchers,” the worst of it was the meetings, not with Russia but with Israel and the deals cut there.  Bannon, we are told, not only met Israeli intelligence but used them as intermediary when he talked to the Russian’s as well.

Kushner, we are assured, is Israeli intelligence, no middle man there.

Biometric passport of Israel

All well-connected American Jews who do IDF service are closely evaluated by Israeli military Intelligence as to their future value to Israel, their "other country”. Suitable recruits would routinely be given basic training and a cover to justify their coming back to Israel now and then for "business reasons”.

It has always been Israel’s goal to run the Whitehouse. Those folks, the Likuds, hate Americas. They hate everybody really, but Americans in particular, because they have a lot of stuff the Likuds have not been able to take yet, which they feel is being unfairly withheld from them, hence they have a right to correct the oversight.

Trump putting the kid in charge of doing a peace deal, with no diplomatic or career experience to take on that Gordian Knot? What do you think the chances are that the kid is not fronting for someone? We have polled our analytical group, and all agree he is not fronting for the U.S.

We are still looking into how Trump survived so many bankruptcies by angels with big checkbooks always arriving on the scene and coming to his rescue. The illegal Poles who worked on Trump tower had to sleep on site, as NY City accommodations were a bit steep for the wages they were being paid.

Be careful America. You might get what you paid for, not just with Mr. Trump, but by doing nothing to raise hell about how Israeli espionage is allowed to go on here, on an industrial scale, with no one allowed to even mention it in Congress. I will say it again. This is going to get a lot worse before it gets betterJim W. Dean ]


– First published … February 15, 2017

General Flynn had to be gone when Netanyahu came to Washington, that was predetermined. No National Security Advisor serving the American people could sit silently while Trump and Netanyahu announced to the world that the US now supported a fully apartheid police state in Israel with 7 million Palestinians relegated to camps, ghettos or worse. Sound familiar, “Hitleresque” even? We think so.

It also guarantees more war, more dead Americans, more terrorism and the world even worse than it is and not by accident. Flynn had to go, but he was only there to “catfish” the Russians.

Catfish: A fake identity, persona or profile indented to seduce or victimize.

Netanyahu with his American defense minister

Mike Flynn was fired, supposedly, because he didn’t explain his discussions with Russian spies and the deals he cut. Then again, Pence believes humans and dinosaurs lived together in harmony on a planet magically brought into existence on September 23, 4004 BCE.

Yes, we aren’t kidding, this is exactly what Vice President Pence says he believes, and he claims Trump shares this as well. Is it any wonder that, according to the UK Guardian, none of America’s intelligence agencies are passing high level classified information to the White House? According to the Guardian, they aren’t worried about leaks, the problem is Trump. (Netanyahu and Bannon)

VT does talk to the Russians, after all, as journalists, we publish in Russia, in Russian and appreciate the reaction and comments we get from Russian officials, who will be reading this as well. They won’t be happy but they will appreciate it, and so it goes.

We warned them not to trust Trump. Our sources in Moscow, highest of the high, believed in Michael Flynn as the “real deal,” someone who understood Israel’s role in 9/11, their role in Syria and how Russia was the natural partner of the US.

This is how they talked, but we aren’t so sure this is what they actually believed. After all, that Flynn and his son were hoodwinked by phony news and made-up conspiracy theories time and time again and Flynn’s toadying up to Trump, when he well knew Bannon, a total idiot, was really running things, has shown Flynn to be a weakling.

The other rumor, and why Flynn is being consider “blackmail bait”, has nothing to do with sanctions or misleading Pence. The real fear is that Flynn was sexually compromised in Moscow a year ago, something we consider pretty silly.

Flynn’s real weakness, as we have it, is that he has been sexually compromised by Trump and his gang, not the Russians. The real depravity and blackmail is in Washington or at the Florida Whore House, Mar a Lago, where Trump is free to run his own game — a hotel and “gentlemen’s club” staffed by “medium-illegal” aliens.

This is what suckered so many who are notoriously inept with women to Trump’s side, and why Petraeus might well be a “perfect fit” for a White House gang of self-proclaimed “sexual athletes”, who couldn’t get a date in the Tijuana redlight zone.

Flynn also knew that Trump secretly put General Jerry Boykin in charge of military operations and the Pentagon, someone unacceptable to everyone. Boykin, a good soldier, according to friends we have in common, had a “breakdown” we are told, began ranting about Armageddon and the rapture, spouting bizarre phony biblical prophesy bible stories that are utterly unrelated to the Christian religion.

General Vallely with pearl handled revolver meeting in Turkey with FSA “moderate terrorists”

He became more and more unbalanced and extreme and has said enough things that he could never be vetted or pass any questioning before congress. Trump also follows General Paul Vallely, who met with terrorist leaders he says inside Syria, we aren’t so sure about that, and has been involved in not only questionable mining and oil deals under FBI investigation but has, according to FBI sources, raised money to get Obama assassinated.

Then again, FBI sources said that, not me. We have reports from Montana that Vallely is an FBI informant, and that has been confirmed even by high level Trump appointees.

Back to the Russia story:

We believe that Flynn was held out to the Russians as a “catfish,” a “pretty face” to fool Russia into backing the same neocons and Zionist oligarchs that have plotted against Putin all along, the exact same people who are running the Deep State operation of White Nationalists that took Ukraine and have pushed Trump to demand the return of Crimea.

We all know that the Kiev junta has sworn to slaughter every Russian speaker in Crimea, repeated this over and over and 85% of Crimeans are Russian speakers, ethic Russians that want nothing to do with Ukraine and voted to do their own “Brexit.”

Let’s look at Trump policies, not the ones where his environmental, labor, education and interior secretary nominees will be working overtime to destroy as much of America as possible on behalf of offshore corporations that paid off Congress long ago through Citizens United v. the United States.

Trump and Netanyahu are now building a new coalition, including Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia and the Gulf States to stand against Iran. Of course, Iran is part of the Russian coalition against terrorism with Turkey and a major trading partner as well. This is very much a deal-breaker with Moscow.

Then again, Saudi Arabia, the Gulf States, Israel and, to a lesser extent Jordan, have been supporting ISIS and other terrorist organizations in their war against the Syrian people, another not so minor deal breaker in Moscow as well.

Let’s not forget that Iran is carrying much of the weight against ISIS in both Iraq and Syria and that you can’t fight Iran without aiding ISIS.

Trump based much of his campaign rhetoric on supporting Damascus against ISIS but now seems to be building a coalition carefully omitting Syria, Iraq, Turkey and Iran, the nations that are really fighting terrorism, though Turkey is a late comer to the group.

Though Trump and Netanyahu claim to be going after Iran, their real target is “Iranian influence,” which means they plan to war on Lebanon, Syria and Iraq, something well beyond the game the neocons planned after 9/11.

Let’s also look at Israel’s client state of Azerbaijan. Back in 2010, Israel put in a secret airbase in Azerbaijan to stage an attack on Iran. After that was exposed, they replaced it with a drone base and still operate combat aircraft there.

Israel is secretly providing AWAC radar vectoring using their F 15s, guiding Ukrainian attack aircraft to their targets, invariably ethnic Russians in Donbass and, as we have multiple confirmations of, one Malaysian airliner as well, a plane shot down by two SU 25’s from Kiev, guided in by an Israeli F15 with transponders turned off, according to a Canadian source.

Then again, Israel is arming Azerbaijan for a potential military confrontation against Armenia, a nation Russia has a mutual defense pact with and a relationship, Azerbaijan and Armenia. Russia has worked to improve that relationship and make peace in the region. Israel is working very much against Russia there, and is raking in tons of cash in the process.

Oh yes, we did mention that Israel is training Ukrainian special forces to be used against Crimea? There have already been attacks.

Then again there is Israel’s role in Poland, a nation now run by a neo-Nazi junta that surprisingly has turned to Israel for arms to threaten Russia. From WanderingRaven’s Blog:

Israel and Poland have a long standing arms trading association. Not only are there direct arms sales by Israel to Poland, but Israeli companies have invested in building arms manufacturing facilities in Poland.

Israeli arms manufacturer Rafael Advanced Defense Systems has agreed to invest $423 million in Poland to build amaments in Poland, specifically the Spike anti tank missile. Poland would also like to purchase Israeli drone technology and have the drones built in Poland.

Aeronautics, a Yavnah based Israeli company, is supplying the Polish army with drones.

Poland is purchasing border security technology from companies including Israel’s Elbit Security systems, for 2.3 million Euros.

Haaretz reports that Poland’s GROM special operations forces cooperates with several Israeli secret police and anti terrorist units. Polish airmen might also train in Israel for flying older F-16 fighters purchased from the US. Regarding close security and military ties between Israel and Poland, former Polish ambassador to Israel is said to have stated: “We don’t talk in public about those things. We just do them.”

There is no greater threat against Russia than Poland, the real Russia-hating aggressor of NATO.

We could talk about Egypt in regard to the Trump-Netanyahu coalition. Russia’s relationship with Egypt is a keystone of its new position in the Middle East, under direct threat at the hands of Trump and Netanyahu, sworn lifelong friends of Putin.

Then again, if Russia stays silent or impassive about the new Palestinian “slave state” the US is now backing, long a deal-breaker for Putin, an advocate of international law who has long advocated an end to the Israeli occupation of Jordan and Syria in violation of the Geneva Convention, where does that leave Moscow in advocating for a just settlement in Syria and Donbass?

Truth is, nothing being discussed in Washington today between Netanyahu and Trump is going to be acceptable to Russia — not a Russia with Putin alive and well. Then again, since 1990, Trump has partnered with Russian oligarchs, many outright mobsters, more enemies of Putin and all good friends of Netanyahu, who isn’t anyone’s friend.


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12 Responses to "Exclusive: Trump, Netanyahu Used Flynn to “Catfish” Putin"

  1. hawaiiguykailua  February 16, 2017 at 7:56 pm

    So what’s your end game VT? Reporting criminal activity ad nauseum or are you going to step up a spark some of those suitcase nukes on the parties you have been watching and reporting illegal activity for years and years and years. Quit patting yourself on your backs and help us get the revolution started. Cause I’m bored and insensate at this point.
    Yawn, VT exposed another scandal and did nothing, Yawn.

    • Abbass  February 17, 2017 at 12:08 am

      I remember when James Preston was the craziest writer on VT and today he’s the only one who seems to have any grasp on reality.

  2. helpingmind  February 15, 2017 at 11:55 pm

    The fact the Bibi shows the day after Flynn was taken down by spies… IS significant but, Snowden… who was disparaged by Duff, said that the NSA, during the Obama farce… has a download site in Israel for RAW NSA data… gee could it be that Israel was the entity that took down Flynn and Trump had nothing to do with it?
    There are dozens of stories pointing tonight at U.S. spooks, holding back intelligence from Trump, this is quite possibly Israel too trying to weaken U.S. intelligence in the mind of the people… not that it should have any… respect… but there may be elements of it that are pushing back at Zion… and this pointing at American intel… does not have to involve Trump, he may be naively reacting to the leaks of phone calls by some entity.

    Is it possible that he is a man who actually intends to do well and is a patriot but not yet fully schooled in ways of intel sharks?

    I’m not sure that Trump intends to follow the Zionist line concerning Iran either. But fact is NATO and America’s power elite were after Russia… and Iran is its near ally it seems. So yes this all smells of Zion but I don’t think that U.S. intelligence is without guilt. It wants a yes man in the Precedency and Trump is not that at least.

  3. Mr. Jang  February 15, 2017 at 4:49 pm

    are you sure about the Pence ‘cosmology’, Gordon? He’s Jesuit educated, and they tend not to inculcate silly beliefs of that nature. As the saying goes, once one’s eyes are opened, it’s hard to close ’em again. Or else – being a politician – he’s just pretending to ‘believe’ that nonsense, which makes it a very different matter altogether. And much more likely.

    • Trakkath  February 15, 2017 at 5:11 pm

      Let me ask what ties has Trump with the Jesuits/Pope Francis and then I can tell you what is going on.

    • Mr. Jang  February 15, 2017 at 5:54 pm

      sorry, Gordon. Completely wrong on Pence. My bad.
      He is the total opposite of Jesuit educated. Right at the other end of the spectrum.
      Next time I’ll check my facts before going on half-memories, and in this case very, very, very inaccurate half-memories.
      Humblest apologies also to the hard-working Jesuit educators on all 5 continents.

    • Jim W. Dean, Managing Editor  February 15, 2017 at 6:14 pm

      Not to worry Jang. We all have memory issues from time to time, and even being wrong. 🙂

    • Trakkath  February 15, 2017 at 7:40 pm

      And my other question is how many Roman bloodline families like the House of Farnese (Fidel Castro) have ties to old Persian (now Iran/Syria/Iraq) families ?

    • Mr. Jang  February 15, 2017 at 8:02 pm

      well if they do, then anybody who thinks it’s a good idea to teach our kids that the Good Lord reigned ‘imseff in a dinosaur, or two (Lebanonosaurus? Israelotops?) half-way between creation and here, had better watch out. Hadn’t they.

    • Trakkath  February 15, 2017 at 10:17 pm

      Pence is member of https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Phi_Gamma_Delta, so guess what that means.

  4. ayelyahbenjamin  February 15, 2017 at 3:05 pm

    warning….Whatever Trump and Netanyahu have on offer to join this “new coalition” it is an inferior deal……dont be blinded by the “sweetners”…. the best is yet to come and they dont have it

  5. Amelius  February 15, 2017 at 2:44 pm

    Thanks Gordon.

    I’ve often heard people say, “There are only two sure things in life, death and taxes.” Well, I would suggest one could be just as sure of the fact that Netanyahu and Trump cannot be trusted. If Egypt were to side with the US/Israel/Saudi Arabia/ISIS/al Qaeda, instead of Russia, I would suspect it was because they were threatened by Israel and their donkey, Uncle Sam. “Either you side with us, or you’ll be labelled as a terrorist nation and scheduled for destruction. Just like Iraq, Libya, Syria, etc.” Bibi’s lies were a big part of what led the US to war with Iraq in 2003 and Trump loves him. I bet he wore knee pads to today’s meeting.

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