Trump Anti-Iran Coalition to Block Russia with Israel’s Help

 Editor’s note:  The Sputnik/Moscow article below shows how some in Russia just don’t get it.  Every move Trump is making is against Russia, flanking them at every turn while telling Putin; “We’re just kidding…holding off the Russia haters in Congress.”

In reality, Trump, reality TV buffoon, is frontman for the Fascist Bannon presidency, run out of Tel Aviv and aimed at taking down the US, a job well on its way, returning Nazi rule to a broken EU and ending Vladimir Putin.  No, the Protocols aren’t real but useful idiots like Trump and Bannon must thing they are because they are using the Protocols of the Elders of Zion as a playbook.  Both are, of course, damnable anti-Semites of the worst kind.

Trump tweeted this on 15th February 2017

The Trump administration has been approaching Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Jordan and Egypt through their diplomatic missions in Washington with proposals to form a US-backed defense pact which would share intelligence with Israel and counter Iran’s influence in the region, according to media reports.

MOSCOW (Sputnik) — US President Donald Trump’s administration has floated the idea of forming an Israel-friendly anti-Iran Arab alliance on the basis of the Saudi-led coalition intervening in Yemen, local media reported Wednesday.The administration has been approaching Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Jordan and Egypt through their diplomatic missions in Washington with proposals to form a US-backed defense pact which would share intelligence with Israel and counter Iran’s influence in the region, The Wall Street Journal reported, citing Arab diplomats from the embassies.

“They’ve been asking diplomatic missions in Washington if we’d be willing to join this force that has an Israeli component… Israel’s role would likely be intelligence sharing, not training or boots on the ground. They’d provide intelligence and targets. That’s what the Israelis are good at,” a diplomat told the newspaper.

The Arab alliance would also be offered increased US military aid in return for agreeing to protect each other in case of external attack.

Cobbling together an Israeli-friendly coalition involving Gulf states could prove a difficult task as both Saudi Arabia and the UAE do not have formal diplomatic relations with Israel. Arab diplomats have reportedly asked for Israel to stop its illegal settlement activities in the occupied West Bank as a condition for cooperation under US proposals.The coalition would be formed by expanding the ongoing Saudi-led intervention in the Yemeni civil war, where Iran is said to be backing the Shiite Houthi rebels. The United States pledged to increase military aid to the campaign as well as help secure Red Sea shipping routes from the outfall of the war.

The coalition has turned down making comments on the talks, as has the US administration and Israel.

Yemen’s civil war between the internationally recognized Aden-based government and the Houthi movement backed by army units loyal to former President Ali Abdullah Saleh erupted in March 2015. The Saudi-led coalition of Persian Gulf countries began the same month and has since been criticized for hitting civilians, causing disproportional child casualties and damaging vital non-military infrastructure. The coalition insists that it seeks to minimize civilian casualties.

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3 Responses to "Trump Anti-Iran Coalition to Block Russia with Israel’s Help"

  1. Dr. Abu-Bakr Susta  February 15, 2017 at 1:17 pm

    Due to Obama/Hillary/Cheney’s ‘Vichy Newland’ and others’ help in installing Morsi in Egypt (in exchange for Morsi’s promise of Egyptian military support for an invasion of Syria to oust Assad), Egypt’s then-General al-Sisi needed to step in to pick up the pieces — with Egyptian civilian & military support.

    Since Obama, Hillary & Nuland fought to keep Morsi in Egypt, al-Sisi and the Egyptian military are still not too happy with U.S./NATO/Bibi’s stupidity in supporting Morsi against the Egyptian military. This power play shifted the Mideast balance of power — with Russia & others now playing more a role at the fulcrum.

    Thus, al-Sisi & Egypt will probably not be too eager to join a mil/intel alliance against Iran, Syria & others.

  2. Amelius  February 15, 2017 at 10:49 am

    “Crimea was TAKEN by Russia”

    Is that so, Donald? Maybe one of his treasonous advisors could inform him of the the definition of referendum. “A general vote by the electorate on a single political question which has been referred to them for a direct decision.” An overwhelming majority of Crimea voted to become part of the Russian federation, specifically because of the violent coup that Washington financed. The cry babies in Washington always seem to leave this out. “Was Obama too soft on Russia?” Obama went out of his way to make an enemy out of Russia, you painted orange Israeli stooge. I can’t imagine Trump negotiating anything with Putin. He will have to better than his usual, “believe me”. Donald Trump is not worthy of changing Putin’s socks, let alone sitting at the same table and discussing politics. Who in the world believes that Trump could hold his own in a debate with Putin on these issues? Donald, go back to being a shady business man and leave the politicking to someone with an IQ higher than room temperature.

    • Amelius  February 15, 2017 at 11:07 am

      I’ll put it another way. If Russia was the aggressor in Crimea, there would be no issue today, because Russia would roll over Crimea in a half an hour with little effort. If Putin was even half as insane as the absolute psychopaths in DC, the world would already be a pile of ashes. Even though I’m from the West, I fully understand that If and when Russia becomes aggressive towards the West, it will be long overdue and the stupid orange buffoon in the White House will be cowering under the bed. People in the West have been fed BS propaganda our whole lives, leading us to believe that America is some kind of undefeatable, God sent protector of humanity. Well, after years of blowing up defenceless civilians overseas, the overrated, over priced US military won’t know what to do with an enemy that can fight back.

      The Bear has been poked. Luckily for all of us, up until now it seems the Bear has been hibernating. One day the Bear will awaken from hibernation and it will be starving.

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