Research Question: Why do more conservatives support Israel?

Political sentiment towards Israel

LPC-NDP-GPC-BQ = “Liberal” / CPC = “Conservative”

Yet another recent opinion poll shows that left, center-left, and center (liberal, Democrat) individuals mostly have a negative view of Israel, whereas self-identifying conservative (Republican) individuals mostly have a positive view of Israel [1]. It is not at all clear why this robust result for the US and Canada should occur. In this article I simply describe some very tentative potential answers, for further study and discussion.

1. Most police and military have a positive view of Israel because Israel is a military and “security” ally of the USA, and police and military families are predominantly conservative and have strong ties to the broader conservative society.

2. Conservative individuals are more protective of their family values and feel more threatened by external influences on social “values”. The USA is engaged in geopolitical dominance machinations in the Middle East, so it actuates an anti-Muslim propaganda (amplified and led by Israel Lobby propaganda), which resonates with conservative insecurities. An “Islamic-terrorism” threat emerges strongly in the conservative mind and Israel propaganda puts Israel in the vanguard in fighting the alleged global Islamic threat. Thus, an Islam-Israel binary does the trick.

3. Similarly, liberals — the same liberals that have let America go to hell — are siding more and more with brown Palestinians (in analogy with brown Mexicans and Blacks?) so better be on the side of white Israel, which knows how to build walls and stop immigration. Basically, a survival instinct to do the opposite of the liberal trend.

4. Direct Israel Lobby funding of conservative groups and media. Since conservatism is struggling for power against the Liberal establishment, conservatives feel existential threats and are thereby more vulnerable to Israel Lobby leverage.

5. The sheer influence of the relatively cohesive and superbly organized and powerful Jewish society within, which projects Israel positive vibes in every sphere, from the dentist’s office to the Boardroom, where conservative individuals have a stronger tendency to want to conform.

6. Some evangelical connection to do with biblical mythology?

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7. Conservatives like to see a country’s aboriginal population being displaced, segregated, and suppressed, because they have a more colonial personal psychology, and see apartheid or genocide as the natural order, in the same way that the USA was founded. It ties them to a history with which they identify.

Whatever the main mechanism, the poll data is striking and irrefutable.


[1] Disconnect: Canadians’ views of the Israeli government vs. Canadian government policy toward Israel and Palestine, A report on a Canadian national opinion survey conducted January 25 to February 2, 2017 Issued by: Canadians for Justice and Peace in the Middle East, Independent Jewish Voices, Dimitri Lascaris, LL.B., Murray Dobbin; and other poll studies reviewed therein.

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6 Responses to "Research Question: Why do more conservatives support Israel?"

  1. JohnZ  February 19, 2017 at 6:49 pm

    This is simply more proof that the judaic religions are a total sham and more dangerous to humanity than any disease.
    Humanity would be much better off without this blithering rubbish and instead concentrating on spirituality which the three judaic religions do not.
    You have to wonder what the peoples of the Galactic Federation think of this planet. Do they really want to associate with a culture that practices genocide based on religious beliefs? Or even worse, are they going to allow us to threaten the rest of the galaxy with this nonsense? Will they allow us to get very far while we continue to behave like this? Will this planet become a burned out cinder to protect the rest of the galaxy from the earthlings?
    It is now the 21st century and while all those predictions that never came true, one thing that has remained to worsen with each passing year and that is the religious extremism that has spread throughout America much like a venereal disease.

  2. David Odell  February 19, 2017 at 10:07 am

    Conservatives, do not like change, are fearful of all kinds of invisible threats, and because of this, are the most gullible. They cling to religion that favors exceptionalism to bolster their position of exclusion to any outside influence. Without the marriage to christianity and skillful manipulation of their fears, Judaism would be regarded as no different than Amish. Without Christian gullibility, Israel would not exist. It is an easily identified psyop, and needs no further investigation. If Christians knew the truth, they would tear down their own churches with their bare hands. But fear based beliefs, tend to cling to anything reassuring them they are special, and have special knowledge. Hoarding is another sign of this insecurity. It is never enough when the End is always near. A perpetual state of preparation, following the carrot.

  3. Garry Compton  February 19, 2017 at 12:03 am

    I liked the phrase from the professor – is there a connection with the ” biblical mythology” ? Yes there is – its called writing things/lies that will later be used to your advantage – huge advantages. Blast the West with continuous lies for years/ decades/centuries and eventually collect the bounty from the ignorant masses. Ask the West how much money, how many lives has been spent because of these lies? Too many and too much to even Count.

  4. JohnZ  February 18, 2017 at 6:24 pm

    Conservatives also tend to be more religious, even to extremes, ie: fundementalist/ evangelical; those who believe in the Armageddon/ Rapture and the xtian zionists who support israel out of the phony Scofield Bible texts.They have been brainwashed by this hideous reincarnation of the Christian Bible.
    Now it appears that there is a growing movement within the Southern Baptists to remove themselves from Israel and to the point of denouncing its policies. Just how well this is going to succeed is unknown.
    On the other hand where were all those liberals when israel built their wall?

  5. Trakkath  February 18, 2017 at 6:02 pm

    What about Stockholm Syndrome ?

    • JohnZ  February 19, 2017 at 5:53 am

      There may be some of that but the evidence points strongly to xtian religious beliefs. Brainwashed by the lies of the Scofield Bible.

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