Trump calls media ‘enemy of the American people’ – first step on road to totalitarian dictatorship?


[Editor’s note: I kept telling you, over and over, that Trump was going to be an awful, disastrous farce of a president and now I defy anyone to tell me I was wrong. Only a month has passed since the unthinkable happened and the orange one slithered his way into the White House, but already we can see with certainty that the buffoon clearly hasn’t got a clue how to run the country or how to act in a manner befitting the POTUS. Instead he acts like a overgrown child playing fascist dictator and anyone who dares criticise in any way, shape or form will become the recipient of yet another in the long unbroken string of purile, childish and blatantly dishonest tweets to issue forth from the tiny child-like hands of the pussy grabber.

He probably isn’t smart enough to realise the psychological aspects of what he’s doing, but in calling the US media ‘the enemy of the American people’ Trump is applying reverse psychology. In layman’s terms, the pot is calling the kettle black. Of course, it is Trump himself and his coterie of Israeli-controlled kapos like Bannon and Kushner who are the real enemy of the American people.

It seems to me that the ‘bloviating sleazebag’ as one of my wittier friends refers to him, has decided (or rather, has been ‘advised’) to make the US media the first target in his assault on the remaining freedoms and rights of the US people. The intention appears to be to destroy the media as a first step towards the creation of a totalitarian police state. We have seen other signs of attempts to follow such an agenda, such as the proposal to send 100,000 National Guard troops in to oppose local law enforcement.

Hitler used the burning of the Reichstag to carry out his seizure of power and impose a totalitarian police state, whether Hitler ordered the burning or not is still open to debate, but regardless, he took full advantage. Trump and his closest advisors/handlers, Bannon and Kushner, are almost certainly planning a major false flag to serve as their Reichstag fire – an event that gives them justification for imposing their own version of a totalitarian police state. The organs of such a state are already in place – the DHS, FBI and CIA, all utterly corrupt and downright criminal, are primed and ready to become a modern day Gestapo, the police have been militarised, the FEMA camps are ready to host dissenters and the paid agitators are in place ready to turn any lawful, peaceful protest into a riot; it is all pretty clear to anyone who has studied the rise of fascism in the 1930s.

Trump probably plans to destroy the US media, to shut down large portions and bring the remainder under strict state control, doubtless under the purview of a modern equivalent to the Propaganda Ministry of Joseph Goebbels.

All of this is very bad for the US people, but for me, an Englishman living half a world away, the real worry is that the last time a major power became a totalitarian fascist dictatorship, it plunged the entire world into a war that killed untold tens of millions and left the world divided and destabilised, locked in a decades long cold war.

Hitler ignited WWII in Europe by marching into Czechoslovakia and Poland, Trump has maybe already given us a hint of how he will start WWIII when he talked of sending US troops into Mexico to get rid of some ‘bad hombres’. Then there are the NATO moves to increase forces in both the Black and Baltic seas, the build-up of NATO ground forces in Poland and Lithuania, to say nothing of the ongoing conflict in Ukraine and the Trump rhetoric about Crimea. No doubt, the situation is becoming increasingly primed and dangerous, I wonder if the commentators had the same uneasy feeling back in 1938 that I and my colleagues have today. Ian]

World Bulletin
Trump calls media ‘enemy of the American people’

Donald Trump ratcheted up his attacks on the media Friday, blasting the press as “the enemy of the American people!”

Shortly after landing at his holiday home in Mar-a-Lago, Florida — where he is spending a third consecutive weekend — the president lashed out in 140 characters.

“The FAKE NEWS media (failing @nytimes, @NBCNews, @ABC, @CBS, @CNN) is not my enemy, it is the enemy of the American People!” Trump wrote on Twitter.

Trump had tweeted an earlier post which targeted the New York Times, CNN, NBC “and many more” media — and ended with the exclamation “SICK!”

But he swiftly deleted that missive before reposting the definitive version — adding two more “enemies” to his blacklist.

The 70-year-old Trump built his campaign on criticizing the press as biased. In addition to regularly accusing the media of overstating his setbacks, he has also accused journalists of failing to show sufficient respect for his accomplishments.

On Thursday, he launched a long diatribe at a grievance-filled news conference, in which he blamed the media for his one-month-old administration’s problems.

Many US presidents have criticized the press, but Trump’s language has more closely echoed remarks leveled by authoritarian leaders around the world.

His comments had some observers declaring that the Republican was veering dangerously close to infringing on the constitutionally protected freedom of the press.

“I love that part of the 1st Amendment that declares the press the enemy of the American people,” conservative commentator S.E. Cupps wrote on Twitter, adding the hashtag “TrumpsAmerica.”

Ben Rhodes, a top advisor to former president Barack Obama, called Trump’s criticism of the media “a gift to authoritarians everywhere — will discredit any US efforts to support freedom of the press globally.”

Many reporters were taken aback by Thursday’s press conference, described by some as bizarre, but Trump echoed the words of praise he got from one rightwing commentator and insisted the outing had been a bravura performance.

“‘One of the most effective press conferences I’ve ever seen!’ says Rush Limbaugh. Many agree. Yet FAKE MEDIA calls it differently! Dishonest,” Trump wrote on Twitter about an hour after the earlier tweet.

Trump declared during the news conference: “Much of the media in Washington, DC — along with New York, Los Angeles, in particular — speaks not for the people but for the special interests and for those profiting off a very, very obviously broken system.

“The press has become so dishonest that if we don’t talk about, we are doing a tremendous disservice to the American people. Tremendous disservice. We have to talk to find out what’s going on, because the press honestly is out of control. The level of dishonesty is out of control.”

Trump’s campaign website and the Republican Party on Thursday posted a “Mainstream Media Accountability Survey,” asking respondents questions such as: “On which issues does the mainstream media do the worst job of representing Republicans?”

It also asks whether the GOP should spend “more time and resources” holding the media accountable.

It’s not known what it will take — or if it’s even possible — for Trump to plug the leaks in his administration, but an ally on Capitol Hill stepped in Friday to help.

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes has asked the FBI to investigate the leaks, Politico reported, citing three sources familiar with his request.

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  1. Sorry, but nice try. Donald Trump did not declare “the media” as an enemy, but specific media – namely the media outlets which are, in fact, enemies of mankind. Those named were responsible for convincing the people of a blatant lie of WMD in Iraqi and trying to escalate war in Syria with the completely proven false allegation of the Syrian army using nerve gas against America’s friends (IS, Daesh, Al Nusra, et a,). Those kind of lies lead to mass murder. So yes, they are the enemies of mankind. Lies is not news. It is a lie.

  2. Ed… globalization agreed serves the few. But like the old Silk Road, the new Silk Road is what mankind needs. Fare and tespectful trade and friendship.

  3. Ed … you want to see another Hitler don’t you. Com’on Ed, let it out. I am glad you had your own reality check at the end of your post.
    Ed, when managing any enterprise there usually are two choices, either by results or by process, the latter yields better quality on the long run. Trump is failing at both. To put your hopes in a living savior or reminisce about one who failed and died is abdicating the responsibility for your own freedom.

  4. Greetings Ian… To truly understand what Trump is, as far as policy goes, let us go back to a piece of news reported by VT ( if I am not mistaken it was you who reported.) I am referring to the first meeting between Trump and the Senate. The Senators mentioned to him that they had some policy issues they needed to discuss with him. Trump’s answer was ” ypu don’t understand me. I put on a show,” and he left. If you take this revealing statement (to the face of the Senate) then you can interpret his latest statement against the press as a tantrum for not allowing him to create his own reality news or government. This point of view is further shored up by you reporting the one question from the survey that addressed only the Republicans not the whole populace.
    I get you Ian and thanks for putting enough clues in the article. It is true that neither you nor Gordan endorsed Hillary, you just did what I appreciate and gave us the facts on the fake news involbing her.
    It must be a tough job calling Trump for what he is to be accused of prefering Hillary. People are looking for a savior but it ain’t Trump folks. No I would not, rather have Hillary.

    • Ed… The European mind will never wrap its mind around what we are doing in America. What we are doing in this new land is no less than forming a new tribe with people from every tribe on this planet instead of an extention of European influence. Europeans are forgiven for not understanding this concept, their tribal history and one-upmanship among their inbred Elite have caused two of the biggest and most scientific tribal blood letting in World history. Those who can not be forgiven are those Anglo Saxon Americans who forget that their grandparents came to this country for freedom and they did not only take the jobs of Native Americans, but took everything they ever had, their lives. They are shameful to forget that they are now Americans not Anglo Saxons subjects kneeling to a Queen. (As an American, my knees get really stiff when asked to bend to a mere mortal.)

    • As far as it being as simple as Congress passing a law that bans German history teachers from America because it is the will of the people, it is not that simple because America is not a pure Democracy. If it does not follow the protection afforded by the US Constitution the Judiciary kicks it out. Another thing that you seem to miss and a great deal of Americans too, is that the Framers of the US Constitution intended with great resolve to make the wheels of Government move so painfully slow. This is to keep any dictator from burning down Congress and declaring himself supreme leader overnight. Anything could happen, but it moves very slowly. Then of course we have the second Amendment. The beauty of it is: if anyone breaks it, they also activate it.
      I hope this helped sharpen your understanding of what America is and the magnificient documents we have called the US Constitution. It is about “We the People …”, not the European king and not the Pope or Sharia law. Just “We the People.” You gotta love it.

    • Ed… you can shoot the Pony Express but you can’t hack it. Slow keeps it from being hijacked. England still uses paper ballots.

  5. The truth is MSN is the biggest enemy of truth itself and not only of the POTUS. The Donald is correct here. Though one should consider that the same mob running MSN runs “the Orange One” also and it will be unlikely he will turn into such an Hero President of the US that he will cut off all ties with the ones who got him where he finds himself right now. So, it is business as usual and that’s a done deal.

  6. You’re right about Donald being the pot calling the kettle black. I firmly believe that the media is indeed the enemy of the people, 100%. But, when the spray tanned Israeli butt licker says it, he’s being a total hypocrite. But again, being a total hypocrite seems to be a mandatory prerequisite for becoming employed in DC.

    Ian, for the record, many here at VT, myself included, never disagreed with you regarding Trump being a disasterous farce of a president. Most people in the comments were simply disagreeing with your belief that Hillary would be any better. Since the election, I’ve talked to a number of Americans in person, none of whom were uneducated racists, who still believe that as bad as Trump is, Hillary would have been worse. Based on what I’ve seen here in the comments and around other high traffic sites on the web, it seems most people were prepared to vote against Hillary, rather than for Donald Trump. That’s what you get when you run an establishment thug against an orange buffoon in a lose-lose situation.


    • The thing is, I never said Hilary would be better, I said very, very little about Hilary because I chose right from day one to focus on alerting everyone to the clear and present danger that was Trump. So much of what has been written about the Clintons turned out to be what is now being called Fake News, and the problem is that it would take a whole team of researchers working full time to verify or debunk it all. Pizzagate is the most recent example probably, many still believe it’s true but it’s just more anti-Hilary fakery.

  7. ‘The organs of such a state are already in place – the DHS, FBI and CIA, all utterly corrupt and downright criminal, are primed and ready to become a modern day Gestapo’

    The problem is – in my humble view Ian, that these forces are already operating in tandem with the press, and further in troika with rancid remains of the Democratic Party to not only undermine everything about Trump but push the mantra of the Military/Industrial complex – Russia is Satan, Russia is our enemy, etc. It is the same in Europe – you see it first hand in England. This entire anti-Russia effort is globalist driven and a sham. The posturing and war-mongering would be laughable if it wasn’t flirting with outright insanity. Who was it: George III: who had 3,000 men, marched them up to the top of the hill, and marched them down again. That zany madness. There are elements inside the Republican party too – to what extent I have no idea, who would rather see Trump sidelined. The pedophile volcano is showing signs of activity and an early flow of magma through the DC swamp will be sure to heat matters up. Ultimately, and I don’t imagine Gordon to demur on this, the pedophile scandal is a penophile scandal in that the MSM scribes won’t touch it with a barge pole. They demonize Russia on the one hand, yet avoid the world of demonology and the depraved denizens of DC immersed in it up to their compromised necks. They avoid it – and the truth about Russia, like an an alcoholic avoids the pledge.

    • It has been known for the past 40 years or more the CIA has control over a great many in the mainstream media. It should be suspected those you see on any news program whether it be NBC, Fox , CNN, etc, to be under CIA control.
      And we know who controls the CIA.

    • JohnZ:

      Agreed. The Washington ComPost, has crossed from printing false news to outright anti-American propaganda to undermine a democratically elected administration which is something Trump should clean from the swamp.

      My idealized Trump reminds me of two people: one – a farmer who walked into a bar late on a Saturday night, drunk, accompanied by a somewhat disheveled gypsy woman. He stood and surveyed the crowd of locals who were busy grabbing their drinks and scurrying in fear as far from the man as they could possibly get. It was a bar called Lamb’s, but think wolves or Swamp Dwellers. The farmer looked, scowled at the scene and roundly cursed them. The farmer’s name was Fran Sheene and he sat with me, eyes glazed from moonshine and swore aloud as many a farmer has in the past, “I hate these townie bastards.”

      The second person my idealized Trump reminds me of, is the miner from Robert Service’s poem who also enters a bar – the Malamute Saloon in Alaska ‘from a night that was 50 below, dog dirty and loaded for bear.’ He was on a mission, seeking ‘Dangerous Dan McGrew’ who sat back of the bar in a solo game. That is what Washington politics is all about, is it not – the solo game, looking after number one, the kind American politics can do without: – ‘clean mad for the muck called gold.’

  8. Trump still needs his own Reichstag burning and/or war/Nobel prize accolade to outclass the last two presidents in notoriety (Bush is still by far the worse). POTUS chair is nothing, a nobody really, the chair is not about commander-in-chief, the chair is not about running the country in any way or steer any direction. The POTUS is a spokesperson pundit for the administration. After watching the Yes Minister show for a few times you get the picture, whereas the prime minister of Britain is equally as nothing as is the POTUS.

  9. Uh, Ian….in case you haven’t noticed, 90-95 % of the media in America is owned by just 6 corporations, most of them controlled by zionists with strong ties to israel. GE owns CBS and more, Disney owns ABC and several others.
    So who’s the enemy when news outlets such as Fox, CNN or PBS twist and distort the fact to fit a certain narrative and in many cases outright lies and propaganda. Neither NY Times or WaPo are considered any longer to be trustworthy. Jeff Bezos ( Amazon) just purchased the WaPo.
    Check this out: Business Insider on who owns the media.
    with such media consolidation into the hands of corporations controlled by people such as these, they can no longer be trusted to print or broadcast the truth.
    It has been said many times here at VT concerning the media propaganda machine.
    I have to agree with Trump at this point, the media in America is the enemy of the people. At least the CMMM.

    • JohnZ, You’re absolutely right. It started earlier, but in the last 8 years the MSM has turned into a disgusting non-stop lying machine. They only become somewhat professional when they’re given green-light to attack someone. That’s only when they suddenly recall – there are indeed such things like logic, facts, common sense, etc. Pathetic.

  10. That’s a pretty good image of him as Hitler. Hitler’s hair color was darker. Hitler was not overweight like Trump. See if you can place him in one of those magnificent old open Mercedes Benz sedans from the 1930’s we all saw Hitler riding around in in those film clips. However Trump is no match for Hitler as a public speaker. Listen to those old news reels of him speaking. Even if you don’t understand German, one can tell he is a master at bringing the crowd to a fever pitch. Hitler was the best at this and Goebbels was the best at planning it all. It would be instructive if VT dug up one of Hitler’s old speeches for everyone to hear today. I have never heard any other speaker since who even came close.

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