The Trump-formation of America: Another US-Israel parallel?

First-graders, some of Japanese ancestry who were later interned for the duration of World War Two, in San Francisco in 1942 pledging allegiance to the United States flag (Wikicommons)

[Editor’s note: It is becoming crystal clear now – Donald Trump’s presidency is intended to be the final stage of the transformation of the US from a democratic nation into a totalitarian police state. In short, Trump is going to turn the US into a copy of Israel. 

The signs have been there since 9-11 – the infiltration of the NSA, FBI, CIA, DHS, Pentagon and most other organs of the federal monolith by Israeli assets, often joint US-Israeli citizens; the militarisation of the police, with many of them being re-trained in Israel; need I go on, the changes of the last 15 years are clear to see.

Then there is this stupid wall, a copy of the Israeli barriers designed to keep the undesirable natives away from the chosen people; Mexicans and Latins rather than Palestinians and Arabs, but equally undesirable to the Zionist Trump regime.

Israel is a hellhole where society is split into a religious extremist minority and a hedonistic majority who ‘enjoy’ a society where rights and freedoms are greatly restricted, police are little more than an armed gang, drugs of all kinds proliferate, violence, usually involving gunfire is commonplace, pornography, homosexuality, transgenderism, it is like 1920s Berlin only worse.

This is what the US is gradually morphing into, it is already well along the way in fact; the governmental changes being carried out by Israeli assets like Bannon and Kushner, the societal changes being pushed by Israeli assets throughout the media, especially in Hollywood and the world of TV production.

Trump isn’t overseeing this process, that is the job of his team, lead by Bannon and Kushner, Trump is merely an orange puppet, a performing clown who is expert at drawing attention to himself, be it via his childish Twittering or his outrageous public utterances, be it his ludicrous ‘Fake News’ accusations or his insane invention of  Swedish terror attacks.

They don’t care what Trump’s approval ratings are or what public opinion is of the buffoon, just so long as he keeps all eyes on him and not on the nefarious agenda they are rolling out in the meantime.

They only need Trump to survive long enough to complete their transformation of the US into a second Israel, then he has served his purpose and becomes disposable, perhaps they will assassinate him in a false flag attack, we remain convinced that a false flag attack on the US is coming, maybe they will kill two birds with one stone and get rid of the orange bloviator at the same time, thus ending the potential for him to screw up  things too badly and perhaps making him a martyr figure they can fool the disenfranchised from embracing.

These are dark times and the future looks ever darker. Ian]

Middle East Eye
Another US-Israel parallel? Breaking up families for no good reason

“The wall is necessary… All you’ve got to do is ask Israel,” US President Donald Trump said during a Fox News interview last month while reaffirming his plans to build a wall along the US-Mexico border.

“President Trump is right… Great success. Great idea,” Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu responded via Twitter the very next day.

President Trump and Prime Minister Netanyahu met in Washington last week for the first time since Trump took office. There is much trepidation, both in the US and internationally, in regards to their blossoming partnership.

The policies pursued by Trump and Netanyahu separate and break apart families, friends and professional colleagues. Their advocacy of separation is based on a dangerous ideology which perceives the “other” – primarily Muslims and Arabs – as a national security threat based solely on their ethnic or religious affiliation. This ideology, which does not distinguish between citizens and non-citizens, targets these “others” solely because of who they are.

Proponents of this approach are able to justify even overtly racist actions such as Trump’s recent executive order banning Muslim citizens of seven countries from entering the US, implying that all of these countries’ citizens pose a threat to American national security. While this executive order targets non-US citizens, it directly affects the families, friends and colleagues of American citizens and categorises them all as “enemies”.

Ignoring precedent

It is no surprise that Trump has adopted many of Israel’s discriminatory policies while simultaneously ignoring the International Court of Justice’s 2004 ruling which found that Israel’s West Bank separation wall is illegal under international law, as it runs deep into occupied Palestinian territory.

The American president is also ignoring historic US precedent: the US Civil Liberties Act of 1988, which included a formal Congressional apology to Japanese-Americans, recognised the injustice caused to the community when they were imprisoned in American internment camps during World War Two.

It is not by chance that the American and Israeli leaders are promoting a common policy based on an “enemy” doctrine which implements blanket bans on people entering their respective nations, based strictly on ethnic or religious background.

The Israeli government passed a “temporary law” in 2003 which bans the entry of Palestinians from occupied Palestinian territories for the purposes of family unification with spouses who are Palestinian citizens and residents of Israel.

In 2007, that same law was expanded to include citizens and residents of countries defined as “enemy states”: Syria, Iraq, Iran and Lebanon and any other country perceived by Israel to be a national security threat. This law currently affects 8,000-10,000 Palestinian families with non-citizen spouses.

Not so temporary

The Netanyahu-led government has repeatedly extended the validity of this “temporary” law since 2009. Despite the Trump administration’s assertions regarding the temporary nature of the US ban, our experience in Israel shows that temporary bans are more often than not permanent.


The Israeli government justified this law before the Supreme Court, when challenged by Adalah and other human rights groups, by claiming that it was necessary to prevent Palestinians and Muslims from entering Israel in order to avert potential security threats.

In its initial ruling on the family unification law in 2006, Israeli Supreme Court Justice Ayala Procaccia warned against issuing a verdict similar to that rendered by the US Supreme Court in Korematsu vs US during World War Two, which legally endorsed the sweeping sanctions taken against Japanese-American citizens. Procaccia stated that the Korematsu ruling “has been considered by many to be one of the darkest episodes in the legal history of Western states”.

However, in 2012, the Israeli Supreme Court issued its final ruling on family unification: it approved the ban and found that the right to family life does not necessarily mean that this right may be exercised within the borders of the state of Israel.

Former chief justice Asher Grunis ruled that “human rights are not a recipe for national suicide”. In his view, the lesser damage to the right to family life must be weighed against the greater damage to Israeli lives.

In the same ruling, Justice Elyakim Rubinstein also stated that an Israeli citizen choosing to engage in spousal relations with a resident of a hostile state (or state-like entity) cannot argue discrimination in court. In other words, if a Palestinian citizen of Israel requests that their non-citizen Arab/Palestinian family member be permitted to enter the country, the entire family unit is perceived as belonging to the “enemy”.

Intentionally ignoring data

The proponents of both the American and the Israeli bans intentionally ignore existing data on the actual involvement of each “suspect” groups in activities that “threaten national security”.

The number of Palestinians who entered Israel via the family unification process and were found to be involved in “security-related activities” was negligible; the Israeli government never brought concrete evidence before the Supreme Court to prove the existence of any security threat.

The US ninth circuit federal court likewise found that the Trump administration presented assertions of security threats – but no actual proof.

The motivations here are clearly not security-based. In Israel, border bans and walls are employed not to protect national security, but rather to preserve the supremacy of Jewish citizens in a state self-defined as “Jewish”, while these same practices serve to promote Trump’s agenda of white supremacy in the United States.

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    “Create a new Office for Counter-Terrorism,” Guterres said on Wednesday. “This Office would be headed by a new Under-Secretary-General.”
    Guterres said the main goal of this initiative is to improve efficiency. The Office will report to the General Assembly through the secretary-general himself.

  2. The dream of white Christian Patriarchy is to rule the world and obliterate any other spiritual power. The US maps out like Palestine and the devices to accomplish legal and physical dominion are the same. It is a claim based on religious intolerance and exceptionalism for Christians and Jews. The land claim is entirely false and their claim on the book is also entirely false. Even small children understand two wrongs don’t make a right.

  3. Come on Ian, walls do work, look at the Great Wall of China, built 2 thousand years ago, and not one Mexican has got in !!!???

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