Wounded Knee II: Taxpayer-Funded Horror at Standing Rock



Editor’s note:  We don’t need the pipeline or its oil, which is worth less than it takes to pull it out of the ground.  Trump himself and Energy Secretary Rick Perry own the pipeline, the new Interior Secretary has an interest too as do others around Trump.  This is another “inside job.”

It’s time again

This is also a lesson for America, the FBI sent here to investigate veterans standing with the protesters, and VT is totally behind them in every way.  What you don’t see is “InfoWars”  and any of the militia types, not when real American freedoms are on the line and it is time to stand against the very real police state.

This is the opening shot, and we have seen an “opening shot” before.  The date was April 19, 1775.  The place was Lexington Green.  We had a real militia then, an American militia, as authorized by the constitution, acting on behalf of the people.  The constitution was written because of what happened there, and to make sure Americans would be able to stand against occupation, something we are now facing.

America is a failed state.

Police brutality against protesters here for the past year is reminiscent of civil-rights battles like Selma. Will it turn bloody when authorities tell protesters to leave this week?

SANDY TOLAN for DailyBeast.com

ALONG THE CANNONBALL RIVER, North Dakota—The following story is brought to you by the taxpayers of North Dakota.

It was a bitter cold night on the Backwater Bridge when Efrain Montalvo got the desperate call from the front line.

“The medics were screaming for help, because they were overwhelmed,” remembered Montalvo, 25, a member of the International Indigenous Youth Council at Standing Rock. He looked up through white mists of tear gas, cut by screams and shouts on the bridge. Native elders stood motionless in front of barricades of razor wire, clutching feathers, burning prayer bundles of sage, holding their ground. They were unarmed, eyes shut tight against the clouds of pepper spray. Others held up plywood shields or the tops of plastic bins against the spray. “Disperse!” shouted police, who then unleashed a fire hose, soaking protesters in the sub-freezing temperatures. Icicles formed on their hair. Their winter jackets crunched.

Montalvo moved swiftly toward the front line, carrying bottles of water and Milk of Magnesia (to relieve the tear gas sting) toward the medics. Riot-clad police, ensconced behind concrete barriers and the looping wire, began firing rubber bullets. Montalvo watched an elder fall at his feet, his staff clattering to the pavement of the shut-down state highway. Then police launched a barrage of smoking tear-gas canisters from grenade launchers.
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  1. As long as you don´t understand the structure of your Washington DC gov and the suspended constitution of 1871 in favour of the Vatican you will fail to adress to know what is going on. The country is under secret martial law since 1871 by a second secret constitution to what they swore their oath of office which is prolonged by the Vatican owned Congress ever one or 2 years. See the 2 Fascii on the sides of the commitee seat and you know who owns your ass.

    • Throw out all those black magicans like Jesuits, Vatikan agents and break their blackmagic spells they put on you like birthcertificate which makes you a citizen on a slaveship and a debtslave by FEDERAL Reserve System.

    • Edward
      You must destroy the heart of the beast, not cutting off the heads of the Hydra which is creating all the mess. So it is important to know where the heart is. The effects are a symptom not the root of evil.

    • Yes, since then America has been under admiralty law. Just notice the American flag in a courtroom and you will see one that is fringed with gold…indicating such.

  2. “The last bit of respect I had for the military has gone.”
    mIne long ago, but Trump has control of two of the worst in the world mercenary “private contractors”,exempt from the Geneva convention and all other state sponsored military forces.

  3. As painful as it is to say these things, our government in the beginning was broke. Today it has unlimited money from borrowing and printing money. It can hire as many people as it wants to obstruct citizens non violently fighting for fundamental rights the same government has raped for centuries. Our government is and has violated every principle of the Constitution since the beginning. They have treated the indiginous peoples called Indians like garbage or fodder by the rich elitists who have run this country since the beginning and even today by the whores in Congress and most of government. Little has changed other than government becoming more ruthless and powerful and more guilty of crimes against humanity. There are crimes against humanity by our government all over the planet. Who has the resources to fight all these crimes non violently all at once? We citizens are not permitted to borrow and print money and hire an unlimited number of people to fight opposition to the many criminal acts by government? How can this situation lead to anything but violence all over again just like the violence which created our illegal government in the first instance? We need a second government to control our illegal government. Reason doesn’t matter any longer; only military force and power of government, paid for with borrowed and printed fake money, matter today.

    • No one should agree to join our totally corrupt military or work for the U.S. government or accept one dime of printed or borrowed money from any US. Government agency in any way, shape or form. Just say NO.. Boycott is a very powerful non violent tool. Do not aid the criminals in the U.S. Government plundering and raping people and property all over this planet with borrowed and printed fake money and fake authority which is nowhere to be found in the Constitution or the vacuous consciences of any of the corrupt judges who seek to enforce. The promise of America is only a pipe dream; it does not exist in reality. It is just as fake as the fake dollar bill printed on fake paper or borrowed with no collateral which would be a crime if any citizen did it but is “legal” when hypocrite government does exactly the same thing.

    • The money printing is not limited. The Federal Reserve has been and will continue to issue forth more billions in order to attempt to maintain the fiction of Wall St. The Fed is attempting to manipulate the economy by manipulating the amount of fiat currency being injected into Wall St. This is where all the money that was used to bail out the failing banks in 2008. Since then it has been a free ride for the too big to fail banks and the results of this policy cannot be ignored for much longer. Complete economic collapse is imminent. Dr. Ron Paul predicts within the next 18-24 months will bring about this collapse and the events that will follow.
      This is not fiction. America is now $20 trillion in debt and the Fed continues to print debased currency to continue to prop up a fictional economy, one that continue to wobble and sway as the basic foundations weaken and crumble.

    • As long as you put your trust in worthless Federal Reserve Notes which is nothing more than a piece of toilett paper nothing will change.

    • Inflation arises when there are too many dollars floating in the economy, whereby the dollar continually looses value, since 1913, it has lost 98% of its original worth, this cause the dollar to loose even more buying power and thus prices rise as a result. After all in Germany as you may well know, the currency became so worthless as a result of excess amounts being pumped into the economy. Therefore people used wheelbarrow loads to buy a loaf of bread.
      Here in the state, items such as food and gasoline are not included in calculating inflation. This was more trickery on the account of Bill Clinton.
      As the federal reserve continues to pump more fiat currency into Wall St. which in turn creates a false sense of stock value as well as a false sense of economic well being.
      This has been explained time and again by people such as Ron Paul, Peter Schiff, Gerald Celente, Jim Rogers and many others.
      The rise in prices is due to excess currency being introduced into an already stagnating economy.
      Edward, you do not seem to understand what the Federal Reserve is doing. I suggest you listen to Dr. Ron Paul over at Ron Paul Liberty report.

  4. The police did not enter camp. Jurisdiction is a question. They were very eager to bait the youth up onto the state roadway and did attack once the youth obliged. But the main point is made here in this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cBviBuJ6Iog about the Treaty by a Elder who is staying in the camp.
    the title is Interview with Oglala Lakota Elder from Pine Ridge About today’s Treaty Stand #StandingRock

  5. Yes, there was recently the 220th anniversary of the Canandaigua Treaty with Onondaga Nation. But the thing that stings in ND is that for the first time in history, the Army made a statement in their decision to complete a full EIS for the pipeline, that included special consideration for the Native people in relationship to the Army and their shared history. This was approved by the Army and the CIC. So, now that it has been retracted, the Word of the Govt is Null and Void, if it can be changed with the waive of a pen. We would be seeing historic events of a different nature. Who will believe the word of the Army or any of its representatives now ? Herein lies the danger and consequence of Executive privilege and orders, in the hands of the Corporations.

  6. When the decision was made to reroute the pipe south of Bismarck, they intentionally did this knowing full well what the reaction would be. They stuck that pipe right there, like parking an RV in your neighbors driveway and refusing to move it. The whole bottoms of rivers move when they get low, how else could the Mississippi delta form ? I would not doubt if that pipe has been purposely compromised to blame it on indigenous terrorism, as they have been tooting that toy horn a lot lately. The last bit of respect I had for the military has gone.

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