Breaking/Exclusive: Turkey’s Phony War and Partnership With ISIS

Turks relocating 950 ISIS fighters to Raqqah while ISIS "in place" in al Bab will suddenly become "FSA" and a victory will be declared

Turkish leopard tank donated to ISIS at al Bab

…by  Gordon Duff and Nahed al Husaini

(Direct from sources “on the ground” at al Bab)

Deals being cut, as we speak, between Turkey and ISIS, demonstrate how Erdogan has been playing Syria and Russia, no surprise there.  950 fighters have been withdrawn, aided by the Turkish Army, and are being rearmed and resupplied to be redeployed in Raqqah, according to sources at the front, to fight against the Kurds, an ISIS army still on the Saudi payroll and still being aided by Turkey.

The fight at al Bab has been a farce, we are told, as some fighters with ISIS who have always been controlled by Erdogan will be renamed “FSA” and remain, while the primary military force withdraws.

For weeks now, one of NATO’s most powerful armies, with nearly 8000 pieces of armor and over 600,000 including reserves, has been beaten to a standstill, or so we are told, by fewer than 1000 ISIS fighters in the Syrian town of al Bab.

None of this is true, as common sense would tell anyone.

This military force, as large as the one Hitler unleashed on Russia in 1941, isn’t really fighting ISIS at all despite the deals they cut with Russia and Iran. Erdogan is still only concerned about fighting the Kurds.


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2 Responses to "Breaking/Exclusive: Turkey’s Phony War and Partnership With ISIS"

  1. rockwool  February 23, 2017 at 12:55 pm

    How can Moscow and Damascus keep making mistakes like trusting Ankara (or anyone, anyone) time and again?

    With Moscow one could argue that secular fools will never study the spiritual regementality of their enemy, AS IF Moscow’s view of things was existentially necessary for the views of Riyadh, Tel Aviv, Ankara or Washington.

    Hence secular fools but what excuse does Alawite Damascus have who claim (as I understand it) that Alawites study the Koran scientifically, like Kabbalists study the Talmud primarily but ALL other scriptures as well? Faith? But Damascus’ faith/view is not existentially necessary for that of their enemies…

    …In hope some of Moscow’s or Damascus’ analysts read this and get an “idea”.

    • Jaffer Jamil  February 23, 2017 at 5:35 pm

      This is understood best in terms of the regional impact of a Kurdish entity. Neither Syria, nor Iran, will want a Kurdish state, albeit in Turkey, which will most certainly have Israeli support & result in losing their respective territories to such a state’s claim. It seems that Russia, Syria & Iran are playing ball with Turkey. It may even result in a Russian Naval base in Turkey!

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