Syrian minister: a possible confrontation with Turkey … and Saudi Arabia is seeking land to intervene


Syrian Minister Speaks of Likely Military Action against Turkish Aggression

TEHRAN (FNA)– Syrian National Reconciliation Minister Ali Heidar strongly criticized Turkish army’s invasion of his country’s territory and underlined that the top political and military brass in Damascus are to make a decision about confronting the Turkish aggression.

Ali Heidar blasted Turkey for their interference and invasion of parts of Northern Syria, saying Ankara is trying to impose its presence in the Syrian crisis. He further added that the Syrian government’s stance against the Turkish Army’s presence in the Northern part of the country has not changed and Damascus considers the move as an aggression and violation of its sovereignty rights.

“Specifying the place, time and mechanism for direct confrontation (with Turkish occupiers) is the responsibility of the country’s top political-military brass. It might be better to deal with this issue first through diplomatic channels in order to evade direct confrontation,” the Syrian minister said regarding the possibility of direct military confrontation between Damascus and Ankara.

Earlier this month, the Syrian Foreign Ministry called on the United Nations and UN Security Council (UNSC) to force Turkey to end its military invasion of the Northern part of the country and attacks on its civilians. The Syrian ministry in a letter to UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres and the UNSC criticized repeated violation of Syria’s sovereignty.

Damascus underlined that Turkey’s invasion and attacks on civilians in the Northern part of the country are in line with open enmity of Ankara against Syria in the last five years, pointing out Turkey’s military, financial and logistic supports for terrorist groups in Syria.

The ministry went on to say that the Syrian government calls another time on the UNSC to shoulder it responsibility to maintain international peace and security and force Ankara to halt its attacks against Syria’s nation.

Machine translation needs interpretation:

Syrian Minister of Reconciliation, Ali Haidar, said Damascus would prefer being addressed politically Turkish military intervention in northern Syria in the first phase file, but did not rule out a military confrontation to occur.

Haider confirmed in an interview with “Sputnik” that “the Syrian state and the policy has not changed its attitude toward the presence of Turkish forces has not changed and is an attack on Syrian sovereignty an occupation, and the door is open for a direct confrontation between us and the Turks.”

He continued, “but in detail to choose the time and place and mechanism of this confrontation is up to the political and military leadership, it may be advisable to handle in the first stage politically, and that does not turn into a direct military clash.”

He also spoke of “the Russian side’s ability to deny access to military confrontation and the decline of the Turkish leadership about the possibility of entering into the Syrian territory and stay there for a long and open, so it is unlikely the evolution of the confrontation in no time.”

He concluded his remarks, saying “there is no contraband Therefore, the only forbidden is that Turkey is trying to impose its presence in Syria in an open manner, and shall be deemed to be able to restore history to experience the Sanjak of Alexandretta.”

As for relations with the Kurds, Haider said: “The relationship with the Kurds are internal and should be discussed internally, the Kurds are not a component externally.”

He denied that Russia be a mediator in the case, saying that “Russia is an ally of Syria and is trying to help them in all files and file of the Kurdish within those files that need to be addressed, the role of Russia facilitator.”

He stressed that “the nature of the relationship with the Kurds are internal and should be discussed internally, the Kurds are not a component externally, and are not separate from the state of the Syrian people.”

He pointed out that Damascus welcomes the fact that the militants continue or wishing to regularize their status with the Russian side, it is better than to communicate with “countries our enemies.”

He added that “the Russian side made a lot of humanitarian and food aid that was absolutely inhumane in the first stage, but now we are trying to employ them in the process of reconciliation and targeted geographically and demographically places for people subject to reconciliation projects to promote reconciliation steps in the areas.”

He stressed that “Russia’s role, of course, was able to attract some of the insurgent leaders to the political process that began in Astana, and this is a test of sincerity of the intentions of the armed groups that it is willing to replace the weapon in the political process and the replacement shot by word, and this test will show results after a period of time the Russian side an important role In which”.
He explained that the reconciliation efforts have achieved good results in the neighborhood of Barza in Damascus, while facing difficulties in Qaboun neighborhood because of the presence of armed groups bear the stamp of victory Front sabotaging reconciliation efforts.
He said Syrian Minister of reconciliation that the cessation of hostilities agreement, which was agreed upon in a social Astana 1 and 2 is a test of the intentions of the armed groups that have declared their desire to disengage from terrorist organizations is to engage in political negotiations.
Haider felt that Saudi Arabia is seeking to attract new US administration for a military ground action in Syria.
He said that Saudi Arabia Haider’s statements that its forces are ready to enter Syria and fight al “Daesh” is an attempt to attract the American decision in this regard after the elections.
He stressed that “the issue in Syria is not linked to the establishment of no-fly zone or not, because they are outside possibilities Trump, these issues do not reflect the nature of American policy in the region.”


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  1. It doesn’t take much to figure out that Syria is paying lip service to Turkey’s invasion. They struck a deal. Both Syria and Turkey (plus Iran, and to some extent Lebanon, Armenia & Azerbaijan – all with Kurdish populations) have a vested interest in seeing that Kurdish nationalism does not gain any more traction than it already has. Hence Syria will speak out against Turkish invasion, while emphasizing that Syria’s Kurdish regions are an “internal; matter”. Thus sending a clear message to Syria’s Kurds.

  2. Erdogan would be a complete fool to jump in bed with Saudi Arabia and let them come in. Look how the Turk’s and their so called FSA did in Al Bab. ISIS only left that area because the SAA was cutting them off and the US told them to go before it was too late. See how the Saudi’s are doing in Yemen, they have the complete upper hand with modern Air Force and Army equipment but their soldiers are cowards that’s why they are loosing. They hire Merc’s to do their dirty jobs and I know the SA would send Merc’s into Syria and have their forces behind them to rush in after their Merc’s won while the Turk’s would have to protect them. With an ally like that who needs enemies.

  3. Turkey are bad again? A month ago it was written here that Erdogan had switched sides and joined with Iraq, Syria and Russia, and were good after previousl being part of ISIS and buying oil illegally, invading Iraq and shooting down Russian planes.

    So what is it then. I see this back and forth here all the time as if they don’t know what to write and make up narratives or simply get all of their theories and conclusions completely wrong. Back and forth….

    I think the only constant most know is Syria is directly in the cross-hairs of Israel and NATO along with their accomplices in the Gulf region. There will be no let up and I’m interested to see a few things:
    1- If Trump will show his cards and get involved ,which I suspect will happen.
    2- How long Russia will stand by Assad and what they’ll do about Turkey and US pushing intervention in Syria
    3 – How Iran and Iraq will respond to the threat of Syrian defeat since it impacts them, especially Iran as they are next on the “list”

  4. JohnZ. Another good reply from you. Growing up without respect to people with less muscle, or from foreign lands on their own lands its not in any school curricula, evangelist preaching or military academies. Bullying starts at school grounds and crosses any border as a sovereign concept that is totally deterred in the poetry of the State Dpt, Pentagon, Courts, and political machinations. to the point of becoming a profanity when included in amicable talking, reasoning, polls and media. So, easy is to recruit a volunteer, easy to train him, to illusion him but hard to convice him that fights a war with the conviction of fighting for a just cause through elliminating innocents and civillians, followed by a bitter and sinful remorse that leads to suicide. When fabricating enemies, there are reasons beyond logic and common sense, the efficient cause doesn’t exist but not to those behind the curtains. So might is right till comes across one with a stronger aguments.

  5. Even if someone’s allegiance is with NATO, with Israel, with Saudis whoever one cannot deny the courageos capability of the Syrian nation. To fight away hyenas and lions at the same time, that’s really something.

  6. Syria is a superhero nation. When I look throughout history there are not more than a few (if any) nations that have endured such coordinated military, intelligence and media aggression by all surrounding countries and multiple world superpowers at the same time, therefore Syria is a monumental achievement of its people. T.E.Lawrence and Churchill must be rolling in their graves now.

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