Troops No More: US Is Spreading the Blind War Against Life Itself in Syria

Troops No More: US Is Spreading the Blind War Against Life Itself in Syria

TEHRAN (FNA) – The distressing images of desperate Syrian refugees still making the treacherous journey across the Mediterranean Sea and the Balkans to escape the war show how complicated the preconditions to achieve social harmony and peace in that shattered country are.

This humanitarian crisis is the result of years of freewheeling War-on-Terror campaign with no concern for security in Syria and elsewhere in the Middle East. One of its consequences is security upheavals and mass exodus. All the reason why Central Command Chief Gen. Joseph Votel is mistaken to plan new chaos by sending even more US troops to command in Syria. It could easily escalate the conflict and send more Syrian refugees to Europe in the coming spring.

Sadly, reports out of the Pentagon suggest this is likely to be the decision of their deliberation on war recommendations, which has also been repeatedly suggested by President Donald Trump, i.e., an accelerated campaign in Syria with a large deployment of US combat troops – complemented with the establishment of no-fly zones of course.

Much of this appears (emphasis here) to be centered on the desire for the US to capture the self-declared ISIL capital city of Raqqa, and their announced offensive against Raqqa which began months ago, with Kurdish YPG forces leading the way. But this has not resulted in much strategic territory changing hands, much less dislodging the terrorist group from its main strongholds in the region.

The plans reportedly in consideration include substantial increases to US arms shipments to the Kurds and bringing in some Al-Qaeda-linked “moderate” rebels to prop up for the attacks too, a move which would doubtless worsen the current humanitarian crisis.

The escalation and proliferation of the foreign-backed war undermines the well-being of the war-ravaged Syrian communities. According to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, more than 4 million people have left Syria owing to the continued violence. The majority of them live now in shelters and camps as internally displaced persons, while others are scattered throughout the region in countries such as Turkey, Lebanon and Jordan. The world has not witnessed mass exodus of this proportion since the end of World War II.

The escalation, the deliberate structural violence, and the forced displacement are in contradiction with the vision expressed by the 1986 Declaration on the Right to Development, which was adopted by many countries, including the United States. The negative impact of the new plans to send more US troops to Syria tramples both human rights to life and to development.

Whatever one’s own preferences, arming various terrorist groups on the pretext of “moderation”, “support for Syrian democracy”, or “war on ISIL”, which is a supremely primitive instrument of the civil-war strategy, gives rise to ethnic and inter-racial tensions that destabilize the already shattered societies. It’s a pretext to murder and destroy, yet another example of the society-wrecking pattern at the state level.

ISIL today continues it at a more diabolical extreme – originally funded and armed by the very US-led coalition members now dropping bombs on it in Syria. Israel even gives ISIL and Al-Nusra beheaders hospital service after Mossad and the CIA trained them as a largely ex-Saddam jihad army. All of this seems quite insanely contradictory. But all promotes civil wars, further American military presence, and rendering peoples helpless against foreign money control and occupation – in places not yet subjugated to transnational corporate control.

This is not “yet another conspiracy theory”. It’s just a reminder how a desert-crawling line of Japanese open-back trucks gifted by the US filled with countless irregular fighters in plain view could easily make it overnight to the point where Western military and political leaders are now saying “the war against ISIL is endless”, “we will stay here for the time being”, and “it will take time to retake Mosul”.

Seeing through the game, ISIL is a colonial project financed and trained by US, Israel, and Persian Gulf Arab monarchies to ruin every place it enters. For them, Al-Qaeda was never enough. ISIL is a step up in the US-led control of the Middle East by terror, chaos and social devastation.

Best of all, the ruling foreign war machines of the US, Israel, Saudi Arabia and NATO are now far better justified to dictate and destroy. They are blaming Iran and Russia, or worse, the oppressed for what they are doing. Without showing any sense of shame and remorse, they are even projecting the sectarian “Shiite” labels on the popular uprising of the poor in Yemen against a corrupt US-Saudi puppet regime.

One object alone is achieved though: Peoples of the region can be silenced by drones, unending murder, mayhem and terror in imposed civil wars; and resources of the region can then be predated without sovereign social defenses or unity of collective life purpose – the ultimate target of every US-led aggression and regime-change campaign. As long as this is the program and there is no exception to it, Syria, Iraq, Yemen, and Libya will never see their elected governments able to fully execute their functions in the interest of their citizens, let alone positively affect the enjoyment of basic human rights.


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5 Responses to "Troops No More: US Is Spreading the Blind War Against Life Itself in Syria"

  1. Garry Compton  February 25, 2017 at 1:21 am

    Dear Edward – after Nam I secluded to the interior of Alaska and didn’t come back to live in the Lower forty eight untill 2006. I was literally in a time warp for over 3 decades whereas I didn’t care to know what was happening in the world. A newspaper 3 weeks old was rarely read and then used as firestarter or TP. Imagine how I view the current SNAFU.

  2. roger  February 24, 2017 at 4:29 pm

    Edward, good evening. JohnZ has the same feeling I have about the Syrian context. Of course, I applaud your perceptions on the syrian playground. Americans cannot be described or analyzed. Observing the actions of common ones, leaves a negative impression: Claim to be a Christian majority and yet, love to and exercise on killing anyone, to begin with, although knowing that Jews killed Christ, support the State of Israel, accepts the Constitutional provision of not supporting any religion yet support the State of Israel that claims its of existance on Biblical twisted quotations, observe Hollywood pestiferous scripts like an indisputable dogma digested with delight like a morning dog-bitten pizza leftover. With that kind of nutrients only comes a turbulent mind and an overgrown paunchy pork. still, with unbeknown therapy. See how easily they becomes mobilized against women rights, but never against war banking frauds, foreclosures or unemployment, much like the despised Banana Republic ignorants. So, with no popular ressistance Jews, masons and Trump, oncoming Pence and whomever follows, Syria can only have hopes relying on nuke deterrence.that can trepidate on Tel Aviv ISIS support.

  3. David Odell  February 24, 2017 at 6:02 am

    The gleeful smiles are slowly turning to confusion for Trump supporters who thought the US was finally going to stop warring around the globe. It will be in fact, be worse than anyone thought. Fascism at home and War to all who oppose the great business leader. America is not going to be first. It is going to be Last. The lack of enthusiasm and low numbers of new “volunteer” recruits will provide the basis for signing more mercenaries and private thugs with no accountability. Looks like a mad dash for African jewelry is also on the menu. I highly encourage Trump voters to join the Army immediately. He needs your blood to make America great again. The Billionaire Army of Earth has been formed. All that is required to serve, is a complete absence of conscience. The eye of Sauron is aflame.

  4. Peter Johnson  February 24, 2017 at 4:58 am

    I thought Trump said he was going to reverse Obama’s policy?

    I guess he lied

  5. JohnZ  February 24, 2017 at 4:38 am

    So Washington, in all its wisdom and moral objectivity plans to send more American troops into Syria. So what should we expect of the outcome? More chaos, more dead Syrians, more destruction of Syria, more wasted lives. More of the same. More of the same. while Drumpf fiddles, the world burns.
    How many Americans will return from Syria or Iraq in body bags? I could care less. I hope they all do. I hate Washington and I hate the military. I hate the MIC and I hate the zionists behind all this crap.
    I no longer support anything Washington says or does. I did not vote in the last dog and pony show known as the elections. A total fraud as is the rest of America. America is a fraud. Everything about it is a lie. A plastic nation with plastic people living plastic lives. Their heads filled will b.s. if they have anything at all inside.
    Most of these people are too stupid to live, fortunately, some of them help the situation by killing themselves on the highways.
    The American people have literally thrown away whatever America once stood for and in return the nation has become a dark, venal failed state, run by lunatics and criminals.
    The people of Syria did not deserve this, the people of America do.

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