Turkey, Saudi advance own interests in Iraq: Ex-US ambassador to Baghdad

Jim W. Dean with Ambassador Edward Peck on The Debate show

by  Jim W. Dean, VT Editor, … with Press TV, Tehran

An elite Iraqi counter-terrorism soldier

[ Note: Press TV ran this interview as a news feature today, so I am re-posting, as we put a lot of material up yesterday and morning pieces got moved down the feature section quickly. We also had news break today reflecting some of the issues I mention in the Debate show, primarily how Iraq has now stated that the front lines of any terror war are the border crossings.

Iraqi F-16s attacked IS bases over the border, southeast of Deir-Ezzur to destroy bomb-making facilities. These 18 strikes were the result of close coordination between Damascus Intel and Baghdad.

But this is exactly what I was alluding to in this Debate Show, that even if IS gets kicked out of its city bases, we can expect a never-ending guerrilla and terror bombing war, which the Saudis and Qatar can fund with waiter tip money…forever.

Even this late in the game with Syria, and Trump’s late entry in the game to “wipe out IS”, no one in a responsible position is publicly facing that the mechanism that created and supported them has to be destroyed, also. The will to address that part of the problem is AWOL, absent without leave.

The longer we allow the fake War on Terror to continue without continually “rubbing their hoax in their faces”, then the longer we are pushing any real solution down the road, trying to duck the big fight facing us with the real state terroristsJD ]

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– First published  …  February 24,  2017

After a full liberation of Mosul, Iraq needs to dispatch its troops to the border with Syria, Turkey and Saudi Arabia to prevent terrorists from returning to the country, a US-based journalist says.

“They have to make sure they have tight control over their borders; so [terrorists] cannot be flowing back in from Syria,” ​Jim W. Dean, managing editor of Veterans Today from Atlanta, told Press TV on Thursday night.

Daesh terrorists have started fleeing into Syria but Dean said if the Takfiri stronghold of Raqqah in Syria falls, the militants are going to be flooding over the border.

“The same would be for Saudi border; so, getting really tight control over your borders, so these people can just not wander around and bring truckloads of arms and smuggling in” is important, he added.

If the Iraqis fail to control their borders with Syria, Turkey and Saudi Arabia, “they’re never going to be in control of their country,” Dean warned. 

Once Mosul is taken care of, there is going to be a big change in Iraq, because that’s going to free up a lot of the Iraqi troops and they could be dispatched to Syria if needed to help the Damascus government fight terrorism, Dean speculated.

Since October 2016, Iraqi forces have been trying to liberate Mosul, which is the second biggest city in the Arab state. Defeating the Daesh in Mosul would deal a crushing blow to the Takfiri group, which occupied areas in northern and western Iraq in 2014.

The military advancements in Mosul are going to be “a big boost” to the Iraqi army and the country as a whole, Dean said. He said Iraqi armed forces have realized that the only solution for the terrorists is to defeat them so that they cannot escape.

However, he went on to say, “the menace of terrorism could not be dealt with seriously if there is too much emphasis on eliminating Daesh alone without eliminating the mechanism that initiated and supported it in the first place.”

According to the expert, some members of the UN Security Council are aiding and abetting terrorist groups in the Middle East.

“Sovereign countries are suffering from terrorism because there are state sponsors of terrorism and they have immunity in international arena,” he said.

Edward Peck, former US ambassador to Iraq from Washington, said the push for Mosul “would be a feeling of uplift on the side of the Iraqi government itself.”

He said Iraq is facing disintegration because outside players like Turkey and Saudi Arabia are trying to advance their interests in the war-stricken Arab country. Peck hoped consensus for stabilizing Iraq would be attainable in the future.

The former ambassador touched on reports that the US military was assisting extremists through airdrops of weapons which ended up in the hands of the Takfiri terrorists.

“Once you send weapons in an area like that … it can fall into the hands of people who are still existing in territory that was earlier liberated and could cause problems,” he said.

In an interview with German newspaper Koelner Stadt-Anzeiger in 2016, al-Nusra Front commander Abu Al Ezz said US weapons were being delivered to the group by the states which were supporting militants in Syria.

Pointing to foreign military presence in Iraq, Peck warned that the involvement of foreign forces in the Iraqi conflict “complicates the problems enormously.”


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  1. How often did we see this when neighbours of a war torn country take slices of the big cake for themselves ? In WW 1 Elsaß-Lothringen, in WW 2 Poland etc. It is always like plundering of dead people in the field.

    • Some of this is offensive, and sometimes defensive, as when countries feel regional threats and want to grab any bugger zone territory that they can so if there is some conflict in remains in their border area, and not the homeland. Part of the justification of this Western display of state sponsored terror war is to demonstrate first, what the penalties are for those that will not play ball, and also to show that international institutions are worthless when it comes to preventing or stopping it. State sponsored terrorism is by far the biggest threat to the world because is currently have diplomatic immunity. You can only punish it if you have superior military forces. Then after that it is a tie between the tactical mini-nukes, and then the hypersonic ballistic maneuverable glide bombs and cruise missile as that puts any military response into the hair trigger zone. You have to make a quick decision to fire off your retaliation weapons while you still can, where if you computers can be spoofed you can be set up.

    • That did come as a surprise, and most “statesman-like” of him.:-) I am going to see if we can get in touch with him as he is our kind of people. Peck was right on the money when he foretold what the result of taking Saddam out with no clear strategy. The same thing happened again with Libya, only Obama is on record admitting that we should not have just walked away from Libya like we did.

    • « we should not have just walked away from Libya like we did.»
      I’d rather emphasize «walked into» than «walked away».

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