IAEA again confirms Iran commitment to JCPOA


by  Jim W. Dean, VT Editor   … with Press TV, Tehran

[ Editor’s Note: Iran needs to up its game by forming a “coalition of the unwilling” that refuses to go along with Trump’s new Iran threat hype. It should have natural allies in the other P5+1 members with the exception of Britain, who also loves to play the boogieman game whenever possible.

As I cover in the interview, all this fear porn against Iran should be turned right around on the US support for Israeli WMD terrorism in the Mideast. That now includes it multiple warhead ballistic missiles program with India, that can read Washington, Moscow, and Peking.

The best way to cut Trumps fake threat game it to just cut it off at the knees by keeping the spotlight on the great destabilizer, the Hebrew Klansmen in Palestines, where a soldier executing an unconscious prisoner gets the same sentence as a Palestinian kid stone throwerJim W. Dean ]


– First published … February 24, 2017

Iran says the UN nuclear watchdog’s new report once again confirmed the country’s commitment to its nuclear deal with the P-five-plus one group of countries. Iran’s permanent representative to the International Atomic Energy Agency, Reza Najafi, said the confirmation is clearly reflected in the agency’s first 2017 report.


Najafi said the main part of the report was similar to the agency’s previous report, adding new technical developments. In its quarterly report, the agency said the Islamic Republic has stockpiled roughly a third of the enriched uranium it’s allowed under the nuclear deal. The report also detailed Iran’s imports of 20-percent-enriched uranium as nuclear fuel, as well as yellow cake.


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  1. Jim, no matter how many times VT verifies Iran’s continued adherence to non proliferation, the western media, particularly that of America, will continue to yammer and bleat about non existent nuclear weapons.
    There are those in congress who fall in lockstep with the zionist propaganda machine, particularly Rethugnicans such as Trey Gowdy, Johnny Rotten McCain, Lindsay Graham and the rest of the lot. Of course there are plenty of Dumbocraps such as the Levins from S.E. Michigan, both zionists, who continue to parrot the line.
    Not one bit of common sense in Washington anymore.
    But should we expect it anyway?

  2. Iran is under heavy watch since a long time so I personally have no doubt about their honest intentions. This Trum/Netanyahu BS is not bearable anymore while Israhell itself has lots of nukes and blackmails the whole world with Samson-Oprion. They are the real threat to the world.

    • Indeed. Never a mention in the CMMM about israel’s nukes or its Samson Option.
      Then there are the xtian zionists with a hard-on for nuclear Armageddon and rapture.

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