US defense and Intel officials warn Trump against Iran terror designation


Trump’s proposal for listing Islamic Revolutionary Guards a ‘terrorist group’ in limbo: Report

… from Press TV, Tehran

George Bush gave every victim of U.S. proxy terrorism the legal right to retaliate, thus endangering Americans without their knowledge or permission

[ Editor’s Note: Well, it looks like the grownups have won another one with the new White House staff, with its backing off putting the terrorist tag on Iran’s Republican Guard BEFORE seeking feedback from the professionals. What drove the WH social media junkies was wanting to have a stream of “Trump the tough guy” media constantly flowing out to liquor up the Trump troops.

This was idiocy, because he already has them in the bag, but who he doesn’t have in the bag is many of the independents that voted for him, who have had a front row seat to watch how inept the White House crew has been; and frankly, seeing Trump in over his head and “faking it” — the irony of all ironies.

The only countries that would have backed Trump on the Republican Guard terrorist tagging would have been Israel, the Gulf States, and Britain. Flynn was on board that folly because of the IRG having killed US troops during the Iraq War. But Mr. Flynn left out of the story that the US and Israel had been heavily backing the terrorist MEK Kurdish group, which has logged up 12,000 Iranian victims.

And I am not only talking bombings against the Supreme Court and Parliament, but stopping buses out in the boonies and executing all of the passengers. Under international law, a country has the legal right to respond with force against terror attacks. And the Iranians just copied the Bush doctrine of “we will find and strike those aiding and abetting terror against the United States wherever they are.

The Republican Guards perform the same function as the U.S. Special Operations command. If the IRG is a terrorist org, then so is ours

Has the US even warned its personnel that they are all legal targets for reprisal killings, due to the US’ extensive used of proxy terror forces? Are new recruits entering government service forced to sign a waiver that they are aware of the risk they have been placed in, and accept it in return for a paycheck? No, they aren’t told this.

Are most aware of the real situation? Well, the higher command certainly is, and says nothing. After all, most terror operations are done secretly. Just ask the Israelis.

They can explain it to you. It is an abuse of the American people to have its government doing these reprehensible acts, while claiming the mantle of defender of the free world, in itself nothing more than a hijacking of the term.

Nothing has and nothing will be done, as the majority of American people are in a coma on this issue. The number of calls that Congress gets on “American terrorism” are virtually nil, so they won’t touch it with a ten-foot pole. It is a deep moral corruption for which no easy exit path exists, because it would require close scrutiny in the mirror that most would not want to endure, as it might be a terrifying experienceJim W. Dean ]

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–  First published  …  February 25,  2017

A proposal by the administration of US President Donald Trump to designate Iran’s Islamic Revolution Guards Corps a “terrorist organization” has reportedly stalled over warnings from US defense and intelligence officials that the move could “backfire.”

The proposal was temporarily halted amid an internal debate arguing that the measure could undermine the fight against the Daesh (ISIL) terrorist group and complicate the enforcement of Iran’s nuclear deal, Reuters reported Friday, citing US and European officials familiar with the matter.

A possible US presidential order to label the IRGC a terror organization would also draw opposition from key US allies in Europe and torpedo any US-Iran diplomatic prospects, the unnamed sources said.

“That move could potentially backfire,” one of the officials said, speaking on the condition of anonymity. “If you do that, there is no way to escalate, and you would foreclose any possibility of talking to the Iranians about anything.”

The proposal has been in the works for weeks, and was expected to be announced this month. But it is unclear when – or even if – an announcement might be forthcoming, according to the report.

A European security source, speaking on condition of anonymity, said his American counterparts told him the order is currently on hold. The White House has so far refused to comment on the issue.

A decision on the matter was complicated by the resignation of Trump’s national security adviser, Michael Flynn on February 13. Flynn was one of the Trump administration’s leading Iran hawks.

But even before Flynn’s departure, officials from the US Defense Department as well as American and foreign intelligence agencies had warned about listing the IRGC a terrorist group.

The US has already imposed sanctions on some Iranian individuals and entities that it claims to be linked to the IRGC. The IRGC has been successfully advising Iraqi and Syrian militaries in their operations against Daesh and other terrorist groups.


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