Father of Slain SEAL Won’t See “Bungler” Trump



“Why at this time did there have to be this stupid mission when it wasn’t even barely a week into his administration? Why? For two years prior, there were no boots on the ground in Yemen — everything was missiles and drones — because there was not a target worth one American life. Now, all of a sudden we had to make this grand display?’’

When they brought William “Ryan” Owens home, the Navy SEAL was carried from a C-17 military plane in a flag-draped casket, onto the tarmac at Dover Air Force Base, as President Donald Trump, his daughter, Ivanka, and Owens’ family paid their respects.

Owens’ father, Bill, had learned only a short time before the ceremony that Trump was coming. Owens was sitting with his wife, Marie, and other family members in the solemn, living room-like space where the loved ones of the fallen assemble before they are taken to the flight line.

“I’m sorry, I don’t want to see him,’’ Owens recalled telling the chaplain who informed him that Trump was on his way from Washington. “I told them I don’t want to meet the President.”

Now Owens was a Gold Star parent, and he said he had deep reservations about the way the decision was made to launch what would be his son’s last mission.

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  1. Considering the job of Navy Seals, being everywhere they have no business to be and carrying out the job of common mob hitmen, ….

  2. When I read stuff like this, I think «Those guys joining the Seals must be pretty stupid», or are they in it just for the money? No, I suspect they are idealists. who have a deep desire to make this world a better place – by using violence.

    Some years back I became acquainted with a man from Ravensburg : He was a wonderful person, totally dedicated to yoga and being of service to all mankind : Not a single trace of evil within the whole man. Yet his whole face and skull were terribly scarred : For as a young man he had been sent to Russia, and I think it was a land mine that got him. But he said to me «Don’t trust those who send you to war, for your only use to them is as food for the cannons». (Kanonenfutter)

  3. A true leader of men would have let the Family have the private funeral and then , in sincerity, show up on the sly without press. A better PR report ,……The President met privately with etc etc, a week later. Instead we got the clown bus pulling up with heads and cameras out the windows trying to invite a grieving family to the circus. This botched outreach is an indicator of incompetence within and across many departments. It compounds the tragedy in Yemen, and Trump already has his own Benghazi in the first month. I hope all veterans and active duty take this series of events to task and demand that a higher value, be placed on human life. Thank you Mr Owens for reminding the president, the military is not a circus.

  4. A Washington Post article indicates the mission was compromised due to target alert; the subsequent problems were related to the two Osprey’s sent from the ship one of which lost power and crashed: Here is a partial quote: ” The two units planned to meet in the desert to transfer the wounded SEALs so they could be taken back to the amphibious assault ship for treatment, but one of the Ospreys lost power, hitting the ground hard enough to wound two service members and disable the aircraft.

    With the twin-engine transport out of action, a Marine jet dropped a GPS-guided bomb on the disabled $70 million Osprey to ensure that it did not fall into militant hands.

    Yemeni officials said the operation killed 15 women and children, including the 8-year-old daughter of the late radical …” The Osprey program has had trouble since the beginning and should have been halted. It likely got sand in the engine. Congress kept the doomed program alive. Most of the deaths were from the bombing of the wrecked Osprey by US. I wouldn’t call this a “success”.

  5. driving the message home to the very front door….STOP the wasting of human life….at the end of the day it is all about thievery and submission to monsters who spread “democracy” as a pestilence across the whole planet…. caught in the crosshairs and now answerable to all

  6. Good for you, Mr. Owens. Another thumb in the eye for Drumpf.
    Whats about the families of the other slain SEALS?
    The ones that went down with the Osprey.
    Tell us Mr. Drumpf, what was your motive for ordering such a stupidly planned stunt or was it because of that drunken Breitbart idiot Bannon?
    We need to remove the entire White House and start all over again.

    • John, there will be lots more to remove then the entire White House to start over again. Millions of corpses worldwide to establish and bring “American dreams, peace and freedom” to the rest of the world wont be cleaned up that easy. The virus the “patient” USA has been infested with has caused major terminal organ failures. A new hat or haircut will resolve nothing at all in the downward spiral of an corrupted empire.

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